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haunted house

Why had she agreed to this? She always hated this kind of thing and what was worse...She was alone with Ranma Yet again. It's like the tunnel of lost love all over but this time relationships were not on the line. If only it was Ryoga...at least he comforted her when she was scared, Ranma teased her; saying that she just wanted an excuse to hold on to him. That was not putting her in a better mood.

Akane crossed her arms and hugged herself tightly as she and Ranma looked around the old rundown room. She still couldn't believe her anger got the best of her once more. It all started with Ukyo and Shampoo fighting over who would take Ranma to the haunted house near the school. Both saying Ranma would keep them safe. It was a huge thing at this school. Couples would go 'ghost hunting' just so they can hold each other all night. Of cause Ranma didn't care, but the Dojo was asked to inspect weird noises that came from the house so he had to go anyway. So how was Akane dragged into this? Shampoo and Ukyo just had to push her buttons. 'Akane will be too scared to go' they taunted 'Ranma will be all ours' Ukyo would smirk 'Akane be such baby' Shampoo would say with an annoying roll of the eyes that would grate on anyones nerves. Akane's anger reached the boiling point, which admitingly isn't hard, and here she was...Scared stiff and cold, looking at an old spooky closet which Ranma had opened. She looked at her watch nervously, 3am. It had been exactly 2 minutes she last checked her watch... 2 minutes since they entered this spooky room. Why did it seem more like two hours?!

The floor creaked behind her and Akane stiffened instantly, cold shivers travelled up her spine as she trembled slightly.

"Akane are you okay?" Ranma ask as he looked back at her. She bit her lip and nodded her head, Ranma couldn't miss that terrified look on her beautiful face. He sighed as he fully turned in her direction. As he open his mouth to tell her there was nothing to be afraid of thunder suddenly claped, lightning lit up the room in an eyrie light for only a second...but a second was all it took to cause Akane to scream. She had no control of her boy as she rammed into poor Ranma who caught her in an embrace before they both tumbled into the cupboard. The doors slammed closed and to the horror of the two teenagers that were now residing in it, the doors locked. The closet was small and they found it impossible to move around. There was no way of either breaking the door open without hurting the other.

"MAN YOU ARE SO UNCUTE!" Ranma snapped as he tried to put his hands either side of Akane and push his back against the back of the closet in hopes of breaking it. With no such luck.

"WHAT?!" Akane fumed back. "YOU JERK! IF YOU HADN'T LOST YOUR FOOTING WE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS MESS!" She all but screamed

"OH AND I JUST ASKED YOU TO GRAB HOL OF ME?!" He came back at her with equal fury. The thunder sounded again and caused Akane to scream, burying her face into Ranma's chest. Ranma blushed at this and hesitated before bringing his nervous, shaky hands around her, holding her and stroking her hair to calm her. Akane breathed in deeply, the scent of Ranma's clothes and the feel of his perfectly toned muscles beneath his shirt calmed her. Before long they were lost in the moment. Akane hadn't even realised she ha started playing with his pig tail, twirling it around her finger over and over again.

Ranma breathed in the smell of jasmine from Akane's hair and forgot how they ended up in this position. Her voice was small and nervous as she asked him that question that plagued her from their first meeting

"D-Do you...o you really think I'm....Uncute?" Ranma's eyes closed as he remained silent. How could he say yes when he could feel her shapely figure pushed up against his own, or how he would peer at her features and despite the dark he could still make out her perfect silk like skin. He could picture her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes that he came to adore and those soft pink lips he has always craved. Lost in his thoughts he kissed her forehead without realising it.

"No." He answered. Realising he had just planted a kiss on the girl in his arms, even if it was just on the forehead, caused Ranma to open his eyes in shock and become rigid. He looked down to see her staring in Akane's deep brown orbs, surrounded by long, thick lashes. Her lips parted slightly, an at that moment he didn't want a word to come from them...no he rather they were silently pressed against his own lips. If only for a moment. He lowered his head in hopes to fulfil his wish before she could speak her word when the cupboard doors flew open and they both fell out with a cry of surprise, Ranma landing on top of Akane. They groaned as they looked up at two, very peeved, matial artist. One with violet hair and one with a giant spatula.

Ranma sat unconscious against the wall, shampoo and Ukyo fussing over him like usual. Akane had her arms crossed and her back toward the three. After they both tried to explain they weren't doing anything Ranma just had to say "why would I want to do anything with an uncute tom boy like her?" It had taken Akane 1.3 seconds to beat him till he lost all consciousness. Looking at her watch she saw the large hand clearly pointing just before the 1, it had been four minutes... it felt like time had stopped. Maybe it did? But despite how that night ended they would always remember it as the best 4 minutes of their life. They would look back on those minutes fondly, with a blush decorating their face and a gentle sigh escaping their lips...