Chapter 12


Such fond memories of the season. Funny how he never was excited about it until his senior year in high school. It meant he'd be staying at home more, didn't have an excuse to go to the library and hide from his father. Now... Now he had Deidara. A smile spread across his lips as he thought about the blond. He was probably working now. Itachi wasn't expected home for another few weeks, he wanted to surprise Deidara.

Pulling down a street he never would have dreamed of driving down a few years ago, he parked his car and climbed out. The summer heat hit him almost painfully as he left the air conditioned behind. Despite wanting to jump back inside, knowing the car garage would be equally hot, it was that knowledge that made him want to go in the garage.

Daichi's garage was easy to spot on the street. This area of the city was run down, buildings smashed in and ruined by vandalism, but no one in their right mind would touch Daichi's garage. It was old, just like the others, but the building was clean and wide open. He could smell the oil from across the street. It was had become a smell of home to him now. Itachi felt a little guilty, but he enjoyed being at the garage more then his mother's home. He always visited her when he was home from school, but Daichi's was where he stayed. The doors were open to allow some ventilation from the thick air. There were a few cars inside being worked on, one in particular had the cutest ass hanging out of it's engine. Best thing about summer was Deidara with his hair tied up and his shirt off. Deidara with his hair tied up and his shirt off while working on a car was just too much sometimes.

"That's a sight for sore eyes," he said, giving him a good spank causing the blond to jump and drop the tool he was using with a loud clatter. "A nice little welcome home."

"Itachi, you're not supposed to be back for another week," Deidara exclaimed, trying to turn around to face him, but Itachi had him pinned against the car. He missed this too. Deidara fit so perfectly against his body. All those nights spent in his dorm room with an empty bed made him appreciate this warm body so much more.

"I know," Itachi murmured, pressing his nose against the blond's shoulder, kissing the salty skin. "I couldn't wait. I missed you."

"I missed you too," Deidara said, wiggling his hips against him. "If only I could see you to say hi for real, un."

"Nah," Itachi said, pulling his hips closer against him, dirty thoughts flooding his mind. He wanted to take him right here on top of the open car engine, he was so happy mentally and physically to have him in his arms again. Itachi just finished his second to last year. After this summer, he had to go back one more time. Just one more, and then he'd be done with heavy school for a while. He could stay with him like he use to. Of course, he'd be working, but they'd be in the same city again. He could see him every day, not once a month. "I like you... right like this," he purred in his ear, grinding his hips against him as he pushed him closer to the car.

"Not on the car," came a voice behind them, spoiling the moment.

"Hey, Daichi," Itachi said, pulling Deidara off the car to face the pierced man. "Sorry, I just saw this ass hanging out of the car and couldn't resist."

"I was working," Deidara grumbled, pushing loose frays of hair off his face.

"That's something I'm not use to," Itachi joked, lifting the blond off the floor. "Hard working man needs a break, don't you think?"

"Sure," Daichi told them, smirking a bit. "Welcome back."

"Thanks," Itachi said, nodding and lifting Deidara up over his shoulder to carry him through the doors leading to the living area. Deidara was struggling to be put down, but Itachi held on tight, looking for an unused bunk. Deidara's was too high for him to climb up with the blond squirming over his shoulder. Tossing him onto an empty bunk, he crawled up over him and smothered his neck with kisses. "Mmm... I missed you so fucking much. I never hated school before I met you."

Deidara's throat vibrated with his chuckle. "At least let me shower first, I'm covered in sweat and engine grime," he said, showing him his hands.

"I know, I think it's sexy," Itachi told him, grinning deviously. "You know how much I love cars, and how much I love you. Putting the two together, I just completely loose it."

"Haha! I can tell!" Deidara laughed as Itachi burrowed his nose in his neck, nibbling at his tender spots. "Seriously! Itachi! What the hell!"

"Shhh," Itachi whispered, nosing his ear. "I've been waiting to see you for months. We haven't had any alone time in ages." Lifting his head, he smiled down at the blond, reaching up to push the loose strands of hair away from Deidara's face. Even with black smudges of dirt and engine grim, Deidara looked beautiful to him. He'd stared at Deidara for long hours when the blond was asleep, or moments like this when he got him to sit still long enough. Asleep was the best. He was already starting to squirm. "Sit still you," Itachi teased. "I want to stare at you."

"That's gross," Deidara said, pushing his hand against his face. "Get off me. I'll go shower then we'll go do something."

Sighing, the brunette finally rolled off the blond to let him get up. Propping his head up, he watched him go into the shower room. Oh yeah, like he was going to just let him shower. He waited a few minutes before jumping up and hurrying over to the door. Despite being the nosiest people in the world, the other people who lived in Daichi's garage learned to leave Itachi and Deidara alone. Itachi wasn't like them. He didn't like to share. Now there was a sign on the shower door that let people know that there were people in there who didn't want to be disturbed. Quietly closing that door, he stripped off his shirt and pants, leaving them with his shoes by the door and walked over to the shower stall with steam fogging up the air around it. Peering passed the stall's door, he grinned seeing Deidara lathered up and slipped in to grab him once again. "I should help you," he purred, hanging on tightly as Deidara struggled in his arms.

"Fuck! Itachi, why do you keep sneaking up on me?" Deidara snapped, twisting more easily in his arms since he was all soapy. "If you wanted to come you could've just said, un.."

"Sorry," Itachi said, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. "I'm just.. I missed you a lot. I'm happy to see you." Taking the washcloth from him, he pushed the long blond strands off his back and began rubbing the soapy cloth over his skin. As Deidara grunted in mock irritation, he smiled and leaned down to kiss him gently, walking them under the stream of water.

