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Naruto Tenten's everything redux

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Tenten stood there looking down at her husband, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, who was smiling at her while bleeding heavily. He had just been hit by Sasuke's Kirin attack and was slowly dying from blood loss and Kyuubi could do nothing. The demon fox had come to see Naruto as a son, as he had come to see Kyuubi as the father he never had. So when Naruto closed his eyes, Kyuubi said, "I am sorry, kit."

Sasuke came and was mid swing with his Kusanagi sword when everything stopped and Tenten heard a voice say, "Would you like to start over and right everything that went wrong?"

She looked around and did not see anybody. Then there was a bright flash of light and there stood the Juubi no Kirin (mythical thunder beast).

Tenten yelled, "Please don't kill me! I need to live and give birth to our twins!"

The Juubi just chuckled and said, "Do not fear child I am here to offer you a chance to go back in time and change certain things in the past that made this dark future." She then began pointing to the black fire of the Amaterasu and all their dead comrades.

Tenten said, "Yes, I would like to change this, but what's the catch?"

The Juubi no Kirin said, "Call me Kairi and all you have to do is have Naruto go into the forest of death. There he will get his memories from this future and get the Kirin summoning contract. You will also hold my soul and become my Jinchuuriki and Naruto will continue be Kyuubi-kun's vessel. When your kids will be born and grow up, we will get married when we turn 20. Oh, and also, you need to know that Naruto's grandparents are Tsunade and Jiraiya of the Sannin. His grandfather on his mother's side was really Salamander Hanzo."

Tenten was wide eyed. She was so excited to be married to someone who was related to her idol. Kairi also told her that he would have a new bloodline that would give him all the elements, sub elements, and rare elements, plus make his bones sprout from his body and burst with flame to make flaming bone arrows and other weapons(think Spyke from x-men evolution). Tenten was awed because her husband would be more powerful than ever. Kairi then told her to tell Naruto to seek out Hanzo and tell him that he was his grandson and to prove it have him, to do a blood match test and then have him come to Konoha because Pein was going to kill him to take over Amegakure and start Akatsuki.

Tenten nodded and Kairi sent Tenten into the past.

When Tenten woke up, she found that she was in a weapon shop/house where she had lived with her father, Dustin Higurashi, and her mother, Gale Higurashi. She smiled and went down stairs to see her mom cooking breakfast and her dad sitting at the table cleaning a newly crafted pair of sais.

She had stars in her eyes when she saw these, and said, "Dad, can I see those please?"

Dustin turned around and smiled while passing them to her. She looked at them and noticed these were the sais she gave Naruto for an anniversary gift for their first year as husband and wife right before Team Taka attacked and destroyed the village and killed her Koibito (Male lover). Tenten then decided to tell her mom and dad everything that happened in the future. When they looked at her like she was lying, she asked, "Kairi is there any way to prove what I just told them?

Kairi said, "Yes child touch their foreheads, and say 'transfer memory,' and they will come into your mindscape and see what your saying is true."

Tenten nodded and said, "Mom, Dad, there is a way I can prove this to you, but you have to trust me." They both nodded and she said, "Mom, sit next to dad and do not worry about the food. You will only be out for a second when in the mindscape, even though it will feel like you were in the mindscape for days. Okay?" They both nodded and Tenten walked up and said, "Transfer memory," while touching their foreheads.

They woke up in a beautiful cloud like structure and thought they were in heaven when Kairi came in and said, "You are not in heaven, you are in Tenten's mindscape and what she said is true. I will show you the memories of what happened in the future. Sit down because this will take 6 days."

And for 6 days they sat there watching as Tenten was rejected by Neji, who said he did not love her, he just wanted to fuck her; Lee dying in her arms when he saved her from a Chidori from Sasuke; Gai dying from a Raikiri from Kakashi, who betrayed Konoha with Sasuke, because Tsunade loved 'the Demon' like he was her own grandson, which he was, but Kakashi didn't know that and he didn't care. Kakashi hated Minato for getting with Kushina and having a son because he thought that Minato would only need him as family. So he betrayed Minato when he left with Naruto and told Danzo that Kushina was married to Minato. Danzo kidnapped her and raped her relentlessly until he grew tired of her and executed her, right after he told Naruto she was his mother and that he kidnapped her when after he was born. Naruto became infuriated and that was when Sasuke used his Kirin attack on him. Sakura was killed by Suigetsu cutting her head off with Kubikiri Houcho (Zabuza's Sword). Karin had killed all the medics, with Shizune dying first; and finally Sasuke killing Naruto, and then going to kill Tenten when the deal was made and Tenten was sent here to right everything.

