Saving The World In Nine Days

Outside Hidden Leaf

Dan liked Naruto. He was straightforward honest brat.

He did the D-rank missions without a fuss and tried to get his niece to open up. Tsunade didn't seem to like him, only because Naruto constantly kept telling her that her boobs were getting in the way of the mission.

Other than that, he was a welcome addition to his life.

Sometime during their latest mission they had been ambushed by a Jounin and his went after Shizune to take her as a hostage, but were stopped by a barrage of strange Shadow clones with toad like eyes. The shadow clones danced around the Jounin and made short work of them. They were almost home free when a puppet user named Sasori pulled a surprise attack and fled.

Border of Hidden Sand

"You shouldn't have taken the air bullets for me, Naruto," his teacher cried. Shizune sat beside him as Tsunade tried to stop the blood from flowing out of him like a hydraulic pump.

The busty blond wouldn't stop shaking at how much blood could be contained in a little teenager.

Naruto figured that if she didn't get her hands out of his bleeding chest, he was going actually die. "Tsunade-san, do you mind not trying to save me? If you just let me go for a second I can regenerate my skin."

"Fool, what are you talking about!" she screamed. "Can't you see I am trying to keep you alive?" Naruto pushed the hysterical girl off and stood up, his organs were half falling out of his belly, but he pushed them back in with his tiny fingers, much to Shizune's horror.

"You guys might want to step back." Naruto drew on the power of the Kyuubi in his chakra coils and a violent red chakra surrounded his body like a demonic cloak.

It turned the rain into steam, the grass into ash, and caused the others to run away from him as fast as possible when they saw that the wall around Naruto was on fire.

"There that's better," Naruto said, before falling asleep.

Shizune caught him before he could hit the ground. "Uncle, I want to be able to do that too!"

"Sorry Shizune, that's a blood limit. You can't just acquire that kind of power."

"But I want to," she sniffed. "How do I get it!"

"You can't but your kids might," Tsunade said idly, then blinked when her boyfriend glared at her.

She raised her hands in a defensive gesture. "Not that I am trying to imply anything. Shizune, why are you looking at Naruto like that?"

It was a later question that got Shizune even more interested in Naruto.

"Do you mind if we take a quick trip to Suna. There is something I have to take care of," Naruto got off his teacher's back and ran to the dessert.

"How does he have so much energy after almost dying?" Shizune asked.

She felt nervous that the blond might pass out and never wake up.

Tsunade shrugged. "Who cares. We'd better follow him, who knows what kind of crap he might pull in Wind Country.

Outside Hidden Sand Village

"Naruto, why is that pregnant woman hanging all over you?" Shizune asked, looking angry.

This confused Dan since Shizune never got angry, especially over boys since the petit girls was more interested in Ninjutsu than the opposite sex.

Shizune grew up in a house hold which consisted of herself and her uncle. The girl spent most of her life growing up around smelly men, and the more of them she met, the more she realized that marrying one was something she would prefer to hold off for a very long time.

Shizune liked Tsunade- she was one of the only few females in her life! It also helped that Tsunade adored her. They got along well, as if the busty blond was some kind of long lost aunt or something. That was why her feelings for Naruto were confusing. She was starting to understand why Anko and Kurenai became so angry when they saw this scene. Naruto may not have been their boyfriend, but he was sort of like her property. Uzumaki

was her team-mate, and another girl shouldn't be allowed to touch her team-mate because he was hers.

"Good question," Naruto laughed as the brown haired mother ruffled his blond hair.

Karura had never met someone like Naruto before. The boy had literally broken down the gates of Suna, how in the world had he found the secrete village she would never know, and issued a challenge against the Kazekage. Karura and her brother tried to calm down her husband, but the man was far too hot headed.

The boy had deliberately called him a coward, a villain, and horrible father in front of the entire boy, Uzumaki Naruto, said this while covering himself in a cloak of red energy and told the man that he would bring the village to its knees if the Kazekage did not accept his duel.

The Kazekage accepted.

He did not live.