"I missed you too, dumbass," Deidara said, sliding his arms up around his neck, rising on his toes to kiss him deeply. He still smelled just faintly of the garage, as he remembered. He wasn't so much of a stick anymore and his muscles were more refined from working in the garage instead of spending his time drinking and partying. He felt less delicate, more like a man in his arms now then a teenager. "Shall I give you a nice shampoo?"

"Nah," Itachi whispered, nuzzling his nose against Deidara's. "I'm going to make sure you get nice and clean... everywhere." he smirked, reaching around to grab a handful of ass. "Mmm... Working on cars have been good to you," he purred, massaging his handful as he pulled his hips against him.

Deidara laughed as he pushed his hips up against him, wiggling against him. "Are you saying I use to have a flabby ass?" he questioned, looking smug.

"Absolutely not," Itachi said, very seriously. "This ass has been perfect since the first day I met you. It's only gotten better." Lifting him up, he pressed him against the wall with a smirk. His fingers brushed over his skin, Itachi smiled down at him. "I love you, Dei."

"I love you too," Deidara said, wrapping his legs around Itachi's waist, smirking down at him. "But I'm not gonna let you just focus on me you know. That's just weird.."

"Hm?" Itachi asked, frowning a little.

"I mean... with the shampooing 'n' cleaning stuff," Deidara said, poking his nose. "It's weird. I'd rather do you, un."

Itachi smiled a little, mentally sighing. Same old. Itachi practically had to force Deidara down to let him do something that didn't involve both of them, or just Itachi. It use to bother him a lot. Didn't Deidara trust him? Trust him not to use it to his own advantage as leverage? Of course Deidara trusted him, but that didn't mean that he could instantly get over old habits and past experiences. One day he'd let him without hearing him whine and complain the whole time, but for now it was just 'weird'. "Alright, fine," he said, giving Deidara's ass a firm smack. "Ruin my fun. I just love seeing you squirm." Leaning up, he kissed him hard, groaning softly as he ground his hips against him.

"Hey! Some people want to shower too!" came an irritated voice near the door to the shower. "Unless you're going to invite us in there with you. I'd love to tap your ass Deidara."

Itachi growled as Deidara squirmed out of the pinned position against the shower wall to lean towards the door. He nearly dropped the blond from his wet, slippery skin, but held on tight as the blond threw open the shower door. "Fuck you," he snapped, smirking deviously. "You don't have a chance in hell, un."

"Dei, I'm going to drop you," Itachi warned, flexing his arms to hold them still, trying to hang onto the squirming blond.

Deidara swung back to him, planting a deep kiss on Itachi's startled lips and smirked. "You'd never drop me," he purred in his ear. Ah. Here was the Deidara he knew. He supposed he did catch him off guard with his arrival. He was about to start kissing him back when the blond pulled away and he had to struggle to hold him again. "Are you still there? Fuck off. This shower is occupied by an extremely sexy naked man and myself, un."

"Men," Itachi added, jerking Deidara into a better hold and sticking his head out too. "Extremely sexy naked men."

The man at the door was standing with his arms folded stubbornly. His head was shaven on the sides and his visible skin was extremely tattooed. "Either you finish up and clear out, or I'm coming in there," was the reply. It startled Itachi, but Deidara's the one who voiced it with a small 'eh?' squeak. He held in the small grin and the urge to pat his feisty boyfriend on the head. Usually people backed down with Deidara's demands, except Daichi. Maybe Deidara was loosing his crazy edge since he's cleaned up his act.

Before the blond could come up with a snarky comeback, Itachi pulled Deidara back into the shower and barred his way. "We'll be done in a minute," Itachi said. "Please give us a moment of privacy."

"Hey," Deidara snapped, turning his irritation on Itachi now. "He can't tell us what to do, we were here first, un! I'll fuckin-"

"Shh..." Itachi pushed a finger to his lips. "It's fine, Deidara." he leaned down to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. "We will continue this later... when we can't be interrupted... for hours."

So easy to satisfy. The ear to ear grin returned and the blond let him pushed him under the steady stream of the shower, rinsing off the remaining soap suds off his body. "Fine," he said, pushing his wet hair off his face. "Let's go have some fun, un."

Shutting the water off, he grabbed his towel and stepped out of the shower. "Hey, fuck off, this ain't a free show," Deidara said to the man still standing there. He dried himself off, then tossed the towel to Itachi. The brunette looked a little startled to see him standing there in his naked glory with a stranger ogling at him. Deidara just smirked and walked passed them to climb up the ladder to his bunk. His duffle-bag was nearly empty of clean clothes, he'd have to borrow the Uchiha's laundry room soon. Jeans and a t shirt came on, hair tugged back in a pony tail under a bandanna to keep his hair off his neck and he was jumping down to meet Itachi who had redressed himself and was looking at him with a look of dismay.

"You are a jean killer, Deidara," the brunette said, eying his pants. "Aren't those the jeans you got over spring break?"

Itachi's eye for detail was frightening some times. Deidara wasn't exactly sure when he bought these jeans, but they were definitely the lesser torn up then the others so it was highly possible they were the ones Itachi spoke of. "Probably," he said with a shrug after looking down at the pants covered in tears from catching on metal or worn thin from overuse, covered in sharpee'd reminders from when he didn't have paper handy. Did it really matter? Clothes were meant to be worn.

