12 minutes since swallowed.

Ranma was annoyed… He was embarrassed and he wished he could just keep his damn mouth shut. But he wasn't annoyed at Shampoo, although it would have been well deserved. He just couldn't be when she looked so crushed.

It had only been 12 minutes since she shoved that miniature pork bun in his mouth. He expected it to be another snack that made him unwillingly obey a single command, but no.

"You tell truth only. You say you loving Shampoo!" Her confident smirk decorated her pretty Chinese face as her self-assured eyes glared at the three women she had invited to her restaurant. Only Akane had a look of worry on her face as the other two reflected Shampoo's confident smile.

But those smiles fell. Ranma went red as he failed to catch the words. He angrily turned to Shampoo, ready to yell some sense into the girl. Shampoo never looks so sad. She had faked sadness often but this, this was completely real.

Ranma's mouth closed as he looked at her tear filled eyes. At times like these it would seem his back bone would seemingly go into hiding as he would apologise, claiming he was misunderstood. But he couldn't. After all he could only tell the truth; denying was out of the question.

Ukyo didn't look much better and neither did Kodachi. His heart ached at knowing he caused this pain. It wasn't until Akane lightly tugged his red sleeveless shirt that he was pulled from the depression that was drowning the cat café.

"We better go before they remember they're holding weapons." She whispered and with a gulp Ranma backed out the door with her as the three girls left behind seemed to suddenly be engulfed in fire as their anger and jealousy blazed.

13 minutes since swallowed

That was what happened directly after eating that little pork bun. It took 5 minutes to get home and the last 9 minutes was Akane hiding him in the dojo until the affects wore off. Well…. The plan was to hide him so their insane family wouldn't find out Ranma was cursed to tell only the truth and badger him with questions, however, that apparently didn't include Akane pestering him with questions. Hence why Ranma was annoyed, embarrassed and in need of strong duct tape.

"So you love me?" Her sweet voice asked again.

"YES! HOW MANY DAMN TIMES WILL YOU ASK THAT! DO YOU KNOW HOW EMBARRASSING IT IS TO BE FORCED TO ADMIT THAT?" Yes the cursed words that crushed three girls instantaneously were words he had been hiding for years. He couldn't stop the words 'I love Akane' from coming out.

"Wow. I still can't believe those words came from your mouth. So tell me another secret?" Akane asked with a large smile as her hands rested under her chin.

Yes she had already found out that Ranma wore pink underwear for 3 months while training with his father who washed them with his red Chinese shirt.

She had discovered he wet the bed when he was seven and that he cried when he watched a chick flick because nothing else was on TV at the time.

Let's not mention the other secrets she had also uncovered.

"There is an old toy hidden in my pillow that I had since I was a kid." And out popped another one. He groaned as he tried slapping his hand over his mouth. But alas she still heard the muffled words from beneath his fingers.

She laughed loudly, tears in the corners of her eyes as pointed at her fiancée.

"You are really cruel you know that!" Ranma said as his glare focused on the laughing beauty before him.

14 minutes since swallowed

"But it's so funny! You never admit stuff like this! I could go on all night!" Akane admitted as she wiped the tears from her eyes and her laughing died down.

Ranma's glare didn't waver as his hand dug into his pocket. And with the speed he gained from learning the 'Le parlay du foie gras' whatever he had held was now in Akane's mouth. He grinned as she swallowed and looked at him curiously and somewhat suspiciously.

15 minutes since swallowed

"Ranma what did I just eat?"

"Oh just a little something I pocketed while leaving Shampoo's. So tell me Akane… ever been jealous over me?"

"Yes many times." Akane gasped and slapped both hands over her mouth as her cheeks reddened.

"Well, well, well…" Ranma's mouth formed a smirk as he leaned forward and stroked his chin. Akane glared at him angrily.


"Yes I did. Now, when have you been jealous?"

Akane felt the words tumbling out despite her wishes. Her stomach lurched nervously as her cheeks burned.

"I was jealous when you stayed with Ukyo during the gambling king incident. I was jealous when shampoo kissed you. I was jealous when you ate Kodachi's food. I was jealous when you kissed kuno…"

"Wow you sure are a jealous person. If I let you keep going it may take all night." Ranma chuckled as he covered her mouth. Finally able to stop talking, Akane took a breath and resumed her glare before removing Ranma's hand.


Ranma angrily scooted backwards as his mouth opened but Akane just scooted forward and his words could not be covered.

"Of course. I am jealous when you sleep with p-Chan and I am jealous when you just smile at Ryoga! And the time you wanted to be with Ryoga in the cave of lost love, and the time you went on a date with him when I just wanted the damn water proof soap. I'm jealous whenever I see that idiot Kuno because I know he will have a corny poem or flowers or something just for you. Would you stop me talking already?" He managed to force out the last sentence before unwillingly list other times he had been jealous.

"I don't want to." Akane evilly smirked. Finally after a few more jealous stories she covered his mouth.

"You are truly cruel you know that." Ranma mumbled beneath her hand.

18 minutes since swallowed

Grabbing her wrist he pulled her hand away as he said "How do you view Ryoga?" This time his tone was no longer mocking or angry. He seemed dead serious.

Akane was confused. She would have said the truth whether she ate the bun or not.
"He is sweet and kind, he actually listens to me and I see him as a very close dear friend."

"I'm jealous to hear that." Ranma mumbled. Akane smiled at that. After a silent moment she also became serious.

"W-what… I mean how, how do you view Ukyo?"

"Same as you view Ryoga."

Akane scrunched up her nose. "That makes me jealous." Ranma chuckled not only at her words but her cute expression.

"Okay. I was forced to say I love you but you never said a reply to that." Ranma smirked as he leaned forward, his nose nearly touching Akane's. Akane gulped nervously.

"Ranma… Please don't…."

"SO Akane… why are you jealous?" His voice serious again his eyes focused on hers as he began to wonder if the reason she didn't say anything, and the reason she had just begged him not to ask, was because his feelings weren't returned. He began wishing he hadn't asked as her eyes trembled and her mouth opened.

"Because… I love you." She quietly squeaked. Ranma's worries melted away as his mouth smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead gently before pulling away.

"That makes me happy!" he grinned goofily.

21 minutes since swallowed

They sat there wanting to ask each other so many questions and yet also terrified at what the other would ask.

23 minutes since swallowed

Ranma stood and walked over to the dojo door. "I'll get us some snacks and drink."

"Ranma…" Akane's voice halted him as his hand touched the door. He looked over his shoulder as she continued.

"We are only fiancées because it was arranged without our consent by our fathers. But… do… do you want to get married…to me?" Her hands nervously twisted her skirt as she waited.

Ranma truthfully said with a smile that would flutter many a girls' hearts, "Yes."

It took 20 minutes for the truth telling pork bun to wear off. But the two sat in the dojo and talked all night.

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