this story is poorly typed, so sorry... it was done in a rush... i didnt have time to arrange it. so it goes in one sentence at a time...

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yaoi fic... mild rape (not that detailed) at the start... never tried writing one though.. this will be my first...

in this fic, itachi never annihilated their clan, but their parents still died... from a tragic mission.

itachi and sasuke are living alone as orphans, in the outskirts of konoha... at the end of the uchiha compound.

sasuke was under training to be a fully pledged jonin, while itachi was an anbu captain.

itachi=seme/uke...sasuke=uke/seme ... give and take... i always believed that give and take relationships are hot...

'.....' thoughts

"....." talking

"nii-san, no matter how many times you'd hurt me... you can't make me hate you... i admit i hated you at first...

but time heals all wounds... i will always need you... i will always want you..."

***let's erase the past***

ika-anim na kabanata

itachi couldnt help but gulped loudly... the fire in sasuke's eyes were blazing with desire. itachi's heart missed a couple of beats.

"sasuke... i..." itachi's voice trailed off as sasuke advanced over itachi. he grabbed itachi's hand and held them firmly on his back.

"nii-san... i want you..." his husky voice filled itachi's ear. sasuke was standing behind itachi, holding the elder raven's hands firmly.

sauske bit the elastic red tie holding itachi's long hair. as the material was cut off, itachi's soft locks was released... curtaining his back.

itachi gasped, everything sasuke was doing was so erotically sensual to him. goosebumps started trailing over his pale ivory skin.

he felt sasuke nuzzle his face on his nape against his hair and skin "sasuke..." he mewled softly, as he started to get a hard-on again.

sasuke chuckled. his aniki was so sensitive. he then released itachi's hands and directed his hot palms to itachi's naked chest.

"ungh..." itachi moaned as sasuke's hands passed over his nipples in swriling motions... what his otouto was doing was relaxing him in a way.

"nii-san... you just stay put..." sasuke crooned as itachi leaned his back unto him. his shaking knees were giving in...

he couldn't stand straight... he couldn't even think straight... with all these wonderful sensations sasuke was giving to him.

sasuke started to walk forward, pushing itachi to his bed. he fell over on all fours... his long hair draped over his pale shoulders.

sasuke was most likely to drool... itachi looked so delicious... so enticing, so inviting... as he looked back and eyed sasuke intently.

sasuke undressed quickly... he couldn't wait much longer... his own erection was throbbing like crazy and twitching with desire.

he knelt behind itachi... holding his buns firmly... "sasuke... im not ready... i..." itachi said, but sasuke wasn't listening.

"nii-san... i took you.... you need to take me as well..." sasuke grinned widely as he grabbed itachi's hips, directinf it to his shaft.

he then pulled itachi's hips towards him, immediately thrusting his hardened, dripping cock to itachi's hot tight entrance...

"ahhhhhh! damn! fuck! sasuke! get it out... ahhhh!...it hurts! gah!" screamed itach as he felt sasuke pushed everything into him.

the burning sensation in his ass was killing him... he felt the ripping of his flesh as the engorged muscle invaded his territory.

"sasuke! ah! no! dont! kami! stop!" itachi's pleading voice filled the room. itachi now felt what sasuke underwent when he took him by force.

sasuke was enjoying... oh! the feel of the tight flesh clutching his erection, though the friction was stinging a bit, it still felt wonderful.

sasuke slowly thrusted in and out of itachi, his own pre-cum and itachi's blood lubricating the felt deliciously painful for itachi.

itachi's screams mellowed as the stinging sensation subsided... his ass finally accepted sasuke's claim... it soon felt wonderfully good.

"kami-sama...sasuke...more..." itachi moaned "kami that feels so good..." itachi said in between his soft sighs of pleasure.

itachi was a sadist as well as a masochist... as sasuke found out. itachi was full of surprises... it made him more appealing to sasuke.

sasuke moved in and out of itachi, feeling the warmth and comfort his aniki's tight sweet hole was offering him.

"sasuke, harder... fuck me...ahh... that's it... right there! fuck...fuck...fuck.... aahhhhh!" itachi screamed with every thrust.

sasuke was loving the noise his aniki was doing... it was turnning him on more every second... he pushed harder, earning a loud scream.

he increased his pace, itachi's ass was devouring sasuke's entire length as if there was no tomorrow. sasuke closed his eyes with a shudder.

the tightness and the consuming pulsation of itachi's ass was bringing sasuke to his orgasmic climax, as he continued to thrust harder.

"sasu-ah! ah! fuck... more... harder...harder...ahh...right there... fuck!" itachi screamed in pleasure as sasuke hit his prostrate.

sasuke wasnt hearing anything now... his concentration was focused on itachi's ass... clenching his cock to the nines.

their movements were in rhythm, they rocked in unison... sasuke felt the uneasy tied knot in his abdomen about to burst out.

itachi wanted more of this... he cant get enough of the feel of sasuke filling him to brim. he met each thrust with force.

"kami, sasuke! harder! dont stop! ahhh!" itachi yelled in frenzy... sasuke obeyed, his thrusts increased until it reached a certain intensity.

sasuke shuddered as the tremors in his groin exploded out, filling itachi. itachi felt the sudden warmth in him in time of sasuke's scream.

sasuke collapsed over itachi's back... to exhausted to move... itachi also collapsed, his hands too tired to carry the both of them.

as they remained silent, both trying to catch their breaths... sasuke moved nearer. he reached over and intertwined his fingers with itachi's.

they looked in each other's eyes for an odd minute or so, finally sasuke cleared his throat "nii-san..." he murmured softly.

itachi tried to keep his tired eyes opened to look lovingly at his otouto "yes, sasuke?" his reply came out as a soft passionate sigh.

"i love you nii-san..." sasuke said as he snuggled closer to itachi's warmth. itachi smiled as he caressed sasuke's spikey hair.

"i love you too, otouto... for a long time now..." he whispered as his eyes closed back, both journeyed to dreamland hand in hand.

******************************* FIN *******************************

sorry, the story might be too bland... this is what came up when i rush..... ^_^