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Mark woke up from a loud scream right in his ear. He looked around only to find Maureen huddled in fear in the corner.

"Um…Maureen? Any reason why you're huddled in fear in the corner?"

Maureen just stared at him, wide eyed.


She pointed over to a group of six unrecognizable people who were sleeping next to them.

Mark screamed. Maureen screamed. Roger woke up.

"Why are you screaming?" He asked, wearily. Mark and Maureen pointed to the people. Roger lost it as well. He screamed like a frightened little girl, waking all the Bohemians up…except for Collins, who was in a deep sleep.

"What the hell, Roger? What's going on?" Mimi said angrily throwing off her night mask.

"Well, when Roger screams like that you know it's nothing good." Joanne commented, glaring evilly at Roger.

Roger led the Bohos over to the sleeping people to examine them.

"How did they get here?" Mark asked, carefully circling them.

"Well, Mark," Roger began. "It all begins when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much-!"


"Shhh!" Angel scolded. "You'll wake them up!"

But it was too late. One of the strangers, a young girl probably a few years younger than Mimi, stirred, slowly woke up. The Bohos all scattered across the room trying to hide themselves. They then realized that they were no longer in their loft. They were in a little room.

"Shit! Where the hell are we?!" Roger screamed all too loudly.

The girl sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked around to see where she was. Her face went blank and her eyes widened as she saw the Bohos all staring at her. She screamed, waking up the boy who slept next to her.

"What? Why are you screaming?" he asked, rather confused.

"Why am I-? LOOK!"

The boy looked over to the Bohos as well. "Holy Crap."

The girl sighed, relieved. "Oh, good. You see them too. For a second there I was half-considering laying off the pills…"

"DID YOU SAY PILLS?!" Roger screamed excitedly.

Mimi shoved him aside rather violently. "Shut up, Roger…no one has pills."

"I have pills…" the girl chimed merrily.

"Oh, God…" Mimi and the boy said together.

For a whole five minutes they continued to stare at each other. Angel was her usual smiley self, trying to give their guests a make-yourself-at-home feeling. Benny gave them all a cold glare because he's Benny. Joanne remained unchanged by the news, although she was pretty lost. Mark got out his camera and was filming the strangers. Maureen was too busy examining another boy who was still asleep on the floor. Mimi angrily glared at the girl, deeming her a bad influence on Roger. Roger stared happily at the girl, hoping if he was nice she'd share her stash. And Collins…well, Collins was still asleep.

"So, chica, who are you?" Angel asked, still smiling.

The girl just glared back. "Have enough coffee this morning?"

The boy next to her gave her an angry look, then she said back, bummed out. "Fine…My name is Natalie Goodman…I am very, um…pleased to make your acquaintance. There, Henry, you happy?"

The Bohos all looked around at each other…

"Can you wake up the rest of your minions?" Roger asked, eyeing what appeared to be a few bottles of antidepressants.

"They're not our minions…I wish they were…but they're not." The girl, whose name was Natalie sighed.

All of the sudden a booming voice came down from the heavens.

"HO! HO! HO!"

"Santa?" Maureen asked innocently.

"No! I'm Jonathan Larson! Your creator!"

Roger looked distraught. "But what about the stork and the-?"

"NO! I created you! You are all works of my genius mind!"

"Uh, newsflash, big, booming dead guy. We," Natalie commented pointing to herself and the boy, Henry. "are not owned by you. So…let us go."

"No! Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey have allowed me to own you guys for a day!"


The Bohos looked terrified. Angel's expression said, Yay! A new friend! Benny's said, I'm hallucinating…too much work…not enough sleep… Joanne's said, Um……no. Mark was too busy filming to have an emotion. Maureen's expression said, Wait. He created me? My mother said she did…could my mother have been wrong? Mimi's was Ok, I'm drunk. I'm gonna wake up in my room tomorrow and be hungover… And Roger's said, Wow…I've gotta lay off the drugs…

"So now," the Amazing Mr. Larson finished. "I will resurrect the dead, pull a few strings, and bring together the two most awesome and touchingly-realistic rock musicals of the decade: Rent and Next to Normal! MWUAHAHAHAHA!"

And then Jon was gone.


Everyone turned around as the few strangers on the floor were awakened. There was another young boy, roughly 18, who was brightly looking around, a woman who looked as confused as Benny in drag, a man who was trying to console the woman, and finally another man who wore an expensive business suit and a lab coat.

The Bohos all looked down only to find that, magically, they all had nametags on.

"Hey!" The boy, whose nametag read 'Gabe' in scratchy handwriting, shouted. "I'm ALIVE!" He merrily skipped around, enjoying life.

