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Part 2

It took the whole of the afternoon to calm Richard down from his frenzy. For part of that time, it seemed he was speaking in tongues, panicked to the point of delusion. When that happened, the bishops gathered around to pray and bear witness to the miracle before them.

He tried to tell them… but the words simply did not come. Soon enough, he stopped trying and laid still. The holy men crossed themselves and murmured into rosaries, praising the lord's name in thanks for allowing them to see such a holy phenomenon.

"Come, Richard," one of the men said, placing his hand on the boy's shoulder and beginning to lead him away. "Let us change your robes."

The teen allowed himself to be lead dumbly into a separate corridor where he was stripped of his robe and handed a wet cloth to clean away the blood. He reluctantly wiped away at his chest, arms, and hands before letting the cloth drop over his legs where he discreetly rubbed away the bit of blood and the tacky white substance that had dripped between his legs.

"I am clean," he said, folding the cloth neatly and handing it back to the man in exchange for a new robe, crisp and white. There were also a pair of undergarments, something he usually neglected to wear because he didn't see the need. He put them on as well, suddenly craving the covering.

"Good child," the man smiled. "Why don't we let you rest now? You must be very tired."

Richard nodded and was escorted to his room where he shut the door behind him and sank to the floor.

"Guten tag, Richard," came a voice from the window. The teen lifted his head and jumped to his feet.

"Adeline!" he rushed towards her, but she stopped when she held out her hand, palm facing him in a clear display of aggravation.

"Stop." She folded her arms as she walked into the room, long white robes trailing behind her while her (8)six large wings fluttered slightly and then folded over themselves. Her dark auburn hair was a parade of waves and curls, framing her hard features and accenting the eye-patch she wore over her right eye. Adeline always had a steely aura around her, but Richard was so glad to see a fellow angel that he forgot all preconceptions. "I'm not here to comfort you, boy. I came to warn you."

"W…. warn me?" he stammered. "But… why?"

"You know."

Richard felt the tears come streaming down his face and he cried, "The bird? I didn't know he would kill it. Such waste, I know, I-"

She turned on him with an angry look, "Damn the bird, Virtues! Haven't you even bothered to notice your own wings?"

Richard's worried eyes grew wider in confusion. "My…" He gave a soft exhale as he let his wings sprout from his back, spreading them wide and then nearly screaming. "Aa! AHH! They're-! The feathers-! Why?"

"You're falling, Richard." Adeline said, her voice left deliberately cold though she really felt quite sorry for the poor Virtues. It was never a pretty sight to watch an angel fall from grace.

"Falling? F…. Falling?" He stammered and grasped his wings, wailing when some of the exceptionally large feathers fell from them to reveal dark incandescent scales, black if not for the shining hints of turmeric yellow.

"Yes, I saw it. You sinned."

"I… I know… but it was to save him! That's why I was sent here! God told me to save them! He told me…" Richard clutched madly at his fallen feathers and wept without restraint. The woman angel turned her back from the sight, though she wasn't sure which one. "Adeline…" He said quietly after nearly an hour of sobbing. He was surprised to look up and find her still there. "I… wasn't wrong… It's what God wanted. I was good to help him. That's what I was sent to do… God created me to be a hero for all man."

"Man?" Adeline nearly shouted. "He is no man! He is a demon!"

"Demon?" his eyes grew wider, "No! He wasn't, he-"

"HE FOOLED YOU! Idiot!" She gave wide strides as she made her way across his room to strike hard against his cheek. Richard gasped and pressed his hand against the stinging skin, looking at her in awe.

"But… His soul…. I could feel it there. Why would something evil have a soul? God wouldn't give a soul to something evil, it would be…wasteful."

"Demons are nothing but lost souls, boy. God does not care for the lost ones."

"That doesn't make sense…. God wants to love all the souls… he said…." Richard clenched his hands into fists and pressed them hard against his temporals. "It… just doesn't make sense! How can a soul be lost? I could feel it there! His soul is there! Rotten, yes, perhaps… but still there! I had to save him! I had to! God told me to, Adeline! It wasn't wrong! I was only doing good!"

"Is it good to sacrifice yourself?"

"God is fond of sacrifices. He speaks so lovingly of the souls salvaged from the Holy Crusades, after all."

"That's different. Those are souls sacrificed in the name of God."

"But I salvage souls from damnation because God wants them. I do it for Him! Adeline! I want all the souls for Him! Because He asks for it!"

