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Gibbs left Tony in the elevator and stalked down some corridors. He knew Tony was leaving something out about his 'talk' with Morris, and he also knew that Morris wouldn't tell him what really happened willingly.

In that case, he decided, heading towards interrogation - he'd have to do it unwillingly.

Morris was in the middle of another talk with an agent - after this he was planning on writing up what had happened between him and Agent DiNozzo. For now, though, he was doing his best to pretend that nothing had happened. He glared when the agent even glanced at his new, impressive black eye.

The door suddenly swung open. He looked over and winced as he saw Agent Gibbs approach - his face unreadable.

The agent in there at the time ducked his head and mumbled something unintelligible before leaving, clearly not wanting to have any part in this.

"Agent Gibbs," he welcomed. "What can I do for you?"

"You can tell me why the hell you wanted to provoke my agent into punching you." Gibbs hissed, taking the seat opposite.

"I can assure you, Agent Gibbs - I did nothing of the sort," he replied elegantly, smoothing down his suit. "We were just having a conversation; it's not my fault your agent is... unbalanced."

"Unbalanced?" Gibbs snarled, leaning forward, causing Morris to lean back, intimidated. "You mentioned an undercover case he did in an asylum - you read all the reports; you know what that did to him."

"It's my opinion he needs to see a trained psychiatrist," Morris said, standing up. "If he does that to anyone who even mentions his parents; I'd hate to think what..." He was cut off from saying anything else as Gibbs had him pinned to the wall, slowly cutting off his airways with his elbow.

"You say one more word to him at all, and I will come back down here and finish this," Gibbs snarled. "People don't like strangers knowing everything about them, and I wonder what kind of demons we'd find in your closet if we looked?" Gibbs threatened. "You're not going to write any of this, or what happened with DiNozzo up - otherwise I'll tell the Director the inspectors are going through private personnel files."

"The woman in Human Resources said I could!" He protested, trying to breathe.

Gibbs' grip loosened slightly. "Human Resources?" He repeated warily. He paused, and then put his arm back on Morris' throat. "Did she look through them too?" Morris' eyes bulged. "Did she?" He demanded.

"Yes!" Morris wheezed. "She was only over my shoulder! It doesn't matter!"

"Oh it matters," Gibbs told him, letting him go. "She now knows where he lives, what his number is, what car he drives, where he parks it - are you following?"

"That... the woman... blew up Agent DiNozzo's car?"

"And damn near killed him again this afternoon!" Gibbs yelled. "What did she look like?" He ordered. Morris shook his head, his eyes wide. "What did she look like?"

"She was just... normal!" Morris defended. "Pretty, dark hair... red shoes," he remembered, as if it was the key detail. "And I think her name was Alice, maybe?"

"Angelique?" Gibbs offered, remembering Tony's suspicions.

"M-maybe." The inspector stuttered, and dropped down on one of the chairs in the room.

Gibbs glared at him menacingly. "You had better pray that she is still in the building." He said, and stormed out.

"McGee!" The agent in question jumped and looked up from his computer. "Have you got that list of people in HR yet?"

"Yes, Boss, and I've found a woman called Angelique Devon - she's 36, lives alone and has... just moved..." he trailed off, his eyes going wide.

"McGee; where to?" Gibbs demanded, growing impatient. And where the hell was DiNozzo?

"She moved in yesterday to an apartment block less than 5 minutes away from Tony's."

"Where's DiNozzo?"

"He said he was going down to see Abby." McGee stuttered, which caused Gibbs to leave in a whirlwind.

"Gibbs!" Abby trilled happily, spinning on her chair. "I knew you were about to come! I've got something!"

"Tell me it's DiNozzo." Gibbs said, unable to see his Senior Agent anywhere.

"Better!" She told him. "I found the face of the woman who planted the bomb!" She pressed some buttons and a face appeared on screen. "Meet Angelique - "

"Devon," Gibbs finished for her. "Abby - where's Tony?"

She blanched. "I don't know - I thought he was upstairs with you?"

"Gibbs, I think he's gone home," Ziva supplied. "He went to see Ducky and left looking angry."

Gibbs left once more; this time to go to the morgue. It felt like he'd been running round after DiNozzo for the majority of the time he'd spent working at NCIS.

"Jethro, what a surprise - I'm afraid I don't have anything for you - "

"Here about DiNozzo, Duck - what did he say?"

Ducky looked surprised. "I wanted to check him after that chloroform - I worry about that lad, even though the doctors - "

"Ducky, what happened?" Gibbs interrupted, his temper hanging by a thread.

"He had a slight wheeze, and I told him it would be best if he went home. He refused - and then the inspector came in."

"He what?" Gibbs asked, hushed.

"Yes, he wanted more painkillers for his face," Ducky then appeared to remember something. "He told Anthony that he was writing up a report for the Director; and that it would be in Tony's best interests to stay away from NCIS for a while."

Gibbs cursed loudly, startling Ducky when he threw his hands onto an autopsy table with a loud clang. "Where did he go?"

"He may have taken my advice." Ducky suggested, and watched as Gibbs grabbed his cell and pressed speed-dial.

"Of course he's not answering." Gibbs muttered to himself.

This was bad, he decided, and left autopsy without an explanation.

