May 20. 8.45 PM

One year Later

A whole year ago he had been to one of these events and he had not enjoyed it. He had been watching then, not participating and he had not enjoyed it. A whole year ago, he had been on the verge of failing high school. Not because he wasn't smart, he just didn't like it. Didn't like cliques, didn't like sports, didn't like classes, didn't like teachers. No one liked him either for the most part. No one thought he was smart enough for school. Too drugged up, fucked up and lazy. Even he had trouble believing that all it took was a graduated senior and a promise of a Porsche of his choice for his very own to nudge him alone. There was also the matter of two years of college, but that could come later.

Deidara was happy his last name was in the beginning of the long list of graduates for his class. He might have finished with grades that no one expected, but that didn't mean he wanted to stay in this formal, ugly-as-shit dress and hat they made everyone wear for longer then he absolutely had too. The principle had even offered Deidara a position to speak – what was that called? Vale something. Valedictorian. Itachi had been it for his class when he graduated. Really though. Him? Make a speech about high school and his achievements? What achievements?

Yeah, dudes. The secret to my success was the promise of a nice car from my incomparable hot sex buddy.

He didn't think that would fly with the school board, but that had been the thought running through his head when the principle offered it to him, eyes shining as he looked down at him like a prodigal son.

So what? He had gone from the lowest grade in school to one of the top four student in his grade. No big deal. He'd just done his work and slipped in a million extra credits with the help of said hot sex buddy's cousin Saya who had transferred to the school as a sophomore with a severe want to help the needy. Yay? Now he had to walk across the stage in front of thousands of people to get a slip of paper that said he was smart. Who cares what a paper said? Didn't they give him enough papers with grades on them all year that told him so already?

His hot sex buddy – oh sorry. His boyfriend. A year together and he was still having trouble saying it in a sentence. It was just that strange to him. His boyfriend couldn't make it to his graduation. Boo-hoo. Actually, Deidara hadn't even told him when it was. He hadn't told anyone, but someone had leaked the information and Itachi was upset he couldn't come, finding out too late to set time aside. Unfortunately as Deidara glanced out at the seated crowd, he saw Daichi and Rin Mura holding their one year old daughter Suki, Mikoto Uchiha with her niece and youngest son, all sitting in the middle with more people then he wanted to see. They were all listening to the Principal talking. Mikoto was already filming the entire thing and it looked like Daichi and the others had their own cameras as well.

Shit. Fuck. Damn it all to hell!!

He needed a cigarette.