"Where are we going, un?" Deidara asked as the two of them walked out of the garage with a wave at Daichi. Spotting Itachi's car, he didn't wait for the brunette to answer him before running over to throw himself against it. Oh, how he adored this car! This beautiful sleek Mazda with all it's modification and sexy leather interior. "I missed you too," he murmured fondly before he was peeled off.

"Hey," Itachi muttered, arm wrapped securly around his waist. "What are you doing? You're not driving."

"I know," Deidara replied, squirming. "I was just telling it it was missed, un. And one day," he said, giving his arm a little pinch to make Itachi release him. "One day I will get to drive!"

"Not gonna happen," Itachi gave him a little shove to make sure he didn't try to sneak into the driver seat. Turning his nose up, Deidara ran around the other side of the room and let himself in. "So where are we going?" he asked again, leaning over the stick to nuzzle Itachi's neck.

"Where ever you want," Itachi told him, shifting gears then rest his hand against Deidara's thigh. "Ah... first though, I should say 'hi' to my mom..." he could see Deidara's expression out of the corner of his eye and snorted. "Yes, I came to see you first. You're that special." The blond cackled quietly to himself then slipped into talking about how he hadn't known he was coming and would have planned something for him if he had known. Itachi let himself get lost in Deidara's voice, happy to listen to it again without the separation of the phone. When they pulled up to the house Mikoto and Sasuke still lived in, Deidara threw his seat belted off and jumped out of the car. He always liked visiting the Uchiha's, even though the thrill of skirting around Fugaku was gone. Mikoto always made sure he was well fed and usually sent him home with even more food.

Itachi came up behind him and slid his fingers down his back pocket, rubbing his ass through the fabric. "We're getting you new jeans," Itachi whispered in his ear. "One day I'll make them last longer then two months. What did you do? Get stuck on a fence?"

"I think it was the junkyard, un... I was looking for parts," Deidara said, glancing down at himself. How should he know? He was an extremely active person. It wasn't his fault they hadn't made Deidara-proof jeans yet. He glanced at Itachi who looked like he just walked off a mannequin stand and grinned a little. He use to think that people who had nice clothes were the most boring people in the world because they never did anything. Itachi didn't do much, but that didn't mean he couldn't do much, and Deidara found him to be quite interesting. "Are we gonna just stand here, or are we going in?" he asked, when he realized they weren't moving.

The sigh that came from the brunette was long and strained. "I feel terrible," he mumbled quietly. "I don't... really want to go in."

"Eh? Why?" Deidara asked, tilting his head to peer up at Itachi, who looked at him for a moment and smiled at something Deidara couldn't see.

"It feels weird going in," he told him. "Since the trial. I don't feel very welcome... besides I want to spend time with you."

Throwing his head back, Deidara's laugh startled Itachi, but the blond didn't care. "This isn't a horror movie, Itachi. The house isn't going to kill you because Uchiha's gone, un. Your mom isn't upset about it."

"I know."

"And your mom will feed us," Deidara reminded him.

"I'd feed you," Itachi said with a frown.

"Your mom is a good cook, un."

"Have you been exploiting my mother for free food?"

"Maybe," Deidara grinned, then started towards the door. "I don't like to share you either, but your mom is an exception, un. She'd be happy to see you too."

Itachi smiled at him and squeezed the hand in his pocket. "Listen to you all kind and thoughtful. Who are you?" he laughed, reaching up to knock.

Deidara stopped him before his knuckles could land on the door. Who knocked on the door to their own home? Swinging open the door, Deidara stuck his head in and called out. "Ms. Mikoto~ I brought you a present, un!"

"Hello, Deidara!" came Mikoto's voice from somewhere in the lovely air conditioned house. "Come on it, I'll be down in a minute."

Smiling softly, Itachi followed Deidara in, kicking both their shoes off before entering the living room. Deidara was bouncing on his heels, fidgeting with anything he could get his hands on. No wonder his jeans were getting holes, his fidgeting had him tearing them up. He wondered if Deidara had ever gone to the doctor before. A non-Sasori doctor. He could use medicine to calm himself down, but then again, Deidara had worked hard to stay clean of drugs and he didn't want to put that in jeopardy. Deidara's excitement to show him off to his own mother made him smile. Even if it would be healthy for him, Itachi did love his eccentric nature.

"Sorry, I was-oh! Itachi!" his mother's excited gasp stopped his thoughts briefly before familiar arms and nostalgic smell enveloped him. His mother wasn't much taller then Deidara, so he had to bend down a little to get the full embrace as she pulled his head down onto her shoulder and squeezed him tightly. "I wasn't expecting you home for another week! What a great surprise!"

"I told him he should come, un," Deidara said, with a smug expression.

"No, he didn't," Itachi said, returning his mother's hug. "He's just pleased I saw him first... sorry, mom.."

"Oh, I understand, dear," Mikoto said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I know how much you've missed each other. Deidara has been a whiny baby since he last saw you."

"I have not," Deidara insisted.

His mother gave him a sideways smile, the same smile she'd give to Sasuke when his brother insisted that he didn't want his mother to pack his school lunch. He knew the blond missed him, but it was cute to hear about him going to pieces in his absence. "Of course not," she said, tapping his chin affectionately. "I'm glad you're here though, I have a surprise for the both of you."

"A surprise?" they asked together.

"Yes," she said, her smile widening. "It's not quite finished yet, but I think you'll still enjoy it. Plus, I'm sure you can use it for the rest of the summer."

