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I know Blank and Eiko is not a normal pairing but I thought it would be kind of cool to give Eiko a wild side. It is in her character anyway. This chapter, however, is before she turns into an outlaw. When she is still a princess dreaming of being something else. I was inspired by the EON Dragoneye Reborn book to write this, as well as FFIX and another fanfic I read about Blank and Eiko but the author stopped writing it so I'm taking the idea. Hope nobody minds :/ Hope you like this story, if anyone is reading it. haha.

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Princess Eiko til Fabool 10th

Eiko stared out her window, looking out on her town. Lindblum. After all of the adventures she had with Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, and everyone else, she was suddenly here. A princess. At first, she was more than happy to have a family. For the longest time, she didn't know what a family was. She was adopted by Cid and Hilda Fabool when she was six years old.

It's not that she didn't enjoy being around them. She loved her adoptive parents and, when she was little, even called them mother and father. But, it was different now. Being a princess wasn't all that it was cracked up to be and she was suddenly starting to realize it.

Eiko longed to be out in the world and exploring the world like she had with Zidane and the others. Now, it was too dangerous. Everyone knew her as Princess Eiko til Fabool, or the Princess of Lindblum. It wasn't fair. Apparently, it was too dangerous to go around Lindblum. Too many thugs and such. However, she had seen much worse. Treno, she could understand, but Lindblum seemed like such a peaceful city. Then again, she hadn't been in it for ages. She hadn't even seen it rebuilt yet.

Apparently, after Lindblum was destroyed by Alexandria, it wasn't the safest place in the world. Eiko didn't mind. She lived for danger, but her father wouldn't hear of it. She was confined to the areas in the castle and only in the castle. The royal part of the castle, anyway.

Today was her 16th birthday. Not like it was a big deal for her. She wasn't even sure if it was her exact birthday or not. All she knew was that it was in March. They just picked a random day to celebrate. Apparently, it was a huge event. Nothing Eiko would be too interested in. There was a knock at her bedroom door and she stood up, frowning.

When she answered the door, she saw all of her old friends. Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, and even Steiner had come to wish her a happy birthday. She hadn't seen them in what seemed like ages. She begged Cid to let her visit Alexandria but he was a bit hesitant about it. Cid was very protective over his little girl. Too protective, for Eiko's taste.

"You guy's came!" she said, extremely excited. Eiko greeted Zidane in a kind and emotional hug.

Not in that way. Eiko had gotten over her girly crush on Zidane long long ago. Besides, he was much older now and married to Garnet. They even had a four-year old son. He wasn't with them, though. He was being attended to by Beatrix back in Alexandria for the weekend while Zidane and Garnet visited Lindblum. Zidane had a kid and was the king of Alexandria. It was a bit overwhelming. Then again, she was a princess. It was just a stupid girly crush. She's a bit embarrassed about it now, but Zidane told her not to worry about it. That he'd done far worse stuff.

"Of course we came, Eiko," Zidane said with a smile. Eiko always made him feel like a little kid again. No matter how old she was, Zidane would always see her as that little six year old girl that helped them save the world. She was actually a very mature six-year old. "Happy birthday."

Eiko nodded with a small smile. Birthdays just weren't that exciting for her, she supposed.

"You're getting taller," Garnet said. She put her hand on Eiko's head and smiled. The last time she saw Eiko had been awhile, so of course she would have grown. Eiko nodded once more.

"Yeah," she sighed. Eiko wished she could get all excited and loving as she used to but she just wasn't a little kid anymore. Seeing all of her friends here just reminds her of all the adventures she could be having, but is not. "I'm glad you guys came," she told them.

Eiko couldn't manage a smile, even though her friends seemed more than happy to see her. Except Vivi, who just always looked depressed. Garnet sensed the uneasiness she had. She had felt the same way Eiko had when she was a teenage princess. Trapped. However, the circumstances were much different.

"Eiko. How about we all go out for lunch?" she asked.

"Cid won't let me," Eiko told them.

"You call your father Cid? That's very disrespectful," Steiner said, seeming offended. Eiko glared up at the rusty knight. Still hadn't changed.

"He is not my father," Eiko hissed, reminding them.

The group exchanged glances of pity. They knew how harsh Cid could be. Hilda was the same way. Very overprotective of his little girl. Even if she wasn't his little girl, it didn't matter to Cid or Hilda.

"Uncle Cid doesn't need to know," Garnet said with a small smile. Eiko looked at Garnet, as if trying to see if this was a trap or not. Eiko hadn't been to Lindblum in so long. A large smile spread across Eiko's face at this remark.

"Okay!" she yelled enthusiastically.

"Why don't you go get changed into a commoner's clothes, then, eh?" Zidane said with a grin on his face.

Eiko smiled loudly at Zidane and Garnet. They must both know the feeling of being trapped. They figured that Eiko deserved some time out in her kingdom. After all, when Cid died, how was she supposed to rule if she knew not the land?

Eiko was out of her room in an instant. Casual clothes that she hadn't worn in ages. To appease Cid, she decided to not look like a princess. She wore old overalls and a hoody. Very commoner-like she thought.

She stepped out to see Zidane and Garnet standing outside her door. Eiko looked around for any signs of her father but saw none.

"We talked to the guard and he is allowing you to leave. However, we must be back in under an hour and a half to avoid Uncle Cid's suspicion," Zidane said.