"A lost soul is unsalvageable."

"Why?" Richard asked, frustrated.

"There is nothing you can do. There is nothing anyone can do. A lost soul cannot be repaired; God's will cannot be altered…. No matter how much you want it."

"So… It's impossible?" The young angel's face hardened. "If memory serves, God has done the impossible before. Why will He not do it now?"

"It is not an angels place to question God. Questions bring doubt, doubt brings sin, and sin brings damnation. You are falling as it is, child. Do not question Him or surely you will become lost."

"I am not lost!" Richard screamed, "I am HERE! RIGHT HERE! Loving God! Praising Him! My wings may be ugly and my light may be fading, but I am still good! I am still trying to save that soul! I cannot ignore a soul in need of God's love. If ever I have seen it… that man needs God's love."

"He had God's love. And he turned his back to it. Lost souls deserve their damnation, Richard. Always." Her dark, endless eye glared down on him and his molting wings. "Your heart is in the right place, but your soul is not. And (9)Peter never bothers to look into the heart. You will not be allowed back into Heaven."

"But he knows me! God knows me! They know that I am good!"

"No demon is good."

"And no soul is ever lost. I will help him. I must. I am aware, now, of what he is. And I will not be fooled. By him or by you." Richard looked up at her with determination. "If there was a soul I was not meant to save, God would have told me. But He didn't, He told me to save them all."

"Richard, you-"

"No! Do you have such little faith in God, Adeline?" His look of determination became that of pity. Pity, and perhaps fear. Walking blindly with only faith to serve as a guide is terrifying, even for angels. "God sent me here with purpose! I am mankind's hero! I will not disobey Him. God's word is final and He is always good."

"You think this is God testing you?" She sneered. "Look around you, Richard! Look at your wings! God will never love you if you fall. Never!"

Richard took a deep breath and stared back at her, calmly. "God gave me my path. I have faith enough to follow it."

The woman angel stared at him incredulously. "I came here to warn you because I've seen angels fall before, Richard. I hate to see it happen again. Especially to you."

"God wouldn't give me the power to save a soul if he didn't want me to save all the souls I could."

"God didn't give you your soul so that you could corrupt it." She hissed angrily.

"Are you saying God has made a mistake by giving me love for mankind and the power to save them?"

Adeline stayed quiet for a moment, fear flickering through her eyes, and she then answered softly, "Of course not. God is infallible."

"Then, logically, it is right to want to save that soul."

"It is right to want to. It is not right to try."

"But I have to try. God wants that soul."

"You're wrong. That man can never be cleansed. He is so rotten that the very soul within him has become a sin." Adeline walked to the window and heaved a heavy sigh. "I see it is no use to convince you, Richard. But I must try. Your soul, though stained, is still useful. You don't want to hear it, but I will say it anyhow. There is a way to stop yourself from falling."

The teen pursed his lips, looking down and to the side. He wanted to know, but he thought it wrong to ask. Asking would show doubt. And he did not doubt God.

"You must kill Slade. Baptize yourself in his blood. And then bring the heart to God. A demon's life is only pleasing to the Lord when it has ended."

"That doesn't make any sense!" Richard screamed, "Two wrongs do not make a right! I cannot kill! Killing is a sin! God would only hate me more!"

"Stupid child. Remember the crusaders! They died for God, but they also killed for him! They killed the wicked and sent them to hell where they belonged! And God loves them! Cherishes them! They have pleased him by spilling the blood of those that defy him! If he is so pleased with killing blasphemous humans, imagine how he will delight in the murder of a demon!" She ended her speech, Curls a fury and a fire behind her eye. She took a moment to calm herself, soothing her hands over her wings and looking worried.

Richard bit his lip as he seemed to be considering her words.

"Listen, Richard." She said calmly. The fire and the anger repressed deep inside, "I want to help you." She reached into a fold in her robes and pulled out a thick silver dagger. "This, and the knowledge of what you must do, is all I can give. Take the blade and cut out his heart. Killing him will dissolve your sins. Kill him for God. It would please Him." Richard shook his head and Adeline sneered. "Take it!"

"I will not."

The fire returned to her eye and her lips curled into a venomous frown. With a growl, she threw the dagger at the boy, missing his head by little more than an inch. Richard gasped and glanced behind him, seeing the blade buried deep into the wall.

"Kill him or fall. I no longer care." She growled, stepping onto the window-sill and taking flight, leaving a small flutter of thick white feathers in her wake.

