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Love and Marriage

Marry Olivia? Had his father really said that? Peter shook his head against the pillow. Marry Olivia. The words kept ringing through his head. It wasn't that simple. He wasn't sure he wanted to get married at all. Not that he and Olivia even had... God. He rubbed his eyes roughly and rolled over.

Olivia would never entertain the idea of being involved with him romantically, never mind marrying him. It wasn't that he didn't want to be involved with her, it was just... He didn't know. He didn't know how to even go about saying anything to her.

He wasn't the sort of person who just blurted his feelings out. It just wasn't him. He was more subtle than that. Small gestures and brief words of appreciation. These were the things he did to let another individual know that he cared for them.

He stared at the ceiling, wishing he could sleep so he wouldn't be thinking about this. He didn't need to entertain ideas of Olivia loving him and wanting to marry him. It would give him fantasy material that he didn't need. He had plenty to base his fantasies already. This was the last thing his active imagination needed.

"She's exactly what you need. Someone who can see right through you."

His father's words kept playing in his head, like a song on repeat with no stop button. He let out a sigh and rolled over yet again, pausing to beat his pillow into a more comfortable position. Maybe she was what he needed.

But could he really say that he was what she needed? He didn't know, obviously. There was only one way to know and he was not going to broach the subject with her. That would make for awkward conversation. He could see it now...

He laughed to himself as he imagined her shocked face and buried his face in his pillow. No, there was no need to throw himself at her. Again, that wasn't him. He wasn't... desperate. At least, he didn't think so. Obsessed, maybe, but that was another thought completely.

Obsessed with everything that comprised Olivia Dunham. He closed his eyes and he could see her clearly in his mind's eye. She was standing over her desk, staring at him with her cloudy green eyes, her pouting lips, and her hair would be down, falling around her shoulders. He didn't like it when she pulled her hair back into those ponytails, no matter how practical they were for her job.

A floorboard creaked and his eyes snapped open, shattering the image. He sat up, wondering if maybe Walter was doing something completely ridiculous for the time of night it was. After a few minutes, when there was no additional noise, he allowed himself to flop back.

He sighed again. Maybe, one day, he would be able to ask Olivia to marry him, but for now, he would just have to take things one day at a time.

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