"What did you do this time?" the dark haired girl sighed.

Naruto smiled. "I sort of killed the Kazekage. He was a dictator and was going to seal a demon into his kid. Then I sort of, okay not sort of! I took, yes I took this village hostage and got them to give me the pot where they kept the demon."

The three teammates glared.

"Before you ask me where I put it I am going to be honest with you and say that I sent it to a place where no man can enter unless destined to step there. It's one of the summoned realms."

Tsunade wondered if it was Toad Mountain.

That was the only summoned realm she knew of, since it was the place Jiraiya grew up.

Naruto reached behind the smiling homely looking woman who looked amused.

"Meet Karura, she's a bit heavy because she is pregnant, but she is a really nice person. If we stay a while she's made some nice grub for us to swallow, but that's not the only reason we should stay here for a bit."

Naruto picked up a blond haired girl and a boy with paint on his chubby, drooling face. "These are her kids Temari and Kanka-something. I can't pronounce the rest."

"You forget to mention I have another one coming along the way." Karura pointed out.

"Yeah about that, you might not want to name him Gaara; it sounds so demon-like. Try something nice like Daffodils."

"Daffodil instead of Gaara?"

"Yes, Daffodil instead of Gaara."

As he went on Shizune was assured that Naruto's sanity was not the only thing wrong with him.

Border of Lightening Country

"Did anyone see where Uzumaki ran off to?" Tsunade asked.

"I held out a map to Lightening country and his eyes literally turned into fox slits, and he ran straight towards that direction. Can you let me know what is going on with your student? Did his background check say anything about the Hidden Cloud?"

"No, not that I am aware of, and believe me many people have tried. After the Orochimaru incident many parties in the Konoha system are trying to figure out what platform Uzumaki Naruto stands for. Minato says he isn't part of his group, Sarutobi says he has never heard of Uzumaki Naruto, and the fact that he all but ran Danzo out of here by stealing all his files shows that he is not part of Ne either."

"What about the Elder Council, is he a plant from that sector?" she commented, then shook her head, "Never mind, the Elder Council would never run Danzo out like that. Plus the kind of trouble the boy seems to get into isn't their style."

"Um, you know I can hear you guys talk," said Shizune looking worried.

"We need to find him; he could be in trouble. Anko and Kurenai said that if no one is nearby he might cause some near diplomatic incident. He doesn't seem to care how bad his odds are, and from what Anko said, he had both his hands cut off and still managed to escape Orochimaru's base."

"We should probably be heading out to Cloud, and –is it just me or do you see a giant Ox/tentacle monster near those mountains."

They all turned around to see where Shizune's uncle, Dan, was pointing to and panicked.

"It's the Eight-Tails! Did we make a mission to attack it? I didn't read any reports saying otherwise."

They looked at each other, and the word 'Naruto' universally flashed through all of their minds.

Kirabi's Hut

Samui held Yugito's hand.

Someone had challenged the Ox of Cloud, one of the strongest people on the planet and also the Kirabi of the eight tails.

He was the strongest Biju container in history, a man who could break mountains down to nothing, and turn the sky into lightning.

…and the challenger was winning!

"Yugito-chan, I'm scared," Samui said holding onto the taller girls legs. "Why is that bad boy trying to hurt your sensei? We were just sitting here singing and then he suddenly attacks him, calling him names! Why is he doing this?"

"Honestly I have no idea Samui-chan, let's go hide in behind that hill. Crap, bad idea. Actually now that that I think about it, we should probably get the Raikage. He'll want to know about this."

As the two girls left, the battle between the titans became more volatile. Fire, air, water, lightning, and earth covered both sky and ground.

The beast of the Hidden Cloud did his best to destroy the legions of Sage Chakra clones, only for them to spring at him with dozens upon dozens of rasengans. At first he was sure this was some ploy by Namikaze Minato, but after realizing his opponent was reckless beyond reason, Kirabi had to rethink who this could be.

