Digimon 4: A New Journey



Tk: Tk aka Takeru is now 12 years old and he is the digidestined of Hope, Innocence and Life!

Patamon: He is Takeru's Digimon partner and is able to digivolve into Angemon, Pegasusmon with the Digiegg of Hope, Magna Angemon, and Seraphimon, Aero Angemon, Clavis Angemon & Clavis Aero Angemon. Angemon His dark evolution is Hollow Angemon.

Kari: Kari aka Hikari is 12 going on 13 and is the digidestined of light.

Gatomon: She is Hikari's Digimon and could digivolve to Angewomon, Nefertimon with the Digiegg of Light, Ophanimon, and Magnadramon & Heavenly Angewomon. Gatomon could DNA Digivolve with Aquilomon to Silphymon. Her dark evolution is Dark Angewomon.

Davis: Davis aka Daisuke is 12 going on 13 and uses the crest of courage and friendship to find his crest of Miracles.

Veemon: Veemon is a happy-go-lucky Digimon who is Daisuke's Digimon partner and he could digivolve to Veedramon, X Veemon, Aero Veedramon with the crest of Miracles, Ulforce Veedramon, Flamedramon with the Digiegg of courage, Raindramon with the Digiegg of friendship, and Magnamon with the Golden Digiegg of Miracles. X Veemon will DNA Digivolve with Stingmon to Pieldramon and then to Imperialdramon with a mode change to fighter mode.

Yolie: Yolie aka Miako is 13 going on 14 years old and she uses the crests of Love and Sincerity to find the crest of caring.

Hawkmon: He is Miako's Digimon and he could digivolve to Aquilomon, Silphymon with the crest of Caring and DNA digivolve with Gatomon. Silphymon then becomes Valkyrimon, Shurimon with the Digiegg of Sincerity & Halsemon with the Digiegg of Love & Peacockmon with the Golden Digiegg of Caring.

Cody is 9 years old but he is quiet and very wise for his age. Cody uses the Crest of Knowledge & the Crest of Reliability to find the Crest of Wisdom.

Armadillomon: He is Cody's Digimon partner who could digivolve to Digmon with the Digiegg of Knowledge, Submarimon with the Digiegg of Reliability, Seahomon with the Golden Digiegg of Wisdom, Ankylomon, and Brachiomon with the crest of Wisdom, Cannondramon.

Jessica: Jessica is 12 years old and Jessica is the Digidestined of Peace and her partner is Betamon.

Betamon could digivolve to Ice Seadramon, Mega Seadramon X with the crest peace & Giga Seadramon, and uses the digiegg of peace to digivolve to Swanmon.

Ken starts off as the Digimon Emperor who uses the dark rings and Control Spires to stop the natural digivolution.

Wormmon is Ken's Digimon partner who digivolves to Stingmon and Stingmon could DNA Digivolve with X Veemon to Pieldramon and then to Imperialdramon with a mode change to Fighter Mode. He also could digivolve into Jewel Beemon with the crest of Kindness and Gran Kuwagamon.

Koushiro: Koushiro is the major help to the newer digidestined than the others. Koushiro has the crest of Knowledge and his partner is Tentomon.

Tai: Tai aka Taichi has the crest of Courage and his partner is Agumon.

Sora: Sora is the Digidestined of Love and her partner is Biyomon.

Matt: Matt aka Yamato is the digidestined of Friendship and his partner is Gabumon.

Mimi has moved to NYC where her parents think that the Digimon won't follow them there. Mimi is the Digidestined of Sincerity and her partner is Palmon.

Jyou: Jyou is going to med school and he still finds time to go to the digital world to help out when he can. Jyou is the Digidestined of Reliability and his partner is Gomamon.

Major O'Ryan: He is Jessica's father and he uses his resources to help the digidestined even though he doesn't go to the digital world. He is doing this as a top secret mission and his main goal is helping the children keep both worlds safe. He is able to create weapons that the children could use.

Ayden: Ayden is the spirit of hope, innocence & life and he watches over the digidestined but when he wants to communicate to then he uses Takeru. He could communicate to Takeru and Hikari without having to use anyone. He is the same age as Takeru though he served the digital world when the digital world pulled him and his friends from 2003 to where the digital world was young.

Daemon: Daemon is the Demon Lord of Wrath and still continues to watch the child of Hope, Innocence & Life waiting until the time where he could finally use him against the other children. He lures Takeru to the dark ocean by using Hikari as bait.

Dragomon: Dragomon is interested in the powers that the child of light and the child of hope, innocence & life has and knows that if he could find a way to get their powers then he would be an unstoppable ruler and force the digital world and the real world into darkness.

Lucemon: Lucemon was created by Seraphimon and Ophanimon the day Takeru was born and he is connected to Takeru without Takeru's powers. He knows that he must protect the child of light from the evil tyrants. He has absorbed most of Takeru's pain and knows by doing that then Takeru's hope will glow brighter. He uses the powers of darkness to protect the light and hope of the world. He doesn't care about the others but he will protect them if it means that the child of hope and light are safe. Lucemon becomes the Digimon of darkness because he is partnered with the child of darkness. Lucemon digivolves to Piddomon, Lord Angemon with the crest of Darkness & Slash Angemon.

