I didn't feel nervous the following day. After our activities the day before, each couple had gone off on their own. I was afraid that Edward would feel shame for what we had done, but as soon as we were in our room, he attacked me, running his hands and lips all over my body. He was telling and showing me what it had done to him to see me with Jasper, and how good it felt having Rose suck his cock. I'd never heard Edward talk dirty like that before, and I loved it. We fucked all night, and were ready to once again pleasure and be pleasured by the others.

"So," Jasper started, "did everyone have a good night?" The question was rhetorical because we could all hear one another within the confines of the cabin, and the smell of sex lay heavy in the air. Of course even without these tell-tale signs, Jasper would have felt all of our lust.

"Where should we start today?" he asked, open for suggestions.

"Well," said Emmett, standing up, "I think it's time we broke Edward in. Don't you think so, Jazz?" He began to move slowly towards Edward. I've seen Emmett on the hunt many times, and the way he walked towards Edward was the same way he stalked his prey. I watched my husband's throat constrict as he swallowed.

"Yeah," Jasper agreed, the lust thick in his voice. "I definitely think it's time for that."

None of us had bothered to dress in more than our underwear, so when Emmett reached Edward, he ran a hand down his bare chest and dipped it into his boxer briefs. Edward gasped as Emmett grasped his erection in his huge paw and gave it a tug.

"Oh God," Edward hissed.

Emmett pulled Edward's underwear down and dropped to his knees before him. He grasped Edward's cock in his hand once more and stuck his tongue out to taste the tip.

"Mmmm," Emmett moaned as he licked the precum from Edward's slit.

My breathing got heavier as I watched Emmett swirl his tongue around the head of Edward's cock before sucking it greedily into his mouth.

Jasper appeared behind Edward - underwear already discarded - and rubbed his cock against Edward's ass.

Edward moaned as he leaned his head back on Jasper's shoulder as Jasper grabbed his hips and grinded against him.

"Edward," Jasper murmured, licking Edward's ear, "after Emmett sucks your cock, I'm going to fuck you."

Edward whimpered.

"Do you want that?" Jasper asked, grinding his cock against Edward's ass.

Edward nodded so slightly that human eyes wouldn't have been able to see it. Luckily, we were all vampires. But Jasper wasn't accepting non-verbal communication.

"Say it," he commanded.

"I want you to fuck me, Jazz."

Jasper reached his hand out to Alice, who appeared quickly with a bottle of lube. Jasper spread some on his fingers.

"I'm going to get you ready," Jasper said. He slid one, and then two fingers into Edward's ass. Emmett was still sucking Edward's cock, his lips gliding along the smooth taunt skin, his cheeks hollowing. I recognized the look on Edward's face and I knew he'd be coming soon. I also knew that having something in his ass was a new pleasure for him.

"Oh God... Em... Jazz... I'm fucking coming!"

Emmett growled around Edward's cock as he swallowed every last bit of venom. He got up and moved an armchair in front of Edward, giving him something to lean over and brace himself against. Then Emmett sat on the couch next to Rose, who practically attacked him with a heated kiss.

Jasper continued to thrust his fingers into Edward's ass, adding another so that he had three sliding in and out. With his other hand, he grasped Edward's chin and turned his head to place a kiss on Edward's soft lips. Edward reached back and threaded a hand into Jasper's blonde locks, deepening the kiss. Seeing their tongues stroking together was incredibly erotic, and I licked my lips.

Jasper broke the kiss and ran his hands from Edward's shoulders and down his arms, guiding Edward's hands to the armchair Emmett had placed in front of him.

Finally, Jasper lubed up his cock and placed it at Edward's opening.

"Edward," Jasper grunted as he pushed into him, "do you know how long I've wanted to fuck this tight little ass of yours?"

"Mmmm," Edward moaned in response.

"Answer me," demanded Jasper.

"Yes," Edward growled out, "I know. I've heard you thinking about it."

Jasper leaned over so that his lips were at Edward's ear. "I wanted you to hear," he said.

"Oh God," Edward said, the wood in the armchair cracking in his grasp.

God, that was hot. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd want to watch my mate get fucked by another man, but it was turning me on, so much so that I found my hand drifting down my stomach and into my panties, dipping into my folds to touch myself.