Richard took in a shaking breath and clasped in hands in prayer.

Adeline flew up to the bell tower and landed with a growl. Not able to stand still, she paced furiously around the bell and tried to calm herself.

"I've always thought you look prettiest when you were angry," a smooth voice sounded from behind her. Adeline turned in a fury and glared at the demon."I suppose there is no question of it now, is there? When you fall, you'll be a demon of wrath." Slade chuckled and bent forward to pick up a white feather. "Looks like you're well on your way."

Adeline sneered and threw a kick at the man's form, spreading her wings for balance and losing a few feathers in the process. Her bare feet grazed against Slade's cheek, producing a satisfying hiss that made her eye burn with aggression.

"Quiet demon, or I'll have your heart on a platter." She turned away and began to walk towards the edge, preparing to leave whether she was calm or not.

"How can you kill me when you gave away your only weapon to the Virtues?" He chided and the angel's curls waved in the wind. "What's the matter, Adeline? You were nearly driven to insanity with your bloodlust. Why stop now?"

"I'm just killing two birds with one stone. Richard kills you and saves himself in the process."

"Do you really think he will?" Slade smiled, "I don't even think he can. God made him too pure. And besides… What makes you think he can kill me when you could not?"

"That Pride will be the death of you yet," Adeline smiled and looked towards the heavens. "You will die one day, Slade. And when the soul that kills you drags in your heart, I'll be next to God, reveling in your defeat."

"I'm sure you will. Such a shame you'll have none of the fun of killing me. Or trying to, at least. Too bad. I'd love to have a shot at your left eye too."

Adeline stiffened and opened her wings, preparing for flight. Slade moved fast to stop her, wrapping his arms around her top wings and pulling them down.

"Did you like the show? Your eye wept the entire time, even though it couldn't even see most of it." He tapped at his eye patch. "Don't worry… I'll be sure to take it off when I fuck him. I want you to watch him when he falls."

Adeline turned on him in rage. Screaming and slashing at him while her mouth opened wide in a ferocious war cry.

"Now that's the Addie I know and love!" Slade roared, "Fight me, you bitch! Tear me limb from limb!" He laughed as Adeline nearly managed to do just that. Her hair was flying all about and her eye seemed darker than before, full of fire and yet it looked so cold. "Even if you get my heart, God will know you did it for yourself! Too preoccupied with your own vendetta to praise Him in your kill! Fall with me, Adeline! Like you should have done that long time past!"

The angel clenched her teeth, giving Slade one final push before turning her back to him and taking off towards the heavens, leaving behind a small flurry of feathers in her wake. Slade watched until she disappeared into the setting sun. He had a good laugh before looking down at the people gathering below, filing into the church for Richard's next performance.

"Richard?" The teen jumped when he heard the Archbishop knocking at his door. He threw his pillows against the wall, covering the dagger and then answering.

"Yes? I'm awake."

The door opened and the Archbishop walked inside. He was a tall man, and his body seemed very strong despite his pampered role. His hair was dark and his (10)mitre always seemed to cover his face in shadow, making his features seem sterner than they actually were. Richard liked him. The man had taken him in when it seemed he had nowhere to go. He was sent to earth with nothing but determination, but the Archbishop gave him a home and, more importantly, a home base from which he could save souls. Like him, the man was a hero.

"It is almost time for the evening mass. Are you well enough for it, Richard?"

"Yes," Richard nodded. He really felt ready to sing. He needed it now, desperately hoping that saving some wayward souls would renew his determination and perhaps some of the faith in God's plan. He didn't doubt Him, far from it. But he felt afraid that he was facing a task too great for his power. What if the man, or demon, as it were, really was beyond saving?

"Come then," the Archbishop gently said and Richard stood to his feet.

The teen gave him a small nod and pinched his cheeks to make them rosy. It was something he learned from the other choir boys though he had never needed to use it until now. There was no mirror around to confirm it, but Richard was sure that he was ghastly pale. He could only hope the light of the saved souls could lift his spirit as well. He wanted so badly to be a hero.

"Guten Abend," the choir chanted as he entered the small antechamber that lead to the greater hall where they would be performing. The teen smiled at them wearily but shied back against one of the pillars. Maybe he wasn't ready after all.

"What's the matter, Richard?" A boy, Garret, came near and leaned against the same pillar. "Are you sad?"

