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Chapter 1 - The Door to Other Worlds.

Erin Spencer walked down the steps at the front of her school. It had been another long day in the horrible prison the government forced her to return to five days a week. Thank goodness it was her final year. The sunlight shone brightly in her brilliant green eyes as she looked up at the sun. Freedom was sweet. Now that the weekend had come, Erin could finally relax and do things her own way.

'The assignments can wait a day or so' she thought as she slung her bag over her shoulder and began walking quickly in the direction of her house, 'I don't have the patience for them at the moment. A seventeen year old has better things to do.' She pushed her long fringe out of her face and flicked the rest of her hp length, red hair over her shoulders. Her mother would still be at work by the time she got home. This was a great relief as Erin's mum would probably force her to do those assignments straight up. Because she was a teacher, she always tried to make sure that Erin was achieving straight 'A's and it drove Erin absolutely nuts. She shook her head and sighed when she thought of the time her mum had said "One day you'll be a great doctor or lawyer and you'll thank me for this" to which Erin had rolled her eyes. Perfection just wasn't a trait she had inherited.

As she rounded the corner to her street she looked to the sky once again, only to see the sun disappearing behind a vast amount of dark clouds that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. There was a bright flash of lightning and Erin jumped as he sound of thunder met her ears. She went to start walking again but halted when she came face to face with another girl. A girl about her age with dark hair and purple eyes ringed with black. Her eyes had a menacing look in them; a look Erin didn't think was possible for a human being.

"Hello Erin," the girl spoke slowly, in a soft yet creepy tone. Her expression becoming darker.

Erin could only stand there and stare at the other girl. "H-how do you know my name? Who are you?" she asked. Trying very hard to remember how her legs worked so that she could run away. The other girl only grinned and stepped forward.

"I know a lot about you Erin. There is no more hiding from me." she continued, still advancing on Erin.

"Who are you?" Erin repeated, managing to stumble backwards a little.

"Master Cyclonis" the girl replied, she held up a glowing purple crystal, "you're going to come with me." Erin turned to run but only got a few meters before a bright light surrounded her, immobilizing her. "You can't run from me, Erin" Master Cyclonis laughed. She waved her hand through the air. Erin was shocked to see a doorway appear there. She only had a moment to take in the sight before she was pushed through the doorway with Master Cyclonis stepping through after her.

The Condor was circling slowly around terra Amazonia. Aerrow had decided they should lay low for the day so that they could all take a break. Finn took full advantage of this break and organized a barbeque, just as everyone else predicted he would. Piper took the time to sit down and sit down and experiment with her crystals at the table while Aerrow sat across from her watching. Finn was grilling at the barbeque and dancing along to his music at the same time. Junko had fallen asleep on the floor with Radarr also sleeping. Stork, however, was nowhere to be seen. He insisted that he had to stay at the helm the entire day. He also muttered something along the lines of Finn's barbeques almost always end in disaster and something else about mind worms.

Piper was concentrating so hard on her crystals. She had been working on a way to create a crystal to help read thoughts. She thought it would be of great use in a battle to know the enemy's next move. They way that it would have to work is for the person to eat the crystal; but surely thee was another way, eating them just seemed odd. 'I guess the time Stork swallowed that Gravitron crystal he was okay for the time it was inside of him... except for the Leugey problem' Piper shuddered slightly, remembering the great annoyance that was Leugey. Unfortunately for Piper, Aerrow noticed the shiver.

"Piper, are you alright? It's actually rather warm here and you're shivering." Aerrow placed a gentle hand on her arm. Piper looked up and smiled softly. Sometimes she forgot what a gentleman he was, always making sure that she was okay.

"I'm fine Aerrow," she replied quietly, placing her hand over the one he had set on her arm, "just thinking about some stuff."

"Like?" Aerrow stared at her.

"Just these crystals," she pointed to the glowing stones scattered on the table, "I'm trying to create a new crystal that'll increase our chances in winning in battle with Cyclonia. I just can't seem to get it right." The truth was that she had been feeling a little off lately, mostly around Aerrow. She couldn't explain it to herself so she most definitely couldn't explain it to him. She was trying desperately to distract herself with the crystals.

Aerrow patted her arm and grinned at her. "If anyone can do this Piper, it'd be you." With that he stood and walked over to Finn to see how he was doing. Piper sighed again. It wasn't exactly an easy task, but Aerrow was probably right, she was extremely knowledgeable when it came to crystals and she would definitely be able to finish this task. If not for herself, then for her teammates and the rest of the Atmos.

