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Listen up, turn it up and rock it out

Party on, I wanna here ya scream and shout, this is real, as real as it gets

I came to get down to get some f#&king respect, taking it back to a hardcore level

you better be ready, put your pedal to the metal, taking it back to a hardcore level

you better be ready, put your pedal to the metal


Listened a young, punk goth girl named Alex Macall. She drowned out the talking on the bus with her highly loved ipod. Alex is a 17 year old girl, trapped in the Hell known as high school. She is an adopted girl, along with her brother David. Their foster parents hate them and treat them like worthless servants. Their fat, blond haired 'brother' is even worse.

Alex has black hair with dark red highlights, midnight blue eyes with gray around the pupil. She usually wears black sweat pants, a black T-shirt with a skull or dark blue V hearts under a black hoodie with her favorite bands in silver all over, and black converses. The only thing she has left of her real parents is a pure silver necklace with an amethyst encrusted heart locket. There's a slot for a small key in the side, but she has never found the key. Neither Alex nor David know of their original family at all, even though David is one year older.

Alex's POV:

After 30 minutes the bus finally reached the school. I ran off the bus, trying to avoid the Populars, the 'commanders' of the school. Me, David, and me best friends, Ian, Moony, and Rose are the only ones who don't give them what they want or demand.

Right before I could dart into the school, a pair of strong arms wrap around my mid-section and pick me up before dropping me under the shade of a tree.

"Ian," I complain as I see my best friend. He sits down right beside me with a smirk. Ian's black hair covers his eyes. His eyes are hazel, though only a few of us can get close enough to know. He wears a spiked choker, a snake bites, black baggy pants, a plain black T-shirt that shows off his decent muscles, and a blue trench coat. Oh how he loved to play the stereotypical goth.

"Yay, you know my name," he teases with a clap. I just glare and punch his shoulder playfully.

"Aww, are the goths in love?" taunts an annoying voice I'd know anywhere. The head girl of the Populars, Tina Benadom. God how I hate her and her superiority complex.

"No,and don't you got plastic surgeries to get to?" I mock, do to some knowledge of a couple of nose jobs. She turns red in embarrassment.

"Hey Alex, I don't think its natural for a face to turn that red...maybe she'll explode," whispers Ian, though loud enough for them to here. Benadom, in defeat, huffs and walks away, her posse of morons hot on her heals. Once they're all gone we break out in laughter.

"Nice job guys, and where's Moony and Rose?," says a voice from behind us. I turn around to face the voice.

"I don't know, not our turn to watch them," Ian and I chime. David just sits down beside me and puts a protective, brotherly arm around my shoulders.

"I just hate that nutte Tina," I hiss venomously. They stare at me puzzled.

"What?" David and Ian ask, clearly confused.

"I've been practicing my German, it means hooker," I beam.

Before they can say anything, the bell rings, signalling school beginning. We all stand up and run to our classes. Ian and I run upstairs to history while David runs to his honors geometry class. We get to class a few seconds before Mrs. Menegay, our history teacher, walks in, narrowly escaping a reprimand.

"Take your seats," she squawks. Mrs. Menegay's voice was very much like an annoying bird's. Ian and I took our usual seats in the back.

"Today we are going to discuss our field trip tomorrow to Sleepy Hollow," she instructs. Half of the class was already asleep. As she goes on and on about what it was like in those days [she was so detailed, I thought maybe she was born in 1775], I just doodle away on a notebook.

I snap out of it when Ian elbows me lightly in the ribs. I look up to see Mrs. Menegay staring at me with something akin to loathing.

"What?" I say as I jump up slightly. Mrs. Menegay looked ready to give me a detention. The Macalls really wouldn't like that.

"Would you show your drawings to the class?" she demands more than asks. Now normally I would try to avoid this situation of being called out, but today I just couldn't really put up with it.

"Nope," I say before turning my attention back to my doodles. Everyone, except Ian is gawking at me, even Mrs. Menegay. After a minute it starts to annoy me.

"Are you just going to gawk at me or teach," I snap with an edge. Mrs. Menegay turns around quickly and continues to lecture the class on Sleepy Hollow. It stays like that till the end of class.

Next we have Gym so we walk to the gymnasium on the 1st floor. Once in the room we separate into girls and boys. After I step at the end of the line, [across from Ian, as far as I can get from Tina] someone hugs me from the side.