Her subtle hints made the two men exchange a glance, wondering if either knew what she was talking about. Deidara gave an exaggerated shrug then started wandering towards the kitchen. "What is it?" Itachi asked, turning to his mother.

"A present for you," she told him, brushing his bangs off his face. "A graduation present."

"I haven't graduated yet," he reminded her with a slight frown. This sounded a little dangerous.

"You will," she said, pride in her voice very audible. "You're turning into the successful, strong willed, handsome man I always knew you would. And I'm happy that you have someone special with you."

Itachi's cheeks darkened slightly and he averted his gaze to look over at the kitchen where he could see Deidara trying to stuff as many marshmallows as possible in his mouth at once. He snorted quietly, "yeah... 'special'."

Mikoto turned to see what he was looking at and chuckled. "Careful, Deidara! You'll choke," she laughed as he waved her off. "Come on, you two. Now that you're here, I want to show you your surprise right away. We'll take your car Itachi."

"I brought my Mazda home," Itachi told her, glancing outside as she headed for the door.

"I can sit on Deidara's lap," she assured him.

Deidara joined them at the door, sliding his shoes back on with a sandwich in his hand. "Yeah, Itachi. You're mom's no stiff, un," he told him, smirking as he walked passed him to the car.

Itachi had never driven his car with two people sitting in the passenger seat, let alone his mother perched daintily on his boyfriend's lap with said boyfriend munching on a sandwich stolen from his mother's house. He wasn't sure where they were going, but Mikoto gave him directions when necessary. While they drove, Mikoto asked him questions on his last few days at school and why he was home early. Itachi explained that the things he had to do were just a few simple things that he could do online or were not necessary, like taking out the trash and signing up for next years sports. He gave a side ways smile at Deidara who was grinning from behind Mikoto's shoulder. That adorable grin was exactly why he came home. All his classes were finished, all his work turned in, finals finished. Everything else were just things that were limiting his time with Deidara. The fact that he had surprised the blond made it even better. He hadn't told Deidara when his classes ended, just when he was coming back. He knew the blond would plague him to come earlier if he had. This way he had given him a bit of a present.

"So where are we going?" Deidara asked after Itachi gave his fingers a little flick as they reached subtly to his leg.

"You'll see," Mikoto said sneakily. "It is a late birthday present and early graduation present, sweety. For the both of you."

"I like presents, un! Especially when it's not my birthday," Deidara said cheerfully, but Itachi wasn't as excited.

"Mom, you didn't have to get me anything," he said quietly, turning as she pointed.

Mikoto laugh quietly and shook her head. "I know that, and you know your dislike of presents has never stopped me from giving them to you." When Deidara piped up again that he liked presents, she reached back and patted his head, brushing his bangs out of his face. "I know you do. Up this road, Itachi... And right here, park over there."

As he turned off his car, Itachi got out and looked around as he waited for Deidara and his mother to untangle themselves so he could lock his car. They were on a street with overhanging trees. They had passed a few houses, but none of them were very close together. He followed his mother who had her arm around Deidara's across the street to the beginnings of a driveway in front of the only house now visible. They stood in front of it for a minute before Deidara began to fidget. His cobalt eyes glanced over at Itachi, who gave him an equally confused look.

"Is it inside the house?" Deidara asked, shifting like they should start walking towards the house.

"No, sweetie, it is the house," Mikoto said with a wide smile.

Itachi's stomach felt like it just dropped to his feet as did any words he could possibly come up with. In fact, his feet were sinking into the ground too, until Deidara's voice snapped him out of the blankness of his mind. "What do you mean, 'the house'?" the blond said, his voice laced in confusion. "I don't understand. How do you give someone a house, un?"

"Mom, you bought a house?" Itachi gasped quietly. "You bought.. a house for us?" Deidara repeated his words, much louder then Itachi did now that the information seemed to click.

"No," she said giving him a small smile. "I know you wouldn't let me do that, and I don't have the means of doing that anymore. All I've done is put the down payment in and laid out the payments for the next two years. Once you've finished your school year and get yourself firmly on your feet with a job, you'll be doing the payments yourself." She beamed at him and took his hand to lead him up the driveway. "I picked this one because I know it's near the mountain roads you like to drive, and close enough to the city so you're not so secluded."

As they reached the door, Mikoto handed him a key. Hand shaking slightly, he inserted the key and turned the lock. Inside the house was as open and airy as his parents home, though lacking in furniture and homely touches. The floors were all marble tiled, the doors and frames thick, dark stained wood. He wandered in slowly, taking in the foyer, what he could see of the living room, and the large open hallway towards the back of the house, and the wide spiral stair case going up to the second floor. "Mom... I..." he stammered, looking at her. She was obviously pleased with herself. "I don't know what to say..."

"I know, but I know you like to be independent and I understand how uncomfortable it is at the house for you," she reached up to brush his bangs out of his face and patted his cheek. "You're my baby, Itachi. I'm going to spoil you till I die."

"Thanks mom... I'll do my best to be able to live up to your expectations," he said, leaning forward to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"I know you will, sweetheart. Oh," she turned and looked around. "Where's Deidara?"

Startled, Itachi went to the door and looked out, seeing the blond still standing at the end of the driveway where they left him. As he approached him, he saw the blond had a strange expression on his face. "Dei, what's wrong?" he asked in concern.

Looking up at him, the blond's wide eyes stared before he stammered out. "Your mom got you a house... That's ... insane," his voice was quiet, a similar tone to when Sasori had brought Deidara's sister to his hospital room.

