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"Onii-chan, please eat something!" Naoki ignored his mother. Giving Kotoko his diary was a big decision, would it change her mind? It sure would, she loved him, but now she's pregnant, he didn't know for how long she could stay away. He did know he missed her, and didn't want anything else than for her to –

"It's the door! I heard the door! Onii-chan!" Naoki was at the door faster than his mother. And when he opened it, before he could even say anything or study her, Kotoko had thrown her arms around his neck. "I'm s-sorry Irie-kun! I'm sorry and I love you so much, I missed you I'm so sorry!" She cried. She was wet from the rain and out of breath from running.

First Naoki stood there, frozen solid. He slowly bent down (so that her feet could reach the ground) and he wrapped his arms around her. "I love you too, I missed you so much…" He whispered. "I-Irie-kun.." "Please let me stay like this for a while.." Naoki whispered as he held her tight against him. "Never leave me anymore" Kotoko sobbed and closed her eyes. There she was in his arms in the pouring rain. It felt like years ago. When he finally admitted he loved her. "Déjà vu..." Kotoko whispered. "Hm what? " Naoki asked as he pulled away. "No it's nothing" Kotoko giggled as she wiped away her tears and smiled.

"Come on, let's go in, you'll catch a cold" Naoki dragged her inside the house, where a sobbing mrs. Irie was waiting for them. "Kotoko-chan!" She threw her arms around Kotoko and hugged her tight. "Welcome back Kotoko-chan!" "Thanks oba-chan!" They pulled away and Kotoko greeted the others. But while she did so she just couldn't keep her eyes off her husband. He looked at her with such warm eyes. He really had changed compared with how he was in the past.

Naoki lead her upstairs and got a towel. "I'm sorry I doubted you, Irie-kun" Kotoko said softly as Naoki rubbed her shoulders and head with the towel. "It's okay, love makes us do crazy things sometimes" He replied, and Kotoko smiled. Naoki caressed her cheek and wiped away her last tears, then he leant in and kissed her. Kotoko passionately answered the kiss as she stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. God what had she missed him. While still kissing her Naoki slowly lifted her in bridal style and placed her on the bed.

Even though they made out a lot in their married life, Naoki's passionate actions still surprised Kotoko now and then. They stopped kissing and looked at each other, still panting though.

"So, what do you think of my diary?" Naoki asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I'm speechless" Kotoko answered with a warm smile. "I thought so" Naoki whispered before he kissed her again. Kotoko ran her hands through his hair and moaned when Naoki's fingers reached a sensitive spot on her back. He first continued to tease her a little and then he smiled playfully. "Oh I almost forgot, maybe I should punish you for suspecting me?" He said with a mischievous smile, and Kotoko squealed when he gave her side a squeeze. "No hehe that's not necessary" She giggled, but Naoki's hand reached under her shirt and started to tease her sides.

"No stop that! Haha Irie-kun, it tickles haha!" Kotoko squirmed and he finally stopped. "How's the baby?" He asked. "It's fine I guess, I …" Kotoko suddenly twitched and looked down. "Oh.. I think it moved! I felt the baby move!" She said with a wide smile at Naoki. "Really? That's great!" Naoki said and he placed his hand on her belly. "I can't believe we'll be parents soon" Kotoko said. "Me neither" Naoki said, and he lifted her chin and kissed her again. Kotoko closed her eyes as Naoki moved down and planted soft kisses on her neck.

When she opened her eyes and turned her head a little she almost jumped in shock. Yuuki was peeking inside. "H-h-h-how long have you been there!" She yelled with a high-pitched voice, and Naoki did jump in surprise. "Yuuki!" He barked with a red face. "Mom wants you two to come down" Was the only thing he said before he left again. There was a moment of silence. "That was pretty embarrassing" Kotoko said calmly. "Yeah…"

"What do you want?" Naoki asked as he and Kotoko came downstairs. "Onii-chan, Kotoko-chan, look!" They looked at the screen and stiffened. The old video was playing on the tv. They remembered mrs. Irie used to film when they were young. And now they were watching it after a really long time. "Take a seat!" They sat down and watched. There were lots of scenes filmed. Like Naoki carrying Kotoko at the sports festival, graduation day, Christmas eve, their birthdays, their marriage, even their honeymoon.

While them kissing at the beach on their honeymoon was shown they both glared at mrs. Irie. "Hehehe!" She laughed. "So she was spying on us" Kotoko said with a twitching eyebrow. Kotoko sighed a dreamy sigh as she leant back and felt Naoki's arm around her. She loved him even more than in their high school years. She gazed up at him and he gave her a little smile. And she knew that the warm look in his eyes was telling her that he loved her.

Naoki's diary encore!

It's been a long time since I last wrote. And probably.. this will be the last time I'm writing in this diary. Kotoko and I are married now. Yeah I know it's fast, but my mother rushed things, and it came to this.

Hmm it wasn't very nice of me but I wasn't in the best mood on our wedding day. I felt so.. uncomfortable. Everyone was looking at us, talking about us. If I could choose myself I would have married her in silence. Just the two of us and maybe some family. But well it went like this. But.. Kotoko looked stunning in her dress. The shy smile she gave me when she was approaching me, holding her fathers' arm... She never looked more beautiful. I'll always remember that smile.

During our wedding Kotoko mentioned that she knew about the second kiss. Yuuki told her about Romance Village! That's so embarrassing. But after that she kissed me so passionately, that I was just too frozen to do anything back. It was the first time I actually received a kiss from her. And then everything became worse. My pictures of my childhood were being shown to everyone on a big screen. How could they do that to me! Eventually I was in such a bad mood, that you can see my grumpy face on our wedding picture. Ah well, I was glad when it was over.