Devimon: Devimon is after one thing and that is to seal away the child of hope for eternity so he could finally return. He digivolves into Murmuxmon!

Dark Angewomon is the embodiment of darkness and she is Hikari's partner as well.

Hollow Angemon is the embodiment of fear, despair, and death and he is also Takeru's partner.

Kaden is Hikari's twin brother who is in the care of his uncle. He has the crest of darkness and his Digimon is Lucemon.

Alyssa is the lunar child of despair. She is Kaden's girlfriend and she wears the crescent moon around her neck. Her Digimon is Lunamon and together they could block out the powers of the golden sun.

Lunamon is in her rookie form but uses the moon to digivolve to Lekismon, and then uses the Crest of Despair along with the crescent moon to Digivolve to Crescemon the Lunar Digimon of Despair and finally she becomes one of the Olympic 12 Digimon who uses the lunar light to govern over Water and Ice. This form is Lady Dianamon the Guardian of Despair and the Moon.

Arukinnimon & Mummymon: These 2 are the reason that the control spires are able to turn into Digimon. They will do anything to destroy the digital world and the digidestined but they are merely pawns to one of the main evil Digimon.

Black War Greymon: He was created from 300 control spires and he will stop at nothing to find the answers that he seeks. He is confused and for a Digimon who was created, he has a heart unlike the other control spire Digimon. He ends up helping the digidestined for he knows that they hold the answers that he seeks and finds that friends are important.

Jun: Jun has a crush on Yamato and when Yamato keeps ignoring her she becomes more obsessed with him. Later on she finds that she is meant to be a digidestined and gets her chance to date Yamato. She becomes the elemental digidestined of Water and her partner is Swimmon who digivolves to Tylomon, Mermaimon, & Ancient Mermaimon.

Shim: Shim is Jyou's older brother where he provides assistance to the digidestined.

Michael: Michael is an American digidestined whom they meet when Mimi introduces him to the group. He assists the digidestined when they face off against the demon lords. His Digimon is Betamon who digivolves to Seadramon, Mega Seadramon, and Metal Seadramon.

Willis: He is an American digidestined who created a virus that nearly destroys the world but once the digidestined stopped the virus it then entered his Digimon Lopmon where he will do anything to go back to where it all began. He holds the crest of destiny and his partners are Lopmon and Terriermon. Lopmon could digivolve to Endigomon, Antylamon, Black Cherubimon. Terriermon digivolves to Rapidmon with the golden digiegg of Destiny.

Catherine: Catherine is the French digidestined who joins the team to stop the demon lords from destroying the digital world completely. She faces off against Lilithmon and falls in love with Willis. Her Digimon is Floramon, who digivolves to Kiwimon, Deramon, & Gryphonmon.

Tony: Tony is Takeru's twin brother who was separated at birth. He is the spitting image of Takeru except he has a scar that goes through his left eye brow and no pigment in that eye. He lives on the outskirts of New Haven Connecticut with his cousins Anthony and Hannah. Tony is the digidestined of Life and his partner is Wolfmon. He joins the digidestined team when he and his friends are called forth to assist the digidestined against the demon lords.

Wolfmon is able to digivolve to Halo Angemon, Arch Angemon, Goddmon, and Holy Goddmon.

Anthony: He is Takeru's cousin who lives on the outskirts of New Haven Connecticut with his father and sister. He is born on the same day as Takeru and Tony and looks similar to Takeru and Tony but he is a little shorter. He is the digidestined of Spirit and his partner is Tigermon. He joins the digidestined team when he and his friends are called forth to assist the digidestined against the demon lords.

Tigermon is able to digivolve to Tigrismon, Magna Tigrismon, & Tigerramon.

Hannah: Hannah is Anthony's sister and Takeru's cousin who lives on the outskirts of New Haven Connecticut. She is 3 years younger than Takeru, Tony, and Anthony to the day and she looks like Anthony, Takeru & Tony. She is the digidestined of dreams and her partners are a red and blue Elecmon & a pink and white Elecmon. She joins the digidestined when she is called forth to defeat the demon lords.

The pink and white Elecmon could digivolve to Rainmon, Lightningmon, and Stormmon while the red and blue Elecmon could digivolve to Thundermon, Spiritmon & Windmon.

Ashley: She is Anthony's girlfriend who has dirty blond hair and light brown eyes and is the same age as Anthony. She lives in New Haven Connecticut and she is the digidestined of faith with her partner Ponymon. She joins the digidestined when she is called forth to defeat the demon lords.

Ponymon could digivolve to Coltmon, Stallionmon & Mustangmon.

Amanda: She is Tony's girlfriend and is a year younger than him. She and her brother have known Anthony and Tony forever. She has long Light Brown Hair and green eyes and she lives in New Haven Connecticut with her brother. She is the digidestined of Truth and her Digimon is Kotemon. She joins the digidestined when she is called forth to defeat the demon lords.

Kotemon digivolves to Gladimon, Knightmon with the crest of truth, & Crusadermon.

Kyle: He is Hannah's boyfriends and is the same age as Hannah. He has Dirty Blond Hair with bluish grey eyes and lives with his sister in New Haven Connecticut. He is the digidestined of Justice and his partner is Otamamon He joins the digidestined team when he and his friends are called forth to assist the digidestined against the demon lords.

