A/N: So I waited about 6 hours all day to post my first story only find that nothing was uploading! Anyway, two days later here it is! Finally!

I have so many ideas floating around in my head lately, ever since i jumped aboard the Hotch/Prentiss ship, that i have to write them all down.

The title comes from the slogan of a mint lolly that you can buy here in Australia which are called Minties. On the wrapper they they have these cute little drawings that basically depict mishaps and unfortunate experiences and then it says "It's Moments like these you need...Minties."

Anyway you get the gist of it :) So this is just a short story i wrote of a Hotch/Prentiss moment where Emily says a little more than she intended. And let's face it, it's little things like this, on the show, that keeps us shippers happy! Anyway happy reading and i'd love to hear some feedback, however honest you must be!

Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds(*sigh) nor do I own "Minties" from which the title is from.

It's Moments Like These You Need Minties


"Hotch, no disrespect but maybe you should sit this one out"

"I'm fine, Morgan."

"Well we can't let anymore damage be done to your handsome face, can we?" said Emily in all seriousness, implying about the scars Hotch already had from the previous case.

The four of them fell silent. Emily looked around to the eyes which were all pinned to her. "What?"

"Handsome face?" asked Rossi from the other side of the room.

Confused, Emily looked at Hotch, who too had a puzzled look on his face.

Her eyes widened. Oh God. She had called him handsome! She had just called her boss handsome without even knowing it! And better still there were two other male agents in the room. Unable to look at any of them, Emily dropped her head, unsuccessfully trying to hide the blush that grew in her cheeks.

"I… What? No, I didn't really mean it... I mean, not to say that Hotch isn't handsome. I mean, He's definitely very handsome," Hotch's eyebrows quirked up slightly, "I just, didn't mean it that way…"

Hearing Morgan chuckle she looked up only to him and Rossi, making sure that Hotch was out of her peripheral vision. Sure enough, Morgan was laughing at her, but Rossi only stood there looking at her curiously.

God, how am I getting out of this one?

"Hotch? There's a man here who says his teenage son fits the profile," JJ poked her head in the room.

"A teenager?" asked Hotch. Emily mentally thanked JJ for her timing.

"He isn't within our age range, but Reid and I checked it out. It could be a reliable lead."

"Age is the hardest part to profile, isn't it?" commented Rossi.

They all looked at each other, "Okay, thanks JJ," said Hotch and he nodded at the rest of them.

As they all walked out of the conference room, Morgan caught up with Emily, "Don't you think you're gonna live this one down just yet, Prentiss. Real smooth."

She scowled at him. This was definitely not the last time she would hear of this.

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