"Yeah," Itachi said, staring at his feet. Deidara had once mocked him relentlessly out of spite for how much his parents gave him, how easy his life was. Even though his father was gone and his mother was working on her own salary now, she made sure that he was provided for. "Dei, she bought it for you too," he reminded him. "I mean, it's not really bought, when I get out of school I still have to pay and all... but it's for you too. You don't have to stay in Daichi's garage, or couch surf when you're feeling uncomfortable there... Don't you want to live with me?"

"...Yes," Deidara said, still looking a little dazed and confused.

Placing a hand at Deidara's back, he gave the blond a little shove and led him up into the house. The blond looked like he felt completely out of place in his old boots and torn jeans standing in a very clean house with two decently dressed people. Itachi loved him for that. "I'm going to call a cab and leave you two alone," Mikoto told them, perking up on her toes a little as she beamed at them. His mother was extremely pleased with herself. "I don't want to spoil your first day back."

And she was gone. The two of them stood stunned in the foyer after she shut the door behind herself. Itachi didn't even think to stop her and tell her to wait in the house for the cab, or that he'd take her home. The whole thing was surreal. How long had she had this for him that he could just show up from school - early, and she'd be ready to drop what she was doing to do this. What had his mother been up to? A knife of guilt twisted in his stomach when he thought about it. He didn't know anything that his mother had been doing in years. He was very selfish. Chewing on his lip, he distracted himself by looking at the blond who was frozen in pace with wide eyes. "Dei, you okay?" he asked.

"Are we really allowed to be in here, un?" Deidara asked quietly.

"Seems like it," Itachi said with a smile, holding up the key in his hand. "Hope you don't change your mind and want to keep living at Daichi's... It's kinda big for one person."

Deidara turned and stared at him, partially terrified, partially suspicious. "I... can live here?" he asked.

"Of course Dei, mom gave it to me for both of us," he said again, tilting his head to look at him closely.

Deidara seemed to forcibly compose himself as he slipped away from Itachi to run up the stairs. "Cool," was the last thing he said before he turned a corner.

Smirking, Itachi followed after him to watch the blond be excited enough for the both of them. He yelled like a child over the huge rooms on the second floor and the bathrooms as big as the entire shower room in Daichi's garage. There were four large bed rooms, including the master bedroom. A smaller room that could be used as an office with the door and stairs to the attic. There was one main bathroom on the second floor with a shower and a very large onsen. The master bedroom had two double wooden doors that opened into a large space that would fit a small living room and a bedroom. Deidara cursed colorfully and spun in a circle to look at it in.

"This is the biggest fucking bedroom I've ever seen, un!" he cried. "How the hell can someone live in a house like this?"

"Comfortably with a loud blond man living here too," Itachi said, stopping the blond's spinning by wrapping his arms around him. "It'll look more inviting with a bed."

"A huge bed! I wont have to sleep on top of you anymore, un," Deidara whined.

Itachi smiled and bumped his knees from behind to force him down on the floor. "You'll still be sleeping on top of me," he assured him, nuzzling his nose against Deidara's ear. "I think a small bed would look strange in this room. I'll find you something you can be comfortable in." Deidara's hips were pressed back against his own as he had him squished to his knees under his own weight, but Deidara didn't fight him. His fingers slid up Deidara's back, gently forcing his shirt up. The air conditioning wasn't on in the house, so the room was very warm. Deidara's skin was hot and and moist with a slight sheen of sweat.

As the shirt slid over his head, it pushed his hair off the back of his neck allowing Itachi to kiss him gently. Deidara probably let him pin him down like this cause he felt comfortable with him, but Itachi's mind wasn't on cuddles. Far from it. Soon Deidara's was off of cuddles as well, apparent as he wiggled his butt against Itachi. Chuckling quietly, Itachi placed a hand on the blond's hips and urged him over onto his back on the floor. Crawling up over top of him, he crushed his body against the floor and kissed him deeply. Hands trailing down his skin, remembering everything about his body. His scars were faint, but still there, especially the one on his back from the bullet his own cousin had shot. Breaking the kiss, he shifted down and kissed his chest, smiling softly as he rubbed his nose against him. His torso was more filled in then he remembered, yet the blond was still slight and scrawny. Working like a normal person was good on Deidara's body.

Lifting his head up, Itachi smirked up at him and slid down his body, leaving kisses behind. He heard Deidara's soft moans of approval and smirked as he waited for the blond to realize what he was doing. All it took was a touch at his pants for the blond to pushed himself up to grab at Itachi's shoulder. Before he could get a word out, Itachi pushed him back down, hand on his chest to keep him from sitting up again. A slow smirk spread over Itachi's face as Deidara protested, but the brunette ignored him as he worked the fastens of his jeans apart and tugged them off his hips. Deidara may not like sexual attention focused just on him, but that didn't mean he wouldn't get and enjoy it. His fingers gripped him tight allowing him to relish in the deep moan the blond gave despite how he was fighting weakly against Itachi's hand.

"You too, Itachi," Deidara whimpered quietly, gasping as his hand stroked him. Itachi just smirked and waited for Deidara to get some blood to his brain. "Damn it, Itachi! Fuck!"

Chuckling, the brunette leaned down and ran his tongue down his length, the guttural groans music to his ears. The blond's hips raised off the floor, trying to push himself closer to Itachi, hating what he was doing, but unable to resist the pleasure. Itachi looked up as Deidara lift his head to watch him, uncomfortable since Itachi's hand was still preventing his torso to bend. His free hand and mouth explored his groin with torturous patience. It was for Deidara, and honestly it was for himself as well. Truly, he wanted nothing more then to tear his own clothes off and have skin on skin contact inside, on top of and under him. He resisted, letting his pants grown more and more uncomfortable as Deidara voiced his reactions of his movements. He finally let the blond sit up when he was sure Deidara wasn't going to beat him bloody. Instead, his fingers went tight in his hair to try and control those movements on his dick.