Otamamon digivolves to Hookmon, Shawjamon with the crest of Justice, & Neptunmon.

Joseph Takaishi is Takeru & Tony's uncle and Anthony & Hannah's father who lives on the outskirts of New Haven Connecticut. He works with Zachary Yagami & Major O'Ryan on a top secret project that keeps others from accessing the digital world and provides assistance to the digidestined when needed.

Zachary Yagami is Hikari and Taichi's uncle and father to Kaden. Kaden and his father live on the outskirts of New Haven Connecticut where Zachary works closely with Joseph Takaishi and Major O'Ryan on a top secret project that keeps others from accessing the digital world and he provides assistance to the digidestined when needed.

Lucemon is the demon lord of pride! He is located in the northern Realm where he tries to destroy the digidestined in that realm.

Takuya: Takuya is the elemental digidestined of Fire and the leader of his group of digidestined! He could digivolve into Aguinimon, Aldamon, Burning Greymon, Emperor Greymon, & Susanoomon with Magna Garurumon.

Zoe: Zoe is the elemental digidestined of wind and she is in love with Takuya. She could Digivolve into Kazemon, Zelphymon, Jet Silphymon Fusion Form, & Ancient Silphymon.

Koji: Koji is the elemental digidestined of light. He could digivolve into Kendo Garurumon, Magna Garurumon, Bewolfmon, & Lobomon. Magna Garurumon could Jogress Digivolve to Susanoomon with Emperor Greymon.

Kouichi: Kouichi is the elemental digidestined of darkness and is in the digital world with his twin brother. Kouichi could digivolve into Duskmon, Valdamon, Loewemon, Jager Loewemon, Rhihimon which is the fusion form, & Ancient Sphinxmon.

Tommy: Tommy is the youngest of the digidestined and he is the elemental digidestined of Ice. He could digivolve to Kumamon, Kotorimon, DaiPennmon which is the fusion form and Ancient Megatheriummon.

Junipe: JP is the elemental digidestined of Thunder and he could digivolve to Beetlemon, Metal Kabuterimon, Rhino Kabuterimon, & Ancient Beetlemon.

Beelzemon is the Demon Lord of Envy! He is located in the southern realm where he fights the Tamers.

Takato: Takato is the leader of the Tamers and has a personality similar to Tk's. He holds the powers of the digital Hazard and his Digimon is Guilmon.

Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon, War Growlmon, Gallantmon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode & Megidramon.

Rika: Rika has a fierce nature which makes her hot headed but deep down she cares about her friends and will do anything to protect them despite her cold personality. Her Digimon partner is Renamon.

Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon, Taomon, & Sakuyamon

Henry: Henry is the voice of reason who finds fighting pointless. He is always looking out for the safety of others including Takato and his sister Suzie. His Digimon Partner is Terriermon.

Terriermon could digivolve to Gargomon, Rapidmon, & Mega Gargomon

Juri: Juri is a happy person who has a heart of a lion! She is in love with Takato and looks for the good in people. Her Digimon partner is Leomon!

Leomon digivolves to Grap Leomon & Saber Leomon.

Ryo: Ryo became a digidestined when he followed Takeru, Hikari, & Ken to the digital world where he was sent to another dimension when they returned home. He lost most of his memory when he entered the new dimension but slowly regained his memories when he started to watch the Digimon show. Ryo is the digidestined of fate and his Digimon partner is Monodramon. Ryo also gains the card of hope, innocence, and life which he uses to help Dorumon digivolve.

Monodramon digivolves to Strikedramon, Cyberdramon, & Justimon!

Dorumon was sent to assist the digidestined when Ryo is severely injured and he uses the card of hope, innocence, and life to heal the boy. Dorumon could digivolve to Dorugamon, DoruGreymon and Alphamon the knight of hope, innocence, and life

Suzie: is the youngest of the Tamers and she has a childish manner and loves the color pink. Her partner is Lopmon.

Lopmon digivolves to Turuiemon, Antylamon, Cherubimon.

Kenta: Kenta is one of Takato's friends and his Digimon partner is Marine Angemon!

Kazu: Kazu is one of Takato's friends and is the comic relief of the group because he is never really that serious. His Digimon partner is Guardromon.

Guardromon could digivolve to Andromon!

Lilithmon is the Demon lord of Lust and she was in the western hemisphere of the digital world.

Chapter Index:

Chapter 1: A New Adventure a New Team

Chapter 2: Hope & Light Returns

Chapter 3: A Dark Hour

Chapter 4: Demons and Angels

Chapter 5: The Digimon Emperor Reveals His Secret

Chapter 6: The Rise of Skull Greymon

Chapter 7: A New Digidestined

Chapter 8: The Dark Ocean

Chapter 9: Crest of Sincerity

Chapter 10: Daemon's Freedom

Chapter 11: Takeru's Fight

Chapter 12: Wizardmon's Warning

Chapter 13: The Golden Digieggs of Caring and Wisdom

Chapter 14: Kimeramon & the Fall of the Digimon Emperor

Chapter 15: X Veemon & Stingmon

Chapter 16: Aquilomon & Ankylomon

Chapter 17: The Dark Ocean & Silphymon

Chapter 18: The Rise of Black War Greymon

Chapter 19: Kyoto Legends

Chapter 20: Two More Destiny Stones Destroyed

Chapter 21: The Last 3 Destiny Stones and the Guardian of the East

Chapter 22: Lucemon's Plan

Chapter 23: Devimon & Piedmon

Chapter 24: Daemon & Beelzemon's Big Mistake

Chapter 25: Lilithmon The Demon Lord of Lust

Chapter 26: Lucemon & The Powers of Hope

Chapter 27:

Chapter 1: A New Adventure a New Team

A lot has happened since the digidestined first stepped into the digital world and now they are going to discover that that adventure is just the beginning and several new digidestined will join the team. The dark ocean will also be attempting to pull Takeru and Hikari there where they have to face their worst fears. We start off where Hikari is helping Takeru move to his new apartment.