Whoever it was, he wore a Konoha head band protector. To Kirabi, that was absolutely strange because all of Konoha stayed as far away from him as possible. Every nation should, and every nation would stay away from him; there was only person on the planet who even stood a chance at controlling him: his brother the Raikage, and that wasn't because E was stronger.

Kirabi looked down at the frog like creature glaring at him from the ground. The kid was panting beyond reason, but looked at the giant Ox in the eye and laughed. "Not bad, not bad at all! Almost as strong as Pein's summons, I see now why Konoha can't stop fighting. Not against someone like you."

The boy put his hands together and drew in more power from nature, or at least that is what Kirabi sensed.

"We're too afraid to attack you directly, bud, but if your reputation goes down the drain that'll be a different story altogether."

"Kid, I'd seriously consider just leaving, I really don't want to kill you," Kirabi sighed, inside the desire to kill was rising, but he had to hold it back, lest he unleash it at this challenger.

"Come back and see me when your older; there ain't nothing you can do to provoke me into fighting."

From the boy's palms two giant spheres come together to create one sphere ten times the size of the boy's body. "Oh, I got some ideas."

The fight between the two titans tore apart the mountain.

The Raikage, E, came at the last moment to watch as his brother roll down holding his bleeding stomach.

Kirabi couldn't stop panting and trembling in fear at the creature that walked out of the smoke.

Near Hidden Cloud Mountain

The Kage of Hidden Cloud couldn't believe what was in front of him. It looked like a giant fox, eight tails, wrapped in bones and skin.

There were several pieces of frog like scales covering its snout, and its large frog like silted eyes glared down at him from the top of the mountain. It was slobbering and drooling, getting high off its own power.

This was the living incarnation of uncontrolled Biju energy and Sage energy. "Kirabi get away from that thing!"

The Raikage managed to escape with Kirabi as the beast set its eyes on them.

Whoever was the host of such a creature had lost control altogether.

The giant fox like creature was transforming into a more frog like beast, its tongue becoming loner and its long sharp teeth getting smaller, and gum like.

It made the Raikage sick just looking at it. It made him even sicker when the creature spoke. "Raikage, we need to talk. I am the Elder Frog, and I came with a prophecy from the future. I have borrowed the form of this human to speak to you."

The Raikage watched in amazement as the being that called himself the Elder Frog shrunk and morphed into a panting boy, whose tired eyes looked at the two from a top the broken mountain. "

"We need to come up with a back story. I don't have much time. You must hear my prophecy of the future- the very survival of the Shinobi world depends on it. In a few moments the team from Konoha who this boy happens to occupy will be here, we'll have to make a cover story, but right now I have something to tell you about a group called Akatsuki..."

Five minutes later the Raikage left feeling dizzy, he left Kirabi to come up with a cover while he went home to take an advil.

Outside Hidden Cloud Village

"Naruto, who are those two?" Tsunade asked, raising both her eyebrows.

"Sorry, I am so rude! This on to my right is Ni Yugito, to my left is Samui. I have no idea what her last name is. Hey, don't hit me. You didn't tell me your name!" The two girls were blushing on either side of him. Neither had ever been in this type of situation before. Heck, up until recently Yugito had never even been near a guy before and she liked it! "They are my tour guides for today; apparently the Raikage wants to recruit me into this village."

"Why would he want to do that," asked Shizune, glaring at the two girls, who were trying not to die of embarrassment.

"I sort of beat up his little brother about an hour ago. In my defense that giant eight tailed ox attacked first when I told him rap sucks."

"Rap is where it's at!" the voice of Kirabi shouted from a top a nearby mountain, despite being covered in bandages. "It's your smutty stories that suck!"

"Oi, you want a round too, come bring it!"


News of the Eight Tails defeat and the war ending with Clod spread like Wildfire.

Once again it was the mysterious Uzumaki Naruto who caused it. The Council was fighting internally with themselves, trying to figure out what to do with him.

Interrogation was certainly an option, but the idea of interrogating a twelve year old would be a huge blow the reputation of Konoha.