"Food's up!" Finn yelled just as Aerrow reached him, making Junko and Radarr jump out of their slumber and rush over to the table. Finn looked so proud of himself as he moved the food onto a plate to carry to the table; Aerrow couldn't help but smirk at his sharpshooter. Finn always seemed o have a huge grin permanently plastered to his face, even inn battle; and he always had the need to celebrate even the smallest things. So really, this expression of self-satisfaction smeared across Finn's features was not an unusual sight.

As he finished transferring the meat onto the plate, Finn leaned over to Aerrow who was standing next to you. "Hey dude, is Piper okay?" he asked quietly, making sure that she wouldn't overhear him.

Aerrow ran his hands through his hair, "I don't know Finn. She seems a bit one-track-minded though doesn't she?"

"Dude, do you ever pay attention to Piper? She's always like that. She spends all of her time perfecting all her plans and crystals; she rarely joins in with the rest of us" Finn pointed out.

"No, she's never been like this before. She looks like she's troubled beyond just the crystals but she's refusing to admit it to herself. Maybe we should just keep an eye on her to make sure she's okay." Aerrow began strolling slowly back to the table closely followed by Finn. The second the food was put down, Junko began reaching for a burger when suddenly…

"INCOMING CYCLONIANS!" Stork's voice came over the comm.

"Oooh…" Junko sighed gloomily as all of the Storm Hawks (with the exception of Piper who went to join Stork), stood and bolted to their skimmers. Junko frowned but followed suit.

* * * *

"Careful guys, it's not just talons out there; the Dark Ace, Ravess and Snipe are out there too!" came Piper's voice over the comm.

"Pffft! We've shown these guys up so many times it's getting boring!" Finn exclaimed, revving his skimmer's engine.

"Well then, we'll show them again" Aerrow smiled confidently. Radarr chirped inn agreement placing his goggles over his eyes. "Stork Hawks, let's fly!" Finn and Junko nodded as they sped out of the Condor's hangar bay.

As soon as they were in the air, the Dark Ace's deep voice could be heard echoing across the sky. "Hello Storm Hawks," he snarled, "prepare to meet your doom!" Ravess and Snipe cackled evilly from either side of him.

"What the hell kind of scare tactic is that?" Finn scoffed.

Aerrow threw a quick smile in Finn's direction before returning his glare to his enemy. "Not today Dark Ace!" he growled, flying forward toward the Dark Ace. He pulled his energy blades from the holsters on his back and jumped up onto the front of his skimmer letting Radarr take over driving.

The Dark Ace smirked and copied Aerrow's actions, drawing his own blade from its holster. Their skimmers got closer and closer. Aerrow made the first move, swinging one of his blades straight out at the Dark Ace's chest, missing completely and meeting his blue blade to Dark Ace's red one instead.

"You can't beat me this time Aerrow," the Dark Ace snarled, "if you give up now I promise to make it… relatively painless."

"In your dreams!"

* * * *

Finn was getting a couple of talons into focus in his scope when an arrow shot straight past his left ear. He turned to see Ravess laughing at how unobservant he had been. "Play me some music to mark the end of the Storm Hawk's sharpshooter" she ordered the talon flying alongside her who was carrying a violin. The talon began playing a slow sad tune. Ravess smirked at Finn, pulling another arrow to her bow. Finn screamed and began to dive out of the way of the arrow. Unfortunately, Ravess was too quick and shot at Finn's skimmer, slicing it in two across the middle. Finn sat there for a moment and watched the front half of his skimmer fall away.

"Again?" he sighed before plummeting downward screaming his lungs out. He was caught by Junko who had just taken out Snipe with the Blue Ticklers.

"Hi buddy!" he grinned at Finn, who had just fallen crotch first onto the front of his skimmer. Finn wheezed a small 'hi' in reply.

The two of them came around again to see Aerrow and Dark Ace still battling.

Dark Ace had charged towards Aerrow and was now aiming energy blasts at him. He missed but managed to detach Radarr's co-pilot seat from the skimmer and Radarr along with it. Aerrow was so busy watching to make sure that Radarr's chute deployed and that he was okay that he didn't see the next blast that Dark Ace shot towards his chest which knocked him unconscious. He began falling but was caught by Dark Ace and pulled onto his skimmer. Finn and Junko were about to chase after him when they were stopped by a group of talons swarming around them. The Dark Ace, Aerrow and Ravess (carrying an unconscious Snipe) were all fading into the distance. There was nothing more that they could do besides retreat to the Condor.


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