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Hyorimaru sat quietly in the library trying to figure out exactly how he'd created the unexpected spreading effect that had occurred when Weasley attempted to remove the spell. His stomach rumbled, and he wondered how long it would take the Elves to figure out that he ate his meat raw. Much as he hated to admit to any form of weakness he knew he couldn't keep up the pace he was currently living at for much longer. Like all dog demons his age he was a bundle of energy, until that energy ran out – then he simply slept.

His energy was wearing thin at the moment; he knew that eating cooked food over an extended period of time was bad for a young demon. Inuyasha and Shippo's somewhat stunted growth was proof enough of that. For Now he was hunting for himself, but he knew he couldn't keep it up, not in the quantities he needed at any rate.

Like any pup his age his father had started to teach him the skills of the hunt, but he was still too young to participate when the pack hunted, and the exercise of hunting for himself on an almost daily basis in addition to his other studies was draining him. He'd fallen asleep while hunting yesterday – and had been forced to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning. It had left him feeling both hungry and slightly ill.

Pork had no business being eaten cooked.

Hunger was making him tired and cranky.

He couldn't concentrate, and his work in class was showing it today, and just to add insult to injury he'd read the same paragraph six times and still had no idea what it meant. He might have no choice but to ask for help from one of his professors. Professor Flitwick was the charms professor and this was a charms issue. However making a spell contagious was defiantly not first year spell work. Professor Snape was his head of house and less likely to rat him out should he actually use the information he was after. But the man's specialty was potions and if the tidbits he'd learned in the halls were to be believed the dark arts. The later was useful in this case but the former was not. Snape was a Slytherin and thus more likely to suspect him of some mischief, while Flitwick being a Ravenclaw was more likely to believe him if he claimed that the question was purely Hypothetical.

Which it was –

For now.


Minerva sighed it had taken three days for the strange spell to wear off of three of her lion cubs. In the end she'd resorted to casting a muting spell on Ron and Nickolas every time they entered her class room, lifting it after three minutes had passed so that she wouldn't have to listen to any of the two inane songs that might be sung out as soon as they entered or exited a room.

She had never been so thankful to see a spell end. She'd caught herself humming that inane tune on more than one occasion during the three days since the boys had been hexed. The one source she would have normally expected such a prank to come from, had denied any knowledge of the prank. Personally she thought the Twins were starting their reign of Pranking Terror early this year.


Hyorimaru groaned when Draco shook him awake. This was the first time since he'd started school that the other students had risen before him. He stretched yawned and scrambled out of bed -still feeling dead on his paws. Stifling the urge to groan in a most undignified manner and climb back into his warm nest of pillows and go back to sleep. His father would kill him if he skipped class for any reason beyond a matter of life and death.

In other words if shipping class would save his life or cement a political alliance

Still he wanted to sleep, and he wanted a good breakfast, of freshly slaughtered red meat. He wanted to feel the warmth of the fresh blood as it slid down his throat, strengthening him with its life giving essence.


"I have a question on theoretical spell work and can't decide if I should speak to Snape or Flitwick about it." Hyorimaru said to Draco in a hushed tone as they sat quietly in the first row of the Potions class room waiting for their lecture to begin.

"Ask Snape, he's your head of house." Draco replied softly.

Hyorimaru inclined his head, "I can't decide if my question qualifies as a defense against the Dark arts question or a Charms question, either way I can't exactly ask Professor Quirrell, he's a blithering Idiot; and I'm worried Snape will think I'm up to something."

"Are you?" Draco enquired softly.

Hyorimaru flicked his gaze over to his fool of a twin brother, and then looked back at his book. "Not unless he seriously annoys me."

Draco inclined his head slightly, "Ask Flitwick, it will be easier to make him believe the question is purely academic.

Hyorimaru inclined his head slightly and stifled the urge to yawn, he was still exhausted.

To make matters worse he was not used to having to ask for help in order to do something magical.

The experience was not appreciated.


Hyorimaru bowed deeply to the tiny professor, "domo arigato gozaimasu sensei"i he said sincerely before exiting Flitwiks office in possession of the information he needed to make a spell contagious through touch, as well as the information he needed to reverse it.

He couldn't help the small smirk that graced his lips, as he thought about exactly what he was going to do with that information should Nickolas prove to be a further irritant.

