Ok, this is my first (and maybe my last, because I'm not sure if I did good) Eleventh Hour fanfiction. Please don't mind my spelling or grammar. I hope you'll like the story.


Jacob Hood was asleep when two voices slowly managed to get to his mind. He knew those voices perfectly and he loved them. Slowly he opened his eyes. Rachel was lying next to him and smiling.

"They are coming." she whispered and in the next moment the door to the room flew open. Jacob sat up and caught the little boy who was now running towards the bed followed by his sister. Rachel also sat up and hugged the girl.

"Daddy, daddy! I had a wonderful dream!" the boy called and immediately started to tell him about it. Then his daughter wanted to tell her parents what she had dreamed of.

"Can we go and watch tv?" his son asked.

Jacob turned over to the nightstand ant handed him the remote-control. He and Rachel had found out, that the kids were sneaking out at night to watch tv so they took the remote control with them.

The kids stormed out of the room and Jacob looked at his wife. Rachel expression, while watching her children running to the living room, was so full of love.

"And genetic strikes again. I think the next one will be just like them. Dark hair green eyes." he said and sounded a bit sad. He wished for a child that would look ore like Rachel.

She shrugged: "I like that combination."

He grinned and pushed the blanked away to kiss her pregnant belly. "Good Morning in there." He whispered.

Rachel laughed softly, she loved it when Jacob did this.

He came back up and kissed her now.

"Rachel if it is….."


"You did not even let me finish my question."

"I told you before, we are not going to call him Albert, Isaac or Allesandro." she told him.


She cut him of again. "There is only one scientist I would call my son after. Jacob."

He made a face: "I don't like parents naming their children after them self." he said.

"Well, then you need to come up with another idea. And beside, what if this one is not going to be your second son, but another daughter?"

Giving names was not a easy thing to them. They had a long talk about the name of their first son until Felix came up with Daniel. Jacob was very satisfied with it, after all it was the first name of Fahrenheit. But he was sure Rachel did't know that and he would never tell her. They named their daughter Josephine, but used to call her Josie. Rachel came up with that and he quickly agreed.

"Well… what about Lilie?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's nice. Well let's hope it's a girl, or else we fight over the name again." she said but smiled warmly.

He loved that smile. It made him fall in love with her years ago. He drew her close to him and they both fell asleep once more.

Suddenly he heard someone knocking.

"Hood? Are you awake?"

He opened his eyes and got up to open the door.

"Rachel?" he asked and looked back at the bed. Slowly realising he was in a hotel room and it just had been a dream.

"We have News on the case. I'll meet you in the hall in 20 minutes." She told him and left.

He was so confused. And when he saw her 20 minutes later he asked.

"Rachel, if you had a daughter, what would you call her?"

She looked at him, this was not the kind of question he used to ask. "Josephine." She answered and headed for the car.

Jacob smiled, maybe it was not dream after all maybe it was a vision of his… their future. At least he hoped so.

The End

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