Here's a new story I'm starting because I'm bored and just incase I go back to wanting to delete my other story.

Here are the ages:

Amu, Rima, Nagi, Tadase: 15

Kukai and Utau: 16

Ikuto: 18

Yaya: 14

Kairi: 13

Hikaru: 11

Rika: 12

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"Mou! Class is finally over!" Amu said as she stretched. She had fallen asleep during her teacher's Math lesson. She knows she's going to fail the lesson the test coming up but right now, all she cares is about that wonderful nap she just took.

"You are so screwed for the test tomorrow," Rima smirked at her pink haired friend.


"Yes, tomorrow."

Amu started to spas out while Rima laughed at her friend's forgetful mind. After class, the two walked to the Royal Garden which they still attend to although they graduated middle school and now are sophomores in High School. When they walked into the glass greenhouse, they saw their other friends sitting in their seats, drinking tea, arguing, or something that usually happens when they're together.

Amu's POV

I just love walking into this place, brings back so many memories from middle school.

Rima and I walked up the stairs to the new table we had to get because of the many new members.

Hotori Tadase: He's still the King's Chair and still has his King Chara, Kiseki. They haven't really changed in personality but I think Tadase got more mature than he already was. I finally got over my crush on him and moved on. We're still close friends and I know I can count on him for anything.

Mashiro Rima: Rima still has her place as the Queen's Chair and still has Kusu Kusu at her side. Before she would always have this cold façade but now, she shows it a lot less. Especially around us. Now, she smiles and laughs a lot more and is really smart. She might even be catching up to Nagi's IQ although she still 'hates' him.

Fujisaki Nagihiko: Nagi is still the Jack's Chair and has Rhythm. Nagi's a lot more out-going thanks to Rhythm but he's still his gentleman-self. He and Rima still fight and bicker but I see him smirk at her and tease her. The Jack and Queen, a scandal. Hehehe

Yuiki Yaya: What's to say about Yaya? She's still the Ace's Chair and still wants to be a baby, which means Pepe's still here. As if her nature, she still eats like a truck load of candy.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto: Because we reached the high school and because Tsukasa-san wanted to keep the Guardians, he asked (forced) Ikuto into joining. So he takes the position of King of Spades. He doesn't work for Easter anymore, still has Yoru, and found his father last year. Yup, he's also still a pervert and still likes to tease me.

Hoshina/Tsukiyomi Utau: Her manager thought it would be a good idea to start school again. When she's here at school, she's Tsukiyomi Utau. She lets her hair down which makes her look like a completely different person. Well not completely but you get the point. Like Ikuto, Tsukasa-san forced Utau into joining the Guardians. So now, she's Queen of Hearts.

Souma Kukai: When Tsukasa-san asked Kukai to be the Guardian's Jack of Diamonds, he accepts on the spot. Kukai still has Diachi and is the captain of the soccer and basketball team (He chose a sport for the summer and winter). He's been getting closer and closer to Utau with their contests which kind of ticks off Ikuto. You know; older brother instincts.

Sanjou Kairi: He transferred back to Seiyou and took the position as Deck with Musashi. Because he's so smart, Kairi skipped a grade and is now in Yaya's freshman class. He and Nagi kicked it off incredibly well and he said he's not in love with me anymore. Although the way he said it so straight forward hurt, it was fine with me.

Rika and Hikaru: They're the apprentices of the Guardians. Rika is so hyperactive and loud, it tires us out to keep up to her. She even got her egg but it hasn't hatched yet. Hikaru has opened up more and smiles a little more.

Hinamori Amu: Yeah, I'm still Joker with Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia. I'm not sure if I changed. I feel like I have but I'm not sure.

"Earth to freakin' Amu!!"


"What the hell were you thinking about? We've called your name like twenty times." Utau frowned.

"Oops, sorry."

"Thinking about me, Amu?" Ikuto whispered in my ear.

"S-shut up, Pervert."

"So you were." Damn that smirk Dx.

"I was not!!!"

"Ikuto-nii-san, Amu-chan, can we start?"

"Sure, Tadase."

"We all know that Easter has stopped its x-egg experiments in hopes of finding the Embryo. That they've returned to music production thanks to Ikuto's Odo-san returning and taking over the company." We all nodded. "But unfortuantly, according to Sanjou-kun, he saw a large collection of x-eggs in the sky last night."

"You don't think…" Utau started.

"We're not sure. It's possible that a new company has come up and is using Easter's old methods."

"That would really suck," I sighed. Ever since Easter stopped with its plans, x-eggs only showed up in ones or twos. If we have to go back to a huge group, I am going to get tired just like back then.

"But for now, we'll keep an eye out for anything. Now…"

And from then on, it was the usual, boring Guardians meeting. Fighting a group of x-eggs sounds a lot better than listening to this. -_-.

Rima's POV

"And that ends our meeting."

"Thank God!!" Yaya cheered, jumping out of her seat. She quickly gathered her things and ran out of the Garden. The odd thing was that she dragged Kairi along with her.

"Think they have a date?" He asked.

"It's possible." As I was packing my things, the usual happened. Ikuto would suddenly carry Amu away with her screaming and blushing, telling him to put her down (obviously he didn't). Utau and Kukai would suddenly come up with some random contest and then run out of here, leaving Tadase, Purple-head, and me behind…But not for long.


"I have to go, now. Bye, Fujisaki-kun, Mashiro-san."

Wait for it. It's not over yet.

"Are you walking home, Rima-chan?" I am psychic bitch! XD "No you're not."

Oops, I said that out loud. "Whatever. Yeah, I have to walk home. Sadly, it has to be with you because everyone else left and I can't walk home alone."

"Then, shall we?"

He bowed down a little, like those gentleman do in those movies. I felt my cheeks heat up a little but I looked away and walked pass him, "Idiot."

That Evening (Utau's POV)


"I told you, you shouldn't have eaten so quickly."

"You were eating pretty fast."

"But I've had lots of practice, which sometimes resulted in what you're going through right now."

"Just give me that bottle."

I laughed as I tossed Kukai the Pepto bismol (A/N: I do not own) for his disturbed stomach.

We're at my house after we had a ramen eating contest except this one had a twist. The ramen was hot and spicy. And not your mild spicy, I mean like 'your brain will melt' hot and spicy. Kukai had eaten two bowls too fast causing him to run to the bathroom to hurl (maybe even cough up a little blood). His voice was pretty bad afterwards. He sounded like Yaya. I even have his voice recorded. Hahahaha!!

"What are you laughing about?"

"Oh, nothing."

"It can't be noth-"

Suddenly, Diachi, Iru, and Eru flew up to us.

"We sense x-eggs, and lots of them."

Kukai and I looked at each other then nodded. He chugged down around a quarter of the thick pink medicine and then we ran outside. We followed our charas until we reached the park. There were probably around twenty right now, but more were flying in.

"Utau! Look up!"

When I did, I couldn't believe it. Not only were their x-eggs, there were normal heart eggs. "What the hell?"

"Come on!"

"Charanari: Sepharic Charm! Sky Jack!"

Kukai and I flew up into the sky. We were high enough to see someone in a black cloak with the hood up. They were looking up at us but the cloak was hiding her face very well but what I did see was a smile. An evil smile.

Cliff hanger xD okay not much of a cliff hanger but whatever.

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