Eiko couldn't help but get excited. She grabbed Garnets hand and pulled her through the castle with Zidane to follow. Eiko was eager to get out of the walls of the castle. So eager.

As Zidane and Garnet took Eiko through the grounds of Lindblum, she was amazed. The last time she saw it, it looked like a dump, but now. Now it was full of colour and life. She couldn't understand why Cid had ever kept her from it. They took her into a small restaurant where they could all relax.

"What do you think?" Zidane asked.

"It's amazing," she said with a heavy sigh. However, she was getting a bit depressed. Her arms were folded on the table and her chin on top of them, staring at the salt and pepper shakers in front of her. Being out here in Lindblum just meant that she would never get to regularly be here. She was stuck in this dead-end family with nowhere to go. Nothing exciting happening ever.

"Why is Cid so protective of me?" she suddenly asked, after Zidane and Garnet had become quite quiet.

"He's only worried about you, Eiko. You are the princess of Lindblum, after all. It's a big title for such a small person," Garnet said with a small encouraging smile.

Eiko groaned, flicking at the menu with her finger. "Well, maybe I don't wanna be a princess anymore."

"Why not?" Zidane commented. "You LOVED the idea of being a princess before."

"I was a child then. It was just the idea of a family. I want to be in danger. I want to get in trouble. Travel. Go on an adventure. Not be stuck up in a castle for the rest of my life," she said. Eiko sighed. There was nothing she could do about it, though. She would be stuck here the rest of her life.

Garnet and Zidane would have responded, hopefully with something uplifting, but they were interrupted. "Hey, Zidane. What are you doing here?'

Eiko glanced up at the one who had interrupted them. She didn't recognize him. Must have been an old friend of Zidane.

"Hey! Blank!" Zidane said, sounding excited. He got up and started reminiscing with his old friend as Blank sat himself down at the table beside Eiko. Apparently, Blank had been in Tantalus with Zidane or something and the Tantalus group lived in Lindblum. Fancy that.

"I'd like to be taken home now, Dagger," Eiko said. Garnet nodded at Eiko and the boys stood up to let Garnet and Eiko out. Zidane explained that he wanted to stay with Blank and talk, so Garnet and Eiko left.

They didn't speak throughout the entire walk home. A lot of people pointed at the two as they walked, either recognizing Garnet, Eiko, or both of them as princesses. It was this stupid horn and her wings that gave her away. And her stupid long purple hair. She had grown it out since she got here to fit the whole princess look. Personally, she hated it, but Cid loved it. Apparently, short hair was too childish.

Eiko had made up her mind. She was getting out of here. The journey to Lindblum was enough to open her eyes. She was stuck and the more she stayed, the harder the glue would press her here. Eiko knew she had to leave. Escape this place. She had to. And she planned to leave tonight.

She wasn't taking anything. Nothing at all. She was just going to get on Hilda Garde 3 and leave. Run. Far far away from here. She couldn't take it anymore.

As her parents and many others were preparing for her birthday celebration, she would sneak out. She dressed in her commoner clothes to hide her appearance and rushed down the stairs. There was not many people around. Cid was in meetings and planning her birthday all day today. She didn't know where Hilda was but probably where Cid was was where she was. They never had time for her anyway. It was good she was leaving. One less thing for them to worry about.

Eiko snuck out the door into the airship room where her father build airships. He had built many Hilda Garde's. There was a 4th one and a 5th one even. Cid had even taught her how to use airships and how to fly them. She knew a fair lot about airships and how they worked. It would be difficult, but she could fly it herself.

There was surprisingly nobody in the airship room. Probably all waiting for the celebration. It was the perfect day to escape. Eiko ran onto the Hilda Garde 3 and into the engine room. Quickly. She couldn't afford to lose any time unless she was discovered. She was pretty good with airships, though, so it didn't take to long.

About ten or so minutes after being in the engine room and fumbling around with the controls, she found herself in the air. She pressed the button that opened the airship doors to the outside and hopped on. Without another second, she was gone. Seeing Lindblum from an entirely different angle.

Cid was panicking. He couldn't find Eiko anywhere and dinner was about to start. Everyone was there. Hilda, Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, Steiner, Quina, Freya, and even Amarant. Everyone. Literally. Zidane invited some guys from Tantalus. Blank, Marcus, Cinna, and Baku. Beatrix even came with the baby. The guards said they hadn't seen her either. Cid came in with strained eyes. So much was supposed to happen tonight. Where was she?

"Has anyone seen Eiko?" Cid exclaimed as he ran into the dining hall.

"I haven't," Hilda said, regretfully. She rarely had time to visit with Eiko. She felt awful. The others murmured that they had not seen her recently either. However, Zidane and Garnet remained quiet about their little lunch that they had that day. It was better left unsaid. Eiko needed that.

"Would you like me to check her room, uncle?" Garnet asked, politely as she lifted herself elegantly off her chair.

Cid heaved a sigh. "That would be most appreciated, Garnet. Thank you."

"I'll come with you," Beatrix said, standing up.

"Me too." Freya stood up as well. Hilda would have offered but she did not know the girls well. Besides, Eiko was much more comfortable with her old friends than her adoptive parents.

"They'll find her," Cid said, trying to assure himself.

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