"N-no." the hero shifted uneasily. Garret was a nice boy, not much younger than him, with dark hair and deep green eyes. He seemed the friendliest of all the choir boys because he was always smiling and making jokes. Even if he occasionally got on the other boys nerves, they all liked him.

"You look sad… I bet I can cheer you up," the teen gave a sly smile and reached under his robes. "It's a game Viktor and I play sometimes. We call it (11)Gestank Kugel." Garret gave a small chuckle and rolled what looked like a heap of dirtied socks in his hands. "Watch this."

He wound his arm dramatically and threw the ball at the tallest boy, Viktor. Richard watched in awe as the large teen turned to grab the ball in his hands before throwing it back and hitting Garret in the face.

"(12)Ja! Ich schlug Sie, Gar!" The other teen taunted and then for good measure added a nonsensical exclamation of, "(13)Bouillon!"

Richard couldn't help but laugh and Garret's eyes perked up.

"See? You're not so sad anymore!" he laughed and gave Richard a wide smile as Viktor wandered closer.

He was the eldest of the choir and also the largest by far. He was considered a misfit by many because of his size and also his dark complexion. His eyes were also different in color, his right was a dark brown but his left held a strange foggy blue, the result of an accident that left him blinded and also left a scar across his face. Some had commented that he did not fit with the group, but the archbishop made the decision to keep him there. He was a good boy with an excellent voice. There was no better place for him than in the service to the church.

"Nice try," Viktor smiled, ruffling the boy's hair and smiling. "But I remain the Gestank Kugel champion."

Richard smiled as he watched the two, they were an unlikely pair, but they seemed to get along well.

"Take your places." The choir instructor told them and they began to make their way into distinct lines. Viktor and Garret gave a friendly wave to Richard and the boy returned it warmly. It was nice to be reminded that some souls were pure without his songs. It gave him hope.

Richard was the last to step outside the chamber; as usual, he was greeted with cheers and awe… but it somehow felt… empty... frightening. He took his place before the singers and waited for his queue. The sounds of the falsetto grew in strength and Richard took a breath. He felt his lips shake slightly as he began the first note, a sweet and gentle sound that at once put his mind at ease.

He looked out into the crowd and felt his heart swell in gratitude when he saw the tears in the eyes of his listeners. Everything was as it should be. He smiled as he took a breath and began to really sing. Members of the crowd stood to their feet and began to move towards him, Richard could barely contain the tears in his own eyes as they came closer, regret and hope filling their eyes and leaking down their cheeks. It had already begun, the uncontrollable purging of sins at his feet, Richard had never before appreciated his gift to save souls before that very moment.

And then he saw him. The man dressed in the same hooded cloak, hanging back in the shadows of the cathedral and watching him. The demon. Richard startled when something terrible interrupted his song. His eyes went wide and his hand was thrown over his lips in shock. A break in his voice. A crack. An imperfection. A sign.

His eyes brimmed with tears and in the back of his mind he heard snickering. In the faces of his followers was an expression of confusion and in some, even sorrow.

"I…" he stammered, staring through the silence that had befallen the cathedral at the man in the hood. He expected the man to look haughty, to laugh at his blunder… but he didn't. The man, like the rest, perhaps even more so, looked heartbroken. He felt warm liquid rush down his cheeks as he turned and dashed for the antechamber.

"Richard!" He heard them calling. He felt some of them grabbing at his robes, trying to keep him from running but he couldn't go back. He couldn't face them. Not when his very song announced his sins to the world.

He ran until he reached his sleeping chambers, slamming the door behind him and stumbling over to the bed where the dagger stayed impaled into the wall. He threw back the pillows and eagerly grasped the hilt, pulling it out and seeing his tear-stained reflection in the metal of the blade.

"Richard!" he heard the archbishop calling as he neared the door. He tucked the dagger into his undergarments just as the door swung open and the man stepped inside. He could feel the blade digging into his skin but he paid it no mind.

The archbishop strode across the short room and stood before the shivering teen.

Richard expected him to strike or to yell or to simply glare. He did not expect the man to chuckle and lean forward to embrace him.

"Pre-Madonna," He teased, hugging Richard closely.

"My voice…"

"You're simply growing up, Richard. I expected it would happen, but not so suddenly. You panic over nothing, dear child." The teen shook and nuzzled into the man.

"But.. Archbishop Wa-"

"We'll begin lessons to train your voice. I know you don't like it, my son, but not all gifts are without toil. You'll still be able to sing. And when you're ready, you'll sing again for the people."

