Authors Notice #5

Hi's once again dear readers and fans of TBWC,

Again it's smcandy here Authoress of Trinity Blood War Continuum.

Once again I apologize to everyone for the lack activity for the past few months. More so with this delay because me and editor dragonwriter24cmfare so very close to finishing this story since it's only two more chapter ware from being completed.

But sadly the reasons for this less then welcome delay is because my editor re-injured her arm more like an injury to which she thought was healed and dealt with came back with vengeance. So you can understand typing with one arm when you on a temp. Sick leave can slow anyone down and my editor does her down and R&R time is when she writes on her laptop with her stories and helping me with mine as my editor.

Right the progress is getting there she still healing but she taking it slow in doing so not to cause another problem in her still healing arm. But trust me and dragonwriter24cmf we are doing out bets to get the next much anticipated finale chapters to you guys as fast as we can.

So keep your eyes peeled most of you should have either my name or the story no your alerts so you'll know when the next update or newest story will come. For those whom just faved I highly recommend you add me to your alerts soon this story will be over and another new writing project will come out and be announced once we reach the long await chapter 40.

That seems to be about it I appreciate all the recent reviews, messages and patience that many readers new and old are putting with in looking forward to see this story through the end.



Authoress smcandy