True he'd likely get in trouble with Flitwick and then with Snape for getting caught… but it would be worth it.


Nickolas could not believe it.

His father had promised him that He'd get McGonagall and Dumbledore to have tryouts opened to Gryffindor first-years this year, and he'd succeeded.

The only problem was Dumbledore – the old coot – had insisted that this year's first-year Quidditch tryouts policy be open to all students in all houses.

In the interests of fairness … of course.

It still stunk

This was supposed to be his time to shine.

He, Nicolas Potter, the boy-who-lived, was supposed to be the youngest house player in a century.

No matter, he would still be the youngest house player in a century. His skills on a broom, and his experience would be invaluable to Gryffindor house – after all he'd only been playing the sport with his father and godfather since he turned three.

Surly Wood would see the importance of having him on the team.

He would be playing Outside Chaser – he was the boy-who-lived and his mere presence on the team was sure to intimidate the snake-hearted Slytherin team, and would defiantly give the Bookish Ravens pause. After all if his accidental magic could destroy a rampaging dark lord just think what he could do to them on the field… accidently of course.

As for the Hufflepuff team – well they weren't a threat to begin with.

He would certainly be made first string, leaving Spinnet to play second string.

It was after all what was best for his team and he knew Wood and Spinnet herself would jump at the chance to have him on the team.


Hyorimaru listened to his friends drone on about Quidditch, he honestly didn't see the significance. There were no combat skills here to practice, no hunting skills to sharpen, it seemed like little more than an academic distraction. Still he had to admit it was an academic distraction that came with a position in the general Hierarchy of this schools pack.

Still it made no sense, these house players did not catch food, or help protect the den in any way. He couldn't see the purpose behind the exercise and that more than anything else annoyed him.

The fact that he was trying not to fall asleep as their ghostly instructor droned on and on about the Goblin rebellion of 1602, was a further source of aggravation and he was seriously beginning to consider the option of asking Uncle Inuyasha's friend Miroku to give him a lesson in exorcism.

Frankly anything would be better than sitting here listening while Binns turned what should have been a lesson in strategy, politics, and intergovernmental relations - at the very least - into an exceedingly boring, march of political fear Propaganda against the Nation that guarded and largely controlled the currency of the Wizarding world.

All in all it seemed like bad policy to him.

One that would be corrected in regards to his own funds as soon as he came of age. He'd found out from Gringotts Bank that his mother had apparently set up an account for him when he was just a baby that was entirely separate from the Potter accounts.

Idly he wondered if the Inu- daiyōkai had an alliance with the Goblin Nation. It seemed to be an advantageous prospect for the pack. He'd have to discuss the matter with his lord father after he went back down the bone-eaters well for the holiday break.

Draco and Blaze where currently whispering incessantly about the coming tryouts. This weekend promised to be a further exercise in aggravation as the Headmaster had announced at breakfast this morning that the ban against First years having brooms on campus would be lifted for any student who managed to secure a spot on their house team. He was fairly certain that this meant that the entire population of overly loud, sugar high, eleven year olds would be crowding the pitch for the majority of the day.

Even if they were only present for their own house tryouts it was sure to make the prospect of hunting difficult that evening.

He'd have to make sure to hunt well, and stuff himself the night before these tryouts. He after all could sleep in, he had no intention of participating in something so idiotic.

At least the common room would be clear for the better part of the afternoon since both the Slytherin and Gryffindor teams tryouts were being held before diner. Captain Flint was already trying to turn that to his advantage.

He turned his head slightly at the sound of his 'brother' whining about the fact that Dumbledore had extended the tryouts to all first years, as well as the fact that while any first year who was accepted on a team could have their own broom, they all had to tryout on the school's brooms. Daddy it seemed had promised the coddled little brat that he'd have his own broom for the Tryouts.

Hyori snorted and shook his head as Nickolas whined about how it was not fair that he'd have to use a school broom until the headmaster gave permission for him to have his own again.

Apparently he thought he wouldn't show to advantage on an old clean-sweep.

Hyorimaru shook his head as the boy digressed into bragging about what his father was going to do to repay him for the indignity of being forced to tryout on a school broom. Apparently his father had promised to buy him the two newest racing brooms, and to use the fame of the boy-who-lived- to get them before they came out on the Market. Nickolas was bragging about the fact that he would be able to pick which of the two brooms he preferred.

