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Byakuya: Hey! Won't you answer my questions!?

She was always loyal to the King, and France, of course. She will do absolutely anything for the King, even if it costs her her life……

…….even the one she loved the most, Maximillien…….

Maximillien had offered her to leave Versailles with him, he was planning to betray the King, but Lia refused, causing Maximillien to leave her….

……then she died, at a cathedral of all places……

Before that, he arrived, just in time to hear Lia's final words to him. He then hid her body for several months until deciding to make a casket, put her body in it, then make the casket float along the Seine. He wrote the word "Psalms" on the lid of the casket, to show the involvement of the Psalms in her murder.

He thought she was gone, but he was definitely wrong.

Her spirit was with her brother, protecting him and at the same time exacting her revenge, but why didn't she choose him…? He was always there for her. He always looked out for her. He was there to witness Lia's death, but she still chose her brother.

And all this time he was wondering, 'why did she choose him?.... and not me...'

Then he realized, they just can't be together, because they're half-siblings.

Then he wondered, 'what is D'Eon to her, then…?'

Then he made a decision, he was going to kill the King, along with Robin, for separating Lia and him. And of course, he knew that the King had just told her that Maximillien and her are half-siblings, so things can't go wrong, can it?

He was wrong, she still protected the King after all that he's done, separating them by the means of missions, keeping the Psalm of the King secret, and of course, killing her.

But at least, he died with Lia by his side, where it all started, the Psalm of the King that is, and that was enough for him….. isn't it?

~In Purgatory~

Maximillien was observing the sudden scenery around him. But what bothered him the most is the fact that is, 'aren't I dead by now…?'

Fluffy white clouds instead of land, angels scattered everywhere, and a huge golden gate in front of him.

The place is just too peaceful, too peaceful.

The gate opened, then he entered. What caught his sight was a familiar looking beautiful young woman, about his age, wearing a red dress similar to Lia's, sitting at a bench. She looked like she was waiting for something. Then something occurred to him….

"Lia….?" He said, with uncertainty.

"Maximillien?" the girl said, her voice similar to Lia's…

He then knew this was the place he always dreamed about……

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Byakuya: ….You still hadn't answered my questions….

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