Richard kept silent, his eyes shining with tears.

"Only when you are ready, of course. I won't force you."

"I need to pray…" Richard spoke quietly.

"The evening sermon is still-"

"No," Richard shook his head sadly. "I want to be alone. Please?"

"Of course," The archbishop sighed, humoring the boy. "Shall I leave you-"

"No… Can I go to the (14)Pietà?"

"The Pietà?" The archbishop laughed. "Why would you want to go-?"

"Please…" the boy asked again, tears once again flowing down his cheeks. The archbishop saw no point in arguing and began to lead the boy down the long maze of corridors.

The Pietà was one of the first and most touching art pieces Richard had seen since being sent from heaven. It was a charcoal drawing in one of the lesser chambers that stood below the hall of the great Cathedral. No one was quite sure who had drawn it, and it was clearly not the work of a professional. Many assumed it was completed by one or more of the construction workers, but no one was certain.

Richard was not the only one to look upon it in love. It was actually a fairly popular piece to those who knew of it; so poplar, in fact, that they had placed an altar before it.

Richard entered the room and sighed at the sight. Like his affection for mankind, the angel loved the artwork because of its imperfections and not in spite of them. It served as a reminder to him that all men were flawed but also deserving salvation. He wasted no time kneeling before the altar and bowing his head in prayer.

"I must attend to the sermon," The archbishop spoke softly and Richard nodded, not facing him. "I will come to you when it is over…." The man sighed and smiled knowingly, "This will pass, Richard. You may not be a (15)tenor any longer, perhaps a (16)baritone, but we will teach you how to hold the notes to keep your voice from breaking. With practice, I'm sure you'll have an excellent (17)falsetto."

Richard nodded again as the archbishop turned, walked towards the door, and closed it behind him as he left.

Richard felt the air around him thicken and he lifted his head from his prayer.

"Did I startle you?" Slade asked, making the boy jump and spin around to face him.

"You…" he stammered, trying to back away as the man stepped closer, only managing to grind his back into the altar. "How did you..?"

"Through the door," The demon answered, taking note of the way the teen grasped at his side, no doubt feeling the dagger that was hidden there. "Richard… what I've done to you is terrible… I thought you were strong enough to overcome the sins on your own… I was wrong… I'm so terribly sorry."

Richard's hand grasped the hilt of the dagger through his robes, feeling the heavy line of blood drip down his leg as the blade dug into his skin.

"I know what Adeline gave you, Richard." The boy's eyes lit with fear and his body trembled. "And she is right. You must use it if you wish to save yourself."

"M-myself?" he stammered, eyes widening as the man once more knelt before him. He hurriedly crossed his legs, turning himself away from the large form even though it did not move closer.

"Yes. Take out the dagger, boy." The demon told him as he pulled away his eye-patch, revealing the angel's eye.

Richard trembled as he slowly lifted the side of the robe and removed the dagger, clutching it in his shaking hands with no real conviction.

"Kill me, Richard. You can't save my soul. And this is the only way to save your own." Slade fought to keep the smile behind his lips. He was merely playing to the boy's weakness. The angel was too dedicated to the task given to him by God. Such determination was admirable but also very easy to manipulate. "Save yourself."

"No!" Richard wailed, throwing the dagger away from him and crying out as if he were in terrible pain. "I cannot! I cannot abandon a soul that needs Him so badly! (18)Even if I should have to die with you… I could never forsake you…" The teen pulled at the sleeve of his choir robe and used it to wipe away the blood that was now pouring from the demon's right eye. "God did not create me with such fickle designs. If you let me, I will find a way to save you." Richard whispered to the man.

Slade nodded and then made his voice very soft as he gave the boy one final request, "Please, show me your truest form. It's been so long since my demon eyes have seen the light of God… I've lived in darkness without Him for so long…"

Richard gave him a very soft smile, closing his eyes and letting his divine wings spread from his back while a warm aura of light began to orbit about his head.

The angel eye began to sting as more blood dripped down the demon's cheek. Slade awarded himself a tiny little smirk as he stood taller and gave Richard a gentle hug.

The angel returned the gesture with a sorrowful frown. He thought resolving to save the man would reassure him, somehow… But it didn't. If anything he felt worse.

"Such kindness is undeserved," the man said, letting his hands clutch at Richard's robes.

The boy raised his head, tears filling his eyes as the demon's lips moved closer and pressed against his own. The angel startled when he felt the man's tongue slide against his own and he immediately tried to pull away from the pleasing feeling.

