Hullo there!

Wow. How long has it been since the last update? Nine months, right? Well then, sad to say there is no more updates. Not for this story, anyway.

Honestly, when I first started this I wanted it something to be like VexMaster's Imperium, but with my own twist. The OC was going to be a villain, I knew that. I add the religion then and laid it on nice and thick to try and parody it (didn't work out so I lessened the weight later on). But after 'several' re-writes I have an idea for the Covenant and I honestly don't want to write it down from beginning to end. But it was was nice, and it was fun and I hope that you did enjoy it. And to those who said it was awful because of the religious thing... meh, we're all entitled to our own opinion though I do agree it was too much. Instead I'm going to do snapshots, cut to the main events of the Covenant when its already established and start from there. If anyone is still interested, review please on this story. The later story won't be up for a bit.

Sorry there.