"Moony," I growl. She just smiles at me and lets go. Moony's real name is Anny, but do to her love of Harry Potter, she demands we call her Moony. She has dirty blond hair that reaches mid-back and it is usually a mass of uncontrollable curls. She has dark brown eyes that strongly remind me of a puppy. She usually dresses in dark blue jeans with a silver studded belt, a red top with white swirly designs, a necklace with a penguin, and chocolate brown converses. Her boyfriend is a guy named Jake, but he goes to a different school so they barely see each other.

"Hi Alex! Have you seen Rose any where?" she asks with a hyper edge. Rose is her usually non-separable friend.

"Why would I know where she is?" I ask with an eyebrow raised. She just shrugs.

"Today we will be wrestling. Here are the partners: Moony vs Madison...Ian vs Gabe...Alex vs Tina...," from there on I quit listening. I get to beat the crap out of the girl I dream of killing while Ian beats up the guy who never seems to give him a break. This sounds pretty good to me, but if only I didn't have to hear her high pitched voice taunting me.

"Find your partners and begin," I hear through my thoughts. I walk to the wrestling ring where Tina was waiting.

"Is the goth afraid to lose?" the nutte taunts. I immediately lunge at her. We wrestle each other roughly. Suddenly she jumps away from me before standing and smirking. I got a bad feeling but I tried to ignore it.

"What, know you're gonna loose?" I hiss as I stand.

"No, I just thought that your necklace would look better on me so I took it. I'm sure it means nothing to a worthless adopted kid like you," she says as she show my last reminder of my parents. A profound rage mixed with sadness fills me. My hands turn to fists and my body starts to shake violently. All eyes were on us now. Tina just stood there smirking wickedly, like she expected me to let her get away with it.

"Your dead h√ľndin," I growl. Her smirk falls and in its place is fear and nervousness. I growl and lunge at her with all my strength. I collide with her painfully, both of us falling to the ground. She landed sharply on the hard wood floor around the mats, me on top of her. She still didn't drop the necklace so I started choking the life out of her.

"That is the last thing I have of my parents. Du bist tot," I basically growl. Out of the corner of my eye I see the students were holding back the gym teacher.

I picked Tina's head and neck up before slamming it into the wooden floor. I can see blood start to pour from the back of her head.

"Alex Stop!," yells the teacher, who some how got free and was pulling me off of the bleeding, and almost unconscious, Tina. Gabe comes and helps him. Ian goes and grabs the necklace out of Tina's hand. Ian holds the necklace out to me; I gently take it from him and hold it to my heart. Tears were coming from my eyes and Ian was holding me and trying to comfort me. I just stared at the pool of blood that had started to surround Tina's immobile head. I could tell it would be a long time before they managed to get the blood out of the cracks. Tina's posse started to surround Tina, their faces unemotional. Such good friends they are! They turned towards me, venom in their eyes. I almost whimper but keep a straight face.

But then Gabe came from no where and kicked Ian hard in the back. Ian let me go and fell to the ground writhing in pain. I could hear him gasping, trying to get air back in his lungs from the unexpected attack. I stared at him another second and then at the satisfied look on Gabe's face. I was about to attack him, but Moony beat me to it, upper cutting him in the nose. I grin as I see blood start to flow.

"Alex Macall!" roars Principal Benadom, who (you guessed it!) was Tina's mom. I resisted giving her the finger and helped Ian sit up.

"Ian, you okay?" I ask with worry in my voice, my necklace now around my neck. I hold him and rub where he got kicked gently. I look over to see Moony kick Gabe before walking over to me. She sits down and replaces my spot comforting Ian. Rose comes running though the Gym doors and stands next to me. Rose has black shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing light blue jeans, a purple top, and pink converses.

"Hey Rose," I say, starting to rub the tear stains from my face.

"Can you go clean up the blood please?" I ask her, leaning against a pillar. She nods her head and goes to go get cleaning supplies. I walk over to Tina, who was surround by adults.

"I'll get you back Macall," she hisses through the pain, now conscious.

"Miss. Macall you will serve detention for the rest of the semester," Principal Benadom states.

"Fine...can I go home?" I ask innocently, wanting to be anywhere but here.

