Chapter 31: Break Up & Make Up


With the defeat of Zeed Millenniummon the digidestined were stuck with a major issue and that was how to change the digidestined of hope from a baby back to normal. The digidestined tried using their crests to restore the baby boy but that didn't work. The angels, Tony, Hikari, Ayden, and Alphamon tried to use their powers to restore the baby but that didn't work either and they thought that Takeru was going to remain a baby and relive his life again. A month goes by and the sovereigns summoned all the digidestined along with the sage from the past to assist them in restoring the boy. The sovereigns figured that they would use the blue moon to reverse the spell on the child of hope, innocence, and life which allowed Ayden to create the crests of hope, innocence, and life before becoming a spirit. All the digidestined then summoned the powers of their crests and all the Digimon then used their hopes as the blue moon peaked restoring the boy to his normal self.

After Takeru was back to normal they all celebrated Hikari's birthday in which he finally had the courage to ask her out on a date. After she agreed he planned a perfect first date for her and she informed him that this was her best birthday ever. A couple of days later Takeru's mom informs him that he will be living with his uncle in America due to her new promotion. Being upset by this Takeru informed Hikari about this and she asked her parents if he could live with them. Her parents figured that she could also go to America and live with her uncle if she wanted to but she had declined the offer. After Takeru left for America Hikari was so upset she thought that Takeru would leave her and she could never be happy. With all these negative feelings Hikari was pulled to the world of darkness and pleaded for Takeru to come and help her. Takeru then awoke to the warm bright light of his crests and was guided to the world of darkness in which he summoned his mighty sword and used it to purify Dragomon and the rest of the evil Digimon who lurked in the world of darkness. He then used his powers to ease Hikari so the world of darkness would no longer plague her. We now find Takeru, Patamon, Gatomon, and Ayden setting up something special for Hikari on their 13th birthday.

"Hey Tk what are you doing?" Ayden asked

"I am setting up a surprise for Kari being it has been a month since we started dating and it seems that everything is going good between us." Takeru informed

"Well what do you plan to do for your birthday tomorrow?" Ayden asked

"I don't know I do want to have this picnic with Kari tomorrow but I hope they are not planning a surprise party for us though. I know that they are planning something but I just hope that I could spend it with Kari. Takeru informed Kari is going to enjoy this picnic and I want this day to be special." The boy of hope thought

The next day arrives and Takeru is preparing for the picnic and then goes to the digital world to meet Gatomon so they could set up the picnic. Takeru then emails Hikari to inform her that he has a surprise for her and to meet him at his location. Little did he know that Hikari was in a very bad mood and was going to flip out any minute.

"Taichi GET IN HERE NOW!" Hikari demanded

"What's wrong Kari you never call me Taichi unless something is wrong?" Taichi wondered

"We are going to hold a digidestined meeting at this location email everyone except Tk and tell them to meet me at that location. I have things to do now get out before I get even more pissed." The young girl snapped

"Oh god I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen! I feel sorry who ever pissed off my sister because she never snaps unless something made her like this." Taichi thought as he emailed the others to tell them that Hikari is holding a digidestined meeting and he gave them the location and warned them to watch out and don't do anything that will make Hikari even more pissed. While this was going on we find that Takeru is waiting patiently as Gatomon and Patamon are playing tag with each other when Mimi shows up with Palmon.

"Hey Tk! Happy birthday!" Mimi greeted

"Hey Mimi thanks! What are you doing here?" The young blond asked confused

"Kari called a digidestined meeting and she said to meet her here. Do you know what is going on?" Mimi asked

"No! I have no clue I didn't even know she called a digidestined meeting but I wonder why she chose this location and now? I wanted to surprise her with a picnic but I don't think that will happen now!" The child of hope informed

About an hour later the rest of the digidestined arrived including the tamers and Takuya's group to find out that no one has a clue as to what is going on. Taichi then emailed Hikari to inform her that all the digidestined have arrived at the location. He also informed her that Takeru was there and that he has been there before everyone arrived. Hikari then arrived at the location with the look like she was out for blood in her eyes which startled everyone for they have never seen this side of her.

"Kari what is wrong?" The child of hope asked

"SHUT UP!" Snapped the child of light

"Did I do something wrong?" Takeru wondered

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Hikari threatened

"I'm sorry for whatever I did!" Takeru apologized which made Hikari's fury increase even more and she snapped walking over to the blond and slapped him so hard across the face.


Now everyone was stunned as to what had taken place that they failed to see the hurt look in Takeru's eyes. Taichi not knowing what happened snapped then punched the young blond in the face making blood trickle down his face. After Taichi realized the hurt look in his eyes then realized that Takeru would never do anything to hurt Hikari.


"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! Takeru shouted grabbing everyone's attention. It is my fault I should have never asked her out I was being selfish that I jeopardized our friendship. If Hikari doesn't want me around then I will respect her wishes but I want all of you not to blame her for what happened. I want you all to look after her for me and I want you all to continue to be her friend." Takeru stated before walking away leaving everyone in shock including Hikari.

