20 Minutes to an Hour

By: Karmas Slave

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts

Warning: alternate universe

Warning 2: this is NOT connected to That Same Old Story/ Same Story, Different School

Rated: M for language and detailed sexual content


As the outside rain pounded hard on the window and the lyrics of Salivas 'Dont question My Heart' erupted into the silent dark room. The teenaged male, lying in his bed; wrapped into a large cocoon of blanket and sheets; He groaned as the sound was now hitting his ears, naturally causing him to stir himself into walking up. Lifting his head out from the warm cushioning of his pillow, his barley opened eye lids moved toward the direction of the sound as his still asleep arm went forth to the object making the noise.

Terra picked up his cell phone, looking at the id; he sighed now normally he would just shut off the phone and ignore it until he was good and ready but this was different, the clock on his phone read 10:00 oclock am and the caller, Aqua, his girlfriend.

Terra, knew Aqua wouldnt call him in the morning seeing as how they both werent morning people unless they needed to be like for school. But this was their summer vacation so that wasnt the case. Barely awake and he knew something was up but Terra knew her parents were away on a long near 3 month second honeymoon vacation and her aunt who had been staying with her, had also recently left.

He finally hit the answer button,"Aqua, whats wrong." He said putting the phone to his ear, his other hand wiping his face; then running the hand through his brown hair.

"Terra" she said softly through the receiver, it was clear she was upset, bracing himself for unfortunate news.

"I...I...think..." she said. Her breathing was heavy and it was clear she was or rather still is crying.

"Aqua, calmed down and then speak" he said to her before she got incoherent. He heard her take in a deep breath and let it out; "I think...I might be pregnant." She said.

His blue eyes widened to their limit, his phone dropped down from his hand to the mattress.

Aquas voice could be heard through the phone. "Terra!" she called over and over

As Terra sat up in his bed "Fuck" his mind kept repeatedly screaming at him, as this wasnt the news he was suspecting. Terra finally linked as his eyes were getting dry, he picked up the phone. "Have you told anyone else?" he asked

"No" she answered.

"Good" he sighed. "Im going over there right now, just dont do anything else till I'm there, well figure this out Aqua, see you in a few; good bye." He said, and then hanging up the phone. Then moving from his bed, and rushing to get dressed.


"Bye" Aqua said weakly into the phone before she hanged up as well. Her head shifted toward the window; looking at the hard rain thats was pouring down. Hmm, how mood fitting she thought to herself.

And Aqua still hadnt take any of the pregnancy tests she bought early that morning from the pharmacy, she wanted to wait till she had at least told Terra about the possibility of having created an unintentional baby together.

She recalled how she wore, one of her mothers black wigs from an old play, big black and white Jackie O sunglasses and an over sized hooded sweat shirt that belonged to Terra. Aqua wanted to avoid anyone she knew from school or anywhere else, she had seen enough movies and television to know that, whenever they main female character is in up the duff trouble and when they go to the buy the tests. You always run into someone, who will blow your cover story the seconded they see the object in hand.

"Ah, how could we be so stupid", she asked herself, "ugh, why are we so stupid." She added as she sat on the living room couch, with her hugging her legs to her chest and her chin resting on the side of her arm. As she now was starting to think back to that night, that started all of this trouble for her and Terra.


Opening the front door of her house, aqua was immediately greeted with arms around her waist that which pulled her closer to the body they belonged too; she let out a small a laugh, before her lips meet with her boyfriends. She gave a small moan into the kiss.

Aqua was so into the kiss she didnt hear a somewhat muffled object hit the floor. Her arms wrapping behind his neck, making the kiss continue on, till Terra pulled away, "hi" he said in a whispered tone and again Aqua smiled. "Hi" she replied matching his tone. They're eyes locking for a bit. Until Aqua placed a small peck on to Terras lips, they pulled apart, Aqua went and closed the front door and locked it.

"Holding me hostage, are you" Terra said from behind Aqua, his arms wrapping around her waist again, except from behind. "Damn right, I am" she spoke, but before she turned around in his muscle toned arms. She noticed a duffle bag by the front door.

"Terra, why is your gym bag here?" Aqua asked as she pulled out of his embrace. She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Alright, I figured, I would come over keep you company until your aunt came to stay with, since you did mention she wont be coming till next month" he explained

"You figured that, did ya now" she said sternly,

"Okay, call me over protective if you will"

"Protective, isnt the word I was going to use. But however it does bring up something similar to the table" Aqua interrupted. "Aqua it is not what you think, Im not using your parents vacation as an excuse for sex" Terra said defending himself from the implied accusation.

--End of flashback

Aqua snapped out of the memory as she heard a car door slam. She looked out the window and saw Terra heading to the front door. Quickly getting off the couch and opening the front door, running out to meet Terra outside.

She didnt say anything as she ran up to him, and he himself not knowing what to say at this point, but all he could do for that moment was just let her into his arms and hold her close.

End Chapter One.