Title: Lust Induced Love: Chapter 2

Author: Reira

Warning: Yaoi (male/male relationship), unbeta-d, AU, (possible?) OOC, rushed

Pairings: ItaNaru (main), SasuNeji (side-pairing)

Disclaimer: Although I certainly would like to boast to everyone that Naruto is my creation, it is not. Naruto belongs solely to Kishimoto-san.


Sasuke scowled as his phone rang for the nth time that day. He had left Naruto in Kushina's care almost two hours ago and almost two hours ago, his phone had not stopped ringing. And it certainly didn't help that the caller was someone he was not fond of. He debated whether or not to ignore it or reject the call all together. The teen almost sighed in relief when his phone stopped ringing had it not started again with new vigor. He scowled, picked up his phone and flipped it open.

"What?!" He hissed in anger and irritation.

"Thank you for answering two hours later." Irritation seeped into the other's voice.

"Had you not been so incessant in calling, I wouldn't have answered at all, Hyuuga!" Sasuke would have glared at the brunette on the other end of the line; however, they were merely speaking through the phone.

Neji, on the other hand, decided to cut to the chase. "Meet me at your family café tomorrow at 9:00 AM sharp. Be there or suffer an emotional Itachi."

A beep signaled the Uchiha that Neji had cut the line. Sasuke's scowl deepened, if it was even possible. He tsk-ed before dropping his phone on his table. He plopped on the sofa and turned on the TV. Hyuuga be damned; he wasn't meeting the bastard tomorrow. He can perfectly handle an emotional Itachi.

It seemed that handling an emotional Itachi was not something he wanted to go through ever again! The Uchiha family had just finished a family meal and a family outing that consisted of going to a musical concert at six to seven thirty PM and then a family dinner at the most famous restaurant in Tokyo. And then, if that wasn't enough, they were to stay at the Uchiha mansion for the night.

Sasuke had to refrain from killing himself or his older brother several times. It seemed that not only was he emotional about the break-up, but he was all bitchy and bossy and he decided that Sasuke should also join him in his misery. Apparently, he also decided that his younger brother should also be his servant for the evening.

As soon as Sasuke reached his room, he locked the door and immediately dialed a hated number.

"Well?" Neji spoke as though he knew what had happened.

"Fine. But don't be late!" Sasuke snapped his phone shut and let out a frustrated sigh. He flopped down on his bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering if he could have done something to prevent the break-up of Naruto and his brother.

It would have saved them all of the trouble of wondering what to do with the two after having broken up. It would have saved him of being tortured and ignored and being turned into the scapegoat of his brother too! He let out a frustrated sigh once again before turning onto his side. Closing his eyes, he fell into a deep slumber.

The Next Day: 8:18 AM

Neji sighed as he walked towards the café he and Sasuke had agreed upon, a folder under his right arm and a blackberry on his left hand. He was currently reading the work he was supposed to be doing, but had left in his office and the numerous meetings he had cancelled for the sake of this "date". He idly wondered why he did such things for the youngest Uchiha.

He shook his head lightly, clearing away the "abnormal" thoughts he was having. Entering the café, he immediately scanned for Sasuke. Seeing no sign of the younger male, he walked over to a table at the corner, near the window. Almost immediately, a waitress presented him a menu.

Having already almost memorized the menu like the back of his hand, he ordered a cup of green tea. He opened the folder he had with him and began reading the reports on the status and findings on financial states of certain companies.

Minutes later, there was still no sign of Sasuke; however, Neji didn't seem bothered by it at all. Sometimes, his eyebrow would twitch in annoyance. Other times, he would lift his head up and stare at the wall in front of him for a few minutes before lowering again and reading as though he had not stared at the wall at all. A plate of biscuits was placed on his table a few moments ago, and he would sometimes munch on one as he read. He also didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that he had no company whatsoever.

The ringing of the café bell and the sudden panic that befell the waitresses alerted Neji of his companion's appearance. However, he didn't bother greeting Sasuke, nor did he bother looking up when Sasuke seated himself in front of Neji and began reading a couple of documents he had brought with him. The waitress who waited Neji earlier appeared and presented another menu, this time to Sasuke.

The young Uchiha heir ordered a cup of espresso and a plate of biscuits that Neji also had. No more than two minutes later, his orders were already served. The two men continued on with their own business, not bothering each other, as though this was an everyday occurrence. It didn't feel weird to both males and the atmosphere was beautifully calm and comfortable. After all, usually, they would be at each other's throats, or sprouting insults at each other.

Sasuke was the first one to break the silence with a question. Surprisingly, it wasn't about the topic they were supposed to be discussing. "Hyuuga," Neji lifted his head a little, a biscuit hanging off his mouth. "I heard a rumor that the Hyuuga Industry is having a bit of a financial problem. Is it true?"

Neji raised a brow as he took a bite off the biscuit. He swallowed before nodding. "Quite, yes. Having Uncle Hiashi and an employee talk in private wasn't really the best idea though."

Sasuke titled his head to the side, as though he was a child who was confused. "Uncle Hiashi? What does he have to do with that?"

Neji sipped from his now cold tea. "Everything,"

And thus, a conversation began. Both males didn't seem bothered by the fact that they were talking about family businesses nor were they bothered by the onlookers that they were gaining. They exchange opinions on petty and company matters and conversed as though it was an everyday occurrence.

It was about thirty minutes later that the topic on Itachi and Naruto was brought up. As soon as the words left Neji's lips, both males became quiet. Contemplating for a while, it was Neji who broke the silence this time.

"We need to get them back together." Sasuke glared at the Hyuuga, as though his statement offended him in many, many ways.

"Are fucking crazy?!" Neji, this time, glared at the Uchiha, thoroughly affronted. "The two of them will wreck havoc if they get together again!"

Neji massaged the place between his eyes in distress. "They're wrecking havoc now that they aren't together. It would be a tiny bit more peaceful if they have each other."

Sasuke's glare intensified ten fold. "No freaking way am I going to help you if that's your plan."

"Then what do you propose?" The Uchiha heir quieted down. Neji raised a brow. "Well?"

Sasuke looked everywhere but Neji. His foot began tapping rhythmically on the floor and he began chewing on his bottom lip, trying to think of something that can counter Neji's plan. A minute later, he came up with nothing.

Neji smirked. "What's wrong? Can't think of something better?"

As though it was second nature, Sasuke glared. "Shut up."

Neji's smirk widened. Thus, to Sasuke's regret, frustration and depression, the two of them planned out how they would get Itachi and Naruto back together. Really, it was quite easy since there would be three family gatherings that would be happening within the week. And if they would be able to get their friends to cooperate or help somewhat, then it would be a prefect plan.

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