Hyorimaru listened quietly to the boy prattle on about the qualities of the one of two different brooms.

The Nimbus 2001 was apparently supposed to be the fastest broom in the world, faster than even it's predecessor the Nimbus 2000, and apparently quite expensive. The second broom James had promised the boy was the Sui Riu.

They rose from their seats and filed gratefully out of the classroom.

"Dad says, he'll use my fame to get us a discount on the Sui Riu" Nick said loudly to Ronald as the two boys shoved their way past Draco, Blaze and Him. "After all it's only my due. I saved the world as a baby."

Draco raised his chin, "only way you'd be able to afford that broom is if they gave it to you for free." He drawled.

"Frankly I'd like to see Potter's daddy try to convince the head of Hikarinotsurugi to give him a free racing broom." Blaze replied.

Hyorimaru blinked, he knew that company name, when he'd arrived in England, they'd stayed in 'an apartment' owned by Dai-Yōkai industries. He'd asked his older self about the company, and had been rather offhandedly informed that it was owned by their Clan. When he'd asked for further information his Elder self had directed him to the library and informed him that knowledge had to be earned not arbitrarily handed over.

"A dog who cannot follow a scent trail on his own, never leads a hunt."

His research that night had yielded a list of smaller companies

Hikarinotsurugi – or the light sword, had been one of them.

He smirked, "Lord Sesshomaru is more likely to brave the horrible aftertaste and eat him, then allow Potter's whelp to shine his shoes." He informed his friends mildly, before turning to walk away.


Neville sighed, and gazed down at the parchment in his hands. He didn't want to mail the letter he'd so painstakingly written to his Gran. How could he tell her that he'd lost both the friendship of the heir to the Potter line – a house theirs had been allied with since the dawn of time – and the rather expensive Remebral she'd scent him.

She was going to be furious.

What if she made him come home?

His uncle had threatened him with that, before he'd left for the train, reminding him that he wasn't magically strong. That it would not be difficult to have him homeschooled and that it would likely shield the family from the shame of having their last true heir, produce only a single near squib son. Neville closed his eyes and let his head fall to the library table, as he tried not to cry in shame.

He knew he would never measure up to the man Frank Longbottom had been, knew his father would be horrified and ashamed of him, had he retained enough of his mind to do so. Still the truth hurt. To make matters worse he was beginning to suspect that Nick had only pretended to be his friend for the sake of their family alliance. Nikolas's continued ostracism of him had led to him being a veritable pariah in his own house.

He glanced up when something soft and unseen brushed across his cheek. He glanced around, but didn't see anything that would account for the feeling of fur caressing his skin. Hyorimaru stood quietly a few feet in front of him, too far away to touch but obviously waiting for acknowledgement. He flushed deeply at the thought of the Slytherin boy seeing him in such a state. If Nick saw him crying he'd pick on him for it then, he'd tell Ron, and it would be all over the common room the next time one of the two boys got mad.

"Am I interrupting?" He enquired mildly.

Neville, unused to someone who would blatantly ignore his tears, could only shake his head. Hyorimaru came forward, slipping easily into the deep shadows. His eyes giving off a faint and yet eerie glow, even as the rest of him disappeared in plain sight. After a moment even his eyes disappeared. For a moment Neville could have sworn the other boy was watching him, without saying a word.

It was creepy.

He felt like he was locked in the gaze of a large, deadly, predator. "No," he replied softly. "I am simply trying to pen a letter to my Gran."

"You dropped something during our flying lesson," Hyorimaru informed him mildly. "I have been meaning to return it, but I haven't had the time."

The other boy moved so quickly Neville didn't have time to react. One moment he was there the next he was gone, and his grandmother's gift sat innocently on the edge of the desk. A slip of parchment pinned in place by its scant weight. He picked up the Remembral, and tucked it almost reverently into his shoulder bag, before picking up the note.

Hermione could use an ally,
You could use a tutor.
Perhaps you could be of use to each other

Neville stared at the paper, and then turned his attention to a table not that far away where the young Ravenclaw first year sat alone surrounded by towering piles of books. Quickly he shoved his now unneeded letter to his grandmother into his bag, gathered his books and made his way over to the girl. She didn't acknowledge his presence, not surprising considering the fact that she likely couldn't see him, when she was hidden so well behind the mountains of books on her table.