"You like that, baby girl?" Jasper asked, looking at me as he pushed back into my husband. His pitch black gaze burned into mine.

"Yes, Jazz," I said, my voice husky.

"Alice, Rosalie," Jasper growled out, his eyes never leaving mine, "I think Bella needs your help."

Rosalie got up from the sofa she was sitting on, watching Jasper fuck Edward. She smirked at me as she knelt in front of me. She ran her fingertips up my thighs until she got to my panties, and tugged on them. I lifted my ass to let her pull them down, and it brought my pussy that much closer to her face. I moaned.

Alice moved next to me and released the clasp of my bra before pulling it off me. I felt her fingers ghosting over my breasts, barely touching me. She leaned in and slid her tongue along my lips. I opened my mouth to her, and moaned as her tongue stroked mine. Her lips were so soft, and she tasted like honey and apples. I pulled Alice's head toward me, deepening the kiss, needing more contact. But I gasped and broke away when I felt a wet kiss on the inside of my thigh.

I looked down to watch Rosalie's tongue swirling, getting closer and closer to my pussy. She smiled up at me with a glint in her eye as she got so close I could feel her breath on me. I wriggled in anticipation. Alice was kissing my neck and running her hands over my breasts. I looked into Edward's eyes and saw the ecstasy he felt as Jasper's huge cock filled him.

I gasped as I felt Rosalie's tongue slide into my slit, up to my clit and circle it. She increased and decreased her pace as she licked my cunt, circling and sucking and flicking my clit, and every so often thrusting her tongue inside me. Alice had moved her mouth to my breasts, switching from one nipple to the other. The feeling of having two mouths on me at the same time was incredible.

I went back and forth from watching Rosalie between my legs and Jasper pumping into Edward. I bit my bottom lip as I got closer and closer to the edge. When Rosalie slipped two fingers into me and curled them to hit my g spot, I threw my head back, my eyes closed, screaming in bliss as I came hard.

Spent, I resumed watching Edward and Jasper. Rosalie sat between my legs, resting her head on her thigh. She had her hand between her legs, and she was idly sliding her fingers into her slit. Alice was curled up next to me, her hand still gently playing with my nipple. I reached over and started stroking her inner thigh. She shivered as I got closer and closer to her pussy.

I could tell that Edward was close to the edge, and so was Jasper. Jazz reached around and wrapped his fingers around Edward's cock, stroking him in time with his thrusts. Within three strokes, Edward came, Jasper's name on his lips. Jasper gripped Edward's hips and drilled into him before coming and resting his head on Edward's back. When Jasper pulled out, Edward quickly turned around and kissed Jasper sensually, his hands cupping Jasper's face.

"Thank you," he whispered into Jasper's ear. We obviously all heard it, but it was so intimate that we pretended we didn't.

Edward collapsed into the chair he'd been gripping, and Jasper moved over to sit next to Rosalie. I looked over at Alice, who was gasping as my fingers were millimetres from her pussy.

"Alice," I said in a low voice, feeling a little bold, "would you like it if I went down on you?"

"Oh God, Bella," she responded with a moan. "Please. I want your face buried in my pussy."

I pushed her down so she lay flat on her back on the couch and lay down on top of her. I kissed her hard, my tongue probing her mouth. I grabbed her hips and ground against her, our pussies rubbing together, my juices lubricating her.

"Bella!" she gasped, "Your tongue, my cunt, NOW!"

I didn't waste any more time, spreading her legs and diving in. I had obviously never tasted another woman before, with Edward the only person I'd been with before this trip. I had tasted myself, on Edward, but this was a completely new experience. Alice's juices mixed with mine and tasted so sweet. Her skin of her pussy was so, so soft, as my tongue slid up and down her slit, thrusting inside her. Alice fisted her hands in my hair as I flicked my tongue on her clit, mimicking the movements I liked to feel. She pulled on my head, pressing me further into her, and I loved that I was making her feel so good.

I felt my hips being lifted up, and I turned my head to look behind me. I looked into Emmett's eyes, dark and filled with lust.

"Can I fuck you, Bells?" he asked, rubbing the tip of his cock along my slit.

