20 Minutes to an Hour: Epilogue

By: Karma's Slave

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

This chapter is rated PG.

Note to Reviewer, Anonymous; When I started writing this story, Terra and Aqua were always 21, because to me, 21 really marks' the end of the teenaged years. And even at this age their not old enough for kids. Because, it's just a matter of what their situation is, could they finically support the kids, while still being in school, did one of them drop out to stay with them, while the other finished, it just has to be looked at with a matter of angles.


"Has it really been that long?" asked the blue haired woman as she used a whispered tone of voice, as she snuggled closer to her husband. Her chin resting on his wife-beater covered chest. "Yeah, four years since those little monsters of yours came into the world." He spoke in a whispered tone as well; with a small joking smile plastered on to his face.

Aqua, lifted herself away from her husband "oh, I see how it is, when they're bad, they're my kids and when they're not their yours" Aqua said with an expression like she was going to smack Terra, upside his head. "No it's not like that Aqua, it's when they interrupt romantic evenings with my wife; and then they're not mine" said Terra, as he stared at the two young children sleeping on the other side of the bed next to their mother.

Aqua couldn't help herself as she let soft chuckle away from her lips, "you pervert" she said shaking her head as she leaned and placing a light kiss on to his lips; Terra kissed her back as he tried to make the kiss deeper but alas Aqua pulled away, turning her attention away from him to the kids; Terra made like a whimper crying noise that only a dog would make.

"Hey, wake up you too" Aqua spoke softly as she placed one hand on each child, shaking them lightly. She got whining groans in response. "Come on you too, First day of kindergarten" she said trying to coax her children awake.

Terra watched as they two ignored their mother, "Ah, jeez Aqua, leave them be. I guess we'll just have all those delicious chocolate chip pancakes all to ourselves then" he said with an odd tone. Aqua turned to look at him "play along" he mouthed to her. "That's right you too. Me and Daddy, just love chocolate chip pancakes, it's a shame we can't share them with you"

And like magic, their little boy was up, "Xion, you heard them, pancakes" said the spike haired boy as he shook his sister. The young girl groaned, "Sora, stop" said the blacked haired girl as she trying to get up but her brother wouldn't stop shaking her.

"Alright, you two" Aqua said as she placed her hand over Sora's making him stop. "You will get pancakes, only and if only you go and get ready for school, alright" said Aqua as she 'reasoned' with the two four year olds.

"Okay!" said Sora as he shot up from the bed to the floor, and then out the door. Xion sighed as she followed her brother out the door muttering, "Sora" and "Dunderhead" in the same sentence.

Terra noticed the small expression on his Aqua's face. "Aqua?"; "They're growing up too fast, Terra" she said, Terra, wrapped an arm around her shoulders, brining her closer to him. "I know, Aqua, I know" trying to comfort her. "No you don't, you've been such a rock through this" sighed Aqua.

Soon enough after Xion and Sora had finished getting ready, and then after finishing their breakfast.

They had piled up in the car, Xion and Sora in the back, Xion sitting behind her father, as Sora sat behind his mother; Aqua sitting in the passenger seat, getting her camera ready to take pictures of Sora and Xion on their first day, and send them out to family members and their Ventus.

Terra eventually pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school. Getting the kids out of the car; Terra, held Xion's hand walking her down towards the school building while Aqua had Sora. "Oh god no" thought Terra as the same emotions bothering Aqua, had finally hit him.

Terra stopped walking, thus causing Xion to stop, "Daddy" she said with a whine in her voice as she tugged his arm, Aqua and Sora caught up with the two, "Sucks don't it" Aqua said in a mocking tone at. Just as he mocked her about it the other day, where he said, she was just a crazy paranoid mother like all the others. He simply nodded at her words.

"Let's go Mommy" Sora said as he pulled his mother away from Terra and Xion.

"Sora, Calm down" Aqua yelled as she went with her son.

He looked to his daughter; he noticed she was on his right side. The traditional position of 'giving the bride away' but Xion was only four years old and he was giving her away to a school and then his mind tricked him into thinking how not so far Xion's wedding day would be.

"Xion, you don't have to go school, if you don't want too" said Terra, as if he was bargaining with his daughter, not to grow up.

"I want to go" she said. "Can we go inside now?" she added.

"Alright" he said, ready to start walking,


"Yeah, Xion"

"I love you", his heart just leapt with joy and broke all at once. "I love you too" as they walked into the building to meet Aqua and Sora.


Aqua and Terra watched as Xion and Sora ran off to where the other children were.

Aqua smiled as, Sora was talking with a young silver haired boy and a red-headed girl, along with a blonde girl next to her, "Oh look there's Roxas" Aqua said to Terra, Roxas was Ventus's younger brother, born around the same time as Sora and Xion.

Roxas was next to Xion, and a somewhat tall spiky red-head that looked like he was dressed in the kids section of hot-topic.

Aqua started taking pictures of the kids; happy for Xion and Sora; while as Terra watched on in horror as Xion gave the red-head boy, a smile similar to the one's Aqua would give him, Terra shook his head 'No' as he the spiky red-head, smiled back with a smirk' he had a deep gut feeling, this wasn't the only time he'd be seeing the red-head.

"Terra, you okay?" as Aqua came back standing next to him,

"I don't know" he answered. "Mommy, Daddy" they heard Xion, they looked down to see Xion, Roxas, and the red-head, "meet my new friend" Xion said excitedly, which was odd to Aqua and Terra, since Xion was a more of a calm child.

"I think she' has a crush" Aqua whispered to Terra.

"This is Axel" she said

"Got it memorized," he said

"Oh great" thought Terra.

The end