Hikari then regretted what she did to the young child of hope and ran in the opposite direction crying. It took a while for the others to realize what happened being it all happened so fast that they had no time to react. The others then all left leaving only Mimi and Koushiro at the picnic site to discuss what took place.

"I feel sorry for Tk he didn't deserve what happened to him." The child of sincerity said

"I know but Tk wouldn't want us mad at Kari even though she should have done things so differently than breaking up with him like that. I think that is worse than those dear john letters in which they break up with the person through letters, emails, text messages, or on the phone." Koushiro agreed

"I think a public break up is the harshest way to break up with someone and Tk was the better man instead of getting mad and cause even more problems he told us not to be mad at her and he would take full blame for what happened. How could he be so selfless when he had his heart ripped from his chest and crushed into a billion pieces?" Mimi questioned

"I don't know but Tk just proved once again he doesn't have a selfish bone in his body which is the reason he holds us all together. I hope everything works out in the end for Tk because he doesn't deserve this but he will endure like always though!" Koushiro stated.

While Mimi and Koushiro were discussing what happened we find Takeru in another part of the forest crying when Patamon, Gatomon, and Ayden came to check on the boy.

"Tk are you alright?" Patamon asked concerned for his partner

"I am fine I just want to be alone right now." Takeru whispered

"Tk I am sorry I had no clue that Kari would be like that and I didn't even know that she could snap like that." Gatomon apologized

"It's alright but will you please just leave me alone for a while I don't feel like having company right now!" Informed the child of hope

"Ok we will leave you alone for now but we won't be too far away in case you need anything." Ayden informed

Later that evening Takeru returned to his uncle's house where he just went up to his room without saying anything to his family. Now Joey was curious as why his nephew was so upset that he questioned his kids.

"Anthony! Hannah! Could you please come down here I need talk to you for a minute!" Joey shouted

"What is it dad?" Hannah asked

"I know that you know what is wrong with Tk now I want to know because I never have seen him like this!" Joey informed

"Well Tk should be the one to tell you but I doubt he will talk to anyone for a long time. Kari broke up with him and she did it in the most brutal way possible. We didn't tell you so please wait until he decides to let you know ok dad!" Anthony explained

"Well thanks for informing me and I can't imagine what he is going through but I won't pry into his business until he is ready to fill me in." Joey confirmed

As time went by Takeru slowly stopped going to the digital world but he did continue to keep in contact with everyone while Hikari did try to talk to Takeru but she couldn't even talk to the boy because she was too ashamed as to what she did to him and it became too awkward for them and they stopped trying to talk to each other. 2 years passed and Hikari managed to finally let someone into her life after her nasty breakup with her longtime friend Takeru. Hikari became happy once again but 6 months later her boyfriend was killed in a car crash. Before her boyfriend died she told him what happened to her first boyfriend and he knew she still loved the boy and suggested that she go and find him to start their friendship over again.

Hikari decides that she has caused so much trouble and threw away one of the best things she has ever had and decides that she will go to the states and try to find Takeru and start their friendship over. She talked to her mother and also finds out that Taichi is also going to be checking out colleges in America as well. Her mom decides that it would be best if Hikari to go with Taichi with America and sets it up with her brother to let her children to come live with him. Zachary agrees and purchases their tickets and pays to have their stuff shipped over to his house. They informed Mimi, Koushiro and Takeru's family that they were moving there and not to say anything to Takeru. Hikari had learned that since she broke up with Takeru that he didn't date anyone after that and that he made himself so busy he didn't have time for a girlfriend. He is now in 11th grade and head of his class, he also became the captain of the football team, basketball team, and gymnastics. He is also the editor of the newspaper and is his class president and student council president as well. We now find him in the student council room where he was discussing ideas for their prom that was coming up.

"Every year we hold one prom for both the junior class and the senior class! We have covered several themes and now it is that time where we choose how we are going to do this theme." Takeru informed

"We could do a Hawaiian theme this year!" One boy suggested

"How about a Hollywood theme?" Another member added

"Traditional Japanese theme!" Another pointed out

"How about a masquerade ball? We have everyone come in a formal suit or dress but they must have an elegant mask as well." Takeru suggested

"Tk that is brilliant and it sounds like fun! Is there any more ideas before we put them to a vote?" Mimi asked

"Ok since there is no more ideas we are going to put them to a vote. On a piece of paper you will write down which idea you would like to use then you are going to fold it up and place it into the voting box. Once we have everyone's votes my vice president and I will then to count them up and the idea with the most votes will be out theme to this year's ball." Takeru informed

Everyone in the student council then voted and then Mimi and Takeru began to count the votes to find out that everyone has decided on an elegant masquerade ball. The student council then began to create fliers and banners that advertised the ball. Now Mimi had an idea as to how to get Takeru and Hikari back together and informed all of their friends who is currently in America so they are aware of the situation and they all agreed to help get them back together. Sora offered to make Takeru's suit and Hikari's dress based off of the masks Takeru had displayed in his room that belonged to his great grandfather.