"May I join you?" Neville enquired softly.

The girl's head snapped up, "Please." She replied softly.

Neville swallowed, and drawing up his supposed Gryffindor courage he enquired, "How do you know Hyorimaru?" hoping the young Ravenclaw wouldn't be disgusted with him for his budding association with the Slytherin.

Hermione blinked, "We met on the train." She replied in a somewhat guarded tone. Abruptly she glared at him. "He is not evil, or slimy. I don't understand why the whole school feels the need to vilify their fellow students just because their tie happens to be green and silver."

Neville blinked, then smiled. "I don't know why he keeps helping me." He admitted mildly. "It just James, that's Nickolas's father, has told me my whole life that all Slytherins were evil." He sighed, "and that my dad would be ashamed of me for keeping any ties with someone who was part of that house. Sure Hyorimaru wants an ally in Gryffindor, for harmless pranks, would my dad really be ashamed of me for associating with him? I don't know and I can't even ask him."

Hermione nodded, "So you've known professor Potter since you where little?"

"My mom, was best friends with Lily Potter, before... the war." He replied, "My Gran, told me Lily was my Godmother."

Hermione considered this quietly for a moment, "What does your Grandmother say?" she enquired after a moment.

"My Gran?" he asked in mild surprise.

Hermione nodded, "Is she your mother's mother, or your father's? Either way she is likely a better source of information on your parents, then a man who would disown his own child because of his school house."

Neville nodded, "My father's mother, and you are likely right." He paused "I could use some help with potions." He admitted after a second's hesitation and then added. "But I'm really good at Herbology, if you need any help with that."

"Oh the Potions essay, it's quite easy really. Here let me show you." Hermione replied before launching into a fast and information heavy explanation of the properties of moonstone in all its different forms.


Nickolas stood quietly at the edge of the field, staring at the new brooms his father had donated to the Gryffindor team. It was one of the many ways that he was being compensated for the indignity of having to try out. By their first game the Gryffindor team would be mounted on the best brooms. Not that it would truly make that much of a difference, his team had the best players and with him as one of their three chasers, the other teams would be to intimidated to put up to much of a fight. He glanced out at the stands and preened at the sight of the crowd of lower year that had gathered to watch the tryouts. He smiled all of them were here to see the great boy who lived, he'd have to make sure to give them a good show.


Hyorimaru sighed as he settled himself down in the Slytherin section of the stands. Slytherin team captain Marcus Flint, had ordered the first years to spy on the other three houses during their team tryouts since it would look more believable for the first years to be hanging around then any of the older years, or the team players themselves. He wanted them to pay particular attention to Potter, as it was likely that Gryffindor's team captain Wood, was likely to allow the boy to play – even if he was only a reserve player.

Hyorimaru frankly could have cared less. It was little more then a pup's game. Granted it was one that sharpened certain hunting skills like hand eye coordination and team work, but beyond that it held no real purpose.

"Blaze, Draco," he enquired mildly. "Explain the reasons behind this game to me? It's incomprehensible that a pup as close to grown as Flint, would place such importance on a game that holds little relevance in an Adult's life."

For a moment his two friends gaped at him, and then Blaze shook his head. "There are times I almost forget you were raised by demons, and then you ask such inane questions."

Behind them one of the older boys chuckled, "Think of it this way Hyorimaru, it's an exercise in dominance. A spot on the team comes with a respected place within the house's hierarchy, and if you're a good enough player, the school's as well."

Hyorimaru turned his head and gazed up at the older boy, a third year Ravenclaw whose name he'd never bothered to learn. He breathed in deeply committing the older boy's scent to memory. "My thanks," he replied, comforting himself with the knowledge that he would always remember the other boy's scent, should he prove to be an Ally or a foe. "Please forgive my rudeness, but whom exactly are you?"

"Jonathan Ward," the Boy answered mildly.

Hyorimaru inclined his head. "Tell me about this game, how does one gain a spot on their team and how does this equate to the hierarchy both within my own house and the school. How does one play this game and what are it's objectives?"

Draco turned his head and looked the Ravenclaw boy up and down sharply, "How exactly did you do that?" he enquired mildly. "Blaze and I have been trying to get Hyorimaru interested in Quidditch since just after the Opening feast, and he just referred to it as 'a silly children's game."