They had an image of being child friendly to maintain. Needless to say, Naruto's image became more enormous than Gamabunta, and the fan girls were sprouting faster than grass. That was why the girls of Konoha Orphanage were having a meeting.

Konoha Orphanage

"Girls, we can't let those other girls get their hands on Uzumaki!"

"You better believe it," growled Yagua.

The hunk of boy meat was far too important to just let him be lost to another village. The kind of power the Cloud and Mist might influence if he were to switch sides would be almost too much.

"Kami knows what they might do to him. He is way too trusting," Kurenai said, pacing up and down the room where Anko, Yagua, and Shizune sat.

They were in Tsunade's house, and Shizune was the only orphan among them with living relatives with her uncle was dating the Slug Sanin."We have to tell him that we mean business and that we are only looking out for his best interests."

"Precisely, those harpies just want him for his power. They know nothing about him," Anko interjected.

She hated Tsunami, and from what she heard about Mei, Samui, Kurara, and Yugito, she despised them just as much.

Anko shouldn't have to share that stupid Uzumaki Naruto.

Well, she shouldn't have to share it with anyone who wasn't her friend.

Shizune raised her hand, and blushed. "Um, we don't know anything about him either."

"That's not the point. He is Konoha-boy, and he is going to find a good Konoha-girl to settle down with," Kurenai said.

"In that case, my uncle approves of him. Senju Tsunade is trying to arrange something," she said, blushing as the other girls unleashed a bout of killing intent at her direction.

"Not if I get him first," Anko screamed, running out of the door.

"Anko, no cheating!" Kurenai shouted, following her best friend. Inside she was happy Anko was back to normal.

That still didn't mean she was going to let the younger girl have Naruto.

Uzumaki Kushina grew up optimistic, albeit a bit strange.

She came from a small Ninja clan that once occupied a country called Whirlpool. Life wasn't always easy for their small family, but it wasn't entirely bad either. There were good seasons and bad ones, family disputes, and government taxations.

All those were normal things that everyone had to deal with of course. It was when she immigrated to Konoha that her ability to believe in people diminished.

Friends she thought she could count on stabbed her in the back, friends she knew she could count on continued to die, and Namikaze Minato, despite all her efforts, continued to surpass her at every turn. No matter what she did, he was always one step ahead, and she hated him for it. She despised the smaller blond boy. It didn't matter that Minato had no one, had to work hard for everything he had, and was constantly taking part time jobs to pay for his tuition.

The fact that he was a genius made her want to murder him every time he did an extraordinary feet. Of course she knew she was jealous of him; she knew the feeling inside of her was envy, a monster that fed on her need for attention, but she didn't care.

She vowed that she would one day humiliate the orphan who made her look weak; she vowed to wipe that smile off his face every time people praised him; she vowed to leave his body broken and mauled beyond repair. When they grew older, Minato confessed that the reason he tried so hard to outdo her in every competition was to impress her and win her love. At that time she felt three things for the teenage boy.

One) Hatred

Two) Confusion

Three) Love

In that instant hatred turned to love, and love led to marriage.

Now after hearing what her husband was going to do with her developing baby, she was starting to wonder if she had made a hasty decision.

Outside Hidden Leaf

"See, your husband might use your kid in the sealing of a chakra beast. So, hypothetically, I would consider hiding if I were you. If you want to save little Naruto-kun, that is." Naruto said to a terrified Kushina.

"Wh-what can I do?"

"If you go east there is tunnel that leads to Danzo's Ne base. He is sort of out of town right now since he is being charged for breaking treaties, so it's empty. I think I'm going to tell Mikoto, Yoshino, and Mrs. Akimichi to join you. I hope you don't mind if Tsume is there as well."

"Not at all, if it can protect my children. If the Kyuubi attacks I'm all for it," she said, still feeling strange that she felt so comfortable around this boy who looked so much like her Minato.

The boy had surprised her with an extensive amount of secret knowledge that only the Anbu should have been aware of. He also claimed to be a secret operative in charge of keeping the peace once the nine tailed chakra beast came to attack their village, an idea that terrified the poor woman. By the way what is your name, you look familiar. Have we met before?"