"Tk it is great that you are moving closer to the rest of the digidestined and we could spend more time together." Hikari said

"Kari I know I can't wait to hang out with everyone more and not have to take the ferry and the bus to hang out. I know that we will be able to do a lot more instead of you coming to my house every other weekend and me going to Matt's every other weekend. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't hang out with you while I lived here." Takeru agreed

"Tk/Kari come on we have to go get some lunch we have a lot of packing to do and moving. Matt, Tai, and your fathers are going to come help us move later." Nancy commented

"Ok mom we will be out in a minute." Takeru mentioned

"I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you as a friend. There is a kid back home who is obsessed with me and he acts worse than Tai." Hikari warned

"He is really obsessed with you like how?" Takeru asked

"He will follow me everywhere and is extremely jealous when I talk to other boys not to mention he will ask me out every day and he claims I am his girl." Hikari feared

"Wow that sounds like fun! I wonder how he is going to act when he finds out that your best friend is a guy." Takeru joked

"He will probably get extremely jealous that you are very close to me and he will want to fight you every chance he gets but I hope he soon gets over this obsession over me." Hikari shuddered

"I am sure he will I mean how bad could it be?" Takeru questioned

"You will soon find out when you are living in Odeiba." Hikari warned

Meanwhile in the digital world we find that the Digimon Emperor is terrorizing the Digimon there making them his slaves.

"Digimon! I have come here as your master and you will serve me and who ever goes against me will be punished severely." The Digimon Emperor ordered

"You are supposed to be one of the protectors of the digital world so why are you doing this." Wormmon asked

"I am the Digimon Emperor you piece of scum now it is time for me to take over this world." Ken threatened

"Oh no we have to do something we can't let him do this." Patamon feared

"We have to get to Gennai and see if he could open the gate to the digital world so we could get our partners." Gatomon mentioned

"We have to be careful because our friends are now turning into his slaves and they will do anything to prevent us from calling our partners." Agumon pointed out

"How are we going to get there, all 8 of us will draw to much attention if we go together." Gabumon stated

"We are going to have to split into 4 groups of 2 and head into different directions." Biyomon suggested

"Tentomon and I will head north." Palmon said

"Gabumon and I will head south." Gomamon added

"Biyomon and I will head west." Agumon decided

"Which leaves Gatomon and I heading east and please be careful and we have to make it to Gennai's in order to get that gate open." Patamon commented

"We have to hurry for the longer he is here the worse it will be." Gatomon exclaimed

The Digimon all went into several directions and several of their friends got in their way but the Digimon were able to evade the attacks. Patamon and Gatomon were the first ones that made it to Gennai's house and they waited for the others to arrive but the others never shown. Patamon and Gatomon knew they had to have Gennai open the portal to the human world so they could contact the others. Gennai successfully opened the gate to the human world and made it so that the gate could be opened from any computer. Meanwhile back into the real world Takeru's digivice starts to react and they know that something is going on.

"Hey Kari something is going on in the digital world and I think we should get the others over here so we could contact Gennai." Takeru stated

"Hey Tk, hey Kari I brought Sora and Koushiro." Taichi mentioned

"Well we need to contact Mimi, Jyou, and Matt." Hikari added

"Hey Tk it looks like this place is a disaster I guess that you are moving." Mimi joked

"Yeah we are moving and we have a digital world emergency." Takeru informed

"What do you mean bro?" Yamato asked

"My digivice started to go ballistic and I feel that something is wrong. I can't explain it but I have a feeling that our Digimon are in danger and they are trying to contact us." Takeru filled in

"Does this mean that we are going to go back to the digital world?" Jyou wondered

"I don't know. Koushiro I think we need to try and contact Gennai and see if everything is alright." Takeru suggested

"I agree something is not right but we must try and contact Gennai." Hikari agreed

"Well I know that you wouldn't ever decide that unless something is truly wrong. How is it going to try connecting to Gennai?" Taichi questioned

"I can't bypass the firewall that is set, I know that they are trying to contact us but there is something in the digital world that created a fire wall. I would need more time." Koushiro pointed out

"How about we use our digivices to bypass the firewall?" Mimi suggested

"That is actually an excellent idea. Koushiro just let us know when you are ready. Does everyone have their digivices?" Taichi asked

"I do but my digivice died when we went back home after Diaboromon. We might have to attach mine to the laptop." Yamato stated

"Well I have my digivice!" Mimi added

"We have ours!" Sora, Jyou, and Koushiro informed

"I have mine." Hikari mentioned

"I have mine as well." Taichi commented

Suddenly Takeru's digivice reacted again and everyone watched in amazement.

