Penny collapsed onto her couch, letting out a loud sigh. She felt really bad, not just because she'd consumed too much alcohol, but because . . . . .well, that was the main reason for her feeling bad: she didn't know why she felt bad. Was it because Leonard had told her that she was trying to have sex with her father? No, that had been really annoying to hear, but no.

Leonard really needs to learn about the importance of quiet time thought Penny. Leonard! He was definitely connected to the bad feeling! But, if it wasn't because of what he'd said, then what was it. She wasn't made at him . . . .well, she was a little mad at him, but that wasn't it. But then, what was the feeling? Not anger? Not sadness-but she was on the right track with that!- if not sadness, then . . . .disappointment? It was something like that . . . . .was it longing?

"Yes! That's it!" shouted Penny, immediately clapping her hands over her mouth in surprise at having shouted.

She was feeling longing, disappointment and it was connected to Leonard, but how? And why was she feeling this way.

Penny attempted to succumb to her longing, trying to understand what it was she wanted so badly. She closed her eyes and laid her head against the arm of her couch. She envisioned herself back in her bed, back under the covers and very comfortable. Then, Leonard was there. He was there, back in bed with her, continuing what they had started earlier. She was kissing his neck again, his cheeks, his forehead, and then his lips-

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! No, n-n-n-no! Penny sat up, shaking her head. What was she doing? She couldn't think of Leonard like that, not that way, he was her friend, nothing more . . . . even if she had just made out with him in her bed-that was besides the point! And she was drunk! That had to count for something!

Yeah, yeah, that's it Penny sighed. That's it, Penny, you're just hammered, really, really hammered, that's what's causing all these thoughts, these crazy, crazy thoughts.

But, still, she didn't think that being intoxicated was the sole reason for her imagination running a little too wild. Because she wanted Leonard back, she wanted to finish what they'd started; she wanted to kiss him again.

No! No you do not want to do that! No. . . . .maybe a little-no! Ugh, just shut up, Penny! Just take an aspirin and stop thinking about stupid Leonard!

Penny exited her apartment, her head aching, and saw Mrs. Hofstader halting a hug between her and Leonard. She felt sympathy for Leonard as he stepped away from his mother. All he wanted was some love from his parents and his own mother couldn't even manage to give him a proper hug.

Penny sighed and approached the mother and son, reluctant to begin the discussion she had in mind for her and Leonard.

"Oh, hey, look I was just coming over to talk to you-

"You don't have to . . . . .ever!" Leonard pleaded.

"Gotcha," Penny sighed with relief. But the feeling didn't last. She really did want to talk to Leonard about what happened, but she got the feeling that this wasn't the right time.

"Ah, slugger, shall we pick up where we left off?"

Beverly's voice jolted Penny from her thoughts and onto new problems as she began to discuss her father's lack of acceptance of her.