As she turned around, she realized something.

He was gone.

Kushina decided to contact Minato, they were supposed to unseal her belly for pregnancy earlier tomorrow.

Iif she could get Minato to bring her to a base and have an early birth, maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't let the Kyubi lose…it wasn't like there was anyone keeping track of the beast inside of her stomach. And the boy didn't mention if anyone unleashed the beast.

"I just have to be careful, get in touch with Minato, leave the village, and things should be fine!"

Too bad she didn't know Murphy's Law.

Hidden Leaf Forest

"Holy shit! Is that a giant fox?"

"No, it's your aunt Mikoto. Seriously, we should probably get the Hokage; he'll have something planned out."

The Uchiha was about to do that when he heard the sound of spinning vortexes in the same direction the fox was coming from.

The sounds of the vortex became louder and louder.

The two boys spotted the source and looked startled.

Obito blinked and rubbed his eyes.

"Oi, what the hell is that- It's him! I knew I wasn't hallucinating the last time! Kakashi do you see that blond kid in orange? Look at'em, wow, he is running straight to the fox."

Reality suddenly kicked in and Obito got into his superhero mode. "Shouldn't someone stop him?"

They probably should have stopped him, but their duties always came first.

The correct procedure would be to alert the Anbu.

Kakashi shook his head. "The kid's a goner. If he is stupid enough to run head first into the destructive path of a giant man eating, forest devouring, town burning, demon-from-hell, fox, Konoha is better off without him living long enough to pass on his genes."

Despite how much power Kakashi sensed coming off him.

He paused, thinking about what else was wrong. "If we tell Sensei he is going to play the hero and save the little idiot due to his ego. Teach thinks he can save everyone by himself. I admit he's strong and all, but against a Biju, I wouldn't hedge my bets just yet."

"Sometimes I wonder if he is a really a good guy or just an arrogant jackass pretending to be one. If we work together- you, me, and the village that is- we could probably bring the fox down."

The Uchiha then thought about his teacher's hero complex and sighed. "I have a feeling he's going to try and take it down by himself once we alert him. This always happens, he just doesn't change."

"Quite," Kakashi replied.

Suddenly they heard the beast roar. One of its legs was missing and it was moving away from the village. To their astonishment the beast was chasing the boy away from the village. The boy proved that it was a threat to the Biju and as a result, was leading it away from tearing their home apart!

"Hey Kakashi, I can't be seeing this. Is that blond kid suddenly glowing with Sage Chakra, the kind Jiraiya Sensei has?" his friend nodded, still amazed at this display of increasing power.

"Hold on, his Sage Chakra is mixing with his own Chakra and some Red Chakra inside of his stomach. I'm zooming in, what is that? His eyes look like crosses and that sphere he has in his hand is –Kakashi we got to run that kid has almost twice the power that the Biju has!"

And so they did.

Naruto wasn't sure if he was going to survive this one.

The Konoha hunter-nins were after him, everyone he got to know in this period were out for his blood, and there was a giant beast waiting to devour him whole.

"You know, I don't want to do this. I know now that you're nothing more and nothing less than a force of nature. I hope there are no hard feelings, but I have to do what I have to do."

Naruto's body charged with the power of nature, it mixed in with both the red Kyuubi Chakra and the Chakra in his own body, the Sage elements were growing rapidly and Naruto was losing control.

The fox Chakra began to grow more cells and enlarge him to the size of something fierce.

At the same time scales began to form and frog skin started to grow on the surface of the demonic looking held onto the ground as his body grew to the size of the fox he was about to face. The fox was still mad, hell-bent on killing him. Naruto could see that it was being controlled, its eyes had the signature of the sharingan hypnoses. Before Naruto's mind turned to ash and his instincts to destroy kicked in, him he apologized.

"I'm sorry, I don't have a choice. I'll get vengeance for you my old friend, though we were never friends, more like two dudes stuck together forever, not in a homosexual way, (not that there is anything wrong with being gay!) but you get the idea!"


