Title: Home on the Road

Author: x3MisfitxToyx3

Characters: Basically everyone in WILAY

Rating: 'T' for totally awesome L;

Summary: The gang goes on a road trip from New York to New Hampshire; full of random events, romance, & humor.

Setting: New York Cittaaaayyyyy!

Warning(s): Sexual humor. Dirty… but, in some cases, quite amusing.

Disclaimer: Plot is mine but all the characters of WILAY are not. Boo.

Author's Note: I found this on my computer & decided it was finally time to upload it. This is for you, Emily! ;D

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Chapter 1: Accidental Introductions

Haley, now seventeen, and Emily, eighteen, had changed a lot since they'd gotten out of high school. They were walking up to the New York apartment entrance to see the loft they'd rented for the winter. Summer turned into fall and, without the return of school, the two friends decided it'd be fun to rent a loft and spend the remanded of the year in New York before they headed off for college.

"It's at the end of this hall I think." Haley said lugging a huge carryon behind her. Emily was dragging about five bags of clothes and necessities along as she barged up the stairs.

"Haley, I swear to God, if I have to go all the way back down those stairs, I'm gunna' kick you."

Haley laughed off the comment and used the key to unlock the door.

They didn't have a free hand to close the door so they just left it open and ran inside, dropping bags as they went.

"This place is stocked!" Haley said plopping down on the sofa. Emily ran up the stairs and ran back down in two seconds.

"We've got beds!" She yelled jumping over the last four steps.

Haley got up and began searching through the rest of the loft. "Well, this room is rented out to people. It's kind of like a retro hotel, in a sense."

Emily bounded over to fridge and threw open the door, only to get a disappointed look on her face.

"I thought you said it was stocked…"

"Duh. Not the fridge. We've gotta buy the food."

Just when she was about to complain, there was a knock on the open door.

"Uh, hey. I found this on the staircase. Is there any chance it's yours?"

Haley turned around on the couch to see a guy with spiky brown hair pointing to her blue makeup bag in his hand.

She squinted her eyes and shot Emily a death glare.

"What? You can't expect me to carry fifty bags and not drop one!"

She rolled her eyes and walked over to retrieve the bag. "Yeah, thanks. We kinda had a lot to carry."

The guy looked over her shoulder to the luggage littering the ground and gave her a questioning look. Haley realized what he was looking at and laughed. "Yeah, we just moved in here for the rest of the year. Thought it'd be fun to go to New York before college."

"Ah." he said watching Emily dig around noisily through the cabinets for any sign of food.

"Do you live in the apartment?"

"Yeah, but I live at the other end of the hall with my two friends."

"That's cool. Oh, I'm Haley by the way… and that's, uh, Emily."


He held a hand and Haley shook it with a smile.

"Well, I've gotta get going. I'm supposed to be meeting someone."

Emily jumped up from behind the counter and replied, "Thanks for bringing the bag back!"

He held a hand, gesturing that it was no big deal, and slipped back through the doorway as Haley shut it behind him.

"Well, he seemed…nice." Emily said plopping next to her friend on the couch.

Haley raised an eyebrow.

"So you think he's nice?"

"That's what I said, isn't it?"

"Nothing more than that?"

"Uh, er. No."

"You sure you're not thinking something else as well?"

It was now a stare down between the girl in the purple and the girl in the blue. After a few seconds, Emily gave in and admitted loudly, "Okay! Okay! You've seen through me! I was also, maybe, thinking he was incredibly… good-looking."

"I knew it! I knew it!" Haley yelled jumping up off the couch. Emily gave her a shove in the arm.

"Whatever. Now can we please go get some food?"

"Hoping to run into Vince, are we?"

Another shove in the arm.

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