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Wedding Plans

Beckett: "I've never torn a picture of a wedding gown out of a magazine."

Castle: "You're lying."

Kate Beckett was sitting at home on the couch, legs curled up comfortably. In one hand she held a glass of wine, which she took a sip out. Another case was closed and she had the night to herself.

She opened the little notebook that was sitting on her lap and something fell out of it. She picked it up, it was a page with scruffy edges, torn right out of a magazine. It was silly of course, but for a moment she had thought that Castle knew about the little notebook she kept. God, she hated it sometimes when he just seemed to know things that she didn't want anybody to know.

Her finger slid over the picture. It was a picture of a beautiful wedding gown. A broken white strapless dress with a small train. It was elegant but simple. She tucked the picture back into the notebook and flipped through the pages. She stopped and looked at the picture that was glued to one of the pages of the notebook. It was a wedding picture of her parents. Her mother was wearing a dress similar to the one she'd torn out of a magazine a while ago. On the picture she could see her parents beaming with happiness.

She sighed and her mind wondered back to the day she'd started writing in this notebook.

It was the day of her parent's 10th anniversary, and the eight year old Kate was sitting on the couch with her mother. They were flipping through a wedding album with, in beautiful, elegant letters written on the cover, Jim and Johanna, April 15th.

"Mom you look like a princess." Kate said to her mother while she was looking at the pictures with a fascinated gleam in her eyes.

Her mother chuckled and stroked her daughter's hair. Kate looked up and asked with a serious look on her face, "I want to get married too."

"You probably will someday Katie." Her mother answered, trying to hide her amusement.

"No…" Kate started, her eyebrows knitting in a stubborn frown, "I want to get married next week." She said sounding determined.

"Oh, and who's the lucky man?" Her mother asked, with a smile on her face.

"I don't know yet, but I'm sure I can find someone in time." Kate stated and continued, "I want the same dress as you, and I want a really big wedding cake. And I want really pretty flowers, in all sorts of colors."

"That's a lot to take care of in a week, don't you think next week's a little bit too soon?" Johanna Beckett asked her daughter.

The youngest Beckett frowned thoughtfully before she replied, "Yes, you're probably right, I'll do it in two weeks." After she said that she jumped of the couch and was already planning on walking away when her mother pulled her playfully back on the couch.

"Katie, listen to me." He mother started in a soft tone. "I know it seems nice to have a pretty wedding with a beautiful dress and flowers, but weddings aren't about that." She paused and smiled at the sight of her daughter watching her, wide eyed. "It's about love. One day you will meet someone who will make a smile come to your face, someone that makes you feel warm inside, someone who loves you and will make you happy. And when you meet that someone, then you can have a wedding with beautiful flowers and a beautiful dress."

Her mother had take her to the closet and pulled a notebook out of it. She had given it to her and said, "You can write all the idea's you have down here. Write about what kind of wedding you want, one day you might need it."

The moment she had gotten that notebook she had started writing.

Kate Beckett flipped back to the first few pages of the notebook. Those pages were filled with her, bit messy, eight-year old handwriting. She dreamed off to 'her wedding'. She was standing in front of the isle wearing a beautiful wedding dress. She looked at her future husband. She stared into his bright blue eyes, took in his tall posture, his…

Wait, what?! What the hell was Castle doing in her imaginary wedding! Maybe as a guest, okay, but as her future husband? Stupid Castle, he was starting to worm his way into a lot of places he shouldn't, or rather, she didn't want him to.

As she tried to shake of all thought about Castle, all sorts of flashbacks started to run through her mind.

"He's all yours."

"Just because you can't see what's going on doesn't mean everyone else doesn't see what's going on."

"He is such a catch."

"One day you will meet someone who will make a smile come to your face, someone who makes you feel warm inside"

"I know he only dedicates his books to people he really cares for."

Aaargh, get yourself together Kate! She thought to herself. Castle was getting to her way more than he should.

At that moment her cell phone rang. Speak of the devil, she thought when she checked the caller id. "Beckett."

"Hey." Castle replied.


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