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I couldn't help it! The idea popped into my head (After reading one of the most god-awful books ever, courtesy of my English lit course at college) and I had to get it down, so… *shrugs*

"Hey McMuffintop." Tony said as he sailed into the bullpen at 8 o clock that morning. He grinned at McGee's glare and gestured down to the two sandwiches the younger agent was currently throwing down his throat,

"McGee has been here all night, Tony," Ziva reminded him. "Helping Abby with her computer troubles. He has only just had time to run out and buy food."

"Thank you, Ziva." McGee nodded triumphantly during a pause in eating. Tony rolled his eyes and threw his bag over to his desk, before walking back the way he came.

"Tony, where are you going?" McGee called out. "Gibbs'll kill you if you're not here when he gets back."

Tony turned whilst walking and threw his hands in the air, a smile on his face, "So stall him, Probie, stall him!"

It was whilst doing this he bumped into someone supposedly walking the opposite way to him. He quickly turned round lest it be Gibbs, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw it was just a woman who he thought he knew from Human Resources,

"Sorry about that," He grinned at her. "I guess I was just a little too eager for some coffee. And speaking of coffee…"


He cringed as he was cut off from asking her out, and yelled back without looking away from her, "Yeah, Boss!"

"Get over here!"

Tony smiled at the woman and walked away, but not before he asked what her name was. She gazed at him as if slightly stunned and whispered, "Angelique…"

"Pretty." He nodded approvingly, before hastily going back to his desk, immediately forgetting about her as he got a sharp swat to the head and a case file flung in his direction.

He didn't realise, however, that she continued to stare at him long after he lost interest.


Tony walked along the street happily, shoving some designer sunglasses on. It was a bright day, and warm too, which gave him the perfect opportunity to wear thinner shirts, slightly open and without the jacket and tie. He thought it showed off his abs quite well.

It was their lunch break, and declining Abby's offer of going with her, Ziva and McGee for something, he decided to stroll down to a small coffee shop not far from the building. He wasn't that hungry anyway, and whenever he declined food, he always got teased slightly about him finally trying to slim down, or trying to get his hypochondriac side going by worryingly questioning whether he felt ill or not.

No, this was much better. To walk along to a small shop, not having to make any small talk or try and crack some jokes. Just time to be himself for a while.

He saw his phone ring and glanced at it, praying it wasn't a case. He quirked an eyebrow slightly when he saw it was a withheld number, but nevertheless flipped it open.


"…" There was silence on the other end of the line for a moment.

"Hello?" Tony asked again, this time getting slightly annoyed. He was about to hang up before the person at the other end spoke up.

"I know how you feel and… it's okay.. I knew from the moment we saw each other. I love you too."

Tony's mouth hung open for a few seconds before he shook his head and opened his mouth to respond. It was too late. By the time he had something witty to say, he realised that the other person had hung up.

He recognised that voice. He was sure. He just needed to place it to a face. He was always better at faces than names.

He couldn't call back and see who it was because they had withheld their number, and he thought for a moment about asking McGee to see if he could trace where it came from, before shaking his head and putting his phone back in his pocket. It was more than likely an old girlfriend trying to worry him, or one of his friends trying to joke about (And when he said 'friends' he basically meant Abby, Ziva or McGee, which was a rather depressing thought when you came to think about it - he didn't want to become Gibbs entirely).

His phone rang again, making him jump. Taking it out warily, he laughed slightly when he saw that McGee was phoning. He was way too paranoid.

"Yeah, McGee." He answered.

"Hey, Tony…" McGee didn't get any further than that before Tony interrupted,

"Was that other call you, McPhoneJacker? 'Cause I gotta say, I'm impressed. It sounded quite feminine."

"Ah… no, Tony, no it wasn't. Are you okay? You aren't taking any painkillers, are you?"

Tony chuckled slightly, "No McGee, I'm fine. Forget it. What do you want?"

"Gibbs wants you back here, I think we have a case, but he hasn't actually told us yet. He just said, 'Get DiNozzo back here'. So…"

"I got it, Probie, I'm coming back." He ended the call before McGee could say anything else (A little habit he'd picked up from Gibbs) and turned around from where he'd originally been strolling, deciding to do without lunch for the moment. He'd get some later.


"There you are, DiNozzo. About time!" Tony sighed. As soon as the elevator door had opened, he'd heard Gibbs yell out to him angrily.

"Boss, in all fairness - I wasn't very far away. I could only have been 5 minutes…"

"Do I look like I care about your excuses?" Gibbs growled, with fire in his eyes.

Jeeze, Tony thought, I wonder what pissed him off. Must be a bad case.

"Won't happen again, Boss." Tony hastily said and went over to his chair. When he noticed that both McGee and Ziva were sat at their desks, rather than getting their bags ready, he assumed he could do the same.

"Right," Gibbs started. "I was just informed by our Director that the agency is being inspected from tomorrow till about Saturday. That means we're going to have someone breathing down our necks for three days. That also means we have to have an inspector watching whatever we do when we go for a case."

"Do we have a case, Boss?" Tony asked, inwardly rolling his eyes when Gibbs glared at him, Okay, I know he's stressed, but there's no need for that.

"Not at the moment. It would be easier to lose this inspector if we did. But at the moment we have nothing. So if you all want to keep your jobs, I suggest you do things by the book."