My mother, yeah my mother, had already planned our honeymoon, so I'll tell about that next. Kotoko and I were going to Hawaii. And of course it wasn't just a relaxing honeymoon. Actually it's a whole story… We met this other couple, Horiuchi Mari and her husband Takumi. A rather troublesome couple, this Mari looked like she was interested in me, even though she was married.

And I've felt dumb for the first time. Of course I knew Kotoko was jealous when Mari was clinging onto me the whole time. But she was also worried, I hurt her on our honeymoon. But that's what came later. First Kotoko mentioned that we hadn't had time together, just the two of us, at all! And she was right, so I told her we would. But then Mari came interrupting again. It seemed she was in real pain, and I fell for it. But eventually it was just an act! When I was helping her I had to touch her stomach to see where it hurt, and Kotoko got so jealous that she screamed I shouldn't touch other women. And now I was pretty selfish myself too, I didn't think about her feelings at all but just about that single thing she said. And I yelled that if she didn't want me to touch other women, she shouldn't have married a doctor. Kotoko ran away crying and Takumi was getting some medicine.

When I was alone with Mari, she suddenly seemed okay and she tried to flirt with me. That's when I got angry and rejected her. When I was looking for Kotoko I felt panic. Kotoko is so defenseless, anyone could take advantage of her. I felt so relieved when I heard her high pitched voice screaming for help. It seemed she mistook a police man for a lecher or murderer or something. She was crying and screaming for my name, what a dummy she is.

We walked together and it was an awkward moment. We didn't say anything, both of us. Until we reached the beach. Kotoko started to apologize, and she was so sad, so I made clear I wasn't angry anymore and kissed her. After the kiss the sphere was a lot better. We went back to the hotel.. and we had our first night together. Hmm I will not explain the details, but I never would have expected I'd be doing.. things.. at this age.. with Kotoko.. Hmm I can't help but blush when I think back of it so I won't write about it… it's embarrassing.

Back at home we saw that my mother had moved Kotoko's things into my room so that Yuuki could sleep in his own room again. So from now on I'll share a room and a bed with Kotoko. That's why this'll be the last time I'm writing because Kotoko might catch me. She's drinking with her friends at the moment to celebrate her marriage with me, so this is my chance to write all this. So well, goodbye diary, thanks for taking care of my feelings, writing everything down was a good thing for me.


Kotoko giggled as she read the last page and closed the book. She opened it again and leafed through it, not all pages were full. The last couple of pages were still empty. She quickly scribbled a little message down on the next page and closed the diary again. "I'm finished! Chris, thank you so much for taking care of me" Kotoko said as she put the diary in her bag with her other stuff.

"No problem Kotoko, you know that you're always welcome here" Chris replied, and she patted Kotoko's shoulder. She opened the door and Kotoko stepped out of the house. "Take care!" "I will, see you soon!" Kotoko felt her smile of happiness sticking on her face. She just couldn't help but smile. Naoki loved her. And soon she would give birth to their child!

"I'm home!" Kotoko looked around but received no answer. "Hello? Anyone here?" She saw Naoki coming downstairs. "Welcome home, the others are out for a moment" Naoki said and he kissed his wife. "Oh really, I see" Kotoko put her bag on the floor and handed him his diary. "Thanks for sharing your feelings with me, Naoki!" She said cheerfully, and Naoki blushed because she called him by his first name. "N-no problem" He mumbled as he took his diary back. Kotoko giggled and went upstairs to put back her stuff. Naoki followed and put his diary back between the other books. Kotoko wrapped her arms around him from behind and held him tight.

First Naoki let her, but then he turned around, held her by her shoulders and kissed her. Even in his younger stubborn years, he found her soft lips addictive. Now even more. He lifted her and held her in a passionate embrace while they moved towards the bed. He placed her on the bed and climbed on top of her.

"Heh Irie-kun, you were acting all cool when you were in high school, but actually you weren't! You were just head over heels for a girl like me!" Kotoko said playfully when they stopped kissing. "You little!" He didn't plan to but as a reflex his hands shot towards her sides and tickled her softly but enough to make her laugh and squeal.

"Hehehe don't! S-stop!" She squirmed and struggled to no avail. After a few minutes of wrestling and playing he stopped tickling her and laughed. "Hmm maybe you're right" He said with a smirk. "E-eh?" Kotoko didn't expect that answer. And before she could say anything his lips were on hers again.

[and then they did things I'm not gonna describe out here :x ]

Naoki sat up and looked at the clock. Past midnight. The others still weren't back, they were probably having a lot of fun. He looked at Kotoko who was sleeping next to him. He caressed her cheek softly, and gazed at the bookcase. He stepped out of bed and took his diary out of the case. He sat down at his desk and took a pen. He opened his diary and blinked in surprise.

Irie-kun, know that I'll love you and never leave you till the day I die!


He smirked. A small but strong message.

This is Naoki, 10 years later. Kotoko is pregnant, and she just returned from Chris. Kotoko suspected me of having an affair with another woman, but of course I would never do such thing. The past few days were horrible since Kotoko was taking it this seriously that she left me and stayed with Chris.

Because when she confronted me about it, I couldn't answer properly when she asked me why I loved her. As a response I gave her my diary and let her read it. Now she really really knows me. Hmm maybe this won't be my last message in here, who knows, there might happen interesting things that just need to be written down.