Here everyone! Here is my "new" story. I am taking the dialogue from some chapters of Iming with the Cullens and the Wolves, and encompassing it within a story. Totally abiding by all rules of fanfiction. So take THAT LU! This is where the Cullens write a play. Does anyone smell a loophole, because I do haha!

Alice POV:

I was bored! Absolutely, undeniably, and inexplicably bored. There were lots of things to do in the Cullen mansion, but none of those things seemed to appeal to me today. I turned on the television to see if there was anything good on. I came upon a documentary about writing plays. That's it! We can write a play!

I raced downstairs to tell the others.

"Guess what!" I cried, jumping up and down.

"What, Alice?" asked Edward.

"We are going to write a play!" I announced excitedly.

"A play, huh? That does sound like fun." said Carlisle.

"Hell yeah!" yelled Emmett.

"Alright, auditions for the lead will take place…um…right now!" I told them.

After auditions were completed, it was decided that Jasper was to be the lead (not that I had any influence over that or anything haha!).

We all sat down and began to write.

"So, what should this play be about?" I asked.

"Well, Jasper has an unusual weakness to colored duct tape, so I suppose that would be a rather fun play." suggested Edward.

"That sounds great!" I exclaimed, "It shall be called Jasper and the Case of the Colored Duct Tape."

"Okay, who wants to start?" I asked.

"Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!" cried Emmett, jumping up and down.

"Okay, you start." I told him.

Emmett grabbed a pen and some paper and began writing furiously. He probably had never thought so much in his entire life as he was now!

After a few moments, Emmett yelled: "DONE!"

"Alright, Emmett. Let's hear it." I said.

Emmett began to read what he had:

"Alice and Jasper enter the living room where Bella and Edward are sitting.

Alice- Hi guys!

Jasper- (sighs) Hello.

Bella- What's wrong with you?

Alice- I duck taped him to a chair to stop him from avenging the Confederacy

Edward- Wait...Jasper, you're a vampire. Can't you break free?

Jasper- You don't understand, it was COLORED duck tape!

Edward- What makes it different from regular duck tape?

Jasper- I am mesmerized by the vibrant colors! I want to leave! But I CAN'T!

Bella- okay… I'm just gonna go now…

Bella leaves room.

Alice- okay Jazzy. Time for lunch

pulls out a red leash and collar made of duck tape

Jasper- NO! Not the collar and leash! Anything but that!

Alice- Sorry Jazzy, but I can't let you sneak off to avenge the Confederacy when I'm busy hunting, and look it's made of colored duck tape!


End Scene."

"So, what did you think?" asked Emmett.

"That was BRILLIANT!" I exclaimed.

"That wasn't half bad." commented Edward.

"I got a part, yay!" said Bella.

"Now, lets all go do…what we were doing before this, and we'll come up with the next Scene tomorrow." I said.

Ah, the fun we shall have, muahahahaha!

How was that. See, totally not against the rules because it is a "real" story with the play ENCOMPASSED within it haha! Please Review!