"But professor-"

"No Ms. Weasley, I am afraid I am going to have to take away 20 points from Gryffindor for that and a week's worth of detentions." Neville Longbottom said flushing pink.

"Sir, you are being unfair. This is carrowous!" Rose Weasley said as she frowned, with her curly hair flying out of her ponytail and her bright blue eyes were wet.

Neville looked up her and cocked an eyebrow, "Did you just say 'Carrowous'?"

Rose looked at her Herbology professor confused. "Yes."

He looked at her truly stumped. "What in the name of Merlin does that mean?"

Rose looked up at him slightly annoyed, "Carrowous? It means torturous, evil, cruel, and unjust; this refers to the death eaters who were placed here in Hogwarts during the Great War." She said, sounding as if she swallowed a dictionary.

Neville let out an involuntary laugh.

"Rose," He said rubbing his neck nervously, "Do you really think I am like Amycus Carrow?"

"There was also Alecto, sir."

"I know that Rose. I happen to be a bloke so I know for a fact that Alecto and I are different, but do you really think because I can punished you, described as carrowous?"

"Well, it was unfair." Rose said sheepishly.

"Rose, it's true he tortured students for fun, but not the "detention on Saturday with 5 points off" kind of torture, it was the "Cruciatus Curse" kind of torture. I have seen my friends, even your aunt, be hurt by them. I would watch how you throw words around, for us who have lived through the war it can be taken quite differently than what you may think."

Rose paled considerably and hung her head.

"I'm sorry sir, I will be more careful."

"Bloody hell you will, next time you want to snog the living daylights out of a certain Malfoy, I suggest use don't use my greenhouse. I do not want to be the one explaining this to your father." Neville said returning to a pinkish tinge.

He and Rose shuddered at the same time, no doubt imagining the reaction if Ron Weasley was to find out.

"No sir, I will be much more careful."

"Please Rosie, do not let me catch you again, because if I ever had to face your dad with this…well let's just say THAT would carrowous." He pleaded as he went over to grab his cloak.

Rosie stifled a giggle as she left.

"Hello dear how was work?" Hannah Longbottom asked her tired looking husband.

"It was awful today, I just felt like everyone seemed to being getting in trouble in front of me, and you know I can't stand trouble. I am just glad I am home."

"It couldn't have been that carrowous." She said soothingly as she walked into the kitchen.

He looked up startled, "You know that word?"

He heard her tinkling laugh from the kitchen, "Of course, Alice and Frank always throw that word around when they don't get what they want, Especially Alice."

He suddenly had the mental image of his precious little Alice in the same position as Rose Weasley: caught in the greenhouse after hours snogging the life out of Scorpius Malfoy; it was enough to make him shudder.

"If I ever catch the bloke that would try that with my daughter, I will make sure he KNOWS the meaning of 'carrowous'." He growled, as his wife popped the head out of the kitchen to throw him a puzzled look.


"Oh nothing love, what's for dinner?" he said as he got up to help his wife in the kitchen, but inside he was secretly plotting the downfall of the unfortunate boy.

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