Lilly potter sat up sharply in bed and tried not to cry as she remembered the dream she'd just had. She'd been prone to having dreams foretelling possible futures since she'd turned 12. This thankfully was one of the ones she could influence as she'd seen 3 possible futures. For a moment she simply gazed down at her husband, James, in horror and disgust. The one thing she'd seen that was actually finite was that he would hurt their son. She couldn't understand it. James loved both of his sons, so how could he do what she'd seen in her dreams?

She wanted to believe it was just a nightmare, but years of experience with her visions had taught her differently.

In one vision she'd seen her youngest son Harry, banished to the basement, looking thin and won, having never seen the light of day. She'd seen Sirius, Remus, and Severus mourning the loss of her child, for the wizarding world thought him dead and only James knew of his existence.

The second and third vision shared a common beginning, and she saw James throwing their small child down a well – of all things – from there her two visions diverged. She saw Harry grow up to be a thin, delinquent criminal, who drank and gambled in back allies. Had countless tattoos, and a long thin scar running across his face, through one permanently white, unseeing eye.

She'd also seen the drugs, and the violence.

All because he'd been abandoned, left for dead by the man who should have loved him and kept him safe.

But her third vision gave her hope. She saw a little girl, holding her little Harry, and then in a flash she saw both children change. Black hair to silvery white, only their eyes stayed the same – and she heard the one thing that both broke her heart and gave her hope. She heard both of those small children give a joyous shout of "Uncle," before running off to glomp a man in strange clothing. It looked like a fur kilt; made of a wolf's pelt with the tail still attached, matching boots (that didn't cover his toes) and what looked like Japanese Samurai armor.

She swallowed, a blood adoption then – and not one of the one's done today. No from the looks of it this was a complete transformation, erasing any trait, and trace of his original parentage. Closing her eyes she vowed to find the proper spell and set it in her young son – so that all that was left was for his new family to add their blood. She wouldn't allow either of the other two visions to come to pass.

As she got out of bed to visit their extensive library she had to wonder – where was she in her child's future?


Lily was exhausted by the time she found what she was looking for in a ancient text entitled cruor alica , venenum quod ritus which meant blood spells, potions and rituals. She'd been searching the family library for nearly 3 days when she'd finally thought to check the ancient Latin Spell book that Severus had secretly gifted her with upon their graduation from Hogwarts school of Whichcraft and Wizardry. It had only taken another hour to find the spell she needed in the 1546 page long, leather bound, parchment tome. But at least she now had the answers she sought.

The spell itself was called the Verus Cruor Adoption or the True Blood Adoption. It was a long and complicated spell, requiring both ritual spell casting and an excruciatingly complicated potion. She sighed – a potion that complicated was beyond her abilities. Particularly not when the potion, called for the individual brewing and eventual combining of several other potions, with an elixir made from phoenix tears, unicorn hair, and Demon's blood. There was no way she could brew this by herself – even if she was given a century.

She had a feeling her time was running thin.

However she knew a potions master who should be more then capable of brewing such a complicated potion and would likely relish the challenge.


Severus Snape potions master and spy of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry looked up from the startlingly puke green potion he was currently stirring at the sound of his Floo activating. Lily Evens – as he always thought of his childhood friend - stepped lightly into the room.

"did you get it?" he asked, giving the concoction three more clockwise stirs.

In answer she held up a small brown paper bag.

Severus grimaced not really wanting to think about how his long time friend had gotten her hands on one of the items in that bag. The hairs she'd likely pulled from James's brush, the blood could be spelled into a vile with a quick charm but the man's seed – that must have taken a bit of work. The potion called for the release of the child from the bounds and ties of his original kin into the hands of his new family. In order to do that parental ties had to be severed.

Lily had already given some of her blood and hairs, and that particular potion sat in stasis on one of his counters. Now all they had to do was create the potion that would sever the boy's ties to his father and his line. Carefully he added the blood hairs and semen, stirring slowly until the potion turned a light pink.

That done he turned to his carbonate and liberated a small glass vile, carefully he tipped the required three drops of Nicolas Potter's blood into the caldron and watched as a small puff of smoke rose from the softly simmering masterpiece.

That done he looked up at lily, "the potion will be done Friday evening. Bring your son then, and we will finish this."

The woman nodded tears streaming unchecked down her cheeks. He longed to comfort her, but refrained – it wasn't his place. James was her mate not him.


Lily smiled down at her 6 month old baby boy. It would all be over in a few minutes. She glanced over at her friend Severus was currently using chalk to draw out the ruins for the ritual, on his office floor. She blinked back her tears and reminded herself that this was for the best.

After a few minutes he was done and she carefully placed her child into the center of the runic circle. Stepping back and taking up her place outside the circle she began the spell.

Vegrandis parvulus (small child)

lux lucis of meus pectus pectoris (light of my heart)

in periculosus nos eo (Into danger we travel)

A locus EGO cannot servo (A place I cannot protect)

Absentis EGO transporto vos (Away I send you)

Trans mitis ventus (Across gentle winds)

Sedo aequora (Calm waters)

Alcedonia silva (Tranquil forests )

Ut safetyâ€s ianua (To safety's door)

May vos teneo gaudium (May you know happiness)

Salus quod diligo (safety and love)

Permissum nostrum ties iam exsisto districtus (Let our ties now be severed)

In totus tamen monumentum (In all but memories)

May unus quisnam mos servo vos (May the one who will protect you)

Effundo cruor (Shed blood)

Spill cruor (Spill blood)

Ut servo vos tutus (To keep you safe)

Exsisto remuneror (Be rewarded )

Per ties of propinquus (By ties of kinship )

Quondam Sundered (Once Sundered)

Ex iam in infinitio (From now into eternity)

May vos ingredior(May you walk)

Per alius nomen (With another name)

Tear streamed down her cheeks as she finished the spell and drew a silver blade across her palm letting her blood fall onto the ruin etched stone. Across from her Severus –who was standing in for James- tipped the vile he held until the blood fell to the floor with a hiss like water hitting white hot stone.

There was a flash of light and for one second her world spun with a vision of the future.

She saw an enormous white dog and a smaller but still huge, green eyed, puppy.


Lily gathered her son in her arms content in the knowledge that whatever happened at least he would be safe and bid her childhood friend farewell. A quick spell had taken care of the mess there ritual had created, and now despite her longing to stay and catch up – Albus, had requested that she and James come to the castle with their children.


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