"No.." he gasped, turning his head to the side and trying to struggle free of the man's grasp. Slade only held tighter at the robes until he moved his arms in one fluid motion and tore the cloth into pieces. "No!" Richard screamed, struggling harder as Slade pushed his body down against the altar with one hand and tore away his shirt with the other. "Stop!" the angel cried out, beating his hands against the man's thick arm, but to no avail.

"Oh, but Richard, don't you want to take my sins from me?" The demon teased, pulling a small glass vial from his trousers before he undid the string and let them fall to the floor. "I'll gladly share them."

"NO!" Richard kicked and hit with all his might, but the demon hardly paid him any notice. He simply went about his business as he prepared himself with the baptism oil that he had stolen. "Get off me!" he growled when Slade pinned him down at the shoulders, crushing his wings into the altar below him.

Suddenly the teen let out a hard gasp as the feeling of the demon's blunt tip pressed between his cheeks, pushing them apart though it had not even breached the entrance.

"No!" Richard screamed, throwing his hands over his face and crying. He felt the man's cock begin to press inside, slowly at first but then the demon gave a snap of his hips and buried himself deep within the boy. "NOOOO!"

Slade grabbed the teen's wrists and pried them away from his face, revealing the terrified eyes of the teen who looked away frantically, turning his head up to stare at the charcoal pietà. The demon smiled wickedly and let one of the teen's wrists free, watching as the angel reached towards the artwork in dreadful earnest.

"God, please- Ahh!" his entire body shook as Slade pulled back and then drove in again, hitting the delicious and sinful spot inside the angel. "No! G-! G-!" Richard felt the title sticking in his throat, unwilling to be spoken by such a lowly thing.

Slade watched in terrible joy as the large white feathers fell away and the light of the room faded considerably. How delightful he thought as he thrust hard into the teen's body. Not only was he about to bear witness to the damnation of one angel, but he was able to cause the fall of another. For the last time, he wiped away the blood that had fallen from his right eye, which was now dark and full of hellfire, Just as any other demon's. Slade's only hope was that it happened as Adeline was standing next to God Himself.

Suddenly Richard let out a terrifying roar, his body convulsing as his dark wings beat against the altar. His bleak and piercing eyes, though shaped in fear, shone brightly with the fire behind them.

"Burns!" He screamed, clawing at his skin, "Oh, G-! Khahh! It burns!" He hit his head against the altar, trying to knock himself unconscious to spare himself the pain. It felt as if his body was burning from the inside out, consuming him in a heat too intense to live through. "Kill me!" he begged, ripping his skin open and trying to bleed away the heat, "Please! Kill me!"

"All God's fruit rots from the inside out," Slade whispered back to him, "No one can stop it now, Richard. No one can save you. And death will not spare you the fire."

"Noo!" he howled, smearing his own blood about him and reaching again for the Pietà. "Please!"

"God will not hear you. He does not care for the fallen ones."

Richard, too pained for words, only screamed louder as Slade fucked him, moving in and out with more haste until he gave one last, hard, push into the boy and came with a loud and vulgar groan.

The new demon gasped at the freezing sensation that spilled inside him. The demon's seed was cold! A bitter escape from the torturous burning inside him!

Slade laughed as he began to pull back, stopping when the teen arched up fully, wrapped his legs around the thick trunk of the man, and begged, "More!"

The elder demon paused for just a moment, admiring the demon of lust that lay panting under him, pleading for more of his seed. It was a waste of what had been such a pure soul. He loved it.

"Please!" Richard begged, moving his hips as the feeling of being burned alive returned to him. "It hurts!"

The demon began to move again, delivering a few short movements before he became hard once more. For someone like him, it was an easy thing to do, demons loved all sins. Richard was the same, Slade noted as he saw the few streaks of white across the boy's stomach. It was rare for demons of lust to be soft when the promise of sex was there. For many, it seemed they never lost their erections, no matter how many times they came.

Slade was eager to test this of the boy. He stood more fully, watching the young demon twist in pain, and then began a steady thrusting. Richard threw his head back and moaned, sounding both very pained and also very aroused; his eyes were shut tight, no longer daring to beseech the Pietà. Slade chuckled and wrapped his hand over the teen's penis stroking it and squeezing it until the fallen angel gasped and came over the man's hand. The elder smirked and pumped harder, letting the cum drizzle around his fingers as Richard cried out yet again and came.