Jonathan flushed, "My father breeds Crups." He confessed after a moment's hesitation. "I merely considered what I know of them and applied it to your friend. The Yōkai in general fascinate me and there is so little information on them, except for some research gathered by the old clans of Japanese Yōkai Taijiya. Even so I recognized an Inu-Yōkai when I saw one on the platform. No offence intended, but I figured you might value Pack hierarchy the same way a dog would."

Hyorimaru couldn't help it, he laughed. "You speak Inu?" he enquired in his tongue.

Several surprised looks greeted his barked question. He snorted "I suppose not," he added in English. "To bad, it would be nice to have a discussion in a language that isn't stagnant."ii

"You speak dog?" Blaze gasped.

Draco snorted, "Honestly Zimbini how unobservant are you? He talks in his sleep, when he's tired enough."

Hyorimaru glared at them indignantly "I do not talk in my sleep." He replied indignantly.


Nickolas landed after his trial and gave a theatric bow, his broom in hand, soaking in the praise and adoration of his fans. He'd tried out for the Seeker position, as it was currently open, as well as his coveted chaser position on Captain Wood's request. He glanced over at Wood and the other established members of the team who were evaluating his performance. The twins looked annoyed, but eventually they subsided.

Honestly the two did not have the proper respect for everything he had sacrificed as their savior. He'd done something none of them could do and vanquished the Dark Lord, as a baby. He'd lost his mother, that Night, and some of the Dark Lord's Evil Slytherinness had rubbed off on his twin brother. His father had been forced to get rid of the boy as he was nothing but trouble and would have grown up to oppose the light and hurt him. The twin's just couldn't understand how much he had to sacrifice every day so that they and everyone else could have a roll modal to look up to. He was a shining paragon of the light, and he couldn't be seen or allied with unworthy people or families. The Weasilys were a good light family and firmly in Dumbledore's camp, as such they were a good family to know even if they were not very good politically. But that was what the Longbottom family was for. The Longbottom family had the political clout to back up the Potter family. They were an Ancient and Noble family, and Nickolas New if he could Just get Neville to magically swear the loyalty of the House of Longbottom to the house of Potter then that formidable political power and their great wealth could be at his beck and call.

He didn't know why his father cared so much about securing their loyalty but, he and Dumbledore agreed on one thing the best way to get in with the few light families that were both Anciant and Noble was through their heirs.

He shook away his thoughts as Wood walked over to him. "You'd make a good Chaser but you're not as good or well rounded as the three I currently have. You'll be a back up Chaser but actually play Seeker, you're the best of the lot that tried out for that at least."

He opened his mouth to protest when a new voice drawled. "Oh look Potty's about to throw a tantrum because his adoring fans didn't give him exactly what he wants."

He whipped around and came face to face with Malfoy, Zimbini and His own worthless twin. He smiled, "Well, well, well, if it isn't the mini Death Eaters." He drawled slowly. "Bought your way onto the team yet Malfoy? As for Mr. no last name, he wouldn't be able to buy his way on the team even if he wanted to. He's so worthless his own family didn't want him and he'd never be able to match me in matters of finesse not in the air."

Hyorimaru snorted, "you wouldn't know finesse if it bit you. Whelp. I've seen a better areal performance out of a wounded Kappa."

"Kappa's are an aquatic species." Wood informed them all mildly, from where he'd been observing their argument.

Hyorimaru turned his head and took in the older boy for a second with one eyebrow quirked. "Precisely."

Nikolas felt himself tremble with rage at the sound of the twins and several other members of his house started to snigger at that comment. "That's it!" he snapped. "In the air now, first to score three goals wins."

He turned his attention briefly to Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean. "When we're in the air distract him with the golf balls Wood was using to test the seekers."

The boy's barring Neville smiled and nodded in understanding.


Hyorimaru paused briefly, considering the challenge, even as his inner demon screamed at him to put the little whelp back in his place. He longed to show the little idiot who was the dominant dog, longed to feel flesh shredding beneath his sharp claws. It took every ounce of his will power not to growl. He mastered his instincts enough to consider his options.

He had had all of one flying lesson and was unsure if he could win in aerial combat.

However, all of Slytherin house's First Year students and even a few of the second years had gathered in the stands to spy on the Gryffindor team, under Flints orders and to make matters worse the Slytherin team had assembled while they were arguing.

There would be no quietly evading this battle of dominance.