Near Forest Where Yondaime Originally Sealed Kyuubi

Kushina woke up the side of a forest, with Minato holding her. They turned around to see what was going on when Minato ducked and covered her body as pieces of a giant monster flew through the air. There was a huge explosion that rocked the earth and sent forth thunderclouds. The friends, Kakashi and Obito, ducked as a giant fox arm flew through the air and smashed through the village gate. For a minute they thought the beast had penetrated the village, but realized that the giant chakra arm made of mud and clay, had been severed from the beasts body!

"Kushina, what did that boy say about the kyuubi attack again…"

And then they heard the boom.

Hokage Tower

"Guh, what happened to me?"

Naruto opened his eyes to find four girls sleeping in a bed with him. He wondered if he was in some kind of hospital since the ceiling was as sterile as gauze, and eight times as white. Naruto felt a blanket covering his chest, and felt the girls' hands holding his own.

He tried to move his arms but there was a dark haired girl sleeping on one, and a purple haired girl on the tried to move his head but there was a raven haired young lady sleeping on his chest that held him firmly there, followed by her best friend, Anko.

Naruto could see tired lines under their eyes, and indication that they had been waiting for him to wake up for a while.

Naruto looked around the room and saw that one person wasn't asleep. He was wearing a Jounin uniform, and was looking at him with as the man was just staring at him, Naruto continued to look around the room for any hidden enemies.

"Are you the one they call Uzumaki Naruto," the blond haired man asked.

It was the voice, the boy recognized that voice! Naruto turned around to see the man for the first time, really see who he was. He was Namikaze Minato. "The one with no history, the one who destroyed the nine tailed beast?"

Naruto was about to shout a reply, but held himself back when he felt Anko's hands tighten around his own. He didn't want to wake the girls just yet.

"Hmm, that depends. If you aren't going to put me in jail for all my accumulated crimes, then I may be this Uzumaki you are looking for."

Naruto had no delusions about his execution; he had broken so many rules, rules that kept the village alive. In the end it was worth it since he saved the people of Konoha, but he had betrayed their laws nonetheless.

"Keep in mind I probably saved the village. I went through a lot of options and figured that the best option would be to start killing things."

Minato frowned, and allowed Naruto to continue.

"Can that at least count for something before I have to worry about the Uchiha jail cells….again?

The tall blond shook his head. "Don't worry, I do not plan to send you anywhere."

Minato sighed, and rubbed his temples. "I was asked by the council to ask you an important question."

The man looked sad as if someone had taken something precious away from him."How would you like to be a Kage"

Konoha Hospital

"I can't believe you helped, no wait, did more than help deliver all of those kids. Heck," Inoichi looked a bit sick, "why would you even want to?" asked Ino's father.

He had gone through eight cigar packs out of pure nervousness, yet this child, who was to be their future Kage, didn't have a problem with delivering Ino at all! "Still I am sort of glad you where there."

Naruto smiled, placing Ino back into the man's arms. "What can I say? There is just some kind of connection between me and these little guys." Naruto walked towards a crying Hinata, picked her up, and tapped her a few times on the back. Within moments she stopped crying and fell to sleep.

Hiashi looked at Naruto in amazement. "I had my Kage bunshins read all these baby books. I'll drop by from time to time to help out, but I doubt that would be necessary once your wife recovers. Take care of her, you don't know what you're missing until it's gone."

"Something we wanted to ask you, how you would like to be their God father?" Tsume walking into the room, trying to laugh at the confused faces of the Anbu guards stationed in the room. Despite giving birth moments ago, there was a healthy glow about her that made her look divine.

"The other brats may not need it, but considering my husband ran out on me, I think could use a man around the house from time to time, if you get what I mean." She winked at him, and Naruto had the grace to turn away.

When his face was his normal tanned color he thought about what the matron said and nodded. "I would love that, sensei."

From one of the cribs a feral looking boy started crying. Naruto walked down to the infant, his bandages covering his arms. He picked up little Kiba, still not minding that the baby vomited on him an hour ago, and rocked him to sleep.