"Why is it that your digivice is the only one reacting shouldn't all of ours react?" Taichi wondered

"I think it has to do with the fact that they have to find a way around the firewall and they need a pure source of power to try and contact us. The only way to do that is to tap into Tk's crest which is connected to his digivice." Koushiro suggested

"Then wouldn't Kari's digivice react as well?" Sora questioned

"No see unlike Kari's crest Tk's crests has an endless amount of pure energy but Kari's crest is a pure source it is not an endless source of pure energy and it would actually weaken Kari drastically." Koushiro informed

"Digidestined being the Digimon are unable to break through the firewall I had to come and warn you. A new threat in the digital world has risen and Gennai is working on releasing the crests into another form and these will digivolve differently. As for now your Digimon are safe and it is going to be hard for them to hold off this new threat. Koushiro is correct as far as to why Tk's digivice is the only one reacting and by using the crest of light it would have nearly killed Kari." Ayden added

"Then how are we going to get into the digital world knowing the digital world has a firewall protecting the gates from everyone except the one who placed the firewall?" Taichi wondered

"I don't know I do know that Koushiro and Gennai are working on bypassing this firewall so they could open the gate. Be prepared this enemy is different than any other enemy you have faced in your past." Ayden warned

A week later Koushiro was still working on the firewall while Takeru unpacked his stuff. He then prepared for school for it was his first day and he is going to be the new student there.

"Tk I am sorry I can't drive you to school today for I have to write an article on the significance of toilet paper." Nancy commented

"That's alright mom I was going to walk anyways. Mom I love you, bye." Takeru stated

"Hello are you going to Odeiba Elementary?" Miako questioned

"Yes I am my name is Takeru but you could call me Tk." Takeru mentioned

"My name is Yolie and this here is Cody and I have calculated that it takes 12.2 minutes to walk to school." Miako enlightened

"Welcome to the building!" Cody stated

"Thank you!" Takeru accepted

"Yolie are you coming over after school to work on my computer?" Cody asked

"Only if your mom makes those special brownies that she makes." Miako added

"I will call her and ask if she could make them." Cody informed

"Well Tk this is where we have to go do you think you will find it from here?" Miako wondered

"Yeah I am sure thanks for walking with me to school and nice meeting you." Takeru said

"See you later Tk maybe we could hang out sometimes." Cody invited

"Ok that sounds great!" Takeru agreed

Suddenly a soccer ball is flying at Takeru and he catches it before it hits him in the head.

"Sorry about that I guess I don't know my own strength when I kick the ball. The name is Davis and I am going to be the captain of the soccer team." Daisuke boasted

"You remind me of someone but I could be wrong and my name is Tk." Takeru stated

Meanwhile in the digital world the Digimon are all avoiding an attack when several others Digimon start to close in on them.

"Oh no they have captured Palmon, Tentomon, Gabumon, Biyomon, and Gomamon what are we going to do we need Tai and the others." Agumon feared

"We have to hide until they are able to come to help us. There are too many of them for all 3 of us to take on alone." Gatomon informed

"Tk please hurry!" Patamon exclaimed

"They are over here! Hurry the Digimon Emperor is moving in fast and he is looking for the rest of you." Elecmon explained

"It is wrong as to how he is treating all of us. Someone should teach him a lesson." Gatomon stated angrily

"Betamon what do you have there?" Patamon asked

"It is a tag and crest with a digivice and I know that it belongs to my partner but she is not here yet." Betamon said

"Well we have to hide for if the Digimon emperor finds them then he will destroy them." Agumon filled in

They all found a cave that blended in to the background where the Digimon Emperor could not find. Meanwhile back at school Taichi knows that something is wrong and runs into Koushiro.

"I was able to get past the firewall and we are going to the digital world after school. We have to get Kari and Tk but other than that we should be able to go to the digital world." Koushiro explained

"Hold on Agumon we are coming." Taichi said

Meanwhile back at the elementary school we find Daisuke telling Hikari what happened on the front yard before school.

"Hey Kari, I was playing soccer with the guys when I kicked the ball a little hard and almost hit this kid in the head. Luckily he caught it before it happened and I apologized to him and told him my name but he said I remind him of someone. Maybe he thinks I am a famous movie star or something." Daisuke boasted

"I doubt it Davis I think he probably has met you before or something like that. Now I have to get to my seat because class is about to start." Hikari mentioned

"Class, take your seats and listen up we have a new student today and we have a lot to cover today." Mr. Niamio said

"Hello my name is Takeru Takaishi." Takeru said giving a polite bow

"Ok Takeru you could sit with the girl with the camera around her neck." Mr. Niamio pointed out

"We're together once again. Kari I think that Patamon and Gatomon need us." Takeru stated

"I agree! I feel them calling out to us." Hikari informed

"I am going to email Koushiro as soon as we go to lunch to see if the gate is open." Takeru mentioned

"That is a good idea." Hikari agreed

"Well it looks like we are in all the same classes." Takeru observed

"I know that is a good thing." Hikari said

School finished and Hikari and Takeru were at their lockers when Daisuke came running up to them.