"Burns! Burns!" Richard managed, "Stop it! Please!"

"Stop?" Slade asked, a smirk spreading wide over his lips, "If you like." And then he pulled away, leaving Richard panting and groaning as he clawed at his own skin. He wandered over to the Pietà and smiled at the drawing as Richard began to beg.

"Nooo! More! Please!" he twisted to his knees, clawing at the wood of the altar with his newly formed nails, which were long and sharp. "Please! It burns!" he scrambled to the larger demon, throwing his arms over the man's shoulders and digging into his skin as he tried to climb high enough to position himself over the thick length.

He gave a hard sound of gratification when Slade lifted him at his hips and then plunged him down over the thick cock. The elder smiled when Richard came again, harder this time, as it splattered between their bodies and dripped down in thick lines to the stone floor.

"Fuck me," Richard whispered desperately, clawing at the creature's back and biting his neck, jaw, and ear, "Please come."

Slade gave a toothy grin as he turned their bodies and pressed Richard's back against the wall, making his wings beat against the Pietà and smear the charcoal, ruining the artwork.

"No.." Richard cried softly but continued to move and grind against the man, trying anxiously to rid himself of the burning sensation that radiated from his very core. So great was the pain inside him that he didn't even notice that his back was being scorched by the contact with the holy and ruined Pietà. He threw his head back against the wall, screaming in tongues of the pain.

Slade listened; picking out the few words his evil mind seemed to remember. Pain. Burning. Please. Hurts. Please. Stop. Kill. He smiled and as he came inside the teen once again, making the young demon throw his head back and scream out in terror a word that meant 'More.'

The demon happily obliged, thrusting up into his heated body with a Cheshire grin and an evil growl. Richard panted heavily, leaking cum out of his still hard length and crying at the pain. Slade watched in humored fascination, enjoying the way the younger cringed and moaned at the feeling of being filled. The demon's new tail was lashing out as well, hitting Slade's legs and coiling around them when they saw fit, squeezing like a snake. It was a strange tail, even for a lust-demon, as it split into three separate appendages just after the base. Slade was sure he'd find plenty of uses for it.

"Drink my blood," the demon told him as he thrust hard into the boy, making him come once again. "It will make you stronger and stop the burning."

Richard, now blinded by another wave of the pain, bent forward and bit hard into the demon's thick skin. The blood gushed out at once, spilling into his mouth and smearing over his lips and chin. The small demon moaned hard into the bleeding wound, feeling his salty tears running down his cheeks and mixing with the blood of the man who now fucked him harder against the wall that used to house the Pietà. All that stood there now was a black smudge, burdened here and there with smears of cum and blood.

Richard closed his eyes as he drank, trying to shut away his awful mind. He was evil now. He understood that. What he didn't understand was how being evil could make him feel so satisfied. It wasn't always this way, he remembered. The only thing that used to sate his mind was the knowledge that he was loved… His brows furrowed as he tried to remember… who was it that loved him? Something… Someone… He concentrated harder, trying to remember a face… a name… but his mind would not allow him to remember. The only thing now that he could picture was the image of a warm light… a soft and gentle glow… He felt afraid of that light… light meant fire, which meant pain… but was it always like that?

"Why?" he asked quietly, pulling his lips away from the wound and burying his crying eyes against the man's neck. "I can't remember…"

"I could sense it in you…" Slade hissed as he came once again inside the boy, filling him with seed and then pulling out, letting the teen's body slide down the wall and crumble on the floor. "The pride God must have had when he created you…" The demon gave a dark laugh, "He must have been so proud of the perfect little angel. Free from sin. From hate. From truth. So good and so pure… I'm sure he was confident that your innocence was enough to guide you down a righteous path… I couldn't help but dash His pride against the rocks."

"God?" Richard mumbled, feeling the slightest sting on his lips, "That's not… His name… What was His name?"

"I can't remember," Slade answered honestly. "Nor can I remember His face."

"But that light…" Richard cradled his head in his hands and rocked back and forth. "Why can I remember it so clearly but I cannot see it any longer? It used to be here, I thought… but it all looks so dark…"

"His light does not shine for us."

"… Why?" Richard asked, eyes wide but devoid of tears. Perhaps he was now incapable of them.

"Because we are now made of what he hates."

"Sin?" Richard asked, looking down at his body, almost in wonder. "Am I bad?"


