Dear Father:

Allow me to apologize for my lack of

I have been accepted into Slytherin house

The Boy you suggested would make a good ally has pointed out some interesting

Draco groaned as he stared at the letter he was attempting to write to his parents, and refrained from doing anything as idiotic as banging his head against the desk. He had so much to tell his father that he honestly didn't even know where to start. Did he start by apologizing for not writing home since starting school? did he start by telling his father that he'd been accepted into Slytherin house as they had all expected? Did he simply give an explanation of Hyorimaru's unusual strategies and request advice? Should he tell his father about the stunt professor Potter had pulled and Hyorimaru's immediate retaliation? Should he tell his father about the strange and horrific Howler his friend's father had sent in reply? One thing was certain, Hyorimaru was the strangest Slytherin he'd ever met. He was the only one – so far as Draco knew – who had already started to acquire allies from other houses. In fact the boy was currently actively seeking them out – so far the boy had recruited the mudblood Granger from Ravenclaw and was looking at other students from the other houses as well. Not all of them in their year.

Draco remembered the argument that had taken place within their common room over the other boy's bizarre behavior. Hyorimaru had argued that if he was to have advisories within the other houses then he needed allies as well – after all if he had allies within the other houses then nowhere was truly out of his reach. The other boy had even justified befriending the mudblood by informing the rest of the Slytherins that she was smart and would likely end up a master of whatever field she chose.

Draco didn't know if he approved – but he could see the other boy's logic. Should he try to befriend the girl? Or should he merely keep her acquaintance and allow himself to remain neutral? Should he risk his father's wrath by asking for advice on that front?


Albus was a patient man; years of working with adolescents who were often anything but rational had taught him the value of patients. Still some things were just too much. He would have sacked any other teacher for the stunt James had pulled earlier, but the man had insisted that if he was let go he would take Nicolas to another school, like Dermstrang or one of the few Magical schools in the orient. The fact remained, young Nickolas was safer at Hogwarts then any of their rival schools - and Minerva would likely skin him, if he let the pride of her house and the son of her favorite student attend another school.

He sighed as he settled himself .

For the child's good, he'd allowed James to stay on. But he'd had no choice but to ensure that the man did not teach the Ravenclaws or the Hufflepuffs - thanks to Ms. Granger none of the younger years of either house would be taught by the man and the older Hufflepuffs stood by the younger as was their way. The older Ravenclaws being intellectual had no such issues but still it meant that he had a lot of work to do rearranging their schedules to handle the problem. At the moment it looked as though he would have to put the upper year Hufflepuffs with the upper year Slytherins for that one class and rearrange the rest were he could.

To make matters worse James was currently pressing to have Quidditch team tryouts opened to Nickolas this year. After months of arguing - most of which had taken place over the summer Albus had decided to allow it. In the interest of fairness however, he was going to allow all four houses to hold a special open tryout. He doubted many - if any of the teams would find first string players among the first years. The most that was likely to happen was one or more of the rather resourceful Quidditch captains would find themselves a few promising players to train up as alternates.

He refrained from sighing when James finally arrived for the teacher's meeting. He held this meeting two weeks into every term to discuss the children and any issues that may have come up.

Severus shot the man a disgusted glance but thankfully refrained from saying anything.


Hyorimaru growled under his breath as he contemplated the Gryffindor idiots in his year. Nickolas Potter was too much of an idiot to be worth the time and energy an alliance would require. His fame could have proved useful and his arrogance a lovely weakness that could be used but the other boy was not worth the effort. Weasley was a moron with absolutely no influence to speak of. Thomas and Finnegan were less than ideal. Longbottom was … inept but he did have potential, his biggest weakness being his lack of confidence and shy streak.

From what he'd seen so far the only Gryffindors who were worth his time were the Weasley twins, but he truly had no idea how he was going to recruit them into an alliance. Longbottom would do for now, according to Draco the boy came from an influential family and was their only possible heir. The problem was he didn't think any of the damned lions would associate with a 'lowly Slytherin'.

So how should he go about cultivating an alliance?

If his textbooks were to be believed, then Potions and Herbology went hand in hand, and an aptitude for Herbology should translate to at least a proficiency in Potions. However the Gryffindor couldn't seem to go a single lesson without melting his cauldron at least once.

Maybe if he offered to tutor the boy?


