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Alex's POV:

"You still need an education!"

"We're fugitives! It doesn't matter!" I yelled back at my brother. Alice and Ian watched us from the kitchen table, sad and worried.

"You're still just a kid Alex. You need to learn," Kass agreed. I sent him a withering glare.

"What don't you understand? We aren't ever getting out of this mess! What's the point in trying to be normal?" I yelled, my true thoughts finally making themselves known. Kass looked at me in shock, his crystal blue eyes boring into my soul. He spun on his heel before disappearing into the hallway. The sound of a door slamming echoed soon after. Everyone looked at me with anger, concern, and sadness.

"I really just fucked up didn't I?" Without waiting for an answer I fled back the hall, intent on apologizing.

"Kass?" I whispered patheticly, knocking on his door. A growl was all I got in return. It chilled me to the bone, making me remember the true nature of the Hessian. Flashes of memories assulted me. Kass, in all his glory, riding upon his hell horse. A silver sword slicing through the air before meeting flesh. The expressions on the decapitated heads of Rose, Tina, Chad, Gabe, Madison, and even Mrs. Menegay sickened me.

"Stop!" I scream at the door, knowing Kass is behind it, know he is causing these visions.

"Why? All I am to you is a murder, a savage mercenary. And your right! If it wasn't for the curse put upon me you all would be dead!" he hissed at me as he threw the door open.

"That's not true!" I hiccupped in shock. He grabbed my shoulders roughly. This close up I could see his teeth, sharpened into demons fangs.

"Then what is? You basicly blamed me for damning you all. This is all your doing in the first place! You're the curious Van Tassel who went around touching other people's swords!" His words were worse than a slap.

"I never believed in things like this! To me, the legend of the headless horseman was just another myth! I never even knew about my past or that god damned town of Sleepy Hollow until that stupid fieldtrip!" I shot back, fury pushing me against him. He didn't even flinch as I pushed him slightly.

"So you enjoyed being abused by your 'parents'? You really wish that I never had reawakened? You really want things to go back tot he way they were?" His voice was soft, desperate.

"How did you know?" I questioned, ashamed.

"I was put under a curse to protect you. It wasn't too hard to see the bruises, the winces. You can't hide it all the time Alex," Kass whispered. I only now noticed that his arms were wrapped around me in a gently embrace. I let my head fall onto his chest, tears making themselves present.

"I'm sorry. I'll go back if you wish, to my burial place under that cursed tree in those woods near Sleepy Hollow," I gripped him closer.

"No, no, no! It's okay! Just don't leave," I pleaded, "Just don't leave me." I muttered so quietly that I barely heard them myself. With a sigh, I fell. Only Kass's arms supported me.

"Shit!" Laughing at his curse I passed out, the stress depletely all my energy and will to stay awake.

Kass's POV:

Dragging Alex's limp body into my room, I laid her sleeping form on my bed.

'We're all insane, it's official,' I thought warily. Staring at her, I couldn't help but feel like a pervert.

"Aren't I supposed to be hundreds of years old?" I groaned softly, walking out of the room. Falling onto the couch in the living room, I grunted.

"So what happened?" a voice whispered. I shot up, almost colliding heads with Alice. Why did I never get to relax?

"Alice, as if we didn't hear," David scoffed. I blushed lightly, glaring at the other Van Tassel child.

"Quit being so grumpy. You're just mad Kass here could rationalize with your stubborn sister and you couldn't," Ian teased with a smirk.

"Where is Alex anyway?" Alice questioned me intently. Leaning away from her guiltly, I blushed brightly, remembering the intimacy between Alex and me.

"She kinda passed out and I put her in my bed," I reluctantly confessed. David looked ready to murder me, staring at me as if I were a child molester.

"Nice one man," Ian smiled at me proudly as if I were his best friend. Alice smiled at me kindly, but the look of protectiveness in her eyes stop me from returning the jesture.

'Wonderful, I'm basicly considered her boyfriend," I thought of Alex and couldn't help but feel a smile tug at my lips.

'I'm so whipped. When the hell did my life become this dramatic?' I mentally wondered.

I still couldn't decide which was the lesser of the 3 evils; David, Ian, or Alice.


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