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A girl with long blue hair ran towards town with a chara that looked like her but with bright yellow eyes and wore a white sports t-shirt, a plaid blue skirt, black mary-janes, and had her hair clipped back with a swirl-y clip. She dodged people easily and managed to get to every crosswalk on time to go through. She was being held back by her bag, filled with books from class today.

"You should've dropped off your bag before you ran off," the chara said, keeping in float pace with her bearer.

"I know. But this is important!"

Her chara rolled her yellow eyes.

Soon, the teenage girl laid her blue-green eyes on her destination. Where she knew the people she was looking for were at. She burst through the door and the bell above the door chimes, signaling her presences. She stood at the door panting and holding up a letter.

Everyone in the place looked at her confused but a few pair of eyes stared at her curiously. A woman with long butterscotch locks standing to a man twice her height with violet hair tied back walked out from behind the counter. Putting down their forks and teacups was a woman with pink hair that reached the middle of her back who sat with a man with midnight blue hair, a woman with blond pigtails, and man with rust color hair. Standing by the counter was a young woman with shoulder length brown hair with a man with forest green hair. And couple sitting close to the two couples was a man with blond hair and pink eyes sitting with a woman with long blond curled hair and blue eyes.

"Aoi-chan...Are you okay?" The girl looked up over her shoulder to meet deep black eyes.

"It's a letter...It's a letter from Akane-nee," she panted, waving the letter in her hand.

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