They decided to make it a blind date this way Hikari won't know that Takeru was her date and they didn't even bother telling Takeru who it was. Hikari not liking the idea of being setup on a date with someone she doesn't know decided to bug everyone until she got the information she needed. After finding out that her date was Takeru she became nervous and thought that he would be mad if he found out that she was his date. She didn't listen to her heart because in her heart she knew he wouldn't be mad at her and would want to be friends with her again. With everyone in the loop about this including Hikari they planned to make sure Takeru wouldn't know who his date was. A month before the ball Jessica and her family as well as Daisuke and his family also moved to the states where they decided to help the others with getting Takeru and Hikari back together.

It was the day of the ball when Sora took Takeru's suit over to his house before going to the mall to get ready for the ball. Mimi then came over to Takeru's house and dragged him to the hair salon where she was going to change Takeru's golden blond hair to a darker shade. Knowing he didn't have a choice he decided to humor Mimi being he didn't want to be on her bad side for he knew she would get her way whether he liked it or not. After the salon had finished dyeing his hair Mimi told him to go home and get ready for the ball. She also told him specific instructions that he was to follow once he got to the ball. He was to be standing in the center of the dance floor and wait for her to bring his date up to him. Not sure why he is even going to the ball he decided that he would go and get ready knowing the consequences if he didn't do what he was told to do.

It was time for them to head to the ball and Takeru rode to the ball with his brother, cousins and their dates. He then proceeded to the center of the dance floor while they all were sitting at a table. After everyone arrived at the ball Takeru noticed that Mimi and Sora were nowhere to be found and had thought that he has been stood up. He was about to leave being he had waited patiently for an hour when he noticed that the music had stopped and the spotlight was shining at the top of the stairs. He saw Mimi and Koushiro enter followed by Taichi and Sora. The 4 of them made their way to the bottom of the stairs and walked to the table and then a young girl who was wearing a beautiful pink dress and an elegant mask walked in where the 2 pairs were. She had light brown curled shoulder length hair with blond highlights in it and she had spotted her date walking to the bottom of the stairs. She noticed that he was tall about 6' tall and wearing a uniform that was similar to the United States Marine Dress blues but instead of Dark Blue and crimson red they were majestic blue with gold in it which matched his mask perfectly. She also noticed that his belt and buttons displayed the crest of hope, innocence and life on the uniform.

Takeru gave a polite bow then held out his hand in which Hikari curtsied and accepted his hand and they made their way to the dance floor in which they began to dance. Now neither one of them talked as they danced in a comfortable peace. Now everyone were choosing who they would want as their king and queen of the ball which they all chose Mimi and Koushiro. They also chose Taichi, Sora, Daisuke, Jessica, Kaden, and Alyssa their royal lords and ladies of the court. Then they chose who would represent the prince and princess of the ball and the lords and ladies of the court which they chose Takeru and Hikari as the prince and princess. They also chose Anthony, Ashley, Kyle, Hannah, Tony, and Amanda as their lords and ladies of the court. Takeru told Hikari he knew it was her when she walked in and then told her that he still loves her and he wants to start over again. He told her that she would have to choose if she wants to be friends with him again if not he would no longer bother her ever again.

Hikari knew she couldn't lose Takeru again and told him that she has made her decision. She apologized for the pain she had caused him and then told him that she regretted ever breaking up with him. She didn't want anything more to pick up where they left off and then leaned in to kiss the bearer of hope telling him that she chooses him. After the kiss Takeru smiled at Hikari and then pulled out a ring from his pocket.

"I bought this ring the day I had purchased your necklace, earrings, and bracelet for it was a part of the set. Now when I purchased the set I wanted to hold onto the ring and use it for when I proposed to you. I know we are only 15 years old but I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and that I always have. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I know it is sudden but will you do me the honor of marrying me? We could have a very long engagement but I wanted to give you this and know that I truly love you and I will always love you." Takeru asked as he got down on one knee holding out the ring.

Hikari cried with glee after realizing she deserves to be happy and she is no longer going to sabotage her happiness anymore because it affects more than her for it also affects everyone she knows. She then flung herself into Takeru's arms and said she wants nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with the bearer of hope. She announced that she was now engaged to Takeru and all of their friends congratulated them. With everything they have been threw they finally got to be happy and they celebrated a long engagement and then decided to get married on Takeru's 21st birthday. They had the wedding at Takeru's house in which they had not only all the digidestined and their partners there but their entire family and several of their friends in the digital world there as well. They took care of both their homes because they not only lived in the human world but they also lived in the digital world as well. They all were very happy and knew they would forever help each other and protect everything they love and cherish.

The End