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11th Question: Who the hell are you?


Alice stomps on the breaks causing the jeep to skid dangerously on the road. Bella and Alice leave the jeep parked on the side of the road, as they walked to the clutter of trees that Bella found familiar. A silver Volvo stops behind them not to long after. Emmett and Edward steps out of their car with confusion on their faces.

"The hell was that about." said Emmett a little angry, walking over to his jeep to make sure it was okay. "Next time, you are driving Edwards car back!"

"What happened." asked Edward, trying to change the subject.

Bella continued to survey the area, searching for something she did not remember. Bit and pieces of her memory of the place was flashing in her mind. Bella and her cop father going fishing, or Bella and her father camping out with some friends.

"Bella said that she recognizes the place." explained Alice.

"Is that true Bella?" Edward asked.

Bella ignored them, walking further away from the cars. The more she walked the more she felt that she knew the area became stronger.

"Over here!" shouted Bella. "There's a path." The small path wasn't completely hidden, but it wasn't entirely obvious if one wasn't looking for it specifically. It was one of those man made paths that was flattened out over time.

"What a weird place for a path."Alice pondered. Bella was already heading up the path.

"Whoa, hold up Bella." warned Edward. "We don't know were this path leads to."

"It leads to a cabin." explained Bella. "My dad and I came out here for fishing. This path used to be a secret between me and a friend of mine. We used to come out here while our dads were fishing. My friend and I would dare each other to kiss the pavement or some other stupid dares." she said, laughing at the memory. Although she reminisced about the days when she used to be alive, Bella was still hazy on a lot of important information. One that was particularly bothering her was how she couldn't remember who that friend was.

There it was, a little wooden cabin hidden protectively under the trees. The only opening was the view of the river. Bella stopped to soak in the view.

"My dad and I used to fish on that river, no matter how much I dreaded it." laughed Bella with nostalgia. "And I got stuck in the mud there, once." she added pointing to the river bank.

Bella silently stood there soaking in the scenery, letting more of her lost memories flow in.

"Sooo, do you want to go in?" Emmett asked after a few minutes of silence. Just as he was never talented with reading the mood, he was never good with silences either. Alice looked at him with disbelief.

Bella chuckled. "No, It's okay. I... I'm not sure I can-"

In the middle of Bella's sentence, Edward's cellphone rang with urgency.

He looked at the caller ID and quickly picked up the phone to his ear.

The others waited for Edward to finish his phone call, but from the look of his face they knew that whoever was calling wasn't calling to say hello.

"What did Jasper say?" Alice asked when Edward hung up with a beep.

Edward smiled, he knew that he couldn't hide anything from her.

"Since you know so much why don't you tell me." he said, still smiling.

"Can't, human shield." Alice said pointing to Bella.

"Right." Edward said, closing his phone.

"Sorry about my super powers," mocked Bella. "But more importantly, a phone call?"

"Yes, Bella, a phone call." repeated Edward, not really understanding where she was going.

"Really, I didn't expect you to use the phone to communicate, mind reader and all."

"I'm not a radio tower, Bella." explained Edward. "I can't read the minds of people if they are out of my radius."

"Which is?"

"Give or take two miles."

"Imagine the money we could save with Edward's bill if he was a radio tower." joked Emmett.

"Now that we have marveled in Edwards almighty powers, can we know what Jasper said?" pushed Alice.

"Right," said Edward, bringing his attention to the current situation. "Jasper found something on Bella's grave."

"My grave?" Bellas asked with awe. Edward was about to relay Jasper's message when a voice distracted group.

"Who's there?" The voice asked.

"Let's get out of here, Before whoever it is sees us in our get up." Alice said in a low vampire whisper, gesturing to their bloodied clothes.

The four vampires ran before the voice, or anyone could see that they were there. As silently as they disappeared from the clearing of where they found the cabin, they left in their vehicles in a contrasting loud rumble.


"What did you find about my grave?" asked Bella, storming in through the door.

"Well hello Bella," Esme greeted. "How was your hunt?"

"Yeah hi Esme, It was fine." Bella replied absentmindedly, walking to Jasper and his laptop.

"It's like she's already apart of the family." laughed Emmett, bending down to sit on the couch.

"Whoa whoa!" bellowed Esme. "Alright before we do anymore damage, I would like if you all could change your clothes."


Edward came down from his room, showered and blood free. He was now wearing a black button down with jeans. Emmett was sitting on the couch cuddling with Rose, watching the game. When he saw Edward come down with his business casual attire, Emmett raise an eyebrow.

Impressive, I wonder who it is for. Emmett thought to Edward.

With his eyes, Edward told Emmett to shut up.