Just as his breath escaladed into pleasure, Itachi pulled away, leaving a job unfinished and the once protesting blond growling in angry frustration. He fought the hand trying to push him back down and crushed his lips against Deidara's parted ones, kissing him heatedly. Hot and sweaty, Deidara was clawing at Itachi's clothes, tired of foreplay and wanting what Itachi had been denying the both of them. Breaking away from him, Itachi pulled off his shirt and pushed his pants off his hips, crawling out of them and onto Deidara, stretching his neck so the blond could get the closeness he wanted before Itachi fell of top of him.

Deidara was right, foreplay was done.

Gripping Deidara's legs, he push them up around his waist as Deidara's fingers dragged down his back, a familiar gesture of pleasure and pain. God he missed him so badly, every time he left he felt the same painful loss. Every time he came back he ran back into his arms again. He never got tired of the feeling of the smaller man in his arms, the warmth of his skin against his own. It wasn't just amazing sex, it wasn't the blond's remarkable relationship skills (he had none), it was the personal things they had shared. Deidara saved him from his life, and something about himself made Deidara change too. He didn't know what happened. Or what clicked in his brain, but something about himself had made Deidara change too. The way Deidara's face brightened when he saw him told Itachi the blond was just as happy to be around him as well. His heated kisses and nips, the nails against his shoulders and back told Itachi he was equally despirate for his touch as well.

Slowly thrusting inside him, Itachi let his head fall back in a deep moan digging his own fingers into Deidara's hips. Deidara's fingers tangled in his hair to pull him down into a kiss, sliding his tongue passed his lips. Sucking on his tongue, he began to steadily thrust into him, holding Deidara's head in place as he twisted in painful pleasure underneath him. Lifting him up, he slammed him down against the floor, thrusting harder and heavier as Deidara's tight entrance stretched and loosened around his cock. Taking Deidara's hand from his shoulders, he urged it down to rub against Deidara's still hard cock. The blond got the message and began stroking himself in time with Itachi's thrusts. Lifting himself off Deidara's chest, Itachi watched him with a deep groan. It was rare for him to do this, but Itachi thought it was extremely hot to watch and had never gotten tired of video chatting with headphones plugged into his phone so anyone walking by or in his room couldn't hear the conversation. Seeing him do it in person just made him want to pound into him harder. Deidara gasped and cried out as he came between them, tightening around him again as his body tightened.

Lifting Deidara off the grown, Itachi pushed him against the closest wall and sat up. Moaning as Deidara moved his hips against his own, the brunette kissed into his collar bone, digging his teeth against his skin. Cumming hard into him, Itachi slumped against him and the wall, groaning heavily as pleasure rolled over him, the pleasure of sex and the pleasure of his body. Sliding down the wall, he laid down with the blond on top of him, panting softly against his neck.

"I missed you," Itachi whispered, sliding his fingers up Deidara's back.

"I missed this, un."

"Heh.. more then me?"

"Not what I meant."

Itachi smiled, and gave the top of the blond's head a soft kiss. He understood. Sliding out from under him, he reached for his pants and leaned back against the wall, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. Deidara joined him, shoulders brushing his own. He could see him looking around the room, now that the distraction was gone, the realization of where they were and what was going on was coming back. He reached for his pants as well, pulling out a rag to wipe himself down - though it didn't appear to be thoroughly cleaned of engine grime, or maybe that was just stains. Itachi didn't bother mentioning it.

"Can I stay here while you're at school?" Deidara asked, stretching his legs out in front of him.

"Of course," Itachi replied, lighting a cigarette. They had no ash tray so they made due by eating the last of Deidara's mints so they could use the tin container. "It's your house too."

"Doesn't feel like it, un," the blond mumbled quietly.

"It is," Itachi assured him, offering him the stick. Deidara accepted it with an unconvinced grunt.

"I'll pay bills and shit while you're in school," Deidara said.

"You don't have to," Itachi told him, realizing too late that was the wrong thing to say. Deidara glared darkly at him, thrusting the cigarette back in his hand to reach for his own pack left in his pants. "It'd be really expensive, I don't want you to use all your money like that," he rushed, trying to explain. "Half," he said when Deidara continued to glare.

"All," Deidara insisted. "You wont be here for a whole year, un."

"Half," Itachi repeated stubbornly.

"No," Deidara snapped, his voice getting angry. "I'm not your property, Itachi. I can take care of myself, un."

Reaching out, Itachi grabbed Deidara's write to keep him from throwing his cigarette, or leave, or whatever he'd been about to do. "I do, though," Itachi said in a firm voice. "You're my boyfriend, Deidara. I know you like being independent, but I like taking care of you."

"I don't care," Deidara said, bluntly. Itachi had to smile. Deidara was such a selfish asshole sometimes. Actually, most of the time really. His smile seemed to aggravate the blond more and he had to yank him over his lap to keep him from fighting the grip on his wrist. Careful not to burn him with his cigarette, he wrapped his arms around him and squeezed until all the breath - and fight - seemed to leave the blond.

"How about this: you pay half, I pay - ah! Listen," Itachi cut him off, "but you buy half the furniture too. We'll need a lot for this size house, and I don't thin we'll be filling it quickly. I don't want to depend on you when I come to visit on my breaks. I'll let you pick the bedroom furniture... and you could use one of the spare rooms for Milkshake."