"It's funny," Naruto thought about something his father told him. "Right now the Shinobi world seems to be going to hell." War and desecration would follow, unless he did something about it.

"By the time these brats are twelve, I have a feeling they are going to have to grow up fast, too fast for my liking. I have some ideas that might help us and our allies. I hope I can count on your support because I can't do this alone. If I can't do this, these kids will grow up in warring times. Just like us. It's one of the reasons that I wish to create a better world before they are too old."

Tsume blushed. "That's such a great goal, kid. I wish my asshole of a husband thought that way. His penis did most of his thinking!" Naruto didn't need to hear that. "God I hate that fucker!"

"I'd be willing to look after Kiba on my spare time. Someday I'll have kids of my own, guessing it would be practice."

Five Years Later

Kage Summit

"I am holding this meeting today to announce that Uchiha Madaara is alive." Shouts of protest met his speech and he slammed his fist down on the summit table to keep them quite.

"There is no debate about this, next one to disagree dies! Okay, now that we have that settled, anyone have any ideas of how to destroy him?"

Naruto tried to ignore the fact that the current Raikage, Yugito, along with her assistant, Samui, were making doe eyes at him during the entire event, one part seduction, three parts murderous intent, like all women in his life. For heaven's sake, he was a married man! Unlike his father or make believe father Minato, he at least never hid the fact that he was married and had kids.

Anyone who would take on a man who was rumored to have destroyed a Kage, a Senin, and a mythical tailed beast was begging to be six feet under. There had been over a hundred assassination attempts by the very people who were sitting in this very room, and they were not happy when their assassins came back in a body bag. Naruto could count on his hands and toes how many times Yugito had tried to kill him along with Samui's team, (only for them to be rescued by Kirabi).

Naruto always just patted them on the head and told them to try again next time. They were getting better. Heck, they almost had him the last time. Needless to say the girls felt more and more affection towards him. It would be hard not to, with his mercy, compassion, and desire to help others.

"Ni-sama, any suggestions?" Naruto said turning to the leering blond, who towered over most of the other Kages in this room.

"I say we get all of our Bijus and have an assault on all his bases. Blow them sky high and burn them to the ground. Only an idiot picks a fight with the united Shinobi Nations, Naruto-sama!"

"I like that plan," Naruto smiled. "Gather your troops, we're heading out!"

One hour later the troops meet the Legendary Sharingan God.

Madaara does not survive.

Konoha Nursery

"Wow they're so small," said five year old Naruto. "Hokage-san, they are so squishy. Why do you keep looking at them though, and what am I doing here?"

The boy giggled when the tall blond haired Hokage, whom he was named after, tickled him on the side of his stomach.

Uzumaki looked at the four little girls sleeping in the small hospital cribs.

He couldn't help but feel proud, so proud that he let out a bellowing laugh that caused many of the nurses to scatter looking at their unusual, yet very clever, and oh so near indestructible Hokage with annoyance. Each one of those girls, born only moments ago, and at the same time, had a startling resemblance to their mothers. Hokage Uzumaki loved their mothers; they hadn't changed much since that fateful day they met. Meaning they still sorta wanted him dead.

"That, Naruto-kun, is your godfather's kids, and some day you'll have to take care of them, if I die that is. I have brought you here to let you know that. If by some strange chance that I suddenly die of food poisoning, or if one of my wives kill me- both very painful deaths- then I leave you in charge of them. "

"Why me?" Namikaze Naruto exclaimed, feeling slightly afraid.

Uzumaki sighed.

"Someday I'll tell you a story as to why I'm making you in charge, and I'll even tell you why you might NOT want to kill the little twerp."

At the age of five Kushina's kid seemed to already be attached to the little ones in his crib, which shouldn't have been a surprise since they were just as much the boy Naruto's daughters as they were the Hokage's, though little Naruto didn't know that.

The five year old turned to Hokage Uzumaki. "Can I hold them?"