"McGee - track Tony's phone." Gibbs ordered, grabbing his gun and jacket.

"Yes, Boss," he hurried to do so, and after an agonizingly long time said, "he's on his street - probably walking home."

Gibbs nodded and went to leave.

"Uh, Boss?" McGee cried after him. "Why are you going? Surely it's best that he goes home?"

"Think, McGee!" Gibbs spat. "Who lives near him?"

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Tony's abdomen felt like it was on fire - and his head and shoulder were throbbing too. He tried to look around, but only saw four dark walls. In fact, it was a pretty dark room. The only light seemed to be coming from candles; the windows had been boarded up; or maybe just covered with dark material.

He tried to move, but was stopped by thick ropes around his wrists and ankles.

"Shhh," came a voice from the darkness, startling him. "Everything will be fine."

"Why are you doing this?" He asked, still trying to get free. A cool hand laid on his arms, causing him to jump.

"Careful. I'm doing this for us, Tony. We need each other, and you want to stay with me forever." Her calm voice made Tony shiver.

"Yeah, that's not gonna work - I have commitment issues." He told her lightly.

"I'm going to etch our names into the stars if that's what it takes," she told him, coming round in front so he could see her. "But if I can't do that," she paused and took out a small silver knife, "I'm going to have to etch it on you instead."

Tony glanced down at himself. There was what he first feared was blood, but then realised was candle wax dripping down his chest and stomach. She had lit candles on top of him, and the burning sensation became too much to bear.

"Please," he begged quietly, seeing her advance with the knife, slowly making shapes on his skin. "Don't."

She paid him no heed and put her knife on his chest, starting to dig in harder, making an 'A' shape on his chest. He groaned in pain as he felt the blood mix with the wax; the wax slowly seeping into his new wound.

"Don't worry," she told him softly. "Everything will be alright."

Just as she said that, the door burst open. Tony jumped and tried to swivel to see who it was, but instead made Angelique nick him with the knife by accident.

"NCIS - drop the knife!" Tony wanted to cry at hearing his Boss' voice, but stiffened as he felt her put the knife to his throat.

"He's mine," she said fiercely. "If I can't have him - neither can you."

"Put the knife down - or I shoot." Gibbs' voice was carefully impassive, and didn't relay any emotion at all.

Tony was at a loss as to what happened next. The knife dug in on his throat, and then there was a series of gunshots, the blasts making him blink as the flash of the bullet exiting the chamber was made brighter in the darkness. He felt her slump on top of him, could feel her blood from the bullet wounds going over his body.

"Tony, Tony - you okay?" Gibbs asked, holstering his gun and carefully pulling the dead woman off him. On not hearing an answer, he immediately checked the wounds - the ones on his chest were deep, but the cut on his neck was thin and small. He hastily cut the ropes binding him and pulled him up. Immediately, Tony started to retch, and Gibbs turned him to vomit over the side of the table.

"Sorry, Boss," he said when finished, "Guess I came down with something." He didn't want to admit that the dead woman made him feel sick inside.

"Can you walk?" Gibbs asked, concerned.

Tony nodded and stood, swaying a little, feeling light-headed. Gibbs put a hand to his back to steady him, and said, "I had McGee call for an ambulance before I got here."

"Boss, there's no - "

"Yes, Tony; there is." Was all Gibbs said in reply, and gently took his agent down to where - sure enough - an ambulance was waiting.

Tony's whole chest was bandaged heavily, and he and Abby were comparing scars and Mummy references throughout the week he was in hospital. Tony was secretly pleased that Gibbs rarely left the hospital during the day; and had a sneaking suspicion that he was making McGee do his paperwork.

He was even happier when Abby and Ziva came to visit and said that Morris was under investigation for 'aiding and abetting' Angelique. Tony wanted to feel bad - the guy hadn't meant to let a deranged woman read private files - but he just couldn't.

The last day he was in hospital, he was getting ready to check out, and looked over to see Gibbs and Ducky stood at the door.

"It seems trouble follows you everywhere, my boy." Ducky said affectionately, patting his uninjured shoulder gently.

Tony grinned, "I guess. But you two didn't have to come all this way to see me off - I can walk home; or get a cab." He was still looking for a new car.

"Ah, well myself and Jethro were just in your apartment - " Tony quirked an eyebrow.

"Invasion of privacy much, Duck?"

Ducky smiled and conceded to nod his head. "We wondered just how secure it was from... future accidents."

"Nothing even happened in my apartment!" Tony argued, wincing as he bent to tie his laces.

"Be that as it may, but Jethro felt it important. He did was could be classed as - baby-proofing?" Ducky suggested, a twinkle in his eye.

Both Tony and Gibbs protested vehemently to this.

However, as they were leaving, he heard Tony tease Gibbs, "I hope you put rubber corners on my kitchen counters, Boss - who knows when I'll trip trying to reach my cereal."

A resounding thwack on his head answered that jibe. "If you're not careful I'll put up a gate to stop you getting out of bed without help." Gibbs retorted.

Tony was silent for a moment, before replying, "Thinking about it now, I guess I like the idea of not cutting my head open on my coffee table." He said this quickly and sullenly, careful of more head slaps. But Ducky saw the smirk at the corner of his mouth, and noticed the pat on the shoulder he was given by Gibbs.

He assumed Tony was better now.

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