Deidara continued to glare at him, trying to mentally force him into submission, but Itachi wouldn't budge. He understood how badly the blond hated depending on anyone for anything. Understood that to him, the situation sounded like one of his clients. Deidara didn't like associating them with Itachi, but also hated middle grounds. He didn't like sharing, and liked taking care of things himself. This was something he'd have to get over though, because it was only fair to split it and Itachi liked the spoil the blond whether he liked it or not. Finally, Deidara scoffed and pulled away to slump against the wall again, signalling Itachi's victory.

"You may need to learn how to cook while I'm gone," Itachi said. "Otherwise, I'll hve to hire a personal housekeeper and that never goes well when there's a successful lawyer in the house..."

The blond scoffed again, but playfully this time. "You have a thing for housekeepers, un? I can cook," he added, insistingly.

"Can you?"

"...It can't be that hard," Deidara replied.

"...Shit," Itachi said, feigning horror, but laughed as Deidara punched his shoulder.

"I don't want anyone coming over," Deidara said, breaking the silence that followed. "I mean-... Daichi and Rin can... And your mom and Sasuke... and Sasori would probably want to know, but he'll never come over, un..."

"That's fine," Itachi said, reaching over to flick ashes into the tray. "Just us. Our house." He watched Deidara look around the room, then out the window, fidgeting slightly. Reaching out, he gave Deidara's hair a gentle tug. Deidara smiled a little and slumped against him, running his fingers against Itachi's leg. The brunette responded by gently rubbing his shoulder. Deidara was scared, but there was no way Itachi would address that until Deidara brought it up. This was a rather big step for the blond.

"So you've been working with Daichi? How do you keep your money safe from your crazy roommates?" Itachi asked, tickling Deidara's ear.

His hand was knocked away and the blond turned to face him. "Your mom," Deidara told him with a sheepish grin. "She's been letting me keep my money in her house, un. I trust her."

"She's pretty trustworthy," he agreed, smiling down at him. "You could get a bank account, you know." He gave the blond's cheek a little pinch. "I'm glad you're working hard and stuff. I'm so proud of you."

"Ew, don't say gross things like that."

"You're getting to be such a big boy now."


"You're becoming a man."

"Oh, my god, Itachi," Deidara cried bursting out with laughter. "You're so retarded! So I was a boy before?" he smirked and slid up to straddle his lap. "Is that what turned you on, hmmm~? Am I not so attractive now that I'm old?"

Itachi smirked and gripped on Deidara's hips. "I've always been turned on by you, you slippery bastard," he said, drawing his knees up so Deidara slid down into a very special place in his lap, their naked bodies pressed close together. "You're the one that always played hard to get. Remember?"

"Hmm," Deidara crooned, glancing away innocently. "I don't remember that."

"Liar," Itachi accused, pinching his ass. "You were such a dick, and I was nice to you." He smiled at him though and cupped his cheek and neck. "I assure you, you are worth every damn frustration though."

"That's cheesy," Deidara told him, with a roll of his eyes.

"I love you," Itachi told him, pinching his cheeks.

"Stop that! God!"

Smirking, Itachi released his cheeks and began tickling Deidara's sides mercilessly as the blond shrieked and struggled in his arms. They rolled around of the floor, Deidara trying to run away, Itachi just dragging him back by his ankles, tickling places that weren't ticklish, but enjoying Deidara's reactions just the same. As he ground his hips against Deidara's naked ass, he smirked and nudged his face to look back at him. "The things I'm going to do to you now that no one can interrupt us," he whispered huskily in his ear. "Our bed's gotta have really tough posters... and strong headboards. Hope you like being tied up." He groaned softly as he nibbled on his ear.

Deidara smirked and arched his hips up against him, knocking Itachi off of him and crawled up to sit on his chest. "Who says I'm the one that's going to be tied up?" he asked with a smirk, tapping his finger against his chest.

Itachi stared at him with stoic blankness that conveyed he would definitely not be the one tied up. He'd been tied up by the blond before and he did not like not being able to defend himself. When the blond kept grinning, he gave a short shake of his head and pushed him off onto the floor so he could sit up. "Not a chance," he said, rubbing the top of his head to mess up his hair.

Smirking deviously, Deidara nipped at his fingers and pushed himself back up to sit. "Let's go get a bed," he grinned.

"I don't know if we can sleep here tonight," Itachi admitted. "A nice bed will have to be ordered for delivery, and we'd need to get other things, and I don't know if the water and electricity is turned on. But we can do all that stuff today if you want to..."

"Tomorrow we'll do that," Deidara said, leaning his head down on Itachi's lap. "Let's just be lazy today, un."

"That's fine with me," Itachi told him. "Would you rather go back to my mom's house? Where it's air conditioned and there's a chance we'll have food?" Deidara nodded, fanning himself dramatically then rolled over to find his clothes, Itachi following close by.

The rest of the afternoon was spent as one of the laziest days in the passed few months for Itachi. The two of them drifted in and out of sleep for the entire day and through the night. Mikoto had breakfast waiting for them when they stumbled bleary eyed to the kitchen half passed noon. She was reading the Sunday paper and watching a news feed on the TV. Deidara could barely get his toast into his mouth as Itachi told his mother about their plans to get certain furniture and was talking about something along the lines of cold air and water. They had talked about going out early to pick furniture out, but clearly that early thing wasn't going to happen.