"Mmmm," I moaned, pushing back against him, "Yessss."

Emmett quickly pushed into me, his cock stretching me. It felt amazing, and I returned to Alice's pussy, my licks and nips and tongue thrusts more vigorous. Alice and I moaned in unison.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Edward, Jasper and Rosalie, all three lying on their sides, forming a triangle of sorts. Jasper's head rested on Rosalie's thigh as his tongue danced around her clit, his fingers disappearing into her cunt. Rosalie had a hand twined in his hair, but her other hand was wrapped around the base of my Edward's cock as she sucked him. I moaned. Edward's mouth was wrapped around Jasper's cock, licking and sucking as his hands cupped Jazz's balls. The three of them were moaning and writhing, just as Alice was writing under me.

"Bella," she said, "I'm so fucking close. Oh God, I love fucking your face. God, God... Bella!"

She came, pulling on my hair and grinding her pussy against my face. I drank in all her juices, moaning and purring as I did.

Alice slid down so that she was directly under me, and kissed me as Emmett continued to thrust into me. As our pussies rubbed together once again, the combination of Alice's pelvic bone grinding into my clit, her tongue in my mouth, and Emmett's hard cock sliding in and out of me brought me to the brink, and with a growl, I tumbled over. I collapsed on top of Alice, lazily kissing her yet as Emmett pulled out of me. He lay beside us on the wide couch, and I turned to kiss him too. His tongue was talented, and I hoped I would get a chance to feel it between my legs. I sighed happily.

I decided to have a shower, and slipped away to the suite I shared with Edward. As I started the water, I heard and smelled my mate behind me. I smiled at him over my shoulder.

"Mind if I join you, love?" he asked.

"Of course not," I answered, pulling him into the shower with me.

We kissed, sensuously and languidly for awhile before Edward leaned his forehead against mine.

"Darling, are you truly okay with everything that's happened?" he asked, his concern showing?

"Of course I am, Edward. I wouldn't have done it otherwise."

Edward pulled me into a tight embrace, and I felt him nod against my shoulder.

"Are you?" I asked, pulling away to see his face.

"I am. I just wanted to make sure, Bella, because it's about to get a little more intimate. But if we don't feel comfortable with that, we don't have to participate."

"How much more intimate can it get?" I asked in surprise.

Edward chuckled. "Only in the way that we won't all be together, but one-on-one. Jasper has requested to spend the rest of the day and the night with you."

A thrill coursed through me at the thought, and I nodded. "That's alright with me, if it's alright with you."

"Yes," Edward said, his voice thick with lust. "I will be spending that same time with Alice. Rosalie and Emmett have decided to go off on their own, hunting."

"Ok," I nodded. I pondered once again why the thought of Edward with someone else didn't bother me. I stifled a growl as I thought of him with Tanya Denali, or Jessica Stanley, and the answer was clear. I trusted Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. I knew the strength of their bonds with their mates, and their bonds with us. We loved one another, and were simply sharing another part of ourselves.

Edward gave me a searing kiss and backed me up against the cool shower tiles. He lifted me up, his hands cupping my ass. He dipped his head down to nibble on one of my breasts, and then the other.

"Edward," I said in frustration, thrusting my hips against his, eager to have him inside me.

He may not have been able to read my mind, but he has learned to read my body, and he pushed inside me.

"Love you," he growled in my ear, "love you so fucking much."

I moaned and grabbed fistfuls of his hair. "I love you too, Edward... Oh God... always."

Edward played my body like a fine instrument, until I arched my back and screamed his name. He followed right behind me, my name on his lips.

As we dried off, Edward looked towards the bedroom.

"Hmmm," he said with a twist of his lips, "someone's waiting for you."

I raised my eyebrows as he winked at me and kissed me, before leaving the bathroom. I finished towelling off and wrapped myself in a white terry cloth robe, before I walked into the bedroom.

Orange flames crackled and hissed in the fireplace on the other side of the room, and Jasper stood in front of it, leaning on the mantle. The glow from the flames danced across his skin as he gazed into the fire. I imagined his tongue dancing across my skin, and I softly sighed. I wanted him.

Jasper turned towards me, a small smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

"Hello, darlin'."