"Listen buddy I don't know who you are talking to my girl but back off." Daisuke fumed

"Is this the guy you told me about a week ago?" Takeru wondered

"Davis his name is not buddy it is Tk and I am not your girl and besides Tk doesn't have to back off he is my best friend in the whole world." Hikari said angry


"Hey Yolie!" Takeru welcomed

"Is your name Hikari Yagami?" Miako questioned

"Yes it is why?" Hikari asked

"I think this is supposed to go to you." Miako stated

"Tk, Tai is in the digital world and he is in danger." Hikari worried

"Come on Koushiro must have gotten past the firewall and we could go and help out now." Takeru informed

Takeru and Hikari ran to the computer lab with Daisuke running after them and Miako also following them." Cody spots Miako and asks her if she is still coming over.

"Yolie are you still coming over? My mom made the brownies you like." Cody mentioned

"I am sorry Cody I have to help out in the computer room today." Miako informed

Meanwhile back in the digital world Taichi and the Digimon spot an egg that has the crest of courage on it.

"I would hate to be the chicken who laid that egg." Agumon joked

"Hey look it has the crest of courage on it I wonder if it belongs to me!" Taichi exclaimed

"Try and pick it up and see." Patamon encouraged

Once Taichi touched the egg it started to glow and shot out 3 devices and the tag & crest and digivice that Betamon had also disappeared. The 3 digivices that shot out of the egg raced through the digital world and came out of the computer. One went straight for Daisuke and the others went to where Miako and Cody were.

"Hey guys what is this? Could I get Donkey Kong Madness on it?" Daisuke asked

"It is not a game; if you have a digivice then you are meant to help out in the digital world." Koushiro stated

"His looks like an upgraded model than the ones we have." Hikari pointed out

"I say we go to the digital world and help Taichi with this." Takeru mentioned

"Ok is it ready Koushiro?" Hikari wondered

"Yes it is!" Koushiro explained

"Then let's go! Digi Port Open!" Hikari yelled as she disappeared into the computer.

Takeru then pointed his digivice to the computer and also disappearing into the computer leaving Daisuke shocked that they just vanished into thin air. Koushiro told Daisuke that he is next and then Daisuke followed Takeru and Hikari to the digital world and Koushiro was about to go when Miako started to question him about the light that shot out of the computer room. Meanwhile back in the digital world we find that the others have arrived.

"Kari, Tk I am glad you have arrived and what is Davis doing here?" Taichi questioned

"He has a digivice as well Tai." Hikari informed

"Well we have to move or the Digimon Emperor will find us and make us his slave." Gatomon stated

"Who is the Digimon Emperor?" Takeru asked

"Not now it is not safe here." Patamon informed

The digidestined follow Gatomon and Patamon to the cave where they start to explain what is happening in the digital world.

"Well it started where this human came to the digital world and we don't know how he had gotten here but we do know that he created a firewall so no outsiders could come into this world. He said I am the Digimon Emperor and I am here to make you my slaves. Those who go against me will perish and that will be a lesson to all who oppose me. Then he started sending out these black rings and they change even the gentlest Digimon into nasty Digimon and these rings don't even protect against flees. The worst part is he has a strange digivice that blocks natural digivolution." Gatomon explained

"We got separated from Palmon, Gabumon, Gomamon, Tentomon, and Biyomon and we don't know if they are ok or not." Patamon choked

"Hey Davis, show them your digivice." Takeru told

"Huh ok!" Daisuke said as he pulled out his digivice.

"You are in leagues with the Digimon Emperor!" Gatomon spat

"Listen I am not in leagues with anyone I received it when it shot out of the computer." Daisuke stuttered

"Then that is what came out of the strange egg when I touched it." Taichi thought

"What egg?" Takeru asked

"This one and it has my crest on it." Taichi informed

"It wouldn't budge when Tai tried to pick it up." Agumon mentioned

"Well let me try maybe it needs a woman to pick it up." Hikari implied

She tried to pick it up and the egg wouldn't budge.

"I guess I am not as strong as I thought." Hikari doubted

"Let me try." Takeru said

Once again the egg wouldn't budge and then Daisuke pushed him out of the way and lifted the egg with ease.

"You guys need to work out some more the egg was light" Daisuke boasted

Suddenly Veemon appeared from where the egg was and he started to jump around because Daisuke removed the Digiegg of Courage.

"Davish it is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Veemon but you could call me Veemon." Veemon exclaimed

Meanwhile back at the Digmon Emperor's base we find Wormmon monitoring the digital world when he notices several others on the screen and before he could change the view Ken walks back into the room and finds that others were able to come in.

"If they are willing to come into my garden unannounced then I am going to have to teach them a lesson. Wormmon fetch me Monochromon for he will teach those pesky kids a lesson." Ken ordered

Monochromon was released from his cage and went to where the children were and started to attack them.

"Oh no it's a Monochromon! Monochromon has a shell harder than diamonds and his attack is Volcanic Strike which shoots out a bunch of fireballs at its enemy." Takeru informed

"Let's get out of here!" Hikari yelled

The digidestined ran out of the cave and Monochromon was right behind them when he fired his Volcanic Strike nearly hitting Daisuke but Veemon pushed him out of the way right in time but Hikari ended up spraining her ankle. Daisuke had seen that the Monochromon was heading straight for Hikari when he opened the digiegg of courage and Veemon digivolved to Flamedramon and went after Monochromon protect Hikari and he was able to destroy the dark ring that was around Monochromon turning him back into his former self. Taichi knew that he and the older digidestined would have to sit these adventures out for the simple fact that they wouldn't be much use to them but he was going to help them out whenever he could.

