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The Saints Are Coming




"You're through to Renee, you know what to do. I'll get back to you as soon as I can." I heard her voice call out from the phone with a small giggle at the end.

She always gives that semi nervous giggle when she feels something is ridiculous or embarrassing. She always giggles like a school girl. It made me question, who was the adult?

She hated making that damn message, but I got her to do it.

I cut off the phone.

I would call her back later.

I would see her soon.

Standing up I looked out to the grey morning of Forks. The wind below and you could see the trees stir, shaking, because if it. The fat drops of rain splattering against my window was the last straw though, I shivered at the sight.

I hated the wind and rain


I heaved the last box into my old room.

I was back home. I was back where my life pretty much started. All my memories at least were in this room or from around this house.

I was back in Forks and my life was about to change.

Come Friday I would be moved into my new apartment and come Monday, I would begin my residence at Forks County hospital.

Chicago had been home for my college years, there was a part of me left there all those years ago and the yearning to return continued to eat at me through high school.

I needed to go back, to see if that was where I truly belonged.

I still didn't know if it was, all I knew that there had been some calling for me to return to Forks, for me to leave Chicago, some need to return to the place that I had felt so desperate to escape.

I didn't understand it, it was as if my gut had a change of heart, that years of loathing of the small town, it had somehow reformed its opinion of the place.

There was a calling

I didn't know when it began, all I could remember it had been months.

I wasn't right sure if it was when Alice, my sister, had ended up in hospital. Perhaps some thought in my head that if I had been there she would have been safe, she wouldn't have ended up hurt.

Did I hurt her? Did my absence have anything to do with it?

But it was a new start, soon to be a new apartment and a new job.

Positivity wasn't a feeling I carried though, instead I felt a sense of loss.

I didn't understand it, no one had died, no one was gone. I was back with my family. I was back where I felt like I belonged, now.

What was missing and why had there been such a need to come back to Forks?

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