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"Who Summoned me?"

Naruto stepped forward and said, "I did. I hold Kyuubi in a seal because my father sealed him into me."

The Kirin looked at Naruto and asked what he would use their summons for and Naruto said, "To protect those who are precious to me, and the village, even though they hate me for something I had no control over."

The Kirin nodded and said "I see no lies in your memories or statements. You have my permission to summon us. By the way my name is Silvia."

"Who Summoned Me?" said the Kitsune summon.

"It was me, Tenten, holder of the Juubi no Kirin."

"Very well you may summon us because you have Kairi-sama in you and he has Kyuubi-sama in him."

"Who summoned us?" said a pair of humanoid sharks that were as tall as the Kirin and Kitsune (think Jab and Slammoo).

"We did. We were hoping you would let us summon your clan when we need help."

"Yes you may, because you guys are the first to ever be able to summon us, but if you turn evil, we will cut our contract with you. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Tenten and Naruto said. The summons nodded and they all left back to the summon realm.

Naruto, Tenten, and Sarutobi were about to leave when Cerberus said, "Turn around young ones. I need to mark you with my clans summoning tattoo; the hell hound clan."

Sarutobi was wide eyed and slack jawed. The hell hound contract had been thought a myth; no one had ever found it and it was said to be the strongest contract, under the Bijuu contracts.

2 days later

Naruto was sitting in his new kitchen with Tenten and his grandparents, Jiraiya and Tsunade, when Jiraiya said, "Alright gaki, you ready to learn the Shadow Clone technique?"

Naruto just looked at him and said, "Finally! Let's go!"

They got outside and Jiraiya showed Naruto the cross shaped hand sign and said, "Shadow Clone jutsu." Another Jiraiya popped up.

Naruto practiced for about an hour until he got it down. What he did not know was that Tenten was watching him make Shadow Clones while raping him with her eyes. But, Naruto did notice the far off look on Tenten's face and the drool coming from her mouth and chuckled because he figured out what she was doing. He walked up to Tenten and placed a kiss on her lips. She snapped out of it and kissed back. When Naruto felt her kiss back he stopped the kiss and Tenten moaned in disappointment. Tenten asked Naruto why he stopped and he just said it was time to start the change in appearance. Tenten felt her body changing, maturing. Her tits went from a small B cup to a large C cup. She got a little bit taller and gained a little muscle that made her look sexy. Naruto's transformation caused him to get taller – about 6 foot 4 – very muscular, but the muscles would not make him slower. His face lost all the baby fat and Tenten gasped when she saw who he looked like.

She whispered that Kairi was not lying when she said he was the grandson of Hanzo the Salamander. Unknown to Tenten and Naruto, a toddler sized Salamander was watching the changes and did the salamander equivalent of a gasp when he saw that Naruto looked like his summoner when he was younger. Then it left to go tell Hanzo, who was on his way to the Leaf after narrowly escaping Pein and his bodies. Hanzo had sent a Salamander to inform his old friend Sarutobi that he would be coming to the Leaf because of a coup that almost cost him his life. The salamander finally made its way back to Hanzo and told him he had a grandson in the Leaf that was treated like crap because he was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. When Hanzo heard this he was mad because Danzo told him his daughter, Kushina, and her son, his grandson, both had died when the Kyuubi attacked. He was going to kill Danzo for lying to him.

In Konoha, Danzo was sitting in his office when he felt a shiver going down his spine.

Hanzo was also angry because his daughter was still alive in a torture chamber where she was tortured by Danzo and his men, and raped multiple times a day, and his grandson was mistreated because he held the Kyuubi, meaning he saved the village but they saw him as the demon. Hanzo then used his super speed teleport to get to Konoha faster. When he got there, he just teleported to the Hokage's office and knocked out the secretary, then knocked on the door he heard a 'come in.'

He opened the door to see Sarutobi talking to what looked like a younger version of his self and said, "Excuse me Sarutobi, but what is that young man's last name?"

Sarutobi looked at Naruto then paled as he saw that he looked like a younger version of Salamander Hanzo. He said, "Uzumaki."

Hanzo then asked if his mother was Uzumaki Kushina, and Sarutobi nodded. Then Hanzo said, "Did you know that Kushina is my daughter and is still alive and being raped by Danzo who told me she died, along with my grandson?"

Sarutobi had a dark look on his face because he did not know that Danzo had the princess of rain and whirlpool as a personal fuck slave right now and if he didn't do something then Hanzo would tell Jiraiya and Tsunade, and they would raise hell on the village.

Sarutobi said, "I did know Danzo had Kushina because we have someone who came from a destroyed future by making a deal. It is your grandson's girlfriend. They just got together after Naruto taught her how to use the shadow clone technique and they have a date right after this meeting."

Naruto looked at Hanzo and asked, "Are you really my grandfather?"

Hanzo looked at Naruto and said, "I guess so. after you're date I am going to put you through boot camp from hell and you will sign the Salamander contract because I am getting old and I need a Successor to the contract."

Naruto nodded and took Tenten's hand and said, "shall we?"

"We shall."

They went to the top of the Hokage Monument and saw some clones setting up a picnic with grilled chicken, some tempura, and strawberries, and whipped cream for the strawberries. They ate the food and fed each other every now and then.

Naruto saw that they were at the last strawberry and said, "I have an idea. I'm going put the strawberry in your mouth and then I'm going to kiss you and we eat it together while kissing."

Tenten blushed but did so anyway and they kissed for 10 minutes straight when they needed to get some air.

"Wow," they both said.

Then Tenten said, "Let me give you a taste of heaven."

Naruto knew what this meant and said, "Let's go to my room." He teleported to his room and Tenten took off Naruto's shirt and pants. Naruto ripped Tenten's top off and sucked on her tits and Tenten was moaning in pleasure at how good this felt. Naruto then started to remove her thong and licked her clit and she gasped at how hot she was feeling right now.

Tenten finally said, "Naruto-kun, take me now. Please, I need you."

Naruto nodded and took his boxers off and said, "Are you ready?"

she nodded and said, "Slowly since I have my Barrier again and it will hurt when you break it." He nodded and slowly entered then started pumping slowly.

after about 5 minutes Tenten said, "Go faster; fuck me harder."

Naruto started going faster and harder as his girlfriend asked, and she was enjoying it a lot.

The next morning Hanzo was looking for his grandson when he heard, "Fuck me Naruto-kun; make me your bitch." Hanzo was grinning on the inside and a chibi him was doing the victory dance while holding a sign that said 'my grandson is a man.'

Hanzo said, "I will train him later. Right now he needs to have his fun."

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