"Very well," he said in a voice that was little more than a growl.

He blinked as a broom handle was held out to him and nodded in understanding as he took hold of the smooth polished wood. It was one of the school's brooms, one of the better ones, from what he could tell.

He took it, muttering an oath under his breath at the absurdity of the situation he'd somehow managed to get himself into.


Draco patted Hyorimaru on the shoulder when they sat down to dinner.

"Youngest Seeker in a century!" he crowed, ignoring the fact that Potter, had also been made team seeker and since the two where in fact twins, were actually the same age.

Hyorimaru sighed, "I don't know why they made me seeker, I lost."

"That doesn't matter," Flint informed him mildly. "You scored two goals to his three, even with them banishing muggle golf balls at you. All of which you somehow managed to catch and hold on to. After which you managed to beat Higgs in Seeker tryouts. It was a bloody brilliant Display. Wood is going to have a hard time training his little celebrity when all the boy does is whine about not getting the spot he wanted. Slytherin is sure to win the cup this year. We have a natural as a seeker and a well trained Alternate should we need to use him. You just have to get a good broom. I can help you with that… for a price."

Hyorimaru snorted, still obviously annoyed at having lost to his much hated twin brother. "Thank you, no, I will send word to the Clan, they will see to it I am properly outfitted for this." he glared at his plate poking disinterestedly at the perfectly marbled stake that had simply appeared on his plate, before cutting into it rather unenthusiastically.

Until he noticed that the insides were still pink, then he tucked in with far more enthusiasm then Draco had ever seen.

He closed his eyes, thankful that while his friend was eating rather enthusiastically, his table manners where still impeccable.


Hyorimaru stood quietly on the edge of the astronomy tower. His dinner had revitalized him, though it was still nowhere near as refreshing as eating raw, bloody, life-giving meat. He would hunt tonight by the light of the full moon. But first he would remind himself of exactly what he was. He was not human, and had not been for a very long time. He was the Son of Sesshomaru, the Clan's prince, Future leader of the Western Lands, if he could just keep pushing himself forward; he had to be the best at everything he did. That was the real difference between him and his twin brother. Nickolas was a spoilt pup, cosseted and coddled to the point that Nickolas expected to be fawned over and getting his way was the norm.

Hyorimaru, like every one of the clan's pups, had been well loved and cherished, but he had been taught to keep his snout out of trouble because the real world, out of the nursery, was a kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted, and it would not coddle him because he was just a pup.

No if he was lucky he would be chewed up and spit out hardly alive.

But alive

If he wasn't lucky, well, he'd be someone's dinner.

It was a hard lesson, but one every demon learned.

He was just glad he hadn't known the pup who'd been unfortunate enough to ignore that lesson well. Seeing the remains, while clinging to his father's hakama like every other pup, had been hard enough.

Still it had driven the lesson home!

He closed his eyes and listened to the soft howling of the few true wolves and the deeper more guttural almost braying howl of something else out in the forest, before throwing his head back and letting out his own long low howl.


In the Forbidden Forest A stag pulled up short from I'd headlong run. Turning its head in the direction of the magnificent Castle it quivered from nose to tail in terror. Beside it a large brown Werewolf paused and turned its head towards the unearthly howl, tail tucking up between its legs, as it whimpered in fear.

Prongs shook his head, brandishing his magnificent rack of Horns and nudged Moony away, perhaps it would be safer to stay in the Shack tonight. He was glad Padfoot had not come with them tonight, he probably would have wanted to investigate. The Traitor hadn't spoken to him since their shouting match before the school year started. When he'd told him that the damned whelp Harry was not in fact going to be found, that he'd made certain the boy would never be found.

Padfoot didn't understand how important Nick was, how unimportant Harry was, he wanted to make Harry his heir, since he didn't think he'd ever find himself a good woman to settle down with. If someone was going to inherit the Black fortune, it should be Nick.

Hyorimaru was utterly worthless.

Still he missed Padfoot, once his brother in all but blood was done mourning the death of his worthless godson he would welcome him back with open arms but for now… it was just him and Moony, and he had to be sure his friend never stumbled upon Hyorimaru.

That would be a disaster.

i This is thank you very much according to google

ii Many cultures consider English to be an empty, dead or stagnant language. (My own included, we consider it to be a 'very hissy language' as my little brother once put it. ) No offence intended.