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Justin Taylor walked along the corridor as quickly as he could checking each number on every door. The lino floor squeaked beneath his trainers but that was the only noise to be heard. There didn't seem to be another soul in the entire building. He knew he was running a bit late but for no one to be around seemed a little strange. He looked down at his timetable again, just to check. St Tyler's building, he looked at the closest sign. Yep, that appeared to be this one. Floor 3, he checked the sign again. Yep, that was this floor. Room 3.16. He looked at the room he was stood next to. Room 14. Did that mean he was 302 rooms away from the right place? Surely there weren't that many rooms in the building.

He was starting to panic now. From what he'd heard his lecturer, Mr Kinney, was a straight-talking, hardliner ,who didn't like late comers. Justin was just wondering whether to give up entirely and start again tomorrow, when a low voice in his ear said, "you lost?"

Justin spun round and was confronted by the most beautiful man he had ever seen. This man had dark hair in bangs around his face and dark brown eyes. Justin was pretty sure this was the face of God. He couldn't speak. He just allowed his jaw to open and shut a few times like a baffled goldfish.

"Do you speak English?" The man asked slowly, as though he were talking to a particularly dense child.

Justin nodded nervously.

"Are. You. Lost?"

Justin nodded again, trying to straighten himself out a bit and appear even semi-respectable as he said, "I'm looking for room three hundred and sixteen. Do you know where it is?"

"No," the man shook his head. "But I know where room three point one, six is. The 3 is the floor number."


"Christ, you really can't speak English," the man hissed under his breath before sighed loudly and continuing, "come on, I'll take you."

"Oh. Thanks," Justin smiled, shifting his books from one arm to the other to spread the weight before following the man. He almost had to run to keep up with his long strides.

"You know," Justin said, "I'm a bit worried about this lecture."

"Oh?" The man said, his eyebrow raising enquiringly.

"Yeah, apparently the lecturer's a real asshole."

"Really?" the man smirked.

"Do you think he'll yell at me for being late?"

"He'll probably let you off, as it's your first day, just make sure you don't," the man leant back a little to check out Justin's ass, "fall behind."

Justin frowned and turned his ass away from the pervert.

"Well, this is it," the man smiled in a falsely sweet way as he pointed at the class Justin was stopped in front of. Justin looked at the door and gulped. "Well go on," the man encouraged, giving him a gentle shove in the shoulder. "Don't you wanna find out who this 'asshole' lecturer is?"

Justin nodded, took a deep breath and opened the door. The lecturer wasn't there, just thirty or so kids looking as nervous as he felt sat in their chairs anxiously chewing on their pens, or their finger nails or anything else they could find.

"That's lucky," the man said, following Justin into the room, "he's doesn't seem to be here yet. You better sit down before he finds out you were late."

Justin did as the man suggested, slotting himself into a seat on the front row next to a girl with curly, semi-afro hair.

"Hi," he whispered.

"Hey, I'm Daphne."


"Nice to meet you," she grinned.

Justin grinned back at her, put his bag on the floor and took out a notepad and pen. He looked up to see the man he'd followed to the room writing on the whiteboard. B - R - I - A - N - . - K - I - N (oh god, please no!) N - E - Y. (Shit!)

"Class," the man smiled, staring right at Justin, "my name is Brian Kinney and I will be your lecturer this semester."

Justin sunk down into his chair as far as the cheep plastic would allow and covered his face with his hands to hide the red flush that was accumulating in his cheeks. He could feel his face burning, he could feel Daphne's confused face peering at him and he could feel Kinney's smug smirk boring into him. He wished more than anything he could just keep sinking and get swallowed up by quicksand. This was the worst start to a year ever!