Deidara had spent the better part of the last fifteen hours in a state of mental confusion, allowing himself to be physically consumed in Itachi's presence. This was a very large step in his life and it terrified him. Horrified him and went against his very existence. He'd moved many times, sleeping mostly on couches, or even on a bus bench if it was late enough. Having his own home wasn't something he'd ever thought of for himself. Nor would he ever expect to be sharing such a thing with someone. Deidara didn't think ahead. He lived in the moment. Having a house meant long term. Some how he'd gone from two day relationships and couch surfing at the cost of a few shoots of drugs or a quick fuck to patiently waiting for the end of semesters and contently slept in the bunks in Daichi's garage until the no longer appealing lives of the other members of the garage began harassing him too much. He still went out to clubs, still danced at night and spent too much on alcohol and a good time, but when the company's touches became less playful, he would leave. They put up with that as long as they could, but he'd woken up a number of times to shove someone out of his bunk that wanted more. Then Mikoto would find him sleeping in Itachi's bed, having climbed into the window from the tree outside, despite the fact that Mikoto had given him a key to the house.

What happened?

He tilted his head, resting sleepily on his elbow, to look at Itachi, who was much more awake and drinking coffee. How did this happen to him? Every part of his personality wanted to tell Itachi he didn't want to do this. He'd debated it for hours when Itachi was sleeping, arms wrapped affectionately around his waist. It was tearing at his mind, terrifying him. His mind didn't want to think of the house as something for the both of them. Perhaps it was just temporary, like what the apartment had been before it had burned down. It wasn't HIS house... it was Itachi's. He'd leave anytime, or Itachi would make him leave. Everything was temporary. Everything in life was temporary. You never knew what was going to happened tomorrow. What made it worse was that he suspected Itachi knew exactly what was going on in his head, what was worrying him. Bastard...

"I want a mattress like yours," he said quietly. "It's the best bed I've ever slept in, un."

Itachi grinned, nudging the coffee closer to him. He took it and sipped as Mikoto began writing something down on a slip of paper. Apparently she'd been making a list since he was day dreaming and nibbling on toast with jam, it looked like a list of stores. "Sleepy head," Itachi said affectionately, poking his knee under the counter. "You want to do this today, or save it for another day?"

"We can do it today, un," Deidara said, biting at the edge of the mug.

"If you boys want to stay there as soon as you get your bed," Mikoto said with a secret smile, "I'll make a list of things you'll need at the store... Necessary things that you might not think of."

"What's wrong with the house how it is?" Deidara asked with a frown.

"It has no toilet paper to start out with," Mikoto said, laughing at the startled look on the blonds face. Well how was he supposed to think of that? "Just a few other things..."

Rin had a few other ideas for them and voiced them while they sat on an old sofa, her holding her daughter who was driving a remote control Barbie car, and Itachi tickling Milkshakes tiny soft belly. Deidara stayed quiet as he listened, new to this situation and still rather apprehensive about the whole thing. He didn't voice his concerns to Itachi, but settled against him, knowing the brunette still understood. If he said something, it would come out wrong and he would get frustrated with himself. Itachi was so much better at talking then he was. He sighed softly, and got Itachi's arm wrapped loosely around his shoulder. Damn him and his over perceptive nature.

The first week of Itachi's return had them running all over the place looking at furniture and pooling their money, Deidara proudly sharing his savings with Itachi, ego boosting at the brunette's surprise at the amount. At night they joined the others at the races, Deidara betting on cars while Itachi stayed under the hoods of new models discussing engines and parts. They raced once or twice each, but only for small races; Itachi was out of practice and Deidara only felt like showing off once in a while and wanted to spend more time with Itachi. The Uchiha joined Deidara during the day when he worked, happily helping out. Itachi refused money from Daichi, saying he just wanted to learn. When the few pieces they bought were ordered, they took off work for the day to set it up. It was a very long and frustrating task of putting it all together, changing their minds about where the pieces would go in the room and realizing they were too heavy to move. They'd stormed out a number of times to chain smoke cigarettes on opposite sides of the house. When they finally had it set up in a way they could both agree on, they were too tired to put any special details in such as making their bed with the sheets and blankets they bought and just collapsed on the bare mattress together.

Spread out on the mattress, Deidara stared at the ceiling with a cigarette dangling loosely in his fingers. He could leave if he wanted to. He doubted Itachi could stop him if he truly decided to leave. He swallowed hard, glancing over at Itachi, eyes closed, lips parted slightly as he breathed evenly in sleep. No... He couldn't leave. It'd be like tearing a piece of him away, he'd break Itachi's heart. He couldn't do that. Doing this wouldn't destroy himself. He'd slipped into this lifestyle, Itachi wasn't trying to change him. He could still do all the things he wanted. Daichi's garage had been steadily becoming less and less of a home for him as he got older. Deidara's eyes passed over the room, growing dark as the sun set. Milkshake was perched in the open window, staring outside at something he couldn't see. There'd been an empty hole in him for a long time, never having the right thing to fill it with. He tried with drugs, with alcohol, self destruction and the selling of his body. Nothing worked, just left him empty. Without even noticing, that bloody torn hole his mother's rejection had left in his heart was getting stitched back together. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, a small smile crossing his lips. Itachi rolled over and slid his arm around the blond's waist.



"Welcome home," Itachi whispered, kissing the base of his neck gently.

。,:・゚ ゚・:The End:・゚ ゚・:,。

[[Thank you everyone who has read both parts of this story! I hope you like the ending as much as I did ]]