"No," she says with a glare. With a sigh I walk over to Rose, who was finished cleaning the blood up. Like I predicted the cracks were stained with red.

"Thanks Rose," I tell her with a hug. I basically just stood there using her as a pillow for a minute. Next I walk over to Gabe, who was still in a fetal position from when Moony kicked him.

"You okay?" I ask reluctantly. He nods his head no. 'Too bad moron,' I think.

"Well class, you are dismissed," the gym teacher thunders. Rose and I help Ian up, and with Moony, we walk to Algebra.

For the rest of the day I zoned out. I knew Mrs. Macall and Mr. Macall would be mad at me when I got home. And I was right when I got home, foster parents fuming.

"You beat up a fellow student and almost started a riot," Mrs. Macall thundered. I was worried because I was alone this time with these two nut jobs, David was in detention still.

"Do you have any idea how that makes us look to other people?" Mrs. Macall squeaked in fright. Really I couldn't care less how this makes them look, I don't care how the people in this town view me. Those vain airheads would kill anyone who called them losers though, making me think they're mentally unstable.

"That's it, that brat is going in the basement," Mr. Macall growls, walking over to me. He grabs my hood and starts to drag me to the basement door. He throws me head first down the stairs and shuts the door. When I finally stop rolling down the hard wooden steps, I am pretty banged up. I have a gash in my thigh and my ribs are bruised badly, nothing I haven't had before. All I need to do is get outside and crawl to Ian's house right next door.

I start to crawl painfully towards the little window level with the ground outside. I pull myself onto the table under the window and rest for a few minutes. I grab the window ledge and start to slowly pull myself up. I hold on to the window ledge with one hand and use the other the punch through the window. I use both hands to pull me up the rest of the way the through the shattered window.

Before I could get my legs out, I felt someone grab my leg and start to pull me inside. I look in and see the blond curly hair of Chad, my fat but tall foster brother. I kick him in the face, making him let go and get a bloody nose. I crawl the rest of the way out of the small window and into the green yard. I quickly get up and painfully limp to the hedge separating the houses. I jump through them and land on the other side on my feet before collapsing to the ground. I slowly pull out my cell phone. I text to Ian 'to come outside fast'. I send it and in a minute, Ian is outside helping me up and inside. Before we can get inside, I hear Mrs. Macall yell in rage. We quickly get inside and he lays me down on the couch.

"What happened this time?" Ian asked while getting some medical things from the bathroom.

"Basement stairs," I moan in pain. I fall asleep while Ian put bandages on the gash in my thigh and some ice-packs over my ribs.

When I wake up the next morning, I am still on the couch in Ian's living room. Ian's parents both were dead but he lived with his aunt. She is nice but never around.

I feel no pain at all and I am thankful for Ian's medical skills. I get up after awhile and limp to the kitchen. The gash in my thigh is huge but clean, now bandaged and decent as I study it. I get some Lucky Charms and eat some. While I was eating my second bowl, Ian came up the stairs from his room in the basement.

"Hey," he yawns. I just grunt sleepily in reply.

"Where's my spare clothes?" I ask. This happens often so I always keep spare clothes here.

"Bathroom," is his only reply before he digs into his own bowl of Lucky Charms. I throw my bowl in the dishwasher before limping to the bathroom. I close the door and take off my bloody clothes and bandages before stepping into the hot water of the shower. I wash off the dried blood and clean my gash with some soap. It hurts but it's necessary. When I'm done I dry off and get dressed in my spare clothes [black skinny jeans, a navy blue shirt dedicated to Three Days Grace, and a plain black hoodie].

When I was dressed I walk back to the kitchen, limp almost unnoticeable. Ian was gone, probably getting dressed. I unfortunately still need my book-bag for school. I quietly snuck out of the house and back over to mine. I pick the lock on the front door and tip toe into the dead silent house. I quickly go into the kitchen and slip on my book-bag. I heard a creak coming from behind me. I freeze and turn around to face the person. To my relief it was Ian. I breathed a breath of relief and glare daggers at him.

