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Deep in the forest of Forks, Washington, blood has been spilt, but not just any blood; it was blood of a mortal human. A body of a small boy, about the age of 9, laid lifeless in the middle of his own blood, which spewed out from an unknown wound. A girl, who looked as if she was in her late teens, hovered over the body, staring it down with her black emotionless eyes.

"I have to hurry……….I have to hurry" the girl whispered in an almost inaudible tone. Slowly the girl lowered her head towards the boy, closer, closer, closer.


"Read 'em and weep boys" stated Alice proudly as she threw down her cards of Royals. Emmett and Jasper slam there cards down in frustration.

"Damn it Alice, what part of 'hey let's play poker fairly' do you not understand?" said Emmett as he imitated Alice.

"It was fair," corrected Alice. "I have my powers, Jasper has his and you have yours, see fair and square. Right Jazz?"

Saying nothing Jasper just smiled sweetly at his wife.

"Oh yeah, how 'bought I just threaten my cards to turn in to a Royal flush with my super strength?" Emmett answered sarcastically flexing his huge muscles.

"Now there's an idea," Chirped Alice. Chuckling, Jasper stood up from the poker table and collected all his poker chips.

"Okay I think that is enough of poker, let's get this cleaned up before the others return home." Still irritated Emmett stood up to collect the scattered cards.

"Here hon., could you take these and put 'em in box?" asked Jasper handing her the collected poker chips.

"Yeah, sure." Alice replied; Jasper dropped the chips into her hand, but instead of holding onto the chips, Alice let the chips fall through her hand like rain.

"Alice?" Jasper asked worried. Alice didn't answer; her eyes were clouded over starring past Jasper as if she was having an out of the body experience.

"Hey what was that noise? What did Alice do th…" Emmett started. Suddenly Alice spoke up, still in her dream state.

"hurry…… have to hurry"

"Alice what's happening?" her husband asked one more time. Conscious, Alice looked at the two men who were starring back with worry.

"I don't know" started Alice

"What do you mean you don't know…. Your predictions are usu…"

"I said I. Don't. Know. Emmett." Looking at Emmett with murderous eyes. Frightened Emmett backed off a bit.

"What do you mean hon.?"

"I..I'm not sure; it's just that in my vision there was Edward, looking as if he was going to kill."

"Kill? Kill wha.." started Emmett once again

"Kill what?" interrupted Jasper.

"Not sure, it was blurry, like it was purposely blocking me." With this the room became quiet, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse……

"By the way guys, whats up with you interrupting m…."

"Emmett!" said Alice as she quickly turned to face him.

"There you go ag…"

"There is a clearing in the forest about 60 miles from here, I want you to go there and check it out."

"Why can't J…"



"Hurry! There's not time!" ordered Alice as she pointed to the door. Grumbling to himself, Emmett finally set out his journey towards the forest.

"Ya know, I kinda felt sorry for Emmett, being constantly cut off like that. Knowing that it wasn't really intentional and all."

Alice didn't say anything, she just smirked as she watched Emmett's pitiful figure disappear into the forest.

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