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His hand in my hair pulled me up, and I didn't protest or struggle when he dragged me off the bed, throwing me to the floor. "Stay."

He strode out of the room, and I knelt up, sliding my hands behind my back, holding my head up and moving my knees apart. I watched the open doorway in apprehension, and my cock stirred, filling rapidly.

Damn. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I just didn't think: I let my curiosity get the better of me, as always. So of course the first time I am trusted to leave the house when Yassen was on a trip, I betray it by trying to contact Tom. I only wanted t speak to him -I just had to know how Jack was doing, to make sure that she was all right. She was fine of course, just like Yassen had said she was. The only thing I gained was his disappointment. And I'd have a very sore arse afterwards, and likely would all week too. I'm so stupid.

He walked back in in less than a minute, holding several items in his hands. He set them down on the floor behind me, before he reached around to snap a metal cold ring on. His dark chuckle at my groan made me shiver.

I stayed as still as possible as the hand now on my cock moved, giving me a few slow strokes that left me panting in frustration. The hand left me, and it's fingers traced upwards to play with my nipples. I squirmed, and it took all my will power to keep my hands laced together. God, he was evil.

Quickly his fingers traced further up, and they were mirrored with his other hand. Soon both hands were travelling down my arms, slowly, trailing and meandering along. They reached by wrists, and wrapped around them. Both wrists were then passed into his left hand, while he used only his right to somehow attach leather cuffs, buckle and clip them together.

I pulled on the cuffs as he stood up, revelling in feeling secure and safe at the same time as my belly twisted in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I wasn't disappointed, as his calloused hand threaded through my hair and pulled me roughly to my feet.

I shook- partly from desire, but mainly from fear. Yassen pulled him me the room, and down the corridor, into the spare room. He didn't own many of the traditional 'dungeon' equipment - here was no point when he might have to change homes every few months.

Instead, he brought old furniture, and modified it, adding hooks and padding where necessary. An old wooden table stood at waist height in the centre of the room, and I was directed onto it. I bent over face down, and watched as Yassen moved over to the one wall on his left. I could see him slowly selecting several chains, clips and cuffs.

I rested his cheek against the cold wood as he walked behind me. My legs were roughly spread apart, and cuffs placed around his ankles. As the table legs were too far apart, the chains were used to stretch my legs as far as possible. I groaned, feeling the strain already, but I didn't complain.

The assassin's hands, calloused from years of handling guns, travelled up the my captive legs. I shifted when the hands reached my ass, stroking it gently. Suddenly the hands left me, and instead began to rein down a flurry of hits, turning my ass bright red almost instantly.

As quick as it had begun, the spanking stopped, and the hands continued their journey upwards. They came to rest on the my cuffed wrists, fingering the leather slowly.

"Alex. Tell me what you did." Yassen had leant over and was speaking in my ear, sending shivers down the my spine. "Tell me why you did it, which rules you broke, and why those rules are there."

I sighed, and closed my eyes. The worst thing about Yassen's punishments was the disappointment in his voice. But the next worst was having to explain why, and then agree to the punishment.

"I didn't think, I just wanted to tell them I was alright, that they didn't need to worry. I didn't think about the consequences, and I'm sorry.

"You told me not to leave the house, and I did. I'm not allowed to leave without you in case there is someone watching the house. If they saw me on my own it would cause a lot of trouble for both of us."

Here I was interrupted: "and why would it cause trouble?"

"Because if one of McMullets men saw me alone then they might think that you had double-crossed them. If Scorpia found out I'm still alive they'd kill me, while if it was MI6 they would just blackmail me again."

"And I'm not allowed to contact Jack or anyone from home because people might find out. And that would cause the same kind of trouble."


"So I disobeyed you twice."

"And?" Fingertips traced down his spine. The room suddenly seemed chilly, all the heat having left.

"Huh? I don't-"

Yassen's hands dug into the tender flesh of my inner thigh. "think Alex. When you do something so reckless, you are putting yourself in danger. You are mine - that was what we agreed. So by putting yourself at risk, you are putting my property in danger. Because you didn't think."

I swallowed -he hadn't thought of it that way. "So I also endangered your property twice."

"What else- something that you've already said."

I looked up at him, and frantically racked my brain, going over everything I'd said. I was just about to give up,when i realised the answer; "I put you in danger too. I'm sor-"

"Shh. What is done is done. And while I can take care of myself, it is stupid to try to increase how many enemies I have- especially as I'd have to make sure hat you are safe as well.

"Now, do you accept whatever punishment I will give you?"

Alex nodded.

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