"Now that's different." Tony piped up, raising an eyebrow. McGee sniggered slightly but waited until Gibbs had left before letting it reach its full volume.

"Man, this sucks," Tony moaned, leaning back in his chair. "I don't know how I'm going to bear it, being watched by some tight-ass man with a Grizzly Adams beard and a clip on tie that'll be his only one."

"You seem to know a lot about these inspectors, Tony." Ziva said, resting back in her chair as well.

"Let's just say this has only happened once before while I've been at NCIS," He replied, grinning slightly. "And I can vaguely remember one that once dared tell Abby she should 'go out with a smaller skirt' to a bar with him. Needless to say, after Gibbs dealt with him, we haven't been interviewed in years. They'll probably send their toughest people. And they tend to look like a kind of perverse Tarzan."

McGee and Ziva laughed, before Tony's phone went off. He looked down and bit his lip when he saw that the number was being withheld again.

"Hey, Probie," He said. "Can you trace a number that's already called and hung up?"

"Not as well as I could if they were on the line," McGee replied. "But I'd get rough co-ordinates."

Tony nodded, but didn't bother asking him to trace his phone. Odds were, it was an ex-girlfriend who still had a grudge. If it got to twenty calls a day, then he'd trace it.

Instead, he answered it, "Hello?"

"…" He heard a slight gasp, as if the other person was thrilled at hearing him talking,


"You're like my own Sherlock Holmes," The voice said (And Tony could now tell that it was a woman. "Solving mysteries and arresting the bad men. And I'm like your Irene Adler. You'll chase me for a while, in an attempt to woo me, flirt me into submission, but you won't have to, Tony," He swallowed slightly when he realised she knew his name. And he also now knew it wasn't an ex-girlfriend. None of his sounded this psychotic. "Because you've got me. I'm yours."

"Who are you?" He asked, and both Ziva and McGee heard the slight panic in his voice. "What do you want?"

"Don't play games, Tony. We both know you love me. Why can't you admit it?"

"Listen…" He started, before stopping again. She'd hung up.

"Problem, Tony?" Ziva asked, staring at him in interest.

He opened his mouth before shutting it once more. This woman was obviously a nut-job, and she'd only rung twice. No, she'd forget about him soon, and it seemed quite petty to tell Ziva and McGee that he thought he was being stalked. Well, maybe not stalked. More… idolized?

"Nothing," He answered in response to Ziva's question. "It's nothing."


The following day, Tony and McGee walked into the bullpen to see a man stood there that definitely wasn't Gibbs. Sharing a glance, they walked over, and stopped when he turned and gave them an odd grin.

"Who are you?" Tony asked. He knew he sounded slightly rude, but he couldn't help it. Something about this man just made him want to choke someone.

"I'm Daniel Morris. The inspector that will be overseeing Special Agent Gibbs' team. And you are?"

He knew he shouldn't. He knew these inspectors took things incredibly seriously. But he couldn't help it.

"I'm Dr Jekyll actually," He answered in a British accent, before motioning over to McGee. "And this is my friend, Mr Hyde." This coupled with the smirk on his face made Morris incredibly angry for some reason.

"I was warned about some of these agents working here," He snarled, more to himself than anything. "But to be so rude and insubordinate as to…"

"Daniel!" All three turned to see Vance stroll in. "I see you've met two of the agents you'll be working with while with us. I assume you've started to get to know each other?"

"Indeed," Morris said grimly. "Dr Jekyll, and Mr Hyde, wasn't it?" Tony looked down at the floor when Vance glared over, before the Director started to talk again.

"This is Special Agent Timothy McGee, and Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. They're on Gibbs' team."

"Indeed?" Morris said again. He nodded at Vance, who decided to take his leave as Gibbs rounded the corner.

Morri leant in so that his mouth was close to Tony's ear, and growled, "I'll be keeping my eye on you DiNozzo. One false step, and…"

Tony rolled his eyes and walked to his desk as Gibbs got there, "Hey, Boss." He greeted, and was granted a nod by his superior.

"Ah, Agent Gibbs!" Morris announced. "I'm Daniel Morris; I'll be observing your team."

"Is that so," Gibbs muttered, completely disinterested. "And how are we doing so far?"

Morris gave a tight grin before glancing over at Tony, "There are some kinks," He admitted. "But I'm sure you'll prove me wrong. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to Human Resources."

Tony froze at those words. That's where he knew the crazy voice from! That woman he'd bumped into the other day! What was her name? Angelica? Angie? Angelique! That was it. He bit his lip. Should he go down there and say something to her?

"Something wrong, Agent DiNozzo?" Morris asked, seeing the young man freeze.

"Nope," He replied quickly. "Nah, I'm good. Thanks though, I hope we become great friends." He winked at Morris, and had to bite his lip to stop himself chuckling as the man glared at him before walking away.

Once he was gone, Tony slumped to his desk. This day just got worse and worse.

Yup, the plot thickens. Or not. Though I had to get my M*A*S*H reference in there (Film, not series). If you get it, I'll send you a virtual puppy with a bag of cookies :) To be honest, that reference is the only reason the inspector's there *blushes*. I'll come up with a use for him, I promise ;) Review?