"That's all we need…"Natalie commented skeptically.

Maureen rushed over to the man whose nametag said 'Dan' and said in her most sexy voice. "Hi. I'm Maureen. I like protesting."

He gave her a confused look. "Um…I'm married."

Maureen looked puzzled. "That's an odd name…"

Joanne, who was standing behind Maureen, bitterly jealous, hid her face in the palms of her hands.

Roger had taken an interest to the man in the lab coat. He dragged Mimi over with him.

"My name is Roger. And you are…D…Drrrr…"

"That means 'doctor' Roger." Mimi said with fake optimism.

"Dr. M…Mmmmm…Maaaa…"

"Sound it out…"

"Mm-a-d…MAD! Ddd…ehh-"

"Today would be nice, Roger." Mimi commented, irritated.

"Madde..nnn..Madden! You're Dr. Madden!"

Mimi slapped her face, as the doctor slapped his own.

Mark, however, was too busy filming the woman, who was still utterly confused.

"But how in hell did I get in this box?"

"Don't ask me…I'm just a lonely filmmaker."

"Oh my God! I know you! You're….You're…"

Mark was about to call out his name, when the woman stopped him.

"No! You're…let's see, Bart? No, something with an 'M.' Mitchell? No…Marcus?"


"Mark! Oh my God! You're Mark!"


Everyone stopped and stared at them.

"You know her?" Roger asked Mark.

"You know him?" Both Natalie and Gabe said sarcastically.

"Yeah! Oh my God! We used to go out in high school!" Diana shouted all too happily.

Again, silence.

"Mark had a girlfriend?!" Maureen shouted laughing, tripping over Dan as he walked away. She quickly threw herself on the ground and wrapped her arms around his leg. He walked over towards Diana, as jealous as Joanne would be, dragging Maureen with him.

"WEEEEEEE! This is fun!" she shouted with glee on the floor. "Hey, Mark! Now you're not single anymore!"

That was the wrong thing to say apparently as she looked around at everyone's faces.

"What's wrong, Danny? Why are you tensing up in anger?"

"I'm not angry…AND DON'T CALL ME DANNY!"

Diana found a comfortable viewing place on the ground and laughed, "Ha…she called you Danny…haha…Danny…"

Dan threw her an angry glare. "It's not funny."

"YES IT IS!" she said, as she burst into an uncontrollable laughing fit.

Everything got quiet. All eyes were on Mark, who was paler than usual. "Um…I'm just gonna go over-"

"No, Mark! Don't let her get away that fast!" Roger yelled, thinking he was encouraging.


Dan's face was now as red as Angel's wonderfully made Santa dress.

"Whoa…" Gabe said, holding back frantic laughter. "Somebody's angry…"

"Shut up, Gabe…" Dan replied, shaking his head, trying to remember that his son was alive now.

"Hey!" Diana yelled defensively. "No one tells Gabe to shut up!"

"Why don't you shut up, Di?"

She angrily placed her hands on her hips and was about to respond with a nice strongly worded threat. She would've beat him to a pulp if Mark hadn't grabbed onto her.

"Um…violence isn't the answer…let's not get involved, Di-"

"Hey, no one calls her 'Di' but me!" Dan shouted at Mark, who recoiled by falling back only to be caught by Benny, who, once he found out it was Mark, dropped him on the floor.

"Wow, Dad…" Natalie commented, overlooking the situation. "You really have some commitment issues…"

"Joanne says I have commitment issues!" Maureen shouted, still holding on tight to Dan's leg on the floor. Everyone just stopped and stared at her, then at Joanne.

"Well, it's true!" She protested.

If only the silence had lasted…before long both casts began lashing out at each other.

"Ok, you," Dan said, very defensive, to Mark. "stay away from my wife. The rest of you keep the hell away from my family, and you GET OFF OF ME!"

He kicked Maureen off causing her to slide across the floor, landing at Gabe's feet. She looked up at him and said, "Hi. I'm Maureen."

All of the sudden Collins woke up.

"Man…my head hurts…where are we?"

Angel skipped ever so merrily towards Collins and explained, "Well, it's a long story, honey…"

"Mark and Danny-boy are fighting over a chick!" Roger shouted out, once again thinking he was helping…he wasn't.

"You better watch out, foo'!" Collins yelled at Dan, still not fully aware of the situation. "Mark'll whoop your ass good, boy!"

"I'd like to see him try…" Mimi commented to herself skeptically.

Mark looked frantically from Collins to Roger, who was smiling like an idiot, to Dan, who was giving him the most morbid-looking death stare.

"Me. You. Tomorrow at 3:00." he said and defensively walked away.

Mark went pale (well, paler than normal) and fell onto the ground.