AN: This is my next story, the idea of this story popped up out of the nowhere, so I wanted to write it down as fast as I could so I wouldn't forget it. I'll upload only the first chapters since I'm not done yet.

Can anyone imagine Naoki writing a diary? I actually couldn't, but I tried my best to make it as realistic as I could. A few chapters later when the diary is read, I took the year the Anime was published as the year of the first episode, when Kotoko moved in with Naoki. So 2008 is the start of everything :3 I hope that's understandable.

Also I took some sentences literally from the Anime itself, but that comes later :]

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing this ^_^

[This is the sequel to "World on fire", it's not very needed but it's always easier if you read it first.]

*Atchoo!* Kotoko sneezed. She was cleaning their room, while her husband was downstairs reading the newspaper. "Kotoko-chan, are you sure you want to do this yourself? And be careful, don't forget that you're bearing a child!" Mrs. Irie said with a worried look. "Don't worry, I can do this!" Kotoko answered with a wide smile. She felt her tummy. It wasn't getting much bigger yet. But she could notice that her curves were getting rounder, and… her breasts were growing. 'Well, they hurt a little when you touch them so that means they're growing right?' She thought to herself.

It was Sunday afternoon, so Kotoko had all the time to do what she wanted. Tomoko, Marina and Motoki had explained her that a pregnant woman sometimes had very strange needs, but they seemed normal for the woman herself.

Well, cleaning up wasn't the least bit of strange at all, was it? Except that Kotoko always hated cleaning up and was very grateful that mrs. Irie always cleaned their room. But now she had the urgent need to clean up the room herself!

She was now dusting their bookcase. She actually realized just now how big it was. Actually she never really looked in their bookcase. She always kept her study books anywhere but in the bookcase where they belonged, and she didn't read very often, and when she did read her book was just like her study books, not in the bookcase. Heh. Now she's thinking about it, her study books wouldn't even have fitted there, since there almost wasn't any room left!

She hummed happily as she pulled out every single book, just to dust the shelf, and then put the books back in. All kinds of books. Old study books, boring history books, English books, a few very old manga's (she was surprised to find those here), and… "Hmm what's this?" Kotoko looked at the book in her hand which had been hidden behind all the other books. It could also have fallen there or something, but Kotoko thought to herself that it was hidden. It was all covered in dust, and she coughed a few times when she blew it off. There was a lock on it, and it exactly looked like…

"Kotoko, just what are you doing this time?" Kotoko looked behind her and saw Naoki at the door. "Ahem…" She looked around; the entire floor was covered with books. "Cleaning" She said with an innocent smile, and Naoki had to suppress a laugh.

"Hey, Irie-kun, is this your diary?" Kotoko asked, holding the book up so he could see it. There was a moment of silence. "…" Kotoko blinked innocently and looked at the book in her hand. Then suddenly Naoki grasped it out of her hand. "Never thought you would find it. But this isn't something I share with other people" Naoki said with a nonchalant sniff. "Not even with your precious wife?" Kotoko asked with puppy eyes. "Nope" Naoki turned away, but was suddenly grabbed from behind; Kotoko had wrapped one arm around his middle and reached for the diary with her other. "I wanna read it!" She complained. "Nope" Naoki said calmly, holding the diary away from her.

"Please let me! I- owww…" Kotoko suddenly moaned, and she slowly lowered and then collapsed on her knees. She hugged her stomach tightly and breathed heavily. "Kotoko!" Naoki kneeled down and grabbed her by her shoulder. "Does your stomach hurt? What's wrong?" Kotoko fell silent for a moment. And then she snatched the book out of his hand, got up and backed away from him. "Hah! Fooled you!" She said with an evil smile, and she stuck her tongue out at him.

The cute about her was, she always looked innocent. Even when acting like this. "You little…" Naoki couldn't help but smile. She really got him there. But still, he wished he had said that book wasn't his. Telling her that now wouldn't help, she knew him too well.

"Give that back!" "Nope!" Kotoko quickly ran around the bed, but was soon cornered. So she held the book behind her and leaned against the wall. "Geez, you're asking for it aren't you?" Naoki asked, raising one eyebrow as he approached her. "For what?" Kotoko asked innocently. "For this of course!" Kotoko could have expected it but she actually hadn't. Naoki's hands shot towards her sides and he started tickling her viciously.

"EEeeekk!" Kotoko moved down, trying to avoid his fingers, but like always, it didn't work. Since her husband discovered her weakness when they were on a trip together, he used it quite often against her. Sometimes just to have fun himself, sometimes just to make her laugh, but also other times to threaten her or for things like these. Veeery annoying! "Heehee n-no stop it! Hehe you're hahaha sooo-meaan!" Kotoko giggled hysterically, patting his hands away and covering herself up with one arm. Naoki grabbed her wrist and tickled her ribs mercilessly with his other hand.

Now Kotoko had no other choice but to use the hand that was holding the book. But just when Naoki wanted to take the book from her, she gave him a hard push and jumped away from between him and the wall. But Naoki caught her by her middle and they fell on bed together.


"What... is... that..." Yuuki mumbled, as he listened to the disturbing sounds coming from upstairs. "I guess that's Kotoko laughing, hehe how cute" Mrs. Irie giggled. "They're at it again" Yuuki smirked and he rolled his eyes. Never had he expected his brother to do these kinds of things. And every time when it happened again, it surprised him over and over.

After a few minutes of wrestling and tickling, Naoki finally sat up straight, without the book. "You know. You can keep it. Because it's useless to you without the key" Naoki tried to act smart, but he actually realized just now.

"W-what?!" Kotoko squeaked, still out of breath. "It seems that I tickled you for nothing. The key must be somewhere too, should I tell you where? No I don't think so…" Naoki said teasingly as he got up from the bed. "Moohhh Irie-kun, you're so mean!". "And don't you dare cut or break it open, I got that book from my grandfather and it's very precious" Naoki said, still with that teasing tone in his voice. Kotoko pouted. "Pfuh! You're not nice at all" Kotoko said grumpily, but quickly changed attitude when her husband bent over her. "Don't make me tickle you again" He said teasingly.

Kotoko quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, and was very relieved when he kissed her back. 'Heehee' she thought. 'That's how the brilliant Kotoko puts the word 'tickling' out of his mind!'.