Author's Note: Just a little one shot with a Catherine/Sara light to it from the episode in Season Four, After the Show.

"The only reason we're out here, today on this wild goose chase, is because he wanted to hang out with you." Sara replied angrily looking at her girlfriend imploringly. "It's weird."

"Believe me I'd rather follow the evidence but if it takes having the evidence follow me then so be it." Catherine replied trying to make Sara see her point of view without getting too worked up about the situation.

The blonde understood that the other woman was concerned about what was happening, both in the sense that she was concerned for the woman she loves and in the sense that she wanted to find the woman who was missing. Catherine just understood that sometimes another approach to a situation was needed to get the best results.

"The original missing person's case was mine and Sara's." Nick responded angrily.

"I'm the senior CSI here." Catherine rebuked trying to stare Nick down.

At this point Grissom stepped into the conversation correcting Catherine, "Actually I'm the senior CSI."

"Oh, you want it now?" Catherine asked peevishly. She was just trying to get the guy to talk, she didn't want to get in the way of either Sara's or Nick's promotion, but the guy was interested in her and not Sara.

"Hold on now. Grissom you know this is a career case, we both put in for a promotion, if me and Sara work this we'll be on the departmental radar." Nick cut in still fighting to get the lead on the case.

"I have the most high profile cases under my belt; I think the Sheriff would rest easier knowing that I'm in command." Catherine replied as she tried to press the point.

"We wouldn't ask for it if we couldn't do it." Nick tried once again, trying to get Grissom to give him and Sara the case.

Grissom only looked up at Sara and then passed his gaze over to Nick, which was enough to tell them that he was giving Catherine his support.

"Fine," Sara replied angrily walking away from the others and back to her car.

After a few more words with Grissom Catherine hurried over to Sara's car and pulled open the passenger side door. Sara was sitting in the driver's seat looking as pissed off as Catherine thought she was going to be. "Sara," The woman said softly, climbing into the seat and putting her hand on Sara's forearm.

"Don't Cat." Sara replied as she tried to shrug the hand off her arm.

Catherine hid her smile at the nickname which told her that Sara wasn't mad at her, but more worried for her. "Sara, I know that you can do the case, you know I know that, but you also know that he wants me. He won't work the same for you and we might need something from him to solve this case."

"That's not really what I am pissed off about Cat and you know it." The brunette replied as she turned to Catherine and looked her straight in the eye. "I'm worried that he wants something from you. I'm worried that it is something that he might take if you don't give it to him."

"I know Honey." Catherine replied as she moved forward and pressed her lips to Sara's. "I'm not going to be alone with him at any time."

"I know Cat." Sara replied, "But that if he tries to take it?"

"Then there will be a cop in there with me who will restrain him while I get out of the room." Catherine replied as she eased Sara's arms around her. "Don't worry Honey."