In the kitchen he found Bella reading over whatever was on Jasper's laptop with great interest. Bella was wearing a midnight blue v-neck which was borrowed from Rose. Edward could tell because the whole shirt was a tad too big, especially the breast area. He was slightly surprised that Rose would let anyone wear her clothes, but it was probably one of those in her growing pile of used hand me downs.

Bella was so absorbed with her reading that she dose not notice the rest of the Cullens enter the kitchen. Carlisle kissed his wife before joining Bella with her reading. On the laptop there were several articles on the recent findings of the graveyard incident and of a murder. Bella drank in the articles concerning a murder that happened recently.

The article that Bella was reading was a report of the two murder victims who were brutally killed in their home. The police deduced that the cause of death was bleeding, but they couldn't find out what the murder weapon was. The picture they had for Charlie Swan was just as Bella remembered him to look like. Except the Charlie in the picture did not have the ridiculous mustache, and he looked a bit older. Bella then scrolled down the report revealing the photo of the second victim. It was very strange to see a photo of herself in a murder report, a photo of a victim who was supposed to be dead.

Edward looked over Bella's shoulder looking at the same photo. The Isabella Swan in the photo was full of life. Edward wondered what kind of person the girl in the photo was, before she tragically passed away.

"It says that Isabella. Uh, you were found in your house about a week ago." said Jasper, as delicately as he possibly could. "And your body was buried about three days after."

"That would mean you are only a newborn!" Alice exclaimed. When they all realized this, they all turned to Bella, examining her now golden eyes for any sign of being a newborn.

"How is that possible?" questioned Edward. "Her eyes was not crimson when we first found her, and newborns are infamous for massacre in their first year."

"And wouldn't the change be more violent?" asked Esme.

"The only possible explanation I can think of is the last of her blood was used to aid her in escaping the grave." Carlisle said thoughtfully. "And she must have been in some induced coma while undergoing the change."

"How did you abstain from the blood lust?" Alice asked in wonder. "It's usually impossible for a vampire, no less a newborn to not hunt humans."

"I didn't." said Bella, explaining more when she saw the grave expression on the Cullen's faces. "After I dug myself out, I was so hungry that I searched for something to eat. But when I realized what I wanted to eat wasn't your conventional meal, I kind of freaked out and hid in the forest." She added meekly.

Edward laughed.

"So what are we going to do now?" Esme asked, directing the question to Carlisle.

"Well we can't stay here, they are looking for Bella's body." said Jasper. "It would be in a matter of time before they recognize her."

"I bet all the conspiracy junkies would love to see me." Bella muttered sarcastically.

"The best place for us, in such short notice, would be Alaska. If I contact the Denali's I'm sure they couldn't mind us staying with them for a while." Carlisle stated. "It's our only option at the moment Edward." he said when he saw Edward make a face when he mentioned the Denali's.

"Hold on, we?" said Bella, when she realized where this conversation was going. "This is my problem and I don't want to bring you into it. And if anyone should be leaving, it should be me."

"I say we take up her offer, and let her leave." said Rose, entering the room.

Edward started to panic, he didn't like hearing the idea of Bella leaving from his side. Although they haven't clearly establish a relationship status, it would be more difficult to start anything if Bella was miles away.

"No no no." Edward said in a hurry, standing too close for Bella's comfort. "You don't have any connections, were will you go?"

"I'll manage." Bella said in a hurry, trying to step back from Edward's solid grasp that he had on her shoulders.

"We found you half dead, is that your idea of managing?"

"Well now that I know what I have become, I can take better care of myself."


"Please let go."

"Bella please let us help you." Edward said with more intensity.




Edward quickly let go of her, raising his hands up above his head. Just like a criminal who has been caught with a crime.

"Sorry." Bella apologized before running out the door, disappearing into the night.

"We mustn't let her leave, we don't know the danger she could cause to herself or others." worried Esme.

"I'll go after her." Edward stated.

"I don't think that is a good idea." said Jasper.

Edward knew that he was right, but no matter what he had to go.

"I think if anyone can bring Bella back, it would be Edward." Alice finally said. "You should go on quickly, before she gets too far." But Edward was already out the door before he let Alice finish.


Bella ran and ran and ran. She didn't know, nor care where she was going, but all she wanted to do was run. Bella understood that the Cullens meant well when they offered to help her, but she couldn't bring herself to depend on them. Every time she thought about allowing herself the assurance of relying on them a part of her pulled back, the part of her that scolded her for thinking so weakly. It told her that she must be strong because no one could be trusted.

No. It wasn't because she had to be strong, it was because she was scared. Scared to trust, scared to depend, and she didn't know why.