"Davis I noticed that you have broken your goggles during the battle and the leader of the digidestined wouldn't look right without them so I am giving you my pair." Taichi passed on the torch

"I guess the torch has been passed from the older digidestined to the younger digidestined." Agumon exclaimed

"The sun is going down and now we are safe." Patamon proclaimed

"Why is that?" Hikari asked

"The Digimon Emperor never comes out after the sun sets." Gatomon mentioned

"Tai it is getting late I think you should go back to your world." Agumon stated

"He is right never stay to long in the digital world for you never know what will happen." Taichi said

The digidestined went back to the TV where they returned back to their world crushing Koushiro, Miako, and Cody. Later that evening Taichi assembled the original digidestined to meet at the park and told them everything that had happened.

"Guys I don't think that we are going to play a major part in the digital world this time for when I went I couldn't even get Agumon to digivolve. Another thing there was a digiegg of courage and I couldn't lift it up but Davis was able to and there is a new way of digivolving now it is called Armor Digivolving and it is really cool." Taichi explained

"The new group is going to need as much advice that we could give them and I know Kari and I will go with them even though we can't get Patamon and Gatomon to digivolve yet." Takeru stated

"I agree they are going to need our help where we could provide it." Hikari agreed

"I am going to go back tomorrow if it will let me." Taichi informed

"I also want to go to the digital world and see Tentomon again." Koushiro mentioned

"Mimi, could you hear me?" Sora wondered

"Yes I could and I know that things are different but I still want to see Palmon again but I have no way to get to the digital world. So please take care of her for me and I will come to the digital world when I can." Mimi said over speaker phone.

"I want to go to the digital world again and I know that Biyomon would be glad to see me again." Sora cried

I can't go for I have band practice tomorrow. We have a gig coming up and we need to rehears this new song I wrote." Yamato informed

"I have to study for this exam that is coming up in 3 days so I can't go to the digital world either." Jyou mentioned

"Don't worry about it I am sure that the 5 of us could watch over Davis, Yolie, and Cody." Takeru encouraged

"I wonder who the Digimon emperor really is though." Hikari thought out loud

"I don't know but time will soon tell when he finally reveals his true identity." Takeru agreed

"Hey we have to get going before my mom sends for the police." Taichi joked

"I have to go study." Jyou informed

"I got to go as well being I promised my mom that I would help her out at the flower shop." Sora stated

"I have band practice." Yamato said

"I have to contact Gennai to see if he could provide us with some valuable information as to how this human is able to control Digimon like he does." Koushiro explained

"Tai I will be home in a few minutes I have to talk to Tk quick." Hikari mentioned

"Ok I will tell mom that you are studying at Tk's and will be home in a half hour." Taichi agreed

"I will make sure that she arrives home soon." Takeru proclaimed

Everyone left the park except Hikari and Takeru for Hikari had something that was bothering her.

"Tk I wonder how we are going to stop him for he is not like any enemy we have ever faced before." Hikari feared

"I don't know but I have a feeling that our role as digidestined is not over." Takeru implied

"Are you sure? How are we going to get Gatomon and Patamon to digivolve?" Hikari wondered

"I don't know but I know that out of all the original digidestined we were able to keep the powers of our crest and I have a feeling that we will see Angemon and Angewomon again." Takeru informed

"Well we better get going for it is getting late." Hikari stated

The next day after school Taichi, Sora and Koushiro met Takeru, Hikari and the new digidestined at the computer room where they were discussing what it is like in the digital world.

"Since you have never been to the digital world I think I should give you some pointers." Daisuke boasted

"What do you know you have only been to the digital world once so don't go off like you know the entire digital world." Miako yelled

"Fine little miss prissy." Daisuke said

"Keep it up you loud mouth annoying brat." Miako threatened

"Guys! Guys I guess it would be safe to assume that there is going to be a little bit of danger.' Cody hypothesized

"He is right arguing about it would do you no good. So is everyone who is going to the digital world ready to go." Sora agreed

"Tai! Taichi Yagami is that you along with Sora Takenouchi and Koushiro Izumi? Didn't you all graduate?" Mr. Fujiyama asked

"There is something I have been meaning to ask you. You see I have been having a hard time adjusting to high school and I need your advice on all the girls there." Taichi said covering for the others.

"Thanks Tai we owe you one." Sora thought

"Ok I say we go to the digital world before someone else walks in on us." Koushiro informed

The digidestined all pointed their digivices at the computer and the next thing they know they are in the digital world. While they entered the digital world Ken is waiting for the digidestined to arrive for he has a surprise for them.

"Ah I see our guests have arrived Snimon attack those kids and show no mercy." Ken ordered

Meanwhile back where Takeru, Hikari, and the others were Miako and Cody noticed that they received new clothes.

