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It was around noon when Naruto and Tenten came out of their room. They had just finished fucking each other's brains out and Tenten was glowing. She was very happy because she had talked Naruto out of wearing his evil orange jumpsuit and told him that they were going shopping for some good clothes at her parents' ninja store.

When Naruto and Tenten arrived at Higurashi's ninja store, Gale and Dustin were standing there talking at the counter when they saw Naruto and Tenten walk in. They both smiled at them and Gale said, "Tenten we have the clothes you requested yesterday, and your father is putting the seals and metal plating in them right now. He needs a little bit of Naruto's blood so the seals work, and he needs to know what you wanted written on Naruto's birthday cake."

Tenten said, "Have it say, 'Happy Birthday Naruto. Knock three times to get a surprise.' (you see Tenten got Naruto one of those hollow cakes that a stripper pops out of, but instead of a stripper, it will be Tenten, naked in chocolate sauce and whip cream)."

Gale said, "So you are still going to do this? You know, you remind me of how I did something similar for your father."

Naruto was talking to Dustin about weapon affinities (weapon affinities are like elemental affinities - they are what you will be good at) and Dustin was looking at Naruto's weapon card, shocked because he had only heard of this weapon and its affinity. You see Naruto's weapon affinity was beam weapons. They were said to be stronger than even the Kusanagi and the seven swordsmen of the mists' swords combined, as long as you have the Chakra to keep them active. But what freaked Dustin out more was that he also had an affinity to soul weapons. Soul weapons were said to be given to the sun god's chosen champions. The only other people he knew that had this affinity were his daughter, and one of his best friends, Hayate Gekko.

Tenten was talking to her mom when the bell rang above the door signaling someone had come inside the store. When she saw who it was, she growled - it was Kakashi Hatake. Gale, Dustin, and Naruto all heard Tenten growl, and when they saw who it was, it took all they had to be nice until they got Kushina safe from Danzo.

"What can I help you with Kakashi-san?"

5 hours later

Naruto was sparring with Tenten when his Grandpa Hanzo showed up and said, "Hey Naruto, we need to start your training if you know what is going to happen 3 days from now?"

Naruto just nodded; he was ready to start training and save his mom from Danzo. Hanzo summoned a purple salamander with a white face, red lips, and green hair, and said, "Joker, I need you to give me the salamander contract so I can let my grandson sign it."

Joker nodded and spit up a huge contract. (You know what happens next so on to Naruto doing the hand seals.)

Naruto bit his thumb and did the hand seals saying, "Summoning jutsu." He summoned the boss summon, a 3 headed dragon named Scourge (do not own Transformers Cybertron).

"Hanzo what can I do for you? It does not look like there is a battle going on."

"Scourge-sama, I am sure that Blaze told you about my grandson in the leaf after we found out about him."

"Ah yes I remember. I am guessing you want me to allow him to summon my clan when he needs us. That will be fine; I have looked into his past and deem him worthy to hold the contract when you pass on."

"Thank you my friend. I will allow you to go back to the summoning realm to rest."

With that Scourge left in a puff of smoke

For the next three days Hanzo drilled and trained Naruto into the ground. He also was wearing his new clothes. Naruto had red hakama pants with white lightning going down the sides and a black vest with a gold Uzumaki swirl on the back, and under that his name in the future bingo book – The Warrior of Gaia – because of his bloodline.

Naruto was looking at the council doors; they had called a council meeting and were going to tell the Council, Naruto's true heritage, and while that was going on, Shadow clones of Naruto and his Grandfather Hanzo went to the root hideout to free Naruto's mom and Hanzo's daughter. They found her about to be raped by none other than Kakashi.

When Kakashi saw who was entering the hide out he smiled and said, "Well, I am going to fuck your mom in front of you Naruto, or should I say, Demonic spawn scum."

Naruto's clone did some hand seals behind his back and switched places with the real Naruto and he did some shinobi hand language to tell Hanzo to stay hidden for a while.

Naruto said, "Kakashi, for raping my mother and helping Danzo, you are sentenced to death."

Kushina heard this and said, "Naruto."

Naruto started to do hand signs as a distraction for his bloodline, Gaia's Fury, and he said, "You should feel honored Kakashi; you are the first to witness this new bloodline. It has never been used; I am the first to ever wield it."

After He said that, bones sprouted from his body covering him in armor. He then had a bone come out of his knuckle and had it catch on fire. Kakashi smirked thinking he would get a new technique for his collection. He frowned when he found he could not copy it and thought it must be a weak attack if he could not copy it.

The battle between Naruto and Kakashi begins next time

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