Ian walked up to me, still smirking. But then, to our horror, we heard a creak from where Ian just was. We turned around in horror to face the person. Unfortunately, it was Chad. Chad smirked at me before turning to Ian. His face contorted in fear. See Chad, Mrs. and Mr. Macall have never met any of my friends. Ian smirked at the terrified Chad and haughtily walked over to him. Before Ian could get close enough to Chad, the fearful wimp screamed bloody murder. The second he started screaming, Ian dragged me out of the house and down the street toward the bus stop. Seeing as we weren't going to reach the bus stop on time running we decided to go with plan B. We ran to the hollow oak tree and grabbed our hidden skateboards that we used in cases like this.

Ian's skateboard was dark green with black designs. My skateboard was purple with a design of a crescent moon with a wolf howling to it. My other skateboard at home was black and had a full moon with a werewolf howling to it.

We got to the bus stop just as the bus was getting there. We picked up our skateboards and jumped on the bus. Tina, who's head was wrapped in bandages, Gabe, and their posse was already on. When Gabe tried to trip me, I just stepped on his shin, hearing him curse with the brief pain. We went to the very back of the bus and sat with David, Moony, and Rose.

"What's with the skateboard?" Moony asks.

"Had to get to the bus stop on time," I explain. Rose was about to speak when the bus stopped at a new stop. We all smirk or smile evilly.

"A new kid," Ian almost hisses with joy. We look at who was stepping in the bus. It was a girl my age with gray brownish hair to mid-back, darkish skin (kind of Romanian like), weird bushy eyebrows, dark brown eyes, and was wearing a uniform skirt, a light lavender sweater, knee high white socks, and white tennis shoes. She had a lime green book-bag and was holding two books tightly to her chest. This girl was the perfect example of a teacher's pet. I didn't even know people still dressed like that.

Everyone, I could tell, already hated her, including us. I was angry, the only available seat was near us at the dividing line of empty seats between us and the Populars. No one has ever been willing, brave, or stupid enough to come near us. What I really hated was when it came to our group, David [who was too lazy], Ian [who was anti-social or sometimes asleep], or me would have to talk and/or be the leader of our little group.

She shyly walked past the geeks, who were snorting at her, past the Populars, who were sneering at her, and towards us. She looked at us fearfully and sadly, I could care less.

"M-May I-I sit here," she stutters, looking at us all because she couldn't tell who to speak to. I stand up, I was short but she was shorter a good inch or two.

"No," I replied venomously. She flinched openly at it, big mistake at this school, people use weakness to their advantage.

"Please, there's no where else to sit," she pleads. I get up and walk towards her, grab her arm and drag her to the front of the bus where the geeks were sitting.

"She sits with you guys from now on," I basically command. Since they are at the bottom of the social food chain at school, they fear and respect me. I push the girl towards a random nerd, who lets her sit near the window with him.

"Y-Yes Alex," he obeys, nodding his head quickly for fear that I will hurt him after yesterday's display in gym. I turn around and back to my seat. The bus slowly starts to move but all stays quiet.

"What is your name?" a geek ask quietly, but we all hear him.

"Catalina," the teacher's pet answers shyly. I turn toward my group.

"She is not ours, stay away and don't talk to her," I say, my boredom already starting to show.

"No problem," they chorus with a smirk. I smile at them in return. It was then David started to hum to whatever song he was listening to on his ipod.

"Dead I am the one, Exterminating son

Slipping through the trees, strangling the breeze

Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry

While they slowly turn, conquering the worm," he mumbles the lyrics.

"Dig through the ditches, and burn through the witches, I slam in the back of my Dragula

Dig through the ditches, burn through the witches, I slam in the back of my Dragula," Ian follows up, laughing.

"Dead I am the pool, spreading from the fool

weak and want you need, nowhere as you bleed

dead I am the rat, feast upon the cat

tender is the fur, dying as you purr," Rose

Before we can continue, Tina screams in annoyance.

"You freaks! That song is so messed up and evil," Madison, Tina's second in charge, complains.

"Too bad, not our fault you have bad taste in music," Moony replies, almost pouting childishly.

Soon we reach the school. All of our classmates gather around Mrs. Menegay and Principal Benadom.

"Everyone leave your book-bags near the tree and get on the bus for the trip to Sleepy Hallow," They instruct. I sit with Ian on the bus ride to Sleepy Hollow.

After 5 hours of boredom we reach a small bridge. We went over it and were greeted with a sign saying 'Welcome to Sleepy Hollow'.

So there was chapter one of '...to be Loved'.

The song 'Dragula' is by Rob Zombie.

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