"Hey look I have new clothes and they are quite comfortable to." Cody mentioned

"Hey I also have cool clothes and I like this helmet for it makes my glasses look small." Miako boasted

"Yeah I forgot to mention that we get free clothes when we come to the digital world." Daisuke stated

"I can't wait to tell my sisters that I received free clothes." Miako mentioned

"Kids now and days have no respect for whenever I received a gift I didn't act like that." Sora said

"Sora I hate to say this but you are sounding like my mother!" Hikari joked

"Davish is that you? I brought Patamon and his friends." Veemon mentioned

"Koushiro you are a site for big green eyes. How have you been?" Tentomon exclaimed

"I have been fine how about you?" Koushiro wondered

"I have been great especially since you have arrived." Tentomon informed

"Sora I have missed you a lot." Biyomon stated

"I have missed you as well." Sora cried

"Hey Sora, look out." Takeru said as he tackled Sora and Biyomon before Snimon could hit her.

"Thanks Tk!" Sora said

Suddenly Drimojimon dug up the ground where Daisuke was standing and Daisuke fell through the hole the Drimojimon created. Then Mojyamon used his bone whack and threw it at Veemon also knocking him in the hole making Miako and Cody wanting to go back home but Sora, Koushiro, Takeru, and Hikari grabbed them and told them to run to avoid the danger that they are currently in. Once they were away from the initial danger their digivices started to detect that there was something up ahead.

"Hey it looks like there is a building up ahead of some sort." Takeru pointed out

"There is no building only the temple and it has shut down in years." Biyomon informed

"They couldn't book enough weddings." Tentomon joked

"Well I don't think it is the catering that is setting off our digivices." Sora added

"Ug hasn't anyone ever heard of an escalator." Miako complained

"Well; look on the bright side; we only have a few more stairs left." Biyomon mentioned

"Oh come on why me?" Miako complained

"Look it's the digiegg of love and the digiegg of knowledge. Hikari exclaimed

"I wonder if those belong to us." Sora thought out loud

"I don't know but I think we should give it a try." Koushiro proclaimed

Sora and Koushiro stepped up to the 2 digieggs and tried to pull it out but they couldn't then they remembered what Taichi had said about the digiegg of courage. Meanwhile on a cliff we find Daisuke starting to come around when he realized that he is chained to the side of a cliff and sees that the Digimon Emperor standing above him.

"Who are you?" Daisuke questioned

"I am your worst nightmare come to life." Ken smirked

"Are you the Digimon Emperor?" Daisuke asked

"Speaking!" Ken said

"But you are just a normal kid like me." Daisuke implied

"I am not like you or I would be the one hanging over the cliff." Ken fumed

"Where is Veemon?" Daisuke wondered

"Your little pet is right here." Ken mused

"Veemon are you alright?" Daisuke asked

"I am fine! Nice view huh?" Veemon joked

"I haven't time to notice. Veemon are you ready to armor digivolve?" Daisuke asked

"I'm sorry but in order to pull off that trick wouldn't you need these?" Ken smirked

Meanwhile back at the temple we find Sora and Koushiro trying to convince Miako and Cody to lift the digieggs.

"Yolie I need you to pick up the digiegg of love." Sora informed

"Same to you Cody but I need you to pick up the digiegg of knowledge." Koushiro agreed

"Uh ok." Miako and Cody stuttered

"Hello! It is a pleasure to meet you Yolie and I presume that we are going to be great partners." Hawkmon greeted

"Um I think you have the wrong person for I don't fight except with my sister as to who gets the last cookie." Miako quivered

"Oh I get stuck with the defective human." Hawkmon vented

"Yolie you remind me of someone. My friend Mimi never wanted to fight either but she found that even though she hated fighting she had to protect her friends. The bond you make with your Digimon is a bond you make for life and you have made another friend for life. Me!" Sora mentioned

"Oh Sora!" Miako exclaimed

"Hey Cody what do you think of this place?" Koushiro wondered

"I really haven't been here long enough to get an opinion. There are so many questions and I don't really know where to begin. What do you suggest I do?" Cody asked

"That is a reasonable question and let me give you a little advice keep asking questions and we will discover the answers together. Trust me I am the same way as you are." Koushiro mentioned

"Wow really?" Cody exclaimed

"I hate to interrupt but in order to open the digieggs you must say Digi-armor-energize." Hawkmon pointed out

"Digi Armor Energize!" Miako and Cody said

"Hawkmon armor digivolve to Halsemon the wings of love!"

"Armadillomon armor digivolve to Digmon the drill of power!"

Meanwhile back at the cliff we find the Digimon Emperor about to make Veemon his slave when Aquilomon destroyed the dark ring and Ken called his slaves to attack them. Digmon set Veemon and Daisuke free and Gatomon knocked Daisuke's digivice out of Ken's hand. Daisuke then had Veemon armor digivolve and then one by one they freed the Mojyamon, Drimojimon, and Snimon from the control of the Digimon Emperor and this infuriated Ken.

"I guess us old digidestined are not needed anymore." Sora stated

"I don't think so I say we still play a major role and we still could provide advice to the new digidestined." Koushiro informed

The digidestined returned back to the real world and Takeru, Hikari, and the new digidestined's Digimon also returned to the real world.

"Well I have to go mom is making macaroni and I know she would kill me if I am late." Daisuke announced

"We have to go as well but I want to go back tomorrow." Miako added

"I think we will get our chance to return to the digital world again." Cody stated