Then one thought went through their minds - was she still pregnant? Gale asked if she could take a look since she was a medic nin and Tenten nodded. When Gale checked, she sighed in relief knowing that she would not be a young grandma. She had Tenten when she was 16 years old and Tenten was now 13, so Gale was 29 now, which would make her a very young grandma. But she wondered who got her daughter pregnant in the first place.

Tenten said, "If I tell you, and you hate him, I will leave and hate you for the rest of my life."

Dustin and Gale nodded and she said, "Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze."

Dustin smiled because he was on Naruto's dad's team when they were Genin. They were even called the Flash Brothers because one could move at the speed of light, and the other could throw weapons at targets at light speed, and hit the bull's eyes when the target was moving. Dustin and Gale had tried to adopt Naruto because they had a marriage contract with Naruto and Tenten signed by Minato and Kushina themselves. When they found out that Tenten would be born 3 months after Naruto, Sarutobi said that he could not let them adopt Naruto because then Minato's and Kushina's enemies would figure out that Naruto was the Minato's son. So Dustin and Gale gave it up, but now they had a good reason to adopt him, and they would show Sarutobi his mistake.

Tenten just went off to the academy after saying goodbye to her parents, saying she wanted to get to know her future husband. Little did she know that at that minute Kyuubi was waking up and he said, "Kairi it has been too long. I can't wait to see you again."

Naruto looked around thinking he heard someone say something, and he said, "Did anybody say something?"

Sasuke looked at him and said, "Shut up dobe. No one said anything, you are so stupid."

Sakura had hearts in her eyes at how cool she thought Sasuke looked and sounded and then turned to Naruto and hit him and said, "Sasuke-kun is right Naruto no baka. You are a dobe you should not even be a ninja! You will just die on your first mission!"

What they did not know is that Iruka was outside the room fuming because he heard what the bit- I mean, Sakura and the Gay Avenger said to Naruto when Tenten came in and said, "Naruto can you come with me? We need to talk."

Naruto heard a voice in his head saying to go with her, so he got up, but right as he was going to leave the room Iruka said, "Sorry Tenten, but Naruto has to stay and listen to the lesson if he wants to pass tomorrow's Genin exam."

Naruto looked at him and said, "Whatever."

Naruto never doubted the voice in his head. It was never wrong, so he left with Tenten. Naruto wondered why he thought the voice was never wrong when he had never heard it before, he just shrugged and Tenten said, "Hey I was just going to tell you that I have liked you for a long time, but when you failed the Genin exam last year, I lost the courage to do so and started liking Neji Hyuuga, but he tried to rape me last night and said that he never loved me and never would. He just wanted to fuck me and I was scared and I still am, so I was wondering if you liked me too?"

Naruto smiled and said, "You are cute heaven-chan (Ten in Japanese means heaven and putting it twice means 2 heavens that is what someone told me I really don't know but just go with it because I will not change it)."

Tenten blushed; that was what he called her in the future.

Kairi spoke and said, "Kiss him on the lips and his memory will start to come back little by little. It will take a few days, maybe 3 or 4, and tell him that he needs to learn his new affinities, when he remembers about the future fully okay?"

Tenten nodded and looked at Naruto and said, "Hey Naruto-koi." She blushed but let it die down when she noticed he hadn't heard her. She called him and he turned around and she said, "Can I kiss you like a lover would? Just to see what it feels like?"

Naruto was shocked but nodded dumbly. She looked up and leaned in as he looked down and leaned in, and their lips met in a heated kiss and Naruto started to remember some things and deepened the kiss. Tenten moaned and Naruto grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze, causing her to moan louder and she was getting wet. Naruto started to lick her bottom lip asking for entrance. She allowed it and their tongues battled for dominance. Tenten finally gave up and let Naruto's tongue explore her mouth. He then started to kiss down her jaw line and then up to her ear. She was shivering from excitement and pleasure. Naruto then went for her collarbone and started to suck on her pleasure point. She was moaning really loud now but then she screamed in pleasure when his canines sharpened and he bit her pulse point marking her as his. A tattoo-like-seal, of a nine tailed fox with its fangs bore, appeared on her neck. Tenten did the same to Naruto and he had a ten tailed Kirin on his neck doing the same. Before they could go any further they heard a perverted giggle coming from somewhere close and Naruto punched the air to his right, and a shockwave of air shot out and hit something invisible in the tree causing it to fall down, revealing Jiraiya of the Sannin.