Neville Longbottom sighed, his life was over. He'd had detention with Snape after every class since he'd started at Hogwarts. Granted he'd only had four classes with the man so far, but he was dismal at potions and the professor had threatened to write his grandmother and demand that she replace the cauldrons he'd melted if his work didn't improve to the point that he was only melting one per class. He groaned and buried his head in his hands. He'd been rather summarily ostracized by his house last week after professor Snape had deducted 50 points after his horrid potions skills had not only melted his cauldron but three others and sent 10 students to the hospital wing with burns, and boils. Even Nick wasn't talking to him and they'd been friends for as long as he could remember…. Actually now that he thought about it he vaguely remembered a nick with green eyes rather than hazel. He guessed that would be Harry/Hyorimaru.

He wandered through the herbology section of the library in search of a book on a plant meant to bring good luck to its keeper, maybe if he could get his hands on said plant then he'd have better luck at potions and with his abysmal memory. It didn't take him long to find a book on rare Scottish plants.

Hopefully it would be in there.

With a little luck it would be something he could get without his Grandmother's money, help or permission.

He made his way over to a small alcove in an out of the way corner of the library, settled himself into one of the plush chairs set his potions homework down on the small table and opened Rare magical plants of the Scottish Moors.

He'd read through the book in the hour that had passed and having found nothing more useful then muggle myths about four-leaf clovers and how to use them to brew a low level luck potion. He wanted to scream with frustration.

"You know," A soft cultured voice said from just across his small table. "With your skill in Herbology you should be at least proficient in potions. Perhaps we can be of use to each other."

His head snapped up and he locked eyes with Hyorimaru, Nickolas's disowned twin brother. The boy's oddly colored Gold ringed green eyes shown with a cool intellect. Nevil lifted his chin and summoned up his Gryffindor courage. "I'm in enough trouble with my house without being seen talking to a Slytherin." He replied softly. "Please, just go away."

Hyorimaru cocked his head to the side and took a deep breath. "No one is close enough to see." He replied in that oddly soft and cultured voice and slipped into a chair that was deep in the shadows, but stayed where Neville himself could still see his face clearly. "I'm willing to tutor you in potions, teach you how to study and go over what we will be covering in class beforehand so that, how did Snape put it? Oh yes 'your abysmal performance improves' and he won't involve your grandmother."

"You're a Slytherin." He replied firmly. "You never do anything without getting something in return."

Hyorimaru offered him a small smile that made him oddly uncomfortable. "You get a better score in potions, more self-confidence, and all I'm asking for in return is a little bit of intelligence on my snot of a brother."

"I-I don't think I can do that." Neville replied in a small voice.

Hyorimaru inclined his head, "my offer stands." He said simply as he walked away. He paused a few feet away before saying "try Japan if you're looking for a little luck."


Nickolas couldn't help the bounce in his step as he headed off to the first flying lesson of the year. Here was a place he was guaranteed to surpass that upstart Slytherin he had the misfortune of sharing blood with. That slimy snake had bested him at just about everything they'd tried over the past few weeks. The damned turning a match into a needle, had taken him three tried despite having almost six months of experience with basic Transfiguration. His father had obviously been right when he accused that damned Slytherin of cheating, when the little death eater got it on his first try. The bastard had gone on to show him up in Potions by answering every question that the greasy bat had originally posed of him. They'd managed to levitate their feathers at the same time in charms. He'd decided to put the bastard back into his place with his superior knowledge of curses and jinxes (he'd been learning prank related ones since he was four). However the slimy little Slytherin was fast, and he'd found himself rather quickly bested in a muggle style fight, his holly wand sent flying down the hall when the other boy had brought his hand down onto his wrist in such a way that he'd dropped it. Years of being forced to hang around Ne-Longbottom had made him proficient in Herbology.

But everyone knew that was a useless subject.

But flying –

His father had told him that he'd been given his first toy broom when his mother was still alive. Being held in his father's arms as they flew over the shrine, under a disillusionment charm was one of his earliest memories. So he knew he'd wipe the floor with that annoying snake!

All of the first years stood in the courtyard, in two straight lines the school's old Cleansweeps resting on the floor beside them. It was a shame that he had to use one of these archaic brooms when he had a Nimbus 2000 at home. But he supposed it couldn't be helped; and he was well compensated for the embarrassment at any rate. The Nimbus 2000 was not going to be the newest racing broom for long. His father owned 16 shares in a company that developed racing brooms so he got all of the best racing brooms a few months before they came out. He be the proud owner of a Nimbus 2001 by the time he went home for the summer. According to his father, the Japanese Wizarding community had a new racing broom of their own but it wouldn't be on the market until the summer, his father had promised him one for Christmas.

