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(8) Song (8)
That night song after song flowed and so did my dance moves not once pausing nor tiring til the crack of dawn.

*End Flashback*

Chapter 17

Bella's POV

James was back to normal.


Ironically, we were on speaking terms now. He even started working. Leaving me home alone for hours on end. True to his word, I never managed to see the password on the electronic door. So in his eyes, there was no way I could possibly escape unless the roof of the house got torn off. Even then I would need an extremely tall ladder.

So I was at home. Subdued. Not without a price however.

I was James' caretaker.

While he was at work, I would have to cook, clean and iron his clothes or face his wrath when he came home.

Even as the captive I had to work for my food: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I told you my captor was twisted.

So my days became a fixed routine. James had never apologized for the kiss that had happened but thankfully he never accompanied me to the shower again and due to the black eye I gave him, he wore shades to work for the entire week after that. I admit I felt proud that I caused such fatal destruction to such a pretty face. Note the sarcasm because James' face was indeed not pretty.

It seemed like I was the only one who did not find him appealing because almost every night, he'd have a different girl home. She never saw me and I never saw her but I could certainly hear them when they got up to it in the early hours of the morning. He was such a man whore pardon the language.

Back to my complaint however, my life became routine. Every morning I would get up at six o' clock and cook breakfast for him. At seven, we would have breakfast together and while he was in the shower I had to iron and neatly pack out his clothing for him to dress for work. After he left I would sweep the house and dust which would take me to ten o'clock by when I had to begin preparing lunch for the bastard.

At exactly twelve he would come home and we would have lunch together. Then James' usually spent half an hour complaining to me about his morning at work before returning to his office. Did I mention that the bastard was a lawyer?

I would usually viciously think that the day he was caught for my kidnapping would be the day all his lawyer friends would abandon him because he was such a douche.

Anyways, after James had lunch, I had to do the dishes by hand and dry them too.

All because Mr. Perfect hated water stains on his counters.

I would have to tidy his room and mine and only after I dared to take a break. Did I also mention that he had no land-line phone? Convenient so neither would I place a call nor receive any to seek help to escape from James. So I watched television most days. Thank God he had cable.

If I did not watch TV I either listened to radio to keep up with the outside world or just lay on the cold floor to reduce the tension in my muscles until around two o' clock.

Then I would have to be on the move again. I would do the laundry and once again begin to cook dinner for James. Weird enough, he didn't like a fancy lunch but appreciated an elaborate dinner.

By the time I finished, James would be home and I would again have to serve him else go hungry for a day.

Knowing his routine and matching my life to his made me feel like his wife as opposed to the victim of a kidnapping.

Then one day a little while after, he bought a computer home. Better yet, a desktop which he couldn't hide in his room but rather he had to put out in the family living room area. I was happy and immediately began scheming.

The day after he bought the computer home, he attempted to talk to me...properly since a while back.

"So Bella how have you been?" he asked conversationally.


"But I treat you well,"he countered.

I shook my head, "Bad."

His eyes opened wide, "I do not treat you bad! You have everything you could need here!"

I nodded, "Bad."

He smiled sarcastically, "You aren't gonna say anything other than that are you?"

Deciding to have some fun, I changed my tone to one of inquiry, "Bad?"

His face began turning red as his eyes squinted at me, "You know what's bad? I kidnapped you, that's bad. I can do whatever I want to you and you can't resist and that's bad. You're trapped in here never to get out and that's bad. But the way I've treated you so far hasn't been bad at all!"

I smiled and nodded, "Bad."

With an irritated grunt, he set up his new desktop, put in his password and then went to bed.

What he didn't know was that I saw.

Not just his frustration while setting up the computer but also his frustration as he typed the password in. He did not know that his exaggerated punching of the computer keys allowed me to recognize his password. He would never know and as I schemed, I knew my freedom depended on his ignorance.

What made me feel conscious was the fact that his password was my name. No not 'Bella'. My full name. Isabella. Marie. Swan.

That night I came up with a plan. One that would hopefully save me and protect my identity at the same time.

So the next morning, I got up and followed my normal routine. Midday came. So did James' for lunch and I still did not put my plan into effect. Only after did I make a move.

After James' returned to the office, I started his computer, put in the password and took content in the hum as it started.

So far all was well.

Then I opened up his internet browser and logged in to an online chat site and mysteriously logged in as Brown Eyes. I would seek help.

That day, the first person who added me was a user named, "Pretty Pixie".

Brown Eyes: Hi!

Pretty Pixie: Hello. Nice to meet you.

Brown Eyes: Pleasure to meet you too! I need your help.

Pretty Pixie: Yes? What can I do for you?

I looked at the clock it was already two o' clock. I would need to get a move on before James caught me and dinner wasn't ready.

Brown Eyes: Will you be online tomorrow? I have to go now.

Pretty Pixie: Yes absolutely. If you don't mind me asking, where are you from.

I thought about this briefly. I was the victim of a kidnapping surely it wouldn't hurt to tell Pixie Eyes where I was from in case anything happened to me.

Brown Eyes: I'm originally from Forks.

I looked at the clock and began to panic. I would have to hurry.

Brown Eyes: Please be online tomorrow at one o' clock. It's urgent. I really have to go! Bye.

Pretty Pixie: Sure ok I'll talk to you tomorrow! Bye.

With that I quickly logged off and reloaded my homepage.

I quickly deleted my history and shut down the computer.

I felt the monitor.


It would be crucial that it cooled before James came home else there was no telling what he would do and with that I once again ran off to catch up my routine jobs before James came home and noticed something out of place.

As I went about my duties, a fire burned in my chest.

I was one step closer to freedom.

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