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"Shh. What is done is done. And while I can take care of myself, it is stupid to try to increase how many enemies I have- especially as I'd have to make sure hat you are safe as well.

"Now, do you accept whatever punishment I will give you?"

Alex nodded.

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Yassen moved away from me. When he returned, several items were in his hands- a leather paddle, a crop and a thin, whippy cane. They were placed in front of me- there was another two feet of table. Yassen walked behind me.

"This is for disobeying me by leaving the house alone."

Bare hands spanked me, the flurry of hits ongoing. Only when I relaxed, and sobbed, rather than thrashing about, did the onslaught cease.

"Shhh... You can do it for me Alex." Soothing touches along my sides and arms calmed me enough for him to continue. Yassen picked up the paddle, and gave it a few test swings to the side of me. Then he stepped closer, and I felt the hard surface resting on my already inflamed butt.

"This is for disobeying me by contacting your friends."

The hits began, heavier and harder with the paddle. My struggles began anew, even though I knew that it would only stop when I accepted it and lay still.

"Yassen! No!... Please... It hurts... I... Please stop..." I was begging brokenly now, unable to stop, desperate to get a reprieve from the blows.

Yassen stopped, putting the paddle back on the table in front of me, and pulled my head up with fingers harshly twisted in my hair. Then his other hand appeared holding a large ball gag, which he inserted and buckled tight.

He then began again, the blows systematically covering every inch of my butt and upper thighs. I cried out into the gag, sobbing uncontrollably, tears running down my cheeks.

Finally, when I no longer had the energy, and lay still, he stopped, and moved back around me to the front. The paddle was set down, and the crop picked up.

"This is for putting my property in danger- twice."

I yelled into the gag when I felt the solid strike of the crop. It really bit- because all the force behind each swing hit such a small area, it hurt a lot more. I knew I'd have welts at the end of this.

I was too exhausted to do anything more than release a muffled shout each time, and so the punishment didn't last too long, although my ass would've disagreed.

The hits slowed, then stopped, and the crop was placed back in front of me. The gag was removed, and as I stretched my jaw out, I looked up, confused- was it over? But then he picked up the cane, and I shivered, sure I couldn't take that on top of what I'd already suffered.

I opened my mouth to protest, but my jaw was gripped in one long fingered hand. "Just a little longer, Alex. You can do it."

It was only his unwavering faith in me that kept me from denying it. Instead I nodded.

Yassen looked at me proudly, and I gave a small smile before closing my eyes. I was ready - he must have understood, because he moved back to my rear end.

"This, Alex, is for not thinking first- this could all have been avoided if you had just thought about the consequences of your actions."

There was a pause, and then he began to speak again.

"I want you to count. You will thank me for each, and then ask me for another."

I felt the cane resting horizontally across my butt, and he made a couple of slow practice taps to judge the distance. Then the first strike landed right across the centre. A second, and then it erupted in a line of fire, and I shouted out a garbled "One!" before leaning my cheek on the table, gasping for breath. "Thank you... May I... Have another...?"

Another whoosh of air, a second delay, then instant pain. "Two!"


"This is the last one."

I nodded. This one hit the hardest of all, and I screamed out "Ten!!!" and forgot to breathe for a few seconds, before I thanked Yassen. He just bent over me, moved my sweat-drenched hair from my eyes, and told me he was very proud of me, for taking it all. And that I was forgiven.

That night, I lay in his arms, restrained only by his arms wrapped tight around me, holding me safe in his embrace as we slept. I slept soundly that night.

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