"But the feeling…" the teen ran his fingers over his chest, lightly rubbing the gentle pink buds and leaking more from his shaft. "Why does it feel so good if it is wrong? And how can I enjoy it if I know it is bad?"

"Because, things like us were meant to suffer. It is His parting gift that we should enjoy the bad things in life," he said, grabbing Richard's torn robes and cleaning the mess from his body.

"Parting gift… I will not see Him again? Ever?"

"One cannot say. If you like, I'll take you to Him when I decide to face Him."

"No…" Richard spoke softly. "I don't think I can look upon Him… I've no doubt He's seen what I've become. But all the same, I don't want Him to see me."

"Then you will leave the church?" Slade smiled, "You're welcome to come with me."

"Leave?" Richard asked, fear running through his eyes. "But… I can't leave… I was told…" He paused, fear slowly turning to frustration. "What was it? I had a purpose in being here… It.. It was…"

"You no longer have a purpose here."

"But I can't leave… I was supposed to… do…"

"Maybe it's better if you do stay." Slade mused. "A house full of charming young flesh… I'm sure it will keep your carnal needs satiated."

"My… needs?"

"The way your heart was beating inside you… The way you begged like a whore for me to fill you. You can't even deny it. You enjoyed sleeping with me. It was a thrill, wasn't it?" He stepped closer to the teen, making him whimper and come. "And you can't stop it now. You're going to keep sinning, Richard… And you're going to keep that thrill. Sooner or later, I know, you will see things my way."

Richard opened his mouth to speak but stopped with he suddenly felt the vibrations in the stone. Someone was coming.

"Our time is short, I'm afraid. The Archbishop will be here soon." He smirked. "I'll keep in touch."

Richard gasped as he looked at his naked body, dirty with blood and cum.

"Wh… wait!" he begged, reaching out his hand to grasp Slade's cloak before the man could put it on. "He… don't let him see me like this!"

"Why not?" Slade tittered. "I've never seen you look so charming… Although… it would be best if he didn't know until he was too captivated by you to care… You're still young and your influences on man will be delicate at first. Yes, then, I will help you." A wicked grin spread over his lips, "(19)Just don't expect that I clothe you before abandoning you to the world."

He gave one last grin, before exiting and walking down the hallway. In the distance, Richard could hear the man speak.

"Archbishop Wayne… Such a pleasure to see you. I've been admiring this fine Cathedral for a good many hours now. But tell me… who's idea was it to…."

Richard listened in awe as the men's voices faded back down the hallway. He understood perfectly what had transpired. Slade had tricked him, used his sense of pride for the grand cathedral as a weapon against his better judgment. Richard didn't know if he should hate the man for his ability to lead others into sin so casually or if he should be thankful for the chance to slip away unnoticed.


(8) Six large wings: This indicates that the angel is a Seraph, the highest rank in the angel hierarchy.

(9) Peter: referring to St. Peter, the first Pope and apostle of God. Said to have been given the "keys to the kingdom" by Jesus. Basically, it's the dude who either lets you into heaven or sends you to hell.

(10) Mitre: head piece worn by the Archbishop of cologne. Like a Pope hat!

(11) Gestank Kugel: 'Stank ball,' ladies and gents. 'Stank ball.'

(12) Ja! Ich schlug Sie, Gar!: Translates as "Yes! I hit you, Gar!" "Gar," for those that don't know, is a nick-name of a certain small green changeling. Viktor is the altered name of Victor Stone, another well known character from the show.

(13) Bouillon: Broth. It's used by Viktor as an exclamation of excitement and/or accomplishment. Yes, it makes no sense, but neither does "Booyah."

(14) Pietà: a subject in Christian art depicting the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus

(15) Tenor: the highest male singing voice

(16) Baritone: Between tenor(the highest) and bass (the lowest) male range for singing

(17) Falsetto: An airy form of singing. Can also refer to the singers ability to sing notes beyond the normal range.

(18) Even if I have to die with you… I could never forsake you…: altered from Mathew 26:35,

(19) Just don't expect that I clothe you before abandoning you to the world: Slade is referring to Genesis 3:23, if I'm not mistaken. It is where God clothes Adam and Eve before casting them out of The Garden. It is a last act of kindness before turning them away from paradise.

The story was a bit of a downer, I suppose. Poor Rob- er- Richard. I hope you all didn't mind the few inserts here and there. I had considered putting Raven and Starfire among the choir, but decided against it in the end. They might appear in the sequel and/or epilogue.