The sea of trees started to dwindle around her, being randomly cut by houses. Bella slowed in her pace and looked around. She knew this place. To her right was a school, a high school that she used to go to. Bella turned and jogged up the road away from her high school. Her legs automatically took her down the road she used to take everyday after school.

After a few minutes of jogging, Bella was confronted with a moderately tall two story house. The house was a pale gray because of the night sky, and the singles were almost black. Bella was about to walk up the green patio steps when a voice stopped her.

"BELLA!" he called. "BELLA WAIT!"

God, will he ever leave me alone? thought Bella, rolling her eyes. "Seriously? How did you find me?" she asked once he was close enough.

"Your scent led me here." explained Edward.

"What, so now you are part dog too?" scorned Bella.

"You know you do that a lot."


"Become sarcastic when you are angry or nervous."

"Is that right Dr. Phil?"

"See there it is again."

"Shut up." Bella said, ending the conversation.

"So why are we here?"

Bella didn't know whether to answer Edwards question, but eventually Edward was going to figure it out just like he had found her.

"This was my house." Bella said, after a few moments of silence. Edward, not knowing what to say, kept his mouth shut and watched Bella. Her face was solemn, she was unreadable yet so very beautiful under the full moon. Wisps of mahogany tinted hair floated around her face as the wind picked them up for a dance. The moonlight reflected off of her pale face and golden eyes, accentuating the hollows of her cheek and the wrinkles of her brow, while she stood there deep in thought.

Edward desperately wished he could read her inner thoughts, but at the same time he was glad that he couldn't. For a long time, he thought of his gift as a curse. Voices would penetrate his mind without permission. Disgusting greedy voices. Not only was he vulnerable to people's darkest secrets, it made them dull. There was never any surprises for a mind reader, and Edward always did like surprises.

It took years; decades to master the ability to block those voices he didn't want to hear. Though he had to admit, hearing voices had it's perks.

Bella walked towards the house, stepping up to the first step before Edward pulled her back again

"Hold on, are you planning to go in there?" He asked.

"Of course." said Bella, slipping away from Edward so she could get closer to the door.

"What if there is someone inside?"

"I doubt that, it was a crime scene not too long ago." she replied slowly testing the knob. The door did not resist under her touch, turning easily to allow the intruders inside. "Beside, I bet they just cleaned this house not too long ago."

Sure enough, the stench of antiseptic and ammonia greeted them as they walked into the house. But for them, being vampires and all, the stench was a lot stronger to them compared to a normal human being.

"Gosh!" gasped Bella, bringing the sleeve of her v-neck over her nose. "Are you sure we aren't part dog?"

"Package deal." shrugged Edward.

The house was dark and quiet, even to their vampire ears. Bella heard breathing but she guessed that it came from the neighboring houses or from a deer. There wasn't much left in the house, just a few pieces of forgotten furniture, and wall decorations. Bella's fingers lightly brushed over the small cabinet, picking up a dusty frame. In the frame was a photograph of two people, Bella and her father smiling next to a freshly caught fish.

The room was brightly lit under the afternoon sun. Bella had just come back from school. She dropped her backpack with a loud thud, next to the cabinet.

"Dad." called Bella. "I'm ho-"

In the living room where Bella's father sat, an unknown man was sipping his water. Both he and her father turned when they heard Bella's voice.

The visitor was a handsome man with pale skin and contrasting dark hair that was sleek and pulled back. Bella would have mistaken him as a business man if it wasn't for his rugged attire. He wore a leather jacked and worn out jeans, making him look like a biker who happened to stop by their house.

A sharp pain went through Bella's head, followed by a headache.

"You okay?" Edward whispered in her ear with concern. His hands lightly touching the small of her back. Again, Edward was able to sneak up to Bella startling her. Normally, she would've shied away from his touch, but she was too much in pain to care.

"Oh Bella, this is _ _, he's an old friend of mine." said Charlie.

Bella's brows furrowed; who was that man?

"Hello Bella, it is finally nice to meet you." the man said, reaching his right hand out for a handshake.

"Don't think of any ideas _ _, that my daughter you know." warned Charlie.

The handsome man chuckled. "I wouldn't dream of such a thing." he said playfully.

What was his name? Bella's head was now ringing.

Now both the man and Bella's dad was laughing.

Who the hell is he?!

The man looked over at Bella, which caused her to shiver. She didn't understand why she was so afraid. It probably was because of his unnatural white smile and burgundy eyes.

The ringing was getting louder now. Bella groaned, clutching her aching head.

"Bella, Bella!" he said in a loud whisper.

Bella couldn't hear him. The ringing filled her head. It just kept getting louder and louder and louder and LOUDER.

"Who the hell are you?" asked a frightened voice. "How did you get in?!"

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