It was the least the broom makers could do – after all he was the boy who lived.

According to his father the Sui Riu was the first broom of its class. It apparently had the some pretty interesting features.

After this summer he could chose which broom to use for school since he was a shoe-in for a spot on the Gryffindor team.

He wanted to be a chaser, but he'd settle for a seeker if he had to.


Hyorimaru groaned as he looked down at the broom at his feet Draco was bragging about the broom he had at home, and like the bulk of the other Slytherin students he was also complaining about the quality of the school's brooms. Personally he didn't see what all the fuss was about. The brooms looked serviceable and more then adequate for the purpose of this class. When he'd first started to learn sword work he'd wanted to use a brand new wooden practice blade but his father had reminded him that he did not need one. Just as he hadn't gotten a new practice blade when he'd shifted to a metal practice blade. In fact his father had never spoilt him.

A spoilt pup was a dead pup. He could just hear the older demon's words in his head.

"Is there any reason why the school should use the best brooms on the market to teach a bunch of first years – several of which probably wouldn't know which end of the broom to use?" he asked in a bored drawl that would have made his father proud.

Draco snorted, when Blaze retorted, "True and imagine the horror if one of the mudbloods tried to sweep with it?"

Draco was about to reply when Madam Hooch called their collective attention back to their class telling them how to use, mount, and hold their brooms and correcting the grips of many of the students. Hyorimaru couldn't quite help feeling foolish as he mounted the broom. His father could fly, and InuYasha could jump with enough force that he might as well have had that power. Kirara could fly, and the fire cat had taken him up on her back a few times. Ah-Un often flew with Rin and him on their back. so the idea of flying with a thin strip of wood holding him up was laughable and a bit intimidating.

Idly he wondered, would he be able to fly under his own power one day like his father could?

They'd all finally gotten their brooms up and were under instruction to take them up and hover a bit when Longbottom's broom went rogue slamming the terrified boy into one of the battlements, the broom shattered and the boy plummeted to the floor with a sickening crash and the distinctive sound of bone's breaking.

Hyorimaru stood in silent shock along with the rest of the first years as their teacher led Longbottom off to the Hospital wing.

Then Nickolas and the other Gryffindor boys started laughing holding up a round glass orb and making comments about Longbottom's memory and broken arm.

Hyorimaru stalked forward utterly disgusted, Longbottom was supposed to be a part of Potter's pack, Longbottom's scent had been on both James and Nickolas the first day of school, he'd seen the two families standing together on Platform 9 and ¾. At the very least they were housemates and this behavior was horrid.

He drew his wand as he walked and snapped out the thyme-song spell keeping his mind firmly on the song he'd written for it, twisting his wand slightly at the end to lock the spell.


Oh I wish I was a shiny green Slytherin

'cause if I was a shiny green Slytherin

Then everyone would be in love with me.

A disembodied voice sang as Nicolas Potter stormed into third year boys' dorm looking for those damned prank-loving twins.

"Take it off!" he demanded sharply.

"Why Gred, I don't believe," George said

Fred picked up his brother's sentence in the same bored tone. "That he has the proper attitude? Forge? Most defiantly-"

"Not. I must say who ever"

"Taught the little-"

"Snot a lesson"

"Has our blessing" they chorused the last bit together as was typical of their strange speech patterns.

Grumbling under his breath about the annoyance of twinspeech and the twins themselves he marched up to find Percy the older boy was a prat, but at least he was helpful.


Percy stormed down the halls with Nickolas Potter an annoyed Ron and a highly amused Fred and George in search of their head of house in the hopes that the woman could undo the annoying spell that was currently on three of them. The twins where their mostly for the good laugh they were getting out of hearing the disembodied voices singing to the tune of 'oh I wish I was an Oscar Miar wiener' and another similarly aggravating song that had popped up when he'd tried to remove the spell.

They finally made it to McGonagall's office and knocked, entering to a mixed Chorus of "Oh I wish I was a shiny green Slytherin -" and "Nick Potter is a Phony, a Phony."



Okay im sending this from an internet café we passed and didn't really have time to go through and edit it so this chapter is unedited. Just to clarify Hyorimaru is not supper smart or supper powerful (at least not much more than his twin) they both have a lot of magic but unlike Nick Hyori actually studies. And when he can't do something with wizard magic he tends to instinctively throw demonic magic at the problem as well it makes him formidable and dangerous but he does have the same limits and weaknesses as a dog demon his age.