Tenten smiled and said, "Hey Naruto, did you know that this man is your grandpa?"

Jiraiya looked at Tenten and said, "I don't know what you are talking about. I haven't slept with any blond women."

Tenten snorted and said, "Oh you slept with one alright. You and Tsunade are Naruto's grandparents."

Jiraiya paled because he now knew that Sarutobi had lied to them and told them that Naruto died. But what she said next shocked him, "Kushina is alive, being held captive by Danzo who is raping her and plans to kill her in three years."

Jiraiya asked how she knew this and Tenten said, "We better go to my house so I can explain everything. Oh and can you teach Naruto shadow clones?"

Jiraiya nodded and they left for Tenten's home. When they got there, the Hokage was there waiting for them and said, "Tenten I am going to put up a sound barrier so no one outside this room can here okay?"

Tenten nodded and Sarutobi said, "Ok, can you prove you are from the future?"

She nodded and performed the memory transfer causing him and Jiraiya to see the same stuff as before, and both Jiraiya and Sarutobi were mad. They promised to kill the Uchiha if he got the seal, and kill Kakashi because he betrayed the village. They were surprised when they found that Tenten was the vessel for Kairi and that all tailed beasts were nice, except Shukaku, who had a crazy monk seal himself inside Shukaku to make him bat shit loco, and mother f-ing crazy.

That night, Naruto was trying to do shadow clones and Tenten was watching when all of a sudden, Ne Anbu came and surrounded him and said, "You will become a weapon for Danzo-sama."

Naruto smirked and said, "I don't think so. Call to the beast inside; free the street sharks!"

An animal spirit came out of nowhere looking at the Anbu and said, "Jaw some!" The shark went into the ground and started to shred the street and ate the Anbu, killing them. The street sharks looked at Naruto and nodded then left.

Tenten smiled remembering that attack. Only, he only had one street shark last time. Now he had 6.

Naruto turned and said, "Let's go tell Jiji."

Tenten nodded and then said, "After that we can do something, 'fun.'" Naruto knew from the way fun was put in quotation marks, she meant have sex. He blushed and blood came out his nose.

Sarutobi was mad because he had just killed 100 Root Anbu trying to kill him so Danzo could become Hokage. Sarutobi heard a knock on his front door and asked, "Who is it?"

While getting his Enma Henged staff ready to strike, he heard someone say, "Jiji it's me."

He sighed and opened the door and asked, "How can I help you Naruto and why are you not in bed?"

Naruto scowled and said, "I was attacked by Anbu wearing blank masks with the word Ne on them."

Sarutobi sighed and said, "Naruto we are going to kill Danzo tomorrow. I have a Summoning con…"

But before he could finish Tenten said, "Hokage-sama, I was told by Kairi to have Naruto sign the Kirin Contract."

Sarutobi nodded and said that this contract can be held by someone who already has a contract because they are not picky it was the street shark contract. Naruto smirked while Tenten gaped. Naruto saw Tenten gaping so he went over and kissed her. She responded by kissing him back and moaning.

Sarutobi was sent back via jet pack nose bleed and said, "Please don't do that in front of me."

Naruto said, "We were just kissing."

Sarutobi said, "No, I am talking about you rubbing your knee in her crotch making her moan that loud". They both blushed not knowing they were that loud.

Naruto then went to the forest of death with Tenten and Sarutobi and found the Kirin contract in the middle of the forest guarded by Cerberus, the Guardian of the underworld gates.

He said, "Why are you here Ningen? I should kill you for disturbing Kairi and Kyuubi-sama's nesting grounds." Cerberus sniffed the air and stiffened and said, "Forgive me; I did not know you were their vessels."

Tenten said, "Kairi said she wants you to hand over the Kirin and Fox contracts."

Cerberus nodded and Tenten signed fox contract while Naruto signed the ones for the Kirin, and then they both signed Street shark. They performed the hand signs and three large puffs of smoke appeared. And when the smoke cleared, there stood three very big, bigger than the three legendary Sannin boss summons.

The Kirin looked around and said, "Who summoned me? I need to test them."

Naruto stepped forward and said.

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