The Hokage thought about it for a moment. "Naruto, you might want to ask their mothers. Anko, Kurenai, Yaguu, and Shizune almost pulled my arm off when they were coming into this world. Word of advice, don't be let your wife hold your arms when they are giving birth, they'll push the skin of your arm right into the marrow."

Uzumaki thought more about Naruto's question.

"If you drop any one of them, my wife will murder me, and then you, then your dad, just because he looks like me. I'll let you hold them, someday, Naruto, just not today. Unless its okay withe'm "

"Here you are, we've been looking all over for you. Teuchi said you stopped by earlier, but didn't know where you went."

Uzumaki snorted.

"He said you took Minato's kid with you. No idea what you could be doing with the Namikaze brat, but it's your call." Anko said, walking behind the Kage with the rest of the girls.

Naruto glimpsed them from the corner of his eyes. They changed a lot from his timeline. Sure they all looked the same but their personalities were a lot more common to one wasn't as rash, Kurenai not nearly as cold, Yagua not as secretive, and Shizune a bit more wanted to think he'd made a positive change in their lives.

Well, at least he wanted to believe he did right by them. The story of their wedding was a huge pain. The concept of a harem marriage was attractive to at the time, but he knows that it could destroy a family, especially a Kage family. The problem was he didn't want to choose between them, yet that problem was solved easily when they proposed an odd idea.

The girls proposed that they have a trial marriage to see if it could work, and it did.

It worked well for everyone, including Naruto!

The clones provided enough fun and excitement for all, and in the long run it might have been better for all since it meant they didn't have to grow up to be the kind of back alley kunoichi that a few of them turned out to be in the future. All of these girls had a deep connection to Naruto in his past and future, and they wouldn't let him go. He had changed their lives before and now he was bringing even bigger changes

The girls were still in their maternity clothes, walking carefully into the room. The woman of Naruto's harem, if it could be called that, did not want to wake up their children. They pressed their faces into the glass mirror of the nursery. "They are so cute aren't they? Almost makes you wish you had another one."

Anko couldn't lie to herself.

The process of creating children was exciting to her, especially with a husband of unlimited stamina. She was just glad to be able to take a rest, recovering her energy for another round while one of the other girls filled in during her break. It was a team effort to keep Naruto satisfied, though she'd admit that more than once it was more exciting watching her big sister Kurenai do the dirty. Not that you could call her a lesbian. Not you or they.

No, they really couldn't.

Uzumaki looked at the rest of the girls whose eyes lit up at that idea of another child. The blond haired Kage shook his head and went into the room. He would hold his children, entered the nursery and one by one picked them up gently. He looked down at the small girls in his arms and watched them open their eyes.

"I may be the past, but in my hands is the future. It wasn't an easy journey, and if I could do it again, I would- in a heartbeat." He looked at the small Naruto-boy tugging his pant.

Hokage Uzumaki knelt down to allow the small boy to get a closer look at them. The small boy took the babies from the big man's arm and sat on the floor, holding them one by one. The tall Hokage sat on chair and watched the ground around him.

"It's when I see this, in front of me, a future that seems almost too good, and yet so real, that I know that maybe, just maybe, I saved the world."

Slim arms, many arms, wrapped around the man, and he fell into darkness, weary, tired, and slowly drifted into sleep. He hoped he wouldn't wake up at the start.


Back To Reality

Day of His Birth, The Day He Saved HIS World

"Hey, Naruto get up!"

Naruto blinked. "Holy shit! What happened?" He was in the same room he'd talked to the Yondaime Kage after blowing up the Kyuubi.

"You were asleep for the past three weeks!" little Anko shouted. Beside her Kurenai, Shizune, a purple haired kunoichi, Tsunami, Mei, and Yugito, and little Samui, looked at him with worry. "What could you possibly have dreamed about for that long?"

Naruto blinked at each one of them then grinned. Wonder if that's the future? BAH! Way too good to be true! As if! "Oh, well, funny thing about that dream. You were there, and you were there, and even you were there Shizune-nee, it was weird, I dreamed I saved the entire wor..."

End of Story

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