Title: The Normal Girl in Their Life

Fandom: Animanga – Saint Seiya

Summary: She is just a normal girl, in their life that is full of abnormality.

Warning: Random drabble written when I was writing for something else.

Disclaimer: Not. Mine. Happy now?

She is just a normal girl, who loves children and wishes to work at the orphanage as long as she can. She has no way of being connected to their life as Saints. She knows not much but enough, yet that knowledge never endangers her like other girls in their life.

She has been there, witnessed enough to know the danger of even existing in their life, and she has the chance to go. To leave. Unlike other girls, she has her own future, her own freedom that does not and will never bind her to them.

Yet she stays. And talks. And listens